Walter for Romney — Peanut for Obama (all in jest)

American Values: “In God We Trust” — “Liberty” — “E Pluribus Unum”

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Jesse Watters: Humor from Harvard

What can I say? I am partial to Jesse Watters!

My favorite part of these Harvard Square “interviews” are of the two researchers that have no idea what Solyndra and Fast & Furious are. And I love the guy that looks like he is about to attack!

American Values: “In God We Trust” — “Liberty” — “E Pluribus Unum”

Twitter Follow: @VicLundquist — Dedicated to all members of The United States military and their families

Sununu, Krauthammer, Rendell: Obama Goes Too Far, Romney NO Felon (VIDEOS)

The fallout from the Obama machine’s serious mis-step of implying Governor Mitt Romney is a felon continues…

Obama appeared on CBS today and doubled-down on the Bain/Romney/felony smokescreen. He also released two more ads today on the same topic. (Obama is outspending Romney 3-1 on ads in battleground states. Revealing a bit of stratagem, FOX News’ Carl Cameron today said Team Romney will hit back with targeted ads in a couple of weeks.)

Meanwhile, in response to Stephanie Cutter, Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades issued a blistering statement yesterday and called for an apology:

President Obama’s campaign hit a new low today when one of its senior advisers made a reckless and unsubstantiated charge to reporters about Mitt Romney that was so over the top that it calls into question the integrity of their entire campaign,” Rhoades said. “President Obama ought to apologize for the out-of-control behavior of his staff, which demeans the office he holds. Campaigns are supposed to be hard fought, but statements like those made by Stephanie Cutter belittle the process and the candidate on whose behalf she works.

Bulldog John Sununu appeared on Hannity yesterday and had this to say:

Charles Krauthammer weighed in yesterday, as well:

Even Obama surrogate Ed Rendell disapproves of Obama’s latest over-the-top smear. Here he is on MSNBC’s’Now’program with Alex Wagner:

Romney spokesman Ryan Williams issued this statement: “Earlier today, former Governor Ed Rendell had the courage to do what President Obama would not: admit the Obama campaign’s baseless and unsubstantiated attacks on Mitt Romney went too far. President Obama may talk about a different kind of politics and bringing people together, but it’s just another broken promise from a president who has failed to keep so many.”

Governor Romney today released this fantastic ad using Obama’s OWN WORDS:

CNN’s John King wrote this yesterday regarding Team Obama’s declaring 1999 as the birth year of ‘the big Bain Lie’:

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History Revisited? 1980 Perspectives from Carter-Reagan…Obama-Romney?

In January 1980, ABC News and Harris Survey’s released the following headline – Carter Now Far Ahead of Both Reagan and Bush, with the introduction statement: “President Carter so dominates the American political scene now that his margin over Ronald Reagan in a post-Iowa trial heat has risen to an overwhelming 65-31 percent. And against George [HW] Bush, the GOP candidate who finished first in the recent Iowa caucuses, Carter leads by only a slightly lower 62-32 percent.”

A chart of the 1980 polls leading up to the election, recently published by Forbes, offers some additional insights to some of our failed memories.

Fortunately for America, the polling wasn’t reflective of reality. Will history repeat itself? The video posted by Vic Lundquist (here) of Bill O’Reilly’s talking points provides further substance to the argument, and is worthy of watching.

Current polls, in reflection upon 1980, are interesting.

Some comparative statistics, 1980-2012, are equally revealing (see below). The key statistical similarities tell their own story, but when you further juxtapose Jimmy Carter’s philosophical want and solution for bigger government vis-a-vis Ronald Reagan’s return to smaller government, lower taxes and empowerment of private enterprise; and Obama’s Carter-minded approach vis-a-vis Romney’s Reagan-minded approach, the question arises – will history repeat itself? In addition to statistical analytics and philosophical divides, you also have similarities in the incompetence factors of Carter and Obama against the leadership/experience competency of Reagan and Romney.

As if this historical perspective is not enough, compound the analysis with Obama’s oppressive $5,000,000,000,000 of additional US debt (more than all previous US Presidents combined), consecutive trillion dollar deficits to support reprehensible spending, nearly $16,000,000,000,000 in borrowings that exceed our annual GDP, Obamacare taxation, and a fractious divide unmatched in recent history – the argument becomes even more compelling for change.

Even so, it is still July and with historical perspective, the real campaign won’t engage until after Labor Day. Presently, Obama seems to be flailing and spending like a drunken sailor. He is wanting to engage Mitt Romney on every other subject but the economy and his record. Obama’s continued and constant attacks on character, competence, class warfare and experience reflect a campaign without substance, purpose or message. On the other hand Mitt Romney continues to be measured and focused on what matters; remaining resolute in his key message about the economy. After all, by every measure, it is the economy that matters to so many.

This will be a campaign where discipline, character and competence matter. Yes, Mr. Obama’s likability factors are high and people seem to like him for the time being (as they did Carter) – but when push comes to shove and economic pressures are prevailing; when real unemployment and reported unemployment remain at 14.9% and 8.2%, respectively; when home foreclosures remain at all time highs; when poverty indicators remain at all time highs; when median incomes decline by $4,600; when people are just plain tired of being tired and fighting the daily battle for survival; and when consumer confidence is at an all-time low amid uncertainty at an all time high – likability is less consequential to the electorate. This is an election about competence and restoring our Belief in America; that better days are ahead!

I personally take comfort in an historical perspective and even more so in Mitt Romney. A man who has been prepared for this day, and whose capacity to lead America to better days ahead is unparalleled to any who have preceded him in our lifetime. Fortunately our nation has, through its history, seen men and women arise amid uncertainty, trial and tribulation to lead with principle in our nation’s defining moments. This is such a time, and Mitt Romney is such a man!

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O’Reilly Jumps All Over V.P. Biden’s Rant, Romney’s Vision for Middle Class (TV AD)

Did you see the frenetic diatribe from V.P. Joe Biden in prized swing state Ohio the other day? Going into almost Howard Dean scream mode, Biden worked himself into a lather making up stuff on how Republicans, the rich, and Mitt Romney don’t think the middle class “dreams” about becoming millionaires or president of the United States.


Drama Joe:

At a campaign stop in Youngstown, Ohio, today, Vice President Joe Biden lit into Republicans and their presumed presidential nominee Mitt Romney for what he described as a failure to understand the plight of the middle class.

“I resent when they talk about families like mine that I grew up in. I resent the fact that they think we’re talking about envy: it’s job envy, it’s wealthy envy; that we don’t dream,” an impassioned Biden told a crowd of manufacturing workers.

“My mother believed and my father believed that if I wanted to be president of the United States, that I could be, I could be vice president! My mother and father believed that if my brother or sister wanted to be a millionaire, they could be a millionaire! My mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams!

“They don’t get us! They don’t get who we are!” he yelled before the crowd, drawing loud applause.

Biden was referring broadly to Republican criticism of the administration’s push for higher taxes on wealthier Americans and expanded investment in federal programs aimed at boosting low- to middle-income families.

What a crock.

Biden was so into his theatrics while yelling he didn’t even notice a fly landing on his head.

Last night, FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly jumped all over Biden’s rant. He asked what the beef is from the Obama administration:

O’Reilly – “Bottom line: This is all a bunch of garbage. The class warfare the Obama administration is peddling is bogus.”

Vice President Joe Biden's private water-front residence sits on four and a half acres in Wilmington, Delaware.

● Like a laser, Mitt Romney keeps steering the political conversation back to what Americans want to know. Today, Romney for President has released a positive new television ad titled “Day One.” The ad will air in four key battleground states: Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia.

Mitt Romney has outlined a bold agenda to spur economic growth and create jobs. On his first day in office, he will approve the Keystone pipeline, introduce pro-growth tax reforms, and repeal Obamacare.

Day One (See Spanish version here.):

Mitt Romney has a vision for America. It is an America driven by a growing middle class. An America that lets free enterprise work. An America where education, hard work, and living within our means are valued and rewarded.

We can restore America’s greatness — beginning on day one with President Romney. Let’s make that vision a reality.

Seeing our Vice President resort to purple face class warfare to hawk Obama’s trillion and a half dollars per year deficit-socialist-beg-China spending and obfuscating Obama’s utter economic failure is another jolting reminder. America – time to break into a run… in a different direction.

Biden and Barack must go.

Help Governor Romney turn America around by donating here.

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All Videos Added: Romney on O’Reilly, Charlie Rose, Letterman and Morning Joe

SET THOSE DVR’s!! Romney to be on four tv/news shows tonight and tomorrow morning!


Tonight and tomorrow morning, Romney to appear on O'Reilly, Charlie Rose, Letterman and Morning Joe

Where to watch:

The O’Reilly Factor: Mitt enters the No Spin Zone on FOX News channel, 8 PM and 11PM ET

Charlie Rose: One hour round table will be on PBS at 11PM ET. Check your local listings.

The Late Show with David Letterman: Mitt reads the Top Ten on CBS at 11:35 PM ET

Morning Joe: On MSNBC, 6-9AM ET.

(h/t Glen Johnson – Boston Globe)

UPDATE: Here is the Full Interview with O’Reilly:

Here’s the Letterman Top 10:

To see the Romney/Charlie Rose interview click here (start video by clicking on photo of Mitt).

Final update: Videos of Chris Christie and then Mitt Romney on Morning Joe below the fold. Click here to continue reading

Romney on Bill O’Reilly GOP Radio Town Hall Tonight

Ready for a radio presidential town hall?

Mitt Romney is a participant in a three hour event tonight for GOP candidates hosted by Bill O’Reilly. The program will air from 6pm ET to 9pm ET on radio stations all around the country and on

Bill O’Reilly’s Presidential Town Hall is a three-hour radio exclusive town hall even featuring current Republican presidential hopefuls facing hard-hitting questions from America’s favorite cable news host.

Listeners from across the country will also have the opportunity to cast their vote in a LIVE online straw poll here on

Find a radio station carrying Bill O’Reilly’s Town Hall near you.

Participants: Romney, Santorum, Paul, Gingrich, Bachmann, Huntsman

(There are unconfirmed reports that Perry and Cain aren’t participating.)

Click here for link to station finder.

Livestream may be found here.

As usual, Romney supporters are invited to join us in the chatbox.

Go Mitt!

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Mitt Romney Asked by O’Reilly About the Debate, National Security, Healthcare, & T-Paw on Greta

NOTE: Be sure to tune in to The O’Reilly Factor on FOX News tonight at 8 and 11 p.m. eastern time to see Mitt Romney.

Fresh off his solid, successful performance at the CNN/Tea Party presidential debate last night, Mitt Romney appeared on The O’Reilly Factor (FOX News), O’Reilly asked Romney about the debate, National Security, healthcare, and more.

Before Gov. Romney was interviewed, Bill O’Reilly asked Monica Crowley (republican) and Alan Colmes (democrat) who they thought won the debate and they both chose Gov. Romney. Gov. Romney appeared just after the middle of the program. After Gov. Romney’s appearance, Bill asked Charles Krauthammer about Gov. Romney. As soon as the videos become available, we’ll post them here.

Bill O’Reilly also reported that in the latest Rasmussen Report, Gov. Romney is beating President Obama head-to-head 43-40%. Even better for Mitt — he leads with independents by 13%.

Watch Tim Pawlenty break down the Tea Party debate and explain his support of Mitt Romney below the fold.
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O’Reilly Discusses Bill Clinton’s ‘Poison Kisses’ for Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann

Because Mitt Romney gets so little positive coverage on FOX News, I decided to post videos of a rare discussion of The Gov that aired on The O’Reilly Factor on July 6, 2011. (How could fair and balanced FOX miss Romney’s foray into London Town to meet with British government officials, including Prime Minister David Cameron?)

A couple of weeks ago, Bill Clinton decided to issue measured praise for a couple of GOP presidential candidates (a suspect move) – Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann. Along with other topics – including mention of Obama’s failing Jewish support – Bill O’ Reilly and FOX News contributor Dick Morris discussed Clinton’s ‘poison kisses’ for Romney and Bachmann:

Morris: “There is, though, a grand Democratic strategy to try to stop Romney from getting the Republican nomination… because I think he’s the candidate they fear the most.”

“…Because he’s [Romney] the candidate most likely to beat Obama.”

Morris’s opinion that Clinton’s approbation for Bachmann was real (and Morris inserted as much praise for her as time allowed) was received by a skeptical O’Reilly. Next, O’Reilly brought FOX News Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume to the desk (ignore the Media Matters logo that pops up):

O’Reilly @1:04: “That’s why I think Mitt Romney has a, you know, a good chance. I agree with Morris, because he’s a guy – it’s gonna be harder to demonize Romney, particularly for Independent voters, than the other candidates.

Hume @1:42: “…For a crafty political operator like Bill Clinton, it’s a little hard for me to imagine that he really thinks that Michele Bachmann is a truly impressive person, I mean, in many ways she is a truly impressive person, but I suspect that what he thinks is what I know a lot of Democrats think – is that she would be – in the end – she would prove much as Sarah Palin did in the end – toxic to Independents who would think she was, just too much.”

O’Reilly: “Too far right, you mean too far right?”

Hume: “Too far right and too prone to saying peculiar things that are, you know, off base and so on – that she would be a much easier target for attack ads and the kind of ridicule that Sarah Palin got.”

O’Reilly: “You think that in the Machiavellian world of politics, presidential politics, that Bill Clinton put this out there because the Democrats WANT Michele Bachmann to be the nominee because she’s much easier to beat than, say, Romney would be.”

Hume: “Well, I think that’s a more likely – to the extent the he was being political about it at all – I think that’s a more plausible explanation than Dick Morris offered…”

These interviews were conducted before we learned this and this about Bachmann.

Note: Relating to the Morris interview – another reminder – Mitt Romney is pro-life and has written his own extensive pro-life pledge.

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Despite Attempts to Get Mitt to Attack Fellow Republicans Romney Focuses on Obama

Debate moderators and members of the media are trying to get Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney to go after each other. However, Romney remains focused on Obama. Let’s help Mitt get signatures for his new ‘Unemployed Americans are not just bumps in the road’ petition.