Mitt Romney’s National Call Day Yields $10.25 MILLLION!

$10.25 MILLION!

Governor Romney’s final National Call Day tally hasn’t been counted but MRC’s Nate Gunderson (who helped at the event) reported from the floor in Vegas today that Spencer Zwick (Romney’s finance chair) announced Gov Romney raised $10.25 MILLION! That astounding one-day total has never been done before in politics.

This is BIG, folks.

Will any other Republican raise this quarter/year to date what Romney says he raised today, $10.25 million?less than a minute ago via Tweetie for Mac Favorite Retweet Reply

Romney hosted a terrific half hour livestream Town Hall at 3:00 PM EST today. When that video is available, we’ll post it here.

A heartfelt thanks to each of you who contributed to Gov Romney’s very successful fundraiser!

NOTE: Gunderson reported that after the event, Romney and wife, Ann, left to speak to students at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).

UPDATE: In Vegas, Mitt Romney Scores Big

“We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for Governor Romney’s campaign,” said Romney’s finance chair Spencer Zwick. “The results are a strong indication of the national enthusiasm for Governor Romney and his pro-jobs platform.

“As today’s event makes clear, Governor Romney will have the resources to be competitive and to spread his jobs and economy message, “added Zwick.
Initially Romney’s team hoped to raise $3 million; instead they far exceeded their goal.

After Governor Romney's tremendous National Call Day fundraiser and talking with students at UNLV, he shared a couple of stuffed bags of In 'n Out burgers and fries with a small group of Republican students.

UPDATE 2: Governor Romney worked up an appetite today!

Romney spoke to reporters after an event here held on the campus at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He met with a dozen Republican students, delivering a economic-filled message along with burgers and fries from In-n-Out Burger (Romney dug in, taking large bites of a burger while the students nibbled on some fries: “Looks like I’m the only guy who wanted a burger at four in the afternoon,” Romney joked.)

Reporters also asked Romney about Mike Huckabee’s decision not to undertake a second presidential bid:

“I took that news with mixed emotions,” Romney said. “On the one hand, I’m happy to not be facing a tough and effective competitor in Mike. But on the other hand, he’d be a veteran and we’d have good times together. And I’ll miss him on the campaign trail.”

The Gov also responded to questions about Massachusetts’ private-market insurance: :

“We have in my state a curriculum that we provide to all of our schools, our high schools, and we test kids across the state on our curriculum,” Romney said. “I like what we’ve done, it’s a pretty good job. But the last thing I’d suggest is to take the Massachusetts curriculum for schools and have President Obama tell every state they’ve got to use the Massachusetts curriculum. That would make no sense at all. The needs of different students and the rights of people in different states have to be recognized.”

ReutersMitt Romney: “We’re activating our campaign today.”

“We’re activating our campaign today,” Romney told supporters on a conference call.
Romney is still a step short of formally announcing a second bid for the Republican primary nomination, but has been on an extensive fund-raising tour and has started to step up his public appearances as well.

The former Massachusetts governor touted his record as a turnaround specialist who can get the U.S. economy on track.

“The American people care about getting good jobs,” Romney said during the eight-minute call. “That is my wheelhouse.”

Romney cited his experience running the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, as Massachusetts governor, and as head of the private equity firm Bain Capital.

“My experience, my history is in turning things around. I will get America on the right track again.

(my emphasis)

UPDATE 3 – To see a slide show of Mitt and the students he met with after giving his UNLV speech, click here.

Videos of Mitt’s speech to supporters at the end of National Call Day and at the University of Las Vegas – Nevada below the fold Click here to continue reading

Mitt and Ann Romney Attend ‘Points of Light’ Gala Honoring Volunteerism, Pres and Mrs. George H. W. Bush

Mitt and Ann Romney attend the 'Points of Light' Dinner honoring President and Mrs. George H.W. Bush. Washington DC, March 20, 2011

Mitt and Ann Romney attended the prestigious Points of Light gala honoring President George H. W. Bush. Held in the Kennedy Performing Arts Center (Washington D.C.) on Sunday, March 20, 2011, the All Together Now: A Celebration of Service event was a historic night celebrating the essential role volunteerism plays in strengthening America.

Along with 2300 attendees, three of the four sitting presidents were present (Obama was traveling in South America; he taped a video tribute to President Bush.) Garth Brooks, Sheryl Crow, Kid Rock, Darius Rucker, Reba McEntire, and Carrie Underwood were among the entertainers.

Points of Light blog:

[…] Tonight we honor President and Mrs. George H. W. Bush for their leadership in founding and advancing the modern-day service movement in the Tribute event All Together Now: A Celebration of Service in Washington, D.C.
This historic event was created to celebrate the power of voluntary action and its essential role in solving our national challenges and to recognize everyone around the nation who are positively changing the lives of others. The audience is made up of many of the Daily Points of Light Award winners along with those who are closely connected to the service movement.

In a Fox News interview earlier this month President George H. W. Bush discussed the importance of volunteering and specifically Points of Light Institute saying: “I keep repeating there could be no definition of a successful life that does not include service to others. That is what the whole concept of Points of Light is about and volunteerism.”

President George H. W. Bush encourages everyone to get involved in civic service: “Get in the arena in doing something, making something happen, trying to benefit others, and that’s noble.”

Geroge H. W. Bush served as Pres Reagan's Vice President. In 1989, he succeeded Reagan in the presidency.

Neil Bush, son of the elder President Bush and Points of Light Board Chairman, said that his father helped launch the Points of Light Institute in 1990 “to inspire, equip and mobilize people to take action that changes the world.”

Bush’s commitment to public service dates back to World War II, when he became the youngest fighter pilot in the U.S. military. He followed his father, a Connecticut senator, into elective office as a Republican congressman from Houston from 1967 to 1971. Among the other lines on his long résumé: U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Republican National Committee chairman, U.S. envoy to China, CIA director, vice president and president.

Read more here.

Honoring President Bush: The Event

According to son Neil, the ever-modest elder President Bush needed a little arm twisting to go along with the celebration[…]. But he agreed to attend, given that the night is also about so many others who volunteer their time to their communities.

Not to be overlooked, former First Lady Barbara Bush has been a powerful advocate for family literacy:

The Points of Light gala will be broadcast for all to watch on Monday March 28th from 8-9 p.m. on NBC.

Thank you, President George H. W. Bush, for championing volunteerism. We greatly appreciate the exemplary service you and Mrs. Bush continue to give our nation.

UPDATE: It was an honor to see this article mentioned on the Points of Light Institute website!

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Mitt and Ann Romney in Utah, Attend Reception on Capitol Hill

As part of a 40 state ‘thank you’ tour, Governor Mitt Romney and wife, Ann, were in Utah on Thursday, Feb 17, 2011 where the Governor spoke with supporters at an event in downtown Salt Lake City. They also attended a reception with legislators and supporters at the Utah State Capitol building where Romney spoke.

Mitt Romney meets with Utah lawmakers and supporters

SALT LAKE CITY — Mitt Romney met privately with Utah supporters of his 2008 presidential bid Thursday, including Gov. Gary Herbert and state legislators.

Romney, the former leader of the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, held court in the Capitol’s Gold Room for nearly an hour late in the afternoon. Earlier, he spoke with another group of Utah backers at an event held in the Wells Fargo bank building downtown.

He declined to comment on his intentions this election cycle after the closed-door reception, but told reporters it was great to be back in Utah, “a place of great passion and energy.”

Herbert said Romney spoke to the group at the Capitol about “the rise of federalism and the fact that states need to be utilized as co-equal partner, not as a subservient partner. … I think that’s something he could use in a campaign if he decides to run for president.”

One person at the reception said Romney also bashed President Barack Obama on the national debt and suggested looking at entitlement programs and raising the retirement age.

Governor Romney also reminisced about the 2002 Winter Olympic Games that were held in Salt Lake City shortly after the attacks of 9-11:

“We have memories of this building,” Romney told reporters, “Those were dark days when the Olympics were in trouble. The people of Utah came together in a way I don’t think the world will ever forget.”

Romney’s visit to the Beehive State capitol was arranged with the help of Kirk Jowers, head of the University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute of Politics:

“I think it’s definitely fair to say Gov. Romney has done everything he would need to do to be able to run for president if he chooses to do that. Certainly there’s no announcement yet,” Jowers said, from any legitimate candidate.

“I think you’ll probably see a bunch of people getting in in mid-April, or as late as early May,” Jowers said. “Everyone one in Utah hopes he’s one of them. Including me.”

(my emphasis)

To read more / view photo slides of Mitt and Ann at the Utah Capitol Building, click here.

Legislators told ABC 4 that Mitt Romney did not say whether he was running for president or not.

But that he said his wife wants him to.

So, we asked Ann Romney what she had to say about that.

Here’s what she told us:

ABC 4: “Legislators are telling us you want him to run?”

Ann Romney: “He’d make a great president.”

The Romneys attended a similar ‘thank you’ gathering in Idaho that same day and reportedly spent the night in Salt Lake City with third son Josh and wife Jen (who recently had the Romney’s 16th grandchild).

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Free and Strong America PAC: Behind-the-Scenes Video of Mitt Romney’s CPAC Speech

Governor Romney’s Free and Strong America has just released some exciting behind-the-scenes footage of Governor Romney’s speech at CPAC. What makes it even more exciting is that MRC’s own DaveP can be heard speaking @ 1:21 and then a few seconds later you see him! Lo, and behold… MRC’s Rebel Ross is standing right next to him! And, there is a quick glimpse of Aaron Gunderson (the guy wearing glasses) behind Ross.

Believe In America – Behind the scenes at CPAC 2011

“I believe that America is an exceptional nation of freedom and opportunity and hope. Believe in America. Our freedom depends on it.” ~Mitt Romney

Inspiring speech, Gov Romney! (And, great job, MRC guys!)

UPDATE: Upon closer inspection, Orit Sklar, prominent Jewish activist from Georgia and Romney supporter, can be seen listening intently to the Governor @ :45. Read more about Ms. Sklar here. During the last presidential election, Ms. Sklar blogged for Mitt. Check out her Facebook page and/or follow her on twitter.

Our good friend, Jeff McGee from NY for Mitt, can be seen shaking Romney’s hand @ :53. Happy to catch a glimpse of Jeff; his tweets from CPAC, along with those of of Team MRC, were very helpful!

UPDATE 2: CPAC Facebook has posted six photos of Governor Romney. While checking them out, be sure to click on each one and leave a supportive comment (photos at top of page). Click here.

UPDATE 3: Thanks to Romney supporter dcMike for sharing a few photos he took of Mitt and Ann at CPAC. Here’s evidence he was up close and personal!

Mitt Romney shakes hands with enthusiastic supporters after speaking at CPAC February 11, 2011. Photo courtesy of dcMike

The lovely Ann Romney in the middle of the CPAC throng - February 11, 2011. Photo courtesy of dcMike

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Romney’s ‘No Apology’ Paperback Creates Media Buzz: Presidential Race 2012, Iowa, Health Care, & More

Governor Mitt Romney and wife, Ann, appear on The View - February 1, 2011.

Mitt Romney’s release of No Apology in paperback this week caused a big stir. As the Governor fired up all six cylinders on the ‘book promo expressway’ the interest generated made him a trending topic on Yahoo. After completing a whirlwind media blitz, here are just a few newsworthy particulars:

Paperback version of Romney’s bestselling book features a fresh introduction and a new subtitle – No Apology: Believe in America (Mitt’s former traveling press secretary and right-hand man, Eric Fehrnstrom, explains):

“The title of the book is the same,” Fehrnstrom said. “But for marketing purposes, we changed the subtitle to call attention to the new introduction which contains the “Believe in America” theme. It helps to sell more books.”

But could “Believe in America” be the new Romney campaign slogan as he gets ready to launch his second bid for the presidency?

In 2008, the winning message belonged to Barack Obama: “Change you can believe in.”

For Romney, the next iteration that he hopes will win just may be, “Believe in America.”

(my emphasis)

Wife, Ann, is fully committed to having her husband running for President of the United States. As Mitt put it, she’s “full speed ahead.” (Romney’s appearance on The View 2/1/11):

If Gov Romney is a 2012 presidential candidate he WILL compete in Iowa (Hugh Hewitt radio interview 2/2/11):

HH: All right, a couple of political questions, and then I want to turn to the book, No Apology, and I’ve linked it at The National Journal’s got a story out that if you run, you’re going to skip Iowa because John Thune’s from South Dakota, Tim Pawlenty’s from Minnesota, they’re neighbors, and you know, you didn’t win last time, so there’s no upside. Even if you finish third or fourth, you’ll get blasted. What’s your response? If you run, will you be competing for votes in Iowa?

MR: Well, if I decide to run, I’ll be planning on running nationwide. And certainly, the early states will be places where we concentrate most of our attention. So it’s nice for people who are from the outside of a campaign to offer their suggestions. But frankly, if I get in this, I’m not going to be doing so much of a political calculus as I am a calculus of what message needs to be heard by the American people, and how can I deliver it best. And that would surely take me to Iowa as well as the other early states, and probably, ultimately, quite a few of our states.

Romney’s explanation of the health insurance program in Massachusetts is beginning to resonate:

The shift of the debate over health care from a policy fight to a Constitutional argument is a boon to Mitt Romney, who finally has a plausible campaign-trail answer to questions on the issue.
Romney’s argument is now much stronger. Because the main objection to ObamaCare, as its critics call it, is no longer a matter of policy nuance. Now critics primarily make the case that it’s an unconstitutional expansion of specifically federal power. And on that turf, the similar structure of the plans doesn’t matter. Romney enacted his at a state level, and states have — conservatives argue — more power to regulate the insurance industry, as they do with car insurance.

“I’m not going to apologize for the rights of states to craft plans on a bipartisan basis to help their people,” Romney said on Good Morning America this morning, and it’s no longer a bad answer.

(my emphasis)

The first presidential debate? Romney hasn’t signed on – yet. (Hugh Hewitt radio interview 2/2/11):

HH: NBC and Politico are pushing for a May 2nd debate. I was on Fox and Friends this morning denouncing the idea. Have you accepted that invitation yet, Governor?

MR: No, I have not. I think it’s kind of curious that before, I think, anybody had announced their candidacy for the White House, or for our nomination for the presidency, that various networks are announcing their debates. I don’t know if there will be anybody announced by that time, or at least anybody that you think of as being among the leading contenders. But I don’t know what the time is of our own decision process. But that seems kind of early, and I think it’s a curious approach.

The Governor didn’t mention this – but it is definitely noteworthy… Mitt Romney flexes his financial muscle:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has doled out nearly $130,000 in contributions to Republican candidates already in 2011, an early sign of both financial strength and a commitment to party building from the likely 2012 presidential candidate.

Via his Free and Strong America political action committee, Romney made
donations to 14 Senators — four of whom are up for reelection in 2012 — as well as 37 House members for a total of $129,500 in campaign contributions.

“We need to show our Republican friends that we appreciate their efforts to curb wasteful spending, lower taxes and bringing down our staggering $14 trillion debt,” said Romney of the rationale behind his donations.

Romney aides added that the contributions are evidence that the former governor remains focused on helping the party, even as he contemplates whether or not to run for president.

(my emphasis) Read entire article here.

Romney certainly generated renewed interest this week in his paperback edition of No Apology. Let’s stock up on a few extra copies and help spread his hopeful, comprehensive vision for America. It’s a small investment that has the potential to yield HUGE returns for our country’s future!

★ ★ ★

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Governor Mitt Romney’s Family Christmas Card 2010

We thought you’d like to see Governor Romney’s wonderful family Christmas card…

The inscription on the bottom reads “Guess which grandchild heard that Papa might run again?”

Any guesses? Those are fourteen adorable grandchildren, for sure!

An inside look…

What a fantastic family!

Governor Romney, Ann, and all the Romney family, we wish you a very

Merry Christmas!

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Update: With Mitt hinting at a run, maybe it’s time to get one of our brand new Romney 2012 t-shirts!

Mitt Romney Travels Across USA to Help Conservatives, Delivers Keynote Speech NH GOP State Convention

Where in the USA is Mitt Romney?

This past week, Governor Romney’s rock-solid commitment for conservative midterm victories took him from sea to shining sea: New York, California, Illinois, and New Hampshire. With multiple events held per day in each state, his jam-packed schedule of speaking, campaigning, and fundraising was no small feat!

Backstage view of Governor Romney delivering keynote speech at New Hampshire's GOP State Convention Sept 25, 2010 - TwitPic by ryanGOP

Crowning this week’s calendar, Romney enlivened New Hampshire’s GOP State Convention with a compelling keynote speech in Concord today:

CONCORD – Mitt Romney called out President Obama Saturday at a state GOP convention where Republicans vowed to capitalize on voter anger and take back the state and nation.

Romney, a 2008 presidential contender sounding like the 2012 candidate most political observers expect him to be, said Obama is at war with private enterprise in America.

Obama has traveled the country vilifying one job creator after another, Romney said. “They don’t understand what makes America, America.”

Meanwhile, believing they are riding a wave of momentum into the general election, New Hampshire Republicans talked about restoring the party to its once dominant perch in state politics.

Democrats are ruining New Hampshire and bankrupting the country said N.H. GOP chairman John H. Sununu told about 400 people, almost 300 of them delegates to the state’s annual convention.

(link added)

Romney brings conservative message to New Hampshire:

[…]”We are all unhappy with what’s happened under the president,” Romney said in a keynote address to the state Republican Party convention in Concord.

The former Republican presidential candidate said Obama has proven what Ronald Reagan said about liberals a long time ago: “It’s not that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that what they know is wrong.”

He criticized Obama for failing to understand American values and not being able to turn an ailing economy around.

“This is the first time I can recall the government declaring war on private enterprise,’ Romney said.

Romney said the nation’s dissatisfaction with the Obama administration would manifest itself at the polls in November’s midterm elections.

“I can’t predict the scale of the victory we’re going to see in November, but I can predict that there’s going to be a repudiation of the liberalism that has been running rampant in Washington D.C.,” Romney said. “Let’s bring Republican values back to Washington.”

To see a great photo of Mitt acknowledging wife, Ann, before addressing the delegates at the NH GOP Convention today, click here.

A few tweets from those in attendance:

EricFehrn: In speech, Romney praised US Sen hopeful Ovide Lamontage for uniting party behind Ayotte instead of seeking recount
Sat Sep 25 – 9:34:34 am

EricFehrn: Standing O for Romney at NH GOP Convention. Now he’s off to a funder for Gov candidate John Stephen.
Sat Sep 25 – 10:42:40 am

JimMerrillNH: Big day at #NHGOP convention as @MittRomney, delayed by standing ovations, fires up the ticket and big crowd.
Sat Sep 25 – 1:09:39 pm

Romney meets with local friends and candidates after NH GOP Convention Sept 25, 2010

After meeting with friends and candidates, Gov Romney then headed to Derry, NH, where the Derry Republican Town Committee and Friends of John Stephen held a fundraiser to support Stephen’s bid for Governor.

Mitt Romney speaking at packed fundraiser for gubernatorial candidate John Stephen in Derry, NH. Sat, Sept 25, 2010

Today’s center-stage events for Romney highlights the fourth time he has assisted the NH GOP in the past two months.

“Governor Romney has been a strong supporter of the New Hampshire Republican Party and we are extremely appreciative of all the assistance he has given us through this critical election cycle.” ~NH state party chairman John H. Sununu

Thanks to Governor Romney for his unrelenting work to boost conservatives across the country to the WIN category in just a few weeks!

UPDATE: NECN news report of Romney’s NH activities today:

(NECN video – hat tip/Bosman)

UPDATE 2: To watch Romney’s entire NH GOP Convention keynote speech click here.

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Mitt Romney Endorses 33 New Hampshire Candidates, Donates $40,000

Mitt Romney and New Hampshire make a great combo! Throughout the summer, he’s been actively helping the NH GOP, but he has just topped his committment to them in a BIG way! Here is what he is doing for the winners of Tuesday’s GOP primary election in The Granite State.

From Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC:

Today, Mitt Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC announced 33 endorsements of state and federal candidates running in New Hampshire and committed a total of $40,000 to their individual campaign committees.

Among the endorsed candidates are:

John Stephen: John Stephen previously served the people of New Hampshire as the Commissioner of the Department of Health and Human Services and is now running to serve as New Hampshire’s next Governor. For more information about him and his campaign, visit

Kelly Ayotte: Kelly Ayotte previously served the people of New Hampshire as Attorney General and is now running for U.S. Senate. For more information about her and her campaign, visit

Charlie Bass: Charlie Bass previously represented the 2nd Congressional District of New Hampshire and is running to reclaim his seat. For more information about him and his campaign, visit

Frank Guinta: Frank Guinta previously served as the Mayor of Manchester and is now running to represent the 1st Congressional District of New Hampshire. For more information about him and his campaign, please visit

The PAC is sending $1,000 to Stephen’s gubernatorial campaign, $5,000 to Ayotte’s Senate campaign, and $2,500 each to the Congressional campaigns of Bass and Guinta.

[Click HERE to see endorsements and contributions to 29 other NH Executive Council and State Senate candidates.]

“The people of New Hampshire are fortunate to have so many good Republican candidates running for office who are committed to getting our economy back on track, keeping taxes low and reducing the size and scope of government. By electing candidates like these, we will finally turn our troubled economy around and get people back to work,” said Romney.

(my emphasis)

Romney will be center stage as the headliner at New Hampshire’s upcoming  GOP convention on Saturday, September 25th (for more information, click here.) In the past two months, this will be the fourth time that Romney has assisted the NH GOP.  Featured on his great looking newly-refurbished PAC site is a great video of another NH GOP event he and wife, Ann, attended on September 11th – Seacoast Republican Women’s Annual Chili Fest:  

 A few surprises last night…Batter up!

We learned via Twitter last night that Governor Mitt Romney and Bill O’Reilly paired up to support a good cause and take in a baseball game at Fenway Park (Red Sox vs Toronto Blue Jays). Another nice surprise was seeing Ann Romney and son Tagg join in the fun, as well.

Tweet from Mitt which included this Twitpic: At Fenway with Tagg, Ann and @OReillyFactor

Another surprise… Romney and O’Reilly joined Meredith Vieira in the NESN stadium broadcast booth to help support a radio-telethon for the Jimmy Fund (helps fight cancer).

(By the way, although team Red Sox tried to put muscle in their hustle, Toronto rustled up the victory: Blue Jays 16, Red Sox 2.)

Topping the surprises, during last night’s airing of The Factor (Bill O’Reilly’s tv program) a timely re-run of an interview O’Reilly did with Romney back on April 12, 2010 was aired. Prefacing the interview, O’Reilly asked Romney how he would run against Obama if the election was in process today. Given Romney’s recent economic op-ed and Obama’s dismal showing on job creation, it’s worth seeing again:

A good night for the Gov… Do you think he ate a Fenway Frank with the woiks?

~UPDATE from Ross
If you want to see Bill O’Reilly in the booth, click here.