Romney, Jindal, Peter Johnson Jr, Mccain, Trump, Sununu, Cuccinelli: OBAMA BLOWING SMOKE

“The Obama campaign is blowing smoke here…
The weight of evidence suggests that Romney did, in fact, end active management of Bain in 1999.”
– Glenn Kessler, Washington Post, FACT CHECKER

Well, we’re off to a roaring Monday!

Governor Romney appeared on FOX & Friends (via remote) and is campaigning today with LA Governor Bobby Jindal. After The Gov’s appearance on FOX, Donald Trump phoned in for his usual Monday commentary and spoke for The Gov. Sununu was on Megyn Kelly’s show; Senator John McCain did a phone interview for Romney. And, to top it off, a top Romney aide announced today that a running mate for The Gov could be named by the end of the week.

Gloves off, O-LIARbama!

Before we get to Romney on FOX & Friends, let’s listen to legal analyst Peter Johnson, Jr.’s exchange with Steve Doocy this morning (same program). Johnson spent the weekend researching the claim that “Romney outsourced jobs”:

Is there any proof Romney actually outsourced jobs? NO.

Here’s an excerpt of Romney on FOX & Friends discussing Obama’s crony payoffs vs middle class layoffs (excerpt):

Steve Doocy: “I read in the Washington Post this morning that you want to draw attention to Obama’s political payoffs versus the middle class layoffs where you say, if you are a donor to the Obama camp you are going to do just fine. However, if you are in the middle class Governor, your camp say, yo got to worry about your job.”

Romney: “There is no question but that when billions upon billions of dollars are given by the Obama Administration to the businesses of campaign contributors, that is a real problem particularly at a time when the middle class is really suffering in this country. I don’t know whether you watched over the weekend, the report that was in The New York Times about families really struggling particularly those that are single parents that are just having a hard time making ends meet. This is a tough time for the people of America. But if you are a campaign contributor to Barack Obama, your business may stand to get billions of dollars or hundreds of millions of dollars in cash from the government. I think it’s wrong. I think it stinks to high heaven and I think the administration has to explain how it is they would consider giving money to campaign contributors’ businesses.

Romney Press shop also today released President Obama Has Engaged In Political Payoffs By Rewarding Wealthy Donors And Administration Insiders With Taxpayer Dollars. Read the FACTS here.

Trump phoned in to say ‘open book’ Obama should release his college applications and records (FOX & Friends):

Senator John McCain was interviewed on today on Michigan’s Morning Show (WJIM) in Lansing, MI. He was there to discuss Obama’s broken promises (excerpt):

McCain: “This is a President that said if he couldn’t get it done in four years—i.e., restore the economy—then he didn’t deserve a second term. This is a President that’s now saying he should have ‘told a better story’ in his first two years as President? What he really shouldn’t have done is foist off Obamacare on the American people in the sleaziest process that I have ever seen in the United States Senate. You know the Cornhusker Kickback, the Louisiana Purchase. He said he wouldn’t have any lobbyists in the White House? He didn’t. He had them in the Blair House. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever observed and the American people obviously deserved a lot better than what we got today.”

Reacting to Obama’s refusal to apologize for lies being said about Romney, former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu was on Megyn Kelly’s America Live:

Sununu: “We could be talking about the 24 million unemployed and underemployed. They’re the ones that have problems. When I go to the supermarket and I talk to folks and they want to talk to me about Governor Romney – what they talk to me about the most is the fact that this is the guy that can solve the problem that their son or their daughter – who just graduated from college – can’t find a job on. They want to talk about the fact that they need a president who can solve problems.

If President Obama thinks he’s gonna escape the reality of him giving contracts to bundlers, contracts to cronies, contracts to people who are represented by former White House staffers – the money that they gave to Solyndra. You didn’t like talk about Solyndra, but it’s a FACT. The Solyndra money was given because there were bundlers involved in the investment – to the Finish car company. THESE ARE ALL REALITIES.”

New ad from Team Romney…

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VP Talk – The Real Criterion

Recently, Romney stated he is more inclined to pick a VP who is truly ready to lead in times of crisis, not someone without experience or someone who adds “game changing flair” or excitement.

Romney’s small but illuminating criterion does much to cut through the confusion to help see which of the potential VP options are truly likely to get the job. And, conversely, which of the others are just political hot air that the pundits to fill time on their programs.

Don’t get me wrong, I love many of the new Republican stars out there who are helping to define and change the party for good. The idea of Marco Rubio or Chris Christie as Veep would be a bold and exciting move for the ticket. I think they would be great. In fact, they are my top two choices.

But if Romney is looking for someone with experience, someone the country can trust in times of crisis should Romney be unable to fulfill his duties, there are really only a couple of names that fit the bill

1) Senator Rob Portman of Ohio, and
2) Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana

(Maybe Condi Rice, but she has said quite emphatically many times that she isn’t interested in the job..)

That’s it. 

All the others simply don’t have the experience or gravitas to lead in times of crisis. 

Any Disagreements? The comments section is open.

‘Meet the Press’ (MSNBC): Pawlenty for ROMNEY vs Jindal for Perry

You don’t want to miss the head-to-head matchup taking place tomorrow on MSNBC’s Meet The Press with David Gregory:

In the right corner, you’ll see

Gov Tim Pawlenty(R-MN) defending Gov Mitt Romney


in the left corner,

Gov Bobby Jindal(R-LA) defending Gov Rick Perry.


Two big-name supporters of two leading GOP presidential candidates square off: Gov. Tim Pawlenty for Romney and Gov. Bobby Jindal for Perry.

Meet the Press airs Sundays from 9-10 a.m. ET on the NBC-TV network; 10:30-11:30 a.m. ET in New York and Washington. The program also re-airs at 2 p.m. ET Sundays and 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. ET Mondays on MSNBC on cable.

To check air times by area, click here.

Go get ’em Gov Pawlenty!

The day after Governor Chris Christie endorsed Romney, Tim Pawlenty had this to say (Austin Daily Herald):

New Jersey Gov Chris Christie endorsed Mitt Romney on Oct 11, 2011.

Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty says New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s decision to back Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign is a huge boost to Romney’s campaign.

“He’s one of the stars of the conservative movement and Republican party,” Pawlenty of Christie. “His endorsement will carry a lot of weight, no pun intended,” Pawlenty joked referring to Christie’s weight. (He said that Christie would enjoy the joke)

Pawlenty said he also encouraged Christie to back Romney’s campaign.

It’s probably the most valuable endorsement in the country,” Pawlenty said. “For Gov. Romney to get Chris Christie’s endorsement is a major boost to his campaign and will send a signal across the conservative spectrum; tea party types, fiscal conservatives and others, that it’s time to consolidate around Gov. Romney.”

(emphasis added )

From a recent Pawlenty interview on Minnesota Public Radio:

Pawlenty said he will actively campaign for Mitt Romney, who is among the leading contenders for the Republican presidential nomination.

Pawlenty, who endorsed Romney last month, said the former Massachusetts governor is the most qualified among those running. He also told reporters that he was excited to hear that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is backing Romney’s campaign
Pawlenty also said he’s growing concerned that party stalwarts, the media and the public are becoming too focused on crazy statements and not enough on substance.
“Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex,” he said. “There is a political, entertainment and media complex that has developed where politics and news and entertainment are fusing together in a way that is starting to mimic cartoons in a way or reality TV.”

You may listen to the podcast here (Part 1, Romney mentioned @4:45, 8:00, 17:13):

UPDATE – Governor Pawlenty did an excellent job advocating for Governor Romney. It’s good to have him on our team! To read the transcript of the Pawlenty/Jindal interview with David Gregory click here. (Scroll way down.)

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VEEP MADNESS! Time to pick the bottom-half of the 2012 GOP ticket


Veep Bracket


Since this is a pro-Romney site it would be pointless to run a presidential preference tournament. So we are going to do the next best thing – pick the bottom half of the ticket. Click the image above to see the whole bracket. If you don’t like my seeding assignments… well… it was all pretty much arbitrary anyways.

The first round polls are below. Voting for this round will go until Sunday.

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Romney News: Among Top in Quinnipiac Poll, Palin Tweet, NH Support, Gov Bob McDonnell Praise

It’s a ‘ROMnewsy‘ Monday-before-Thanksgiving, so we’ll jump right in. Here’s a look at a poll, a tweet, the future primary in New Hampshire, and a Romney word-association .

The Poll

Quinnipiac University has released their latest on who is favored for the GOP 2012 presidential contest. Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, and Mike Huckabee are the top three picks:

Palin, the party’s 2008 nominee for vice president, receives 19% of the vote in the national survey of Republican voters. Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who finished second to John McCain in primaries and caucuses won in 2008, is backed by 18%.

Another 2008 candidate, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, gets 17% of the vote, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich finishes with 15%. Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is a distant fifth at 6%…

Given the high media exposure of Palin and Huckabee on FOX News, radio programs, and a reality TV show, Governor Romney’s position is impressive. More impressive, Romney polls best against Obama and beats him by one point. Palin falls significantly behind:

Electability often emerges as a lead consideration among primary voters, and two of the four Republicans that Quinnipiac tests in hypothetical matchups with President Obama are competitive. Romney actually leads Obama, 45% to 44%, while Obama leads Huckabee 46% to 44%. But Obama has an 8-point advantage over Palin, 48% to 40% overall and 44% to 37% among independent voters.

Read more here.

The Tweet

Sarah Palin has written a new book which will be released tomorrow. Included is a section on religion and public life in which she criticizes JFK for distancing himself from his Catholic faith. She also praises Romney for embracing his faith during the 2008 presidential primaries. She specifically cites Mitt’s Faith in America speech. Governor Romney connected with her via Twitter today:

“Thanks @SarahPalinUSA for the kind words in your new book about the role of faith in public life,” he said. “Hope it’s a bestseller.”

The future New Hampshire primary

Yahoo! Network Contributor, Shauna Zamarripa, explains why – when it comes to 2012 – Mitt Romney has her vote:

Mitt Romney’s name is once again in the forefront of the eyes of the country as he reaches to secure the 2012 GOP nomination for the most powerful office in the free world: president of the United States.

Historically, New Hampshire has always been a high-profile state when it comes to voters, and taking hold of New Hampshire voters can be the first step in taking the pulse of voters throughout the country. In the 2012 primaries, Romney has already secured 40 percent of the votes, decimating Huckabee, Palin and Gingrich by over 27 points. It looks promising for Romney to make another run for president in 2012.

What do I think of all this? Well, voting as a whole for me has always been about selecting the lesser of two evils for a better candidate. In 2008, I felt that John McCain was the lesser of two evils, and he received my vote as a result. With President Obama’s approval ratings continuing to nose dive, I think I made the right choice.

Romney is conservative, and I like that about him. He holds many of the ideals that the Republican Party finds endearing, such as an opposing stance on same-sex marriages, abortion and prayer in school. While these particular policies don’t light my personal voting fire (as I oppose these stances rather vehemently), I look at Romney as a potential saving grace to our current economic chaos. Thus, for me, Romney is the lesser of two evils when comparing him to his front-running Democratic competition.

Romney exhibits proven success in business, and applies a levelheaded approach to fixing big government spending. He proved this with his rehabilitation of the Michigan welfare programs as governor, and I believe he proved it well. With Romney at the helm, I see less spending and more jobs. Frankly, these two things are the building blocks that the country needs in order to recover from the housing fallout and recession staring us plainly in the face.

Yes, it could be argued that Romney leans so far to the right that he is walking in circles. However, we have had nearly four years of left-leaning policy, and we have found no change, worsened economic conditions and broken promises. It is time to go back to basics, or to Reaganomics (which Romney is a proponent of).

The Word Association

At the recent Republican Governors Association meeting, Mark Halperin asked a few Governors to play the word association game. He would mention a political name and the participants were to respond with two adjectives to describe the individual.

Gov Bobby Jindal responses (Should we forgive him?):

Governor Bob McDonnell responses:

Mitt Romney: Adept and hard-working.”
adept – adj, Very skilled. noun, A highly skilled person; an expert.

Halperin’s summary:

Asked for reaction to Palin in the form of two adjectives, most Republican governors or governors-elect committed long pauses before coming up with politically safe (and/but telling) replies. However, Palin’s name was not heard very often in the hallways of the RGA meeting in San Diego, except out of the mouths of reporters.

H/t Crystal re Palin praise for Romney

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Rochester Business Journal: Mitt Romney Strongest GOP Pick 2012

The Rochester Business Journal asked its readership who they thought would be the the most formidable GOP candidate in the presidential election against Barack Obama in 2012. Here is their headline:

Plurality picks Romney as strongest GOP pick

November 19, 2010

A plurality of respondents to this week’s RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll say former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney would be the strongest Republican candidate in a 2012 race against President Barack Obama.

With the Republicans’ success at the polls in the midterm elections, speculation about the upcoming race and the 2012 GOP presidential nomination has intensified. So far, no leading candidate officially has announced his or her intention to seek the Republican nod.

When asked to choose among a field of potential candidates, 21 percent selected Romney. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was favored by 15 percent of respondents.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin garnered 9 percent of the vote. And 8 percent picked former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Romney also led a recent national Gallup poll of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, with 19 percent. Palin and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee each received 16 percent. In the RBJ poll, 6 percent picked Huckabee as the strongest candidate.

More than 665 readers participated in this week’s poll, which was conducted Nov. 15 and 16.

In your opinion, who would be the strongest Republican presidential candidate in 2012?

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney: 21%
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie: 15%
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin: 9%
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani: 8%
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia: 7%
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee: 6%
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal: 6%
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush: 5%
Rep. Ron Paul of Texas: 5%
Sen.-elect Marco Rubio of Florida: 4%
Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty: 4%
Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels: 3%
Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina: 2%
Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina: 2%
Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour: 1%
Former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania: 1%
Indiana Rep. Mike Pence: 1%
South Dakota Sen. John Thune: 1%

(my emphasis)
To add a comment to RBJ’s article, click here.

Another great early indicator for Governor Romney!

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Governor Mitt Romney Scheduled to Speak at CPAC 2011 in Washington D.C.

Save the date! The annual hot-spot gathering for who’s who and those-who-wanna-be Republicans known as CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) has been scheduled for 2011. The Honorable Governor Mitt Romney be at the speaker’s podium.

CPAC 2011 to Feature Gov. Mitt Romney on Friday, February 11, 2011

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), a project of the American Conservative Union Foundation, is pleased to announce that former Governor Mitt Romney will address attendees on Friday, February 11 at 10:30 a.m.

ACU and CPAC Chairman David A. Keene said, “Mitt Romney defined himself as a mainstream conservative during his campaign for the GOP Presidential nomination in 2008 and returns to CPAC 2011 as both a friend of the movement and one of the Republican Party’s most knowledgeable defenders of the free market system that has allowed the nation to prosper for so long.”

(my emphasis)

Invited speakers include:
Andrew Breitbart, Arthur Brooks, Liz Cheney, Gov. Chris Christie, Ann Coulter, Gov. Mitch Daniels, Hon. Newt Gingrich, David Horowitz, Hon. Mike Huckabee, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Hon. Sarah Palin, Rep. Ron Paul, Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Rep. Mike Pence, Hon. Mitt Romney, Hon. Rick Santorum, and many more.

We’d love to see Gov Romney win the CPAC straw poll. Read more/make your reservations here!

Romney at CPAC 2010 Part 1:

Romney at CPAC 2010 Part 2:

Romney at CPAC 2010 Part 3:

By the time CPAC 2011 arrives, we’ll know a few GOP candidates for 2012. Will Governor Romney be among them? Hope so! At any rate, at CPAC ’11, expect Romney to knock it out of the ball park.

H/T Frank

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Romney’s Iowa Itinerary: Campaigning With Terry Branstad

Republican candidate Terry Branstad and Kim Reynolds who are looking to become the next govenor and lieutenant governor of Iowa are kicking off a week long “Road To Victory” tour that will be visiting 36 cities in that state starting on October 26, 2010.  Governor Barbour, Jindal, McDonnell, Pawlenty and Mitt Romney will  make a few appearances in Iowa to lend support for Terry Branstad and Kim Reynolds.  These events are open to the public.  People who wish to attend are encouraged to RSVP by calling 515-276-2266.

The busy tour schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10 a.m.   
Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney holds Linn county “Road to Victory” rally with Gov. Branstad and Lt. Gov. nominee Kim Reynolds
The Hotel at Kirkwood
7725 Kirkwood Blvd. S.W.
Cedar Rapids, IA

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney holds Dubuque county “Road to Victory” rally with Gov. Branstad and Lt. Gov. nominee Kim Reynolds
Grand River Center
500 Bell St.
Dubuque, IA

5:30 p.m.
Gov. Branstad and Lt. Gov. nominee Kim Reynolds attend the Scott County GOP Reagan Dinner featuring Gov. Mitt Romney
Quad Cities Waterfront Convention Center
2021 State St.
Bettendorf, IA

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

11 a.m.         
Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell hold Jasper county “Road to Victory” rally with Gov. Branstad and Lt. Gov. nominee Kim Reynolds
Jasper County Republican Headquarters
107 1st Ave. W.
Newton, IA

Romney Among Most Influential Republicans

Top Influential Republicans

Top Influential Republicans

Chris Cillizza, from the “The Fix“, once again ranks Mitt Romney as one of the most influential voices within the Republican party. Here is what he had to say about Mitt’s recent activities:

The former Massachusetts governor is slowly and methodically rolling out endorsements in state after state, acting like what he is: the current frontrunner for the 2012 Republican nomination. Romney still has questions to answer: Can he empathize with voters distressed about the economy? Will he compete in Iowa? But there are fewer unknowns surrounding Romney than anyone else looking at the race.

Here is the full list of those that made the top ten:
1. Haley Barbour 2. Mitt Romney 3. Sarah Palin 4. Chris Christie 5. Tim Pawlenty 6. Scott Brown 7. Newt Gingrich 8. Nikki Haley 9. Bobby Jindal 10. Mike Huckabee

The top five are pictured up above in order of their rank.

P.S. There is a poll at the end of the post. I suggest that you go vote.

GOP Insiders: Romney Most Likely to Win 2012 Nomination

Interesting results from GOP insiders point to Romney as ‘most likely to win the party’s WH nomination.’


In a survey of 109 party leaders, political professionals and pundits, Palin finished 5th on the list of candidates most likely to win the party’s ’12 WH nomination. Ex-MA Gov. Mitt Romney (R) was the overwhelming choice of the Voters were asked to rank 5 candidates in the order of likeliness to capture the GOP nod.

Check out those results!

The results:
Likely To Win WH’12 Nomination (First place votes)
Ex-MA Gov. Mitt Romney 81 (62%)
MN Gov. Tim Pawlenty 46 (9%)
Sen. John Thune 38 (12%)
MS Gov. Haley Barbour 28 (6%)
IN Gov. Mitch Daniels 25
Ex-AK Gov. Sarah Palin 25

Rounding out the top 10: Ex-House Speaker Newt Gingrich, ex-AR Gov. Mike Huckabee, ex-FL Gov. Jeb Bush, LA Gov. Bobby Jindal. Candidates other than Romney, Pawlenty, Thune and Barbour split the remaining 11% of first-place votes.

Meanwhile, Dem insiders too think Romney is the most likely candidate to run against Pres. Obama next year. The results, from interviews with 111 Dem insiders:

Likely To Win WH’12 Nomination
Romney 29%
Thune 15
Pawlenty 13
Daniels 11
Gingrich 6

Good news for our man, Mitt!

Update by Nate: Here is the link to the actual survey question and methodology by Nation Journal. (Click here) There’s a lot of interesting info there for the over curious. Here’s the methology:

All 127 Republicans among National Journal’s Political Insiders were asked to name and rank the top five contenders for their party’s 2012 presidential nomination; 109 participated. In tallying the rankings, a first-place vote was worth 5 points, a second-place vote 4 points, and so on. The Insiders Index reflects the percentage of points that each contender received out of the maximum possible. For example, Mitt Romney scored an Index rating of 81, meaning he received 81 percent of the possible 545 points, the number he would have had if all 109 participants had ranked him first.

Behind the rankings:
Percent of first-place votes
Romney 62%
Thune 12%
Pawlenty 9%
Barbour 6%
Others 11%

Percent of second-place votes
Pawlenty 22%
Romney 18%
Thune 15%
Barbour 13%
Palin 9%
Daniels 8%
Gingrich 6%
Others 9%

Also of note, the names of all those who participated in the poll…
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