Floodgates Open: Support for Romney from Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Alaska

Floodgates of support are really opening now for Mitt Romney…

Today, social and fiscal conservative Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn penned a strong op-ed supporting Romney. GOP Representatives (32 of them!) in Massachusetts and Alaska Lt. Gov Mead Treadwell also issued well-muscled letters of support. Eric Cantor also stepped up to the plate for Romney.

It’s clear.

They all believe Romney’s years of private sector work and leadership skills seal the deal. Unquestionably, they feel Romney is ready to be wrapped in the presidential mantle.

UPDATE Add former First Lady Barbara Bush’s name to the list. She recorded a robo call message for Mitt that is playing throughout Vermont:

Senator Coburn:

I’m proud to support Romney because he is a leader. What Romney has done in his 25 years in the private sector is precisely what we need a president to do in Washington. Romney has done hard things. He has turned businesses around, told people hard truths about what needed to be done, inspired confidence and overcome excuses.”

Mitt Romney Best Equipped To Solve Problems Facing Our Nation
By Sen. Tom Coburn
The Oklahoman
March 4, 2012

Sen Tom Coburn

America faces the greatest challenges of any in my lifetime. Our debt is now the size of our entire economy. If we don’t change course in the near future, we will face an economic catastrophe far worse than our recent recession.

At the same time, we’re facing a crisis of leadership in Washington. The problems and solutions are widely understood — and far from impossible to implement — yet our so-called leaders have shown little interest in solving problems. President Obama campaigned as a transformational leader, yet he has rejected transformational solutions such as the Simpson-Bowles plan that gave Washington a framework for averting a debt crisis.

Elections are about choices. This November, the most important choice facing the American people will be whether we will demand a solution and avert a debt crisis or whether we will continue to accept the status quo and hope for the best. I’m confident the vast majority of Americans on both sides of the aisle want a solution. The next choice, then, is deciding who is best qualified to enact a solution.

In life, and especially politics, our choices are seldom perfect and often difficult. But it is critically important to make a choice and support the person who is best equipped to solve the urgent problems before us. In my view, that person is Mitt Romney.

From my experience, Washington tends to be divided between two groups — leaders and career politicians. Leaders tend to have a wealth of real-world experience outside of politics and are in office to give rather than take something from their position. Career politicians, on the other hand, mean well but are ill-equipped to solve problems. Their greatest skill is getting re-elected.

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From Romney’s Press Office – MA Republican Reps (32 signatures!):

If Mitt gets to the White House and has a chance to do for the country what he did for Massachusetts, we will see a turnaround in this country unlike any we have seen before.

Massachusetts Republican Representatives Stand with Mitt

Click on map to enlarge.

Over the course of this election season, we members of the Massachusetts Republican Legislative Caucus, have watched and listened as our former Governor’s record has been scrutinized by his rivals and by the national media. Now it is our turn to speak.

Republicans in Massachusetts never had a stronger leader, a greater defender, or a better friend in the State House than Mitt Romney.

Let’s start with the economy. When Mitt was elected Governor, Massachusetts was on the verge of financial disaster. Workers across the state were being laid off at the rate of thousands a month.

Our state budget was bleeding red ink, and Democratic politicians were proclaiming that only tax increases could fill the gap. Raising taxes, of course, was not Governor Romney’s way. Quite the opposite. With the same energy and intelligence he brings to every challenge he faces, he brought efficiency to our state government. He streamlined our budget and cut unneeded programs.

Without raising taxes—indeed, he cut taxes nineteen times—he balanced the budget every year of his term. By the end of four years, he had turned a $3 billion deficit into a $2 billion rainy-day fund. With the state government’s finances in order, the economy picked up steam. Unemployment at the end of Mitt’s term was 4.7 percent, a rate the state envies now.

But the economy was not the only realm where Mitt was a leader. He cracked down on illegal immigration by vetoing an in-state tuition bill and by authorizing state troopers to detain people who had entered the country illegally. When Democrats caved to the teachers unions and sought to impose a one-year moratorium on publicly-funded charter schools, Mitt successfully turned back their efforts.

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Romney Endorsed by AK Lt. Gov Treadwell, MS Senator Cochran, NY Fmr Congresswoman Molinari

From Alaska to Mississippi to New York, Mitt Romney continues to garner endorsements…

Alaska Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell Supports Romney

I am proud to announce the support of Lieutenant Governor Treadwell,” said Mitt Romney. “I look forward to working with him as I reach out to Alaska voters and work to get our economy on the right track again.”

Announcing his support, Lieutenant Governor Treadwell said, “Alaska’s agenda is to help America’s agenda: we produce energy, and help keep America strong. The current White House doesn’t get it. We need a leader like Mitt Romney who understands and who will help us help the country. As governor, he created thousands of jobs, balanced the state’s budget, and cut taxes. His record of results speaks for itself – that is why I am supporting him.”

Background on Lt. Gov. Treadwell:

Mead Treadwell Is The Lieutenant Governor Of Alaska. Prior to his election in 2010, Lt. Governor Treadwell served on the United States Arctic Research Commission and was designated the commission’s chair by President George W. Bush in 2006. An Arctic policy expert, he was previously the director of oil spill response for the city of Cordova as well as Alaska’s Deputy Commissioner for the Department of Environmental Conservation. In the private sector, he has helped create or turn around a number of technology and manufacturing companies. Lt. Governor Treadwell was a founding member of the Yukon Pacific Corporation and also served as president of the Millennium Society.

Mitt Romney Announces Support of Senator Thad Cochran

“I am pleased to have the support of Thad Cochran,” said Mitt Romney. “He understands that Mississippi voters are looking for someone who will bring jobs back to this country. He is a committed public servant, and I am grateful to have him stand with me in my campaign.”

Announcing his support, Senator Thad Cochran said, “Our country cannot afford another four years of President Obama’s policies. Mitt Romney has the pro-growth message and the unmatched experience that will be required to improve our economy. I am proud to support him.”

Background On Senator Thad Cochran:

Senator Thad Cochran Was First Elected To Represent Mississippi In The United States Senate In 1978. He is Ranking Member of the Committee on Appropriations as well as a member of the Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry and the Committee on Rules and Administration. Before entering the Senate, Cochran represented Mississippi’s 4th District in the U.S. House of Representatives. He also served in the U.S. Naval Reserve and practiced law.

Former New York Congresswoman Susan Molinari Endorses Mitt Romney

“I am honored to have the support of Susan Molinari,” said Mitt Romney. “She understands that voters in New York and across America are tired of Obama’s failed and expensive policies. I am glad to have her help in my efforts to defeat President Obama, restore economic growth, and create jobs.”

Announcing her support, Susan Molinari said, “Obama’s big government spending has failed to get Americans back to work. Mitt Romney understands what it will take to improve our economy. His sound economic plan is based on his real world experience as a successful businessman. As Governor of Massachusetts, he reined in spending and balanced the budget without raising taxes. Washington needs this kind of principled and pragmatic leadership.”

Background On Susan Molinari:

Susan Molinari Represented New York In The U.S. House Of Representatives From 1990 To 1997. While in Congress, she served on the House Budget Committee and was elected to the Republican Majority Leadership. Previously, she worked for the Republican Governors Association and the Republican National Committee. She was also elected to the New York City Council.

(emphasis added )

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George HW Bush on Romney: “I Think He Would be a Good President, a Very Good President”

The former President had kind words for Mitt Romney during an interview with Larry King:

George HW Bush on Romney:

“He’s a reasonable guy,” George Bush said of Romney. “He’s a conservative fellow, that’s good. But no, I think he’d be a good president, a very good president.”

It looks Romney can count on the Bush family’s support next time around.

Former MA Governor Romney & Former President Bush

Also worth noting — Barbara Bush’s remarks on Sarah Palin:

“I sat next to her once. Thought she was beautiful,” Barbara Bush said of Palin. “And she’s very happy in Alaska, and I hope she’ll stay there.”

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2012 Polls: Romney Beats Palin in Her Own Alaska, Wallops Pawlenty in His Native Minnesota

Interesting info leaks today from two polling sources, both – incredibly – showing Mitt Romney ahead of potential 2012 rivals in their home states.

In Alaska, Mitt Romney edges Sarah Palin by 3%.
From PPP:

Mitt Romney vs. Sarah Palin

If Sarah Palin runs for President in 2012 she can’t count on a whole lot of support back home. 62% of Alaska Republicans are opposed to her making a White House bid and she gets only 17% in a hypothetical 2012 primary in the state tying for her second with Mike Huckabee behind Mitt Romney.

It’s not that Alaska Republicans don’t like Palin- a majority of them still do. But there’s a significant disconnect between GOP voters in the state liking Palin and thinking she should run for President, a divide we’ve seen with Republicans nationally and one that presents the biggest threat to a possible Palin candidacy. Even among voters with a favorable opinion of Palin in the state just 39% think she should launch a 2012 bid.

Romney gets 20% to 17% for Palin and Huckabee, 16% for Newt Gingrich, and 10% for Ron Paul.

In Minnesota, Mitt Romney pummels Tim Pawlenty by 13%.
From MPR:

Mitt Romney vs. Tim Pawlenty

The poll also compared Pawlenty the two most prominent, presumed front-runners for the Republicans in 2012 — former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Romney fared better than Pawlenty with likely Minnesota voters, 45 percent to 32 percent, while Pawlenty easily beat Palin in the hypothetical matchup, 59 percent to 24 percent.

*It’s worth noting that this last poll was extracted from all likely voters, Republicans & Democrats alike.

Any thoughts on these results? Could these be accurate depictions of the primary to come? Is it possible that anyone could swipe a victory from Mitt in his native Michigan?

~Aaron G.

Palin Pick Poll Plus Personal Ponderings

mccain, palin

Please participate in the poll on the left sidebar to show what you think about Sarah Palin being selected as McCain’s VP.

Click here for “All you need to know about Sarah Palin”

I have a number of thoughts on Palin. After initial thoughts I have very quickly come to believe that this is a brilliant pick by team McCain. Here are some reasons why people will be willing to accept her as VP:


  • very conservative governor with all the right stances on issues
  • has an excellent record as a reformist
  • being from AK and wanting to drill in ANWR makes her a strong voice for energy independence, which will be a hot issue the election round
  • has a son in the military – and is a life-long member of the NRA
  • has five children including a very young son with Downs Syndrome, attractive to those with strong family values
  • frequently described as ‘very down to earth’ and not a Washington insider
  • last, and probably most important, she is not only acceptable to both parties of the Huckabee/Romney feud, but also to Hillary supporters thanks to the Clinton/Obama feud.

In short, she does no harm to the ticket, but in fact brings in other would-be fence-sitters had someone else been chosen.


  • relatively unknown
  • though able to fulfill the roll of VP, I’m not confident in her ability to step into the roll of Commander in Chief in a moments notice should the need arise
  • unsure of how she will hold up in debate versus Biden, though she does have the advantage of her being right and him being wrong
  • currently under investigation for alleged abuse of power for helping to get her ex-brother-in-law fired

I think the pros seriously out weigh the cons in this case. I do have one rambling thought I’d like to express concerning this pick. I can’t help thinking that her being a woman was a major factor in her being selected (brings in huge crowds of Hillary supporters). Being a woman is neither a qualification, nor a disqualification. Identity politics has won the day. If this is true it is akin to voting for (or against) Obama because he is black, or voting for Romney solely because he is Mormon. One’s identity is not a qualification! I think Romney and Pawlenty are better qualified, but Palin (my third pick) is the clearly the smarter pick if you want to win the election. Well I do want win the election because of the serious threat of an Obama presidency.

That said I feel that I can wholeheartedly support the Republican 2008 ticket of McCain/Palin.

BTW, I stole the image from Race42008.com where there is a big discussion going on about the pick. Kavon says “Best. Vice. Presidential. Pick. Ever.” Also of interest at Race42008.com is a post from Romney supporter Jason Bonham “Gov. Palin: Awesome Choice, But Still a Bet”

~Nate Gunderson

Other news about the Palin Pick:
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