Newt Gingrich: A Little More Truth-Letting as He Sells More Books

Frequent visitors to MRC know my thoughts about Mr. Gingrich. His narcissism, self adulation, and condescending style disqualify him from higher office. Most Republicans have resigned themselves to the fact that very few, if any, of Gingrich’s pursuits are noble. He is driven by ambition and revenge.

Oh to know Donald's thoughts about now -- Two peas from the same pod?

Gingrich knows how to sell books and frankly, that is exactly what I think he is all about. As a wealthy man, he seeks to expand his image with power. He would accept power of course, but all he really wanted was a forum to sell more books. So little has been exposed on Gingrich and yet, each time we do a little truth-letting, Gingrich drops like a rock in the polls. What is he now, fourth or fifth in the polls? Oh wait, there are only four candidates left.

Every time I turn around, I keep running into these little gems of truth about Mr. Gingrich. I guess since I have never known any person this arrogant, it fascinates me. The fact he is duplicitous, terrifies me. Candidly, I don’t understand how he gets even one supporter, let alone thousands. Fascinating!

Yesterday, The Washington Post’s Jerry Markon published an article, exposing a few more facts behind the true nature of Mr. Gingrich. My excerpts below are only a glimpse.

The files offer a candid glimpse of the former House speaker, a man who could be charming and self-effacing one moment, ambitious and grandiose the next, an admittedly disorganized manager who viewed his role as nothing less than saving the Western world.

“When I say save the West, I mean that,” Gingrich said in a 1979 address to his congressional staff, preserved in the files. “That is my job. . . . It is not my job to win reelection. It is not my job to take care of passport problems. It is not my job to get a bill through Congress. My job description as I have defined it is to save Western civilization.”
While Gingrich differed sharply with the Reagan administration on issues such as defense spending and foreign policy, he effusively praised the president for national audiences.

“He is the most articulate, most charming, most aggressive conservative we’ve had, possibly since Theodore Roosevelt,” Gingrich was quoted as saying in a 1983 Associated Press story.

Yet behind closed doors, Gingrich raged at Reagan and other conservatives, especially after House Republicans lost seats in the 1982 elections. And back in Georgia, newspapers quoted him as saying something different. “Really, Reaganomics has failed,” Gingrich said.

The entire Washington Post article is very good. I recommend it highly: CLICK

The Gingrich Core… Character Matters

Mr. Gingrich’s superficial appeal was quickly obliterated this week. What do we call that again? “Flash-in-the-pan,” was it? Before Americans had a chance to have their memories jogged, many lined up behind the Newt. At Intrade, he peaked last Monday (12/12/11) at about 37.5% — exactly a week ago, Gingrich was at 32.5% and still rising in the “put your money where your mouth is poll.” He has dropped like a boulder and is now threatening to take over Huntsman and Paul at the dregs of the Intrade polls at right around 13.0%. Stunning is the fall — there is no other way to describe it. Consider this: No more than five days ago, Gingrich and Romney were about five points separated in Intrade; today the spread is 50 points!

Lest you have forgotten (or you never saw it), watch this 60-second video at ABCNews from 12/1/11 to watch Mr. Gingrich tell the entire world he would be the Republican nominee and also state, in reference to the other GOP candidates (more than one time), “They’re not going to be the nominee.” By the way, if any of you ever wondered who was more intelligent between Gingrich and Romney, this one-minute video should have resolved it for you. No intelligent person would ever set the expectations of voters to the highest possible level, months ahead of the possible result — a pretentious, arrogant, narcissistic man would though. As you watch the video, look at the smug look on his face. Try to imagine Governor Romney ever taking such posture, let alone saying such a thing. That said, I have heard Gingrich use the word “humble” before, in reference to himself no less!

Why has his highness fallen and so fast?

The vetting process is working. We all know the “good talker” type among those we have met, right? The smooth, confident, charismatic used car salesman type. Few people in politics are as articulate and knowledgeable as Gingrich — no question about it. But possession of knowledge (facts…) and rhetorical skills do not make the man! They certainly do not make the leader. In my opinion, Gingrich is a very poor leader. He is a very good historian though, and it shows as he always schools us in the debates. But his style reminds me of the professors I had in business school that used to tell us what it takes to run a business when their entire reference was from academia, not business. Gingrich has never been a true executive leader accountable to any bottom line — though he was ultimately accountable to the American people when he was run out of Congress by his peers. And what about wisdom? Rarely is the word “wisdom” used in any way to describe Gingrich.

Why the fall? I strongly believe it is his lack of moral character. This week, Gingrich made a fidelity pledge — no really, he did. But my point is that this was his fourth pledge. He made the very same pledge, if not much stronger and more sacred to three women, including his current wife. Why are we to consider that there is important meaning in his pledge of 12/12/11? Again, I really believe that Gingrich is not that bright for him to think that all Americans are that gullible and naive. Why would Republicans, who stopped supporting Herman Cain partially because of only alleged infidelity, have any desire to retain Newt Gingrich? Gingrich is an admitted serial adulterer — albeit a self-described “repentant” one — and a grandfather! Let’s hope his grandchildren never run across this, this, this, and this.

Governor Romney is the leader of undisputed moral character that America needs right now to remove us from the rudderless course.

“What the statesman is most anxious to produce is a certain moral character in his fellow citizens, namely a disposition to virtue and the performance of virtuous actions.” — Aristotle

“Leadership is understanding people and involving them to help you do a job. That takes all of the good characteristics, like integrity, dedication of purpose, selflessness, knowledge, skill, implacability, as well as determination not to accept failure.” — Admiral Arleigh A. Burke

A Vote for Gingrich is a Vote for Obama

The three most arrogant and condescending people that keep coming to my mind in recent days are Rod Blagojevich, Don Trump, and Newt Gingrich. A couple of years ago I remember seeing Blagojevich on TV many times telling the world he was innocent and that he would eventually be completely exonerated in court — totally and confidently arrogant (and now he complains from behind bars that his 14-year sentence was too harsh!). And Mr. Trump? Need I say more? His looming threat that he will run for President as an Independent if the right Republican is not nominated — as if to rise to the occasion as America’s savior! And Gingrich. Don’t forget folks. In the last couple of weeks, Mr. Gingrich told the entire world on national TV that he would be the Republican nominee. And when asked if he “would go negative” in his campaign, he said something to the effect, “No! I don’t need to. Because I will be the nominee! Why would I need to go negative?” Is such hubris matched by any other human alive? And what does NG do? Not only does he go negative on Romney, he does so showing his full colors, as if he were a complete liberal (see great posts below for this information).

You know what? I love it! There is something about watching arrogant people make the beds they sleep in! When Blagojevich was prancing around Chicago like a peacock, I knew he would meet justice; if not obvious to him, it was obvious to all other observers. NG did something that I think was a HUGE mistake when he told the world he would be the GOP nominee. He set the bar of expectations to the highest level. Who does that? Nobody. Contrast NG’s rhetoric with that of Romney’s. Romney states that the campaign will be long and hard and that he believes Americans will eventually select him as the nominee. Which is more appealing? Condescending hubris or simple, steady modesty? I love watching NG make the bed he will sleep in.

Character matters. Take a moment and compare what we know of each candidate’s character. Need I say more? If someone were to accuse me of even one “ethics” charge, I would be embarrassed and I would do everything in my power to redeem my reputation. Gingrich has 84 ethics sanctions to his reputation! Will Obama exploit that fact? And what about his affairs and his obvious hypocrisy (ripping Clinton while he was carrying on a six-year secret affair himself)? How will the “family man” Obama exploit this character flaw? Do you think he will care one whit that NG says he is older, wiser, and repentant? Heck no! He will simply pull the character card. Does one’s character change throughout life? Gingrich is so arrogant in dismissing all the stupid things he has done. In doing the commercial with Nancy, he dismisses that major blunder by stating that it was, “the stupidist thing I have done” as he condescendingly thinks we Americans are gullible enough to accept such a brush off as naive. No. It is all about character, Newt.

There are other great Americans with characters above reproach among the Republican candidates. Top of the “character list” for me is Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney’s character is above reproach in every way. This is only my opinion, but of all the Republican candidates, Newt Gingrich’s character is permanently flawed and he is at the bottom of the “character list” of all the current candidates. Of this, I don’t think there is any question at all.

Who do we want as President of the United States of America? A person of unquestioned character or some man that is constantly making excuses for his past and who expects us to forget it all because he is now a grandfather? I mean really — is there even a question on this?

By the way, I think NG peaked today (12/13). I could be wrong, but I think we will look back to this week to see his highest poll numbers. Intrade has already changed quite a bit in Romney’s favor.

“A single lie destroys a whole reputation for integrity” — Baltasar Gracian