SHOCK POLLS: Readers of CNBC and Yahoo Finance LOVED Romney’s 47% Comment

LEFT: Poll from Yahoo Finance website – RIGHT: Poll from

Granted, these online polls aren’t scientific by any means, but the results come from more than 120K readers of these two websites. A sample that large isn’t something to sneeze at.

Could Gov. Romney’s “damaging” comment end up helping him among Americans that think too many are dependent on Government?

We’ll wait and see, I guess.

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Mitt Romney ‘On The Record’ with Greta Van Susteren: Talks Gas Prices (VIDEO)

This tweet from Governor Romney earlier today was welcome news:

Looking forward to discussing my op-ed on S&P credit warning w/ @gretawire tonight on @foxnews at 10 pm EDT than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Among the topics discussed, Romney spoke ‘On The Record’ with Greta Van Susteren about Obama’s failures – his Stimulus Bill that stiffed taxpayers and only created a few government jobs, Obama’s refusal to allow America to be energy self-sufficient, i.e. the President’s decisions that are making Americans gasp and groan at the gas pump, our indebtedness to China, illegal immigration, and the presidential race for 2012 (Donald Trump).


Romney: Obama White House Downplaying ‘Giant Wake-up Call’, talks gas prices

You have to have an energy policy that says America is going to develop our own energy resources, as well as developing those renewable sources that – frankly – are important to us, but simply CAN’T POWER OUR CARS.” -Mitt Romney

OPEN THREAD on GretaWire; to share your opinion of her guests tonight, click here.

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Mitt Romney: Stand With Me, Hawaii’s Special Election

I like Mitt Romney’s tech savviness.

I like the 140-characters-or-less tweets he regularly sends to share his schedule, news, or thoughts.

I like his staccato tap-on-the-shoulder electronic notes that dart into our days to let us know when he needs a little help – a sort of cyber-space Romney reveille.  So, it was with curiosity that I read a tweet from him yesterday evening: “Stand with Me: We Must Redouble Our Efforts

Romney’s message:

Stand with Me: We Must Redouble Our Efforts

Tuesday’s elections are over but the hard work continues.

The November midterm elections will be here before we know it, and we need to do everything we can to ensure that we have the resources to win. With your generous support of $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500, or even the maximum $5,000 today, we can continue to fight to cut out wasteful spending, keep taxes low and defeat liberal attempts to grow the size of government.

But we don’t even need to wait until November to send another Republican to Congress. In just a few days, there is a special election being held in Hawaii’s First Congressional District, and Republican Charles Djou has a strong chance of winning — in a district that voted overwhelmingly for President Obama in 2008.

My PAC has been working extremely hard on behalf of Charles Djou, and your generosity has enabled us not only to send him direct monetary support, but also to raise funds directly for his campaign to ensure he has the resources he needs to win. A victory in Hawaii will set the stage for more conservative victories in November’s all-important midterm elections.

We have an historic opportunity this year to send a message of fiscal restraint and conservatism to all the big spenders in Washington. Will you stand with me by making a generous contribution to my PAC of $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500, or even the maximum $5,000 today? Your support will ensure that we have the resources we need to elect more conservative candidates throughout the country this November.

(emphasis mine)

We’ve received a ‘redouble our efforts’ reveille call to action. Stand with Governor Romney. Give generously! Info on where to send contributions here.


Just two days until the special mail-in election (May 22) in Honolulu, HI. Former congressman Neil Abercrombie (D-HI) leaves an open seat because he resigned to run for governor. Romney-endorsed Republican Charles Djou is running against two Democrats: state senate President Colleen Hanabusa and former 2nd District Congressman Ed Case. If Djou wins, he will become only the second Republican to represent Hawaii in the House. Read more about Charles Djou’s impressive background here.

Djou on Hannity April 21, 2010:

Djou: “My candidacy is built on a very simple premise. I understand every single dollar that the government spends comes from a family like yours.” 

You may have heard that this congressional seat is in Obama’s hometown district. Go Djou!

UPDATE 5/21/10: Campaigners for Djou have been rising early in the mornings to wave campaign signs on major highways in Honolulu. Many thanks to the Sunrise Crew, the Pau Hana Crew and the Mililani Crew. Here is video of the Mililani Crew waving signs in rainy Mililani May 21, 2010 (Charles Djou is the man in front, with black umbrella):

Pomaika’I tomorrow! (good luck)

ACORN Undercover Video Saga Continues in Los Angeles

No one could answer.

No one could answer.

The handy undercover video work of James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles continues to amaze me. My wife is quite impressed and intrigued as well. In fact, she says that if we were to have another baby we’ll name it James or Hannah.

The undercover escapade continues, this time in Los Angeles. This episode is revealed in four parts:

Part 1: Andrew Breitbart attends an anti-FOX protest by ACORN employees in LA. Their behavior after their dispirited dispersal leads him to determine that they are “common street thugs, the dregs of society”.

Part 2: Before the rally, camera man Gary Hewson audio records a shocking statement by an an ACORN ” community organizer”, who refers to ACORN’s “undeclared” efforts to “put in Obama”.

Part 3: An L.A. ACORN employee who’s willing to overlook the prostitution business for a home loan application actually draws the line when James and Hannah mention under-age girls. He is the ONLY one in the nation-wide operation to do so, and for that James awards him the ACORN Employee of the Year award.

Part 4: Another ACORN employee is not only is OK with the importation under-age sex slaves, but recommends they get involved with someone who does that sort of thing on an international level, and suggests that she could do some independent research for them.

In an interview with Sean Hannity, Breitbart explains his frustration that even though some steps have been taken in congress to defund ACORN, there has been no call to have a congressional investigation into ACORN. Breitbart sends a warning to Attorney General Eric Holder that if there is not an investigation into ACORN they will reveal more tapes just before the 2010 elections. Hannity asks if there are indeed more tapes to which Breitbart exclaims “Oh my goodness there are! Not only are there more tapes, it’s not just ACORN.” Breitbart also mentions yet to be disclosed documentation of countless ACORN whistle blowers who want to come forward but are fearful of retribution from the organization.

Yes dear, I kind of like the names James and Hannah too.

~Nate G.

Necessary update: No, I’m am not having another kid. Just making that clear.

“STAND WITH ME” -Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney calls out to all conservatives: “Stand With Me”.

Please help keep America strong, prosperous, and free. Click below to sign the ‘Stimulate the Economy, Not the Government‘ petition, and join Mitt Romney in his effort to strengthen America!

Stand With Me - Romney

“America is great because our society is free and the power of government is limited by the Constitution.” -Mitt Romney

Session 1: Is “Small Government” a Big Joke?

Newt opened the event today (Mitt ends it tonight!). Here’s Newt on a roll talking about International Affairs:

Marvin Olasky spoke first from the panel. The eminent scholar, who along with Newt Gingrich, is the reason I’m a conservative.

Salient Points:

  • The only way to small government is to embrace compassionate conservatism
  • People want to do SOMETHING. Helping people is a crucial issue and we cannot shy away from it
  • Compassion is a phrase that some think the left has taken. We need to take back the language
  • Compassionate Conservatism is the alternative to Big Government
  • Like Reagan, we need to recognize the great potential of the people
  • Two things we can do: 1) $500 tax credit that you can assign to any charity and 2) Social services vouchers

Congressman Paul Ryan spoke next. He sits on the several prominent committees such as the Ways and Means.

Salient Points:

  • At the GOP getaway. He indicated that the crowd was split in thirds 1/3 thought we lost because of Iraq, 1/3 because of corruption and 1/3 for spending
  • 3 problems: competence, corruption, and hypocrisy
  • We need big ideas!

Former Congressman Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania. Awesome guy. Everybody loves his approach.

Salient Points:

  • Understand 3 things 1) the default setting of government is bigger government, 2) Almost all bad things come from government and 3) Fighting big government still works!
  • We have squandered the brand but the opportunity to get it back is still there