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Team Romney has launched a new micro-site today that shows the progression of Al Gore’s push for job-killing climate change legislation. When Al needed support, he went to Nancy; when Nancy wasn’t enough, he went to Newt. And Newt, the unreliable leader that he is, hopped on board.

Check out the new site at www.NewtAndNancy.com:

Romney’s Op-Ed: Obama, Green Jobs, Cronyism / End American Decline With Romney’s 59!

Mitt Romney’s op-ed, published a couple of days ago in The Orange County Register, takes a specific look at Obama’s penchant for spending huge amounts of our hard-earned money on losers – specifically, green jobs. He basically writes that the United States government is a rotten venture capitalist – fostering crony capitalism and “outright corruption”.

Gov Romney also points out that, among other things, his own jobs creation plan “reduces the burden imposed by government” and makes our tax code “simpler, flatter, and fairer.”

His plan makes the USA competitive again.

We need an environment for jobs
Obama’s ill-starred support for green jobs shows why government shouldn’t be a venture capitalist.
By Mitt Romney
Oct 24, 2011

First, the good news: President Barack Obama has finally created some “green jobs.” Now for the bad news: They are not in the United States, but in Finland.

The creation of environmentally friendly jobs has been at the top of Barack Obama’s policy agenda since coming into office. With the first of his now many jobs plans, the President set out to fulfill his campaign promise of spending $150 billion to create ten million green jobs. Alas, things didn’t quite worked out as planned.

First came Solyndra, the solar-panel maker backed by a major Obama campaign-funds bundler, which President Obama hailed as a “true engine of economic growth.” It turned out to be a true engine of bankruptcy. Even as the administration trumpeted its accomplishments, the firm was careening toward insolvency. Taxpayers were left holding a $500 million bill, and the firm was left facing an FBI investigation. Nonetheless, at least one Solyndra-linked fundraiser is helping to organize Tuesday’s presidential cash call in San Francisco.

Now we may be in for more of the same. The Obama administration has shoveled $1 billion out the door to two California-based electric car manufacturers. Fisker Automotive got a $529 million loan from the Department of Energy; Tesla got $465 million. President Obama has hailed such subsidies as a “historic opportunity to ensure that the next generation of fuel-efficient cars and trucks are made in America.”

Alas, like Solyndra, these loans are turning out to be historic opportunities to line the pockets of major campaign fundraisers. Fisker investors, including Al Gore himself, have donated more than $1 million to political campaigns – primarily Democrats. Tesla, for its part, has financial backing from a fundraiser who bundled hundreds of thousands of dollars for the President’s campaign; Tesla’s CEO is also a major Democratic donor who has poured money into Obama’s campaign coffers.

Tesla’s next vehicle is expected to list for $57,400. Fisker’s car, already a year behind schedule, will cost $97,000. “We have a history of losses and we expect significant increases in our costs and expenses to result in continuing losses for at least the foreseeable future,” says Tesla’s most recent quarterly filing.

And neither firm has created many jobs. So far, approximately 100 workers are employed by Fisker in Wilmington, Del., while an additional 500 are actually assembling the cars in Finland. Tesla’s record is only slightly better. Even these few jobs may be illusory: studies of Europe’s green job experiments have found that each new green job destroys several other jobs elsewhere in the economy.

Last summer, the Government Accountability Office, Congress’s investigative arm, sounded alarm bells about potential abuses in the issuance of green-job loans, warning that the Obama administration’s Department of Energy had “treated applicants inconsistently, favoring some and disadvantaging others.” Congress should investigate carefully how so much taxpayer money was spent so poorly on behalf of so many donors.

But there are larger lessons from this sorry story. First, the U.S. government shouldn’t be playing venture capitalist. It’s not merely that government bureaucrats are bad at picking winners. The very process invites cronyism and outright corruption.

Second, as Fisker’s decision to manufacture in Finland makes clear, the U.S. economy is not struggling for lack of government spending. It is struggling for lack of competitiveness. Instead of President Obama’s doomed strategy of creating jobs that are good for the environment, we need a strategy to create an environment that is good for jobs.

My plan for jobs and economic growth does just that with the goal of ensuring that no advanced manufacturer ever sees Finland as a better place than the United States to set up shop. For one thing, the plan reduces the burden imposed by government: It makes our tax code simpler, flatter, and fairer, and places our corporations on equal footing with global competitors.

(emphasis added ) Continue reading here.

End American decline with Romney’s 59!

► Jayde Wyatt

Gifts Under the Tree – Something for Everyone

two giftsAs blizzards blow across the mid-Atlantic region and toward the eastern seaboard today, (near white-out in D.C. – Obama’s climate Christmas card?) frantic Christmas shoppers across America are checking their lists… twice. If you’re stumped on what to give this year, Dan Kennedy (Townhall.com) offers a few suggestions:

For every American, a Nobel Peace Prize. Why not? No accomplishment required. All you need do is think or talk about peace. Heck, just wearing a T-shirt with a peace sign on it might do. Or owning a copy of a Jane Fonda movie. The award clearly has no legitimacy. But as a stocking stuffer, it is amusing. I believe you can get them at Spencer Gifts, and they’re cheaper by the dozen.

For my fellow small business owners, all those tax cuts the Great and Powerful Ozbama keeps saying he spent one-third of the stimulus money giving us, but we can’t seem to find.

For the 90.4 percent of all American homeowners who pay their mortgages on time and all those who’ve diligently paid their mortgages off, a lump of coal, and a slap in the face. It’s all those in foreclosure that Little Timmy Geithner calls “responsible homeowners” as he pressures banks – including those subsidized with your tax dollars – to re-write and discount their mortgages and erase interest and penalties, and hands out government cash to the delinquent borrowers as well. Now weren’t you a silly goose to pay full price?

For President Obama, some instructional literature: A transcript of a Jay Leno monologue in which the comic demonstrated his superior grasp of Economics 101 by suggesting that Obama’s insistence that the government must spend us out of the recession is as silly as a drunkard trying to drink his way free of alcoholism. Maybe Larry Summers should be replaced with Leno. Another nice gift we might send: a framed photo of former President Carter, in the White House, huddled in his sweater, telling Americans to turn down their thermostats and sacrifice for the greater good. Maybe a gold-plated tire gauge, too.

For Charlie Rangel, a copy of Quicken, a gift certificate for H.R. Block, and a prescription for memory pills. Forgetting where your keys are, well, we all do that – but misplacing a half million dollars? And forgetting about property you own on a tropical island?

For federal government employees earning, on average, 30 percent more than private sector counterparts in the same jobs, according to USA Today, an immediate 25 percent pay cut. (Instead of interfering with compensation paid by private businesses, how ’bout pointing that pay czar at the government’s gigantic payroll? The government is broke. When a business is in dire straits, it cuts pay and cuts staff. Time for Uncle Sammy to do the same. (Kudos to USA TODAY for the analysis, by the way. Media doing its job seems as rare as sightings of flying reindeer. But ’tis the season.)

For Al Gore, a cell adjacent to Bernie Madoff’s, so the two biggest con artists of our time can enjoy each other’s company and Mr. Gore’s enormous carbon footprint can actually be reduced.

A few gift suggetions of my own:

For Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – drunk with taxpayers’ money and demanding $400 billion MORE of our money (that’s $800 billion – nearly a TRILLION dollars)  to be given to them before year’s end – two chilled bottles of vintage  ABSOLUTely NO MORE MONEY.

For Harry Reid, a new pair of tasseled marching boots… to wear as he leads the progressive  parade off stage.

For President Obama, two books: A leatherbound, guilt gilt-edged volume bulging with all the promises he’s made to be honest and transparent with U.S. citizens, along with a copy of How to Stop Lying in 30 Days: Self Help for Liars and Swindlers.

TCAA7R3EWCASXV2GTCATH2I5DCALCO69OCAX1K483CADZ4GKICA9OKX63CA3C6PBMCAPE1I58CA037IE2CA69SEQRCAJFTYLICAQGEH8ICAUJUEBZCADACPC2CAZ7YQVICAKK6GTDCAMAYP3JCAT71EREFor American patriots, brand new 50-inch swath, made-in-America, push brooms… to sweep away the Grinches in Washington.

Our Sixth Day of Christmas hearkens back to a Christmas classic and beloved childhood favorite, Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
Here’s himself – the green, gutsy, scheming Grinch:

He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree. ~ Roy L. Smith

Al Gore’s Icicle Nose Keeps On Growing

iciclesOn November 20th of this year (day of Global Warming infamy) scientists’ emails stored on a computer network at Hadley Climate Research revealed the junk science of doomsday climate change. Curiosity was immediately raised on the effect these revelations would have on the upcoming Copenhagen Climate Change Summit (COP-15) and more particularly, the position to be taken by President Obama and global-warming-guru Al Gore.

Overnight, climate warming became Climategate. Discussions on the manipulation of evidence and massive cover-up involved with global warming became front-page news. Prior to the scandal, Al Gore was scheduled to attend COP-15, but post-scandal Gore cancelled his Copenhagen appearance. Obama was also slated to attend, but changed his mind. Subsequently, and not surprisingly, on December 7th, the two of them met in the Oval Office. When they emerged, it was announced that Obama would go to Copenhagen. He held a press conference to declare that U.S. carbon emissions reductions would be on the table – in the range of 17% below 2005 levels. Although we hoped that, at the very least, our president would acknowledge that global warming data had been compromised, we now knew the direction he was headed. But, what of Gore?

Al gore screaming at worldThis week, the “mystery of Al” was answered. As ministers of the world’s countries began to arrive in Copenhagen for the final week of nitty-gritty negotiations, Mr. Gore magically appeared at a Climategate pulpit on Monday, December 14th, to protect his turf. Making an astounding new claim, he announced that new computer modeling shows that polar ice may be entirely melted by summer 2014. Gore elaborated:

“These figures are fresh. Some of the models suggest to Dr [Wieslav] Maslowski that there is a 75 per cent chance that the entire north polar ice cap, during the summer months, could be completely ice-free within five to seven years. It is hard to capture the astonishment that the experts in the science of ice felt when they saw this”

In response, climatologist Dr. Maslowski briskly responded to Gore’s headline-grabbing declaration: 

“It’s unclear to me how this figure was arrived at. I would never try to estimate the likelihood at anything as exact as this.”

Al Gore’s icicle nose just keeps on growing. It’s getting frosty and chaotic in Copenhagen and Obama is next. Emissions agreements… will he chill?

Phelim McAleer, journalist/filmmaker (Mine Your Own Business, Not Evil Just Wrong) tries to question Al Gore (author of An Inconvenient Truth) about Climategate emails at the U.N. Climate Change Conference: 

Mr. McAleer: “It seems you’re not allowed to ask inconvenient questions of Al Gore.”

Third Day of Christmas: Climate alarmists say it’s vanishing, but we know the stuff Christmas dreams are made of is here to stay. Here’s Tony Bennett singing Snowfall:

See amid the winter’s snow, born for us on earth below. Hail thou ever-blessed morn!
 ~ Edward Caswall