Romney Campaigns in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Minnesota – Releases Endorsements for NY, WI, and MN

Keeping up with Governor Romney is like trying to concentrate on a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle in a high wind… “He was there. No, he’s here! Here’s something… Where was that? Oh, a TwitPic to help… What’s next?” You get the idea…

Here is Romney’s itinerary for the last few days (from all the pieces I could gather…):

October 11thRomney endorses candidate Matt Doheny for the 23rd Congressional District in New York:

Doheny is running as a Republican and Independence Party candidate against incumbent Rep. Bill Owens (D-Plattsburgh,) who won the seat in a special election less than a year ago.

Romney, known for his leadership skills and business accomplishments in both public and private sectors, pointed to Doheny’s potential as a Representative when making the endorsement. “Matt has turned around and restructured failing enterprises. He knows how to do the difficult work that ends up saving companies, and saving jobs,” Romney said. “Few organizations need more help right now than our own federal government. Matt can, and will, help turn our nation and our economy around through his hard work and impressive experience.”

Romney first gained national praise as President and CEO of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee, for the 2002 Winter Olympics. He is credited with transforming the disorganized and financially troubled Olympics into one of the most successful Winter Games held in the U.S. When he was elected Governor of Massachusetts in 2002, Romney inherited a state that was in economic trouble. Without raising taxes or increasing debt, he got the economy moving once again and turned the state’s deficits into surpluses. A leading candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2008, he remains one of the GOP’s most popular national figures.


“It is an honor to receive this endorsement. Mitt Romney’s accomplishments are textbook examples of how conservative economic policies and inspired leadership yield a healthier organization or a healthier government. I thank him for his support.”

At some point between Oct 11 -13, Romney toured a facility in North Carolina. Tweet from the Gov (the time stamp shows tweet was sent early in the morning which indicates Romney probably toured the facility on a previous day):

TwitPic from Mitt Romney - "Touring Childress Racing in North Carolina with the one and only Richard Childress" 7:10 AM Oct 14th via web

October 13th – Romney stopped by Harrisburg, PA to do some stumping for GOP Governor Tom Corbett:

October 14th – Bedminster, New Jersey was the site of a Romney-hosted fundraiser for incumbent Rep Leonard Lance (R). Incumbent Lance faces Democrat Ed Potosnak, a former teacher, in the 7th district. Lance’s district includes most of Woodbridge and parts of Middlesex, Somerset, Hunterdon and Union counties.

October 15thExergen Corporation, world leader in industrial and medical non-invasive temperature technology, was the destination for the Gov. Exergen was founded by Harvard-research scientist Dr. Francesco Pompei over two decades ago and is based in Watertown, Massachusetts. Romney toured Exergen’s manufacturing facility (video quality not the best, but it gives you a look at Romney’s interest in entrepreneurial ventures).

October 18th – Romney turned his attention today to USA north where he is putting in a very full day. He kicked the day off with a full-slate announcement of Wisconsin endorsements: County Executive Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, Congressman Tom Petri, Congressman Paul Ryan, Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, Sean Duffy, State Senator Dan Kapanke, and Reid Ribble. Free and Strong America PAC also announced:

The PAC […] is sending a contribution to each of the federal candidates, in particular $5,000 to Johnson’s Senate campaign, and $2,500 each to the Congressional campaigns of Petri, Ryan, Sensenbrenner, Duffy, Kapanke, and Ribble.

“At a time when too many of our elected officials are more focused on growing the size of government than growing our economy, it is more important than ever that we elect candidates who are dedicated to enacting fiscally-conservative policies that will get Wisconsin – and our nation – back on the right track. These candidates will work hard to turn our troubled economy around and put people back to work, and I am proud to stand with them today,” said Romney.

Read more here.

Romney then campaigned with Scott Walker who is hoping to take over Wisonsin’s governor chair.

Governor Romney campaigns with GOP gubernatorial hopeful Scott Walker in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Oct 18, 2010

Later today, the hard-working Gov announced endorsements for Minnesota: State Representative Tom Emmer and running mate Annette Meeks, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Congressman John Kline, Congressman Erik Paulsen, Lee Byberg, Chip Cravaack, and State Representative Randy Demmer. His Free and Strong America PAC will donate a $2,500 contribution to each of the federal candidates’ campaigns.

Tonight, in Minnesota, Romney will headline a fundraiser for the Republican nominee for governor, Tom Emmer and running mate Meeks.

October 26thLooking ahead… I’m sure there are many events Romney will attend between now and the 26th, but I do know he will rally with Terry Brandstad in Dubuque, Iowa on that day. Later that evening, he will headline the Scott County GOP Reagan dinner.

Romney won’t rest until he’s done all within his power to put a successful midterm election in place for conservatives.

Thanks, Governor Romney!

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Mitt Romney’s Third Quarter PAC Totals Top Field, Fundraising Helps Conservatives

Wow! Third quarter donations totaling $1.7 million to Mitt Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC demonstrates the confidence many Americans have in him and his trustworthiness to move heaven and earth in support of candidates who are committed to taking back America.


Romney’s $1.7 million tops field

Mitt Romney’s political operation raised $1.7 million from July through September, again pacing the field of prospective 2012 GOP presidential hopefuls.

The former Massachusetts governor, who lost a bid for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination and is widely believed to be preparing another run, has built a robust political operation including political action committees at the federal level and in five states with strategic significance in the pending battle for the Republican nomination: Iowa, New Hampshire, Alabama, South Carolina and Michigan.

The committees, which are all called Free and Strong America, pay for his staff, travel and contributions to like-minded candidates. According to figures provided Thursday by the Free and Strong America operation, which has a few more days to file formal reports detailing all the committees’ contributions and expenditures, the groups have raised a total of $5.1 million this year.

That’s more than the two next most actively fundraising prospective 2012 hopefuls — former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty — have raised in their political action committees this year combined.

Romney’s PACs donated a total of $532,000 in the third quarter — nearly twice the combined amount that Pawlenty’s and Palin’s PACs contributed — including maximum donations of $5,000 to GOP Senate candidates Dino Rossi of Washington, Ken Buck of Colorado and John Boozman of Arkansas.

At the end of September, the PACs had a combined total of $1.9 million in the bank.

Palin has pulled in more than $2.5 million this year into her group, Sarah PAC, including $1.2 million from July through September, while Pawlenty has raised nearly $2.1 million through his federal committee and a pair of state committees, which are all called Freedom First PAC, including $778,000 in the third quarter.

In the third quarter, Romney’s state-based PACs raised a total of $640,000, while his federal PAC took in a little more than $1 million.

Since the beginning of last year, Romney’s PACs have combined to raise more than $8.6 million.

(my emphasis)

Governor Romney vowed to do all he could to elect conservatives in the upcoming election. His actions verify his words. The capacity to raise substantial amounts of PAC money is the result of his organizational skills, his wise and productive use of those monies, his committment to conservative values, his thorough competence, his inspiring leadership, and the proof of his devotion to America as demonstrated in his worn shoe leather.

Romney’s work for campaigns across the United States this year has been nothing short of astounding.

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~Update from Ross
Mark B. Lowe from Rightosphere has produced a very useful chart comparing the PACs of Mitt, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and Tim Pawlenty. While I would love to see even more potential 2012 candidates included in this chart, it’s still a nice way to look at the invisible primary for people like me who love numbers and statistics. I think the biggest area we can help Mitt in relation to that chart is with contributions < $200. That is really the only area Mitt didn't dominate the rest of the field in, but it's also the easiest for us to help with. If we can get people to donate even $5, it helps to show the number of individual donors go up.

Chilean Miners Rescued! Congratulations from Mitt Romney Central

Chilean miner, Esteban Rojas, offers prayer of thanks upon being rescued after 69 days spent underground in the San Jose Mine accident, Oct 13, 2010. Photo by AP/Hugo Infante, Chilean govt.

Church bells are chiming across Chile!

As the world celebrates one of the most spectacular rescues in history, Mitt Romney Central joins the jubilation. Never before have so many been underground so far for such a long time and lived…

It all began on August 5, 2010, in the remote desert region of Capiopo, Chile. Crushing rock and dirt avalanched inside the San Jose gold and copper mine, entombing 32 Chilean miners and one Bolivian miner. They were 2,300 feet below the surface of the earth.

No one knew if the hardworking men were dead or alive. The worst was feared. Frantic drilling ensued to locate the miners. After 17 long days of grief, on August 22, underground tapping on the drill was heard above ground. When the drill bit was retrieved, an attached scrap of tattered paper changed everything:

“All 33 of us are well inside the shelter.”

As anxious families set up Camp Hope, a tent city on the Atacama desert mountain near the mine entrance, Chile’s president, Sebastian Pinera, issued an all-hands-on-deck call around the world for the best experts in mine failure rescues to come to his nation’s aid. Among those who volunteered, American companies, along with NASA, answered the call. Below, the courageous miners remained alive by eating two small teaspoons of canned tuna (the equivalent of two soda caps) every 48 hours and drinking small amounts of oily-tasting water. News that it could take until Christmas before a rescue would be possible didn’t dampen the determination of the miners, their families, or the Chilean nation. An umbilical cord of food and communication was set in place to succor the miners:

“Patience and faith. God is great and the help of my God is going to make it possible to leave this mine alive.” – Mario Gomez, 63 year old miner

Family members of trapped Chilean miners plant national flags (one for each miner) and light candles in their honor at Camp Hope.

What-to-do’s were carefully crafted and rescue equipment moved into place. Drilling was round-the-clock. Meanwhile, a half mile below the earth, in darkness and 90 degree temperatures, the buried-alive miners often sang to bolster their spirits. Here’s a touching rendition of Chile’s beautiful national anthem which ends with the benediction of a popular Chilean chant (August 31, 2010):

CHI, CHI, CHI, LE, LE, LE! (Chi, Chi, Chi, Le, Le, Le = Chile!)
Los Mineros de Chile ! (The miners of Chile!)
Los Mineros Libres! (The liberated miners!)
Viva Chile! (Long live Chile!)

After exacting plans, tedious testing of rescue capsule Fenix 2 (thusly named because the Phoenix always rises), extensive hands-on labor, and contingency procedures for every possible complication were firmly set in place, the day of miracles arrived on Tuesday, October 12, 2010. With nearly 700,000 tons of rock between daylight and the miners, rescue operations began. The entire world watched as, one by one, one rescue per hour, the miners were carefully hoisted to fresh air and freedom. By Wednesday evening, October 13th, the nearly flawless operation had brought all 33 miners to the surface. They had been underground for 69 days.

“Mission accomplished, Chile!”

The agony and ecstasy… Watching the miners endure months of darkness to then ascend to light and the loves of their lives is an incredible and amazing testament to the courage, resourcefulness, and goodness of the human spirit. So many prayers answered. So many heroes in this story…

Congratulations, Chile! Thank you for inspiring us. You’ve reminded us very powerfully that every day ON earth is a gift.


UPDATE 3:24 PM PST: Brett Baier just reported on FOX News that the rescued miners plan to form a soccer team later this month and will play their rescuers. Sounds like all are in good spirits; I’d love to watch that game!

UPDATE 2 10/15/10: The rescued miners are sticking to their word about dividing the spoils of their media stardom.

To see a great slideshow of the rescue, including some of the world’s reaction, click here.

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Mitt Romney’s Best Letter to His Donors so Far this Year

Mitt’s sent out some inspirational letters to his donors this year, but this one is my favorite so far:

How does it feel to know that you’re helping throw a farewell party for the liberal Harry Reid-Nancy Pelosi agenda?

As one of my Free and Strong America PAC’s most generous members, you’re playing a big part in our efforts to reclaim majority control of Washington.

Thank you for that. Thank you for standing with me.

I have been incredibly busy traveling the country campaigning for our conservative candidates and meeting with voters. It is exciting and exhausting and inspiring and I won’t let up until we win. I know you won’t, either.

The other day, someone asked me why there is so much more passion surrounding this election than in other election years. It’s because people realize that Obama and the liberal majorities in Congress are taking our country down the wrong path.

The liberal politicians are just not listening to Americans.

Barack Obama’s approach is putting in jeopardy the very values that have made America the freest and strongest nation on earth. Liberals in Washington and in capitols across the country are attempting to smother the quintessential American values of freedom, opportunity, and innovation.

We will not let them do it

We’re doing what we conservatives have always done: standing up for our values. But more than that, we are standing up for America. For our troops. For our families. For our businesses. For our future.

The liberls promised that they would “fundamentally change the way Washington works.” They misled us. They are trying to change the way America works.

We will not let them do it.

What they believe and what the American people believe are not the same. The liberals believe in spending and borrowing on behalf of my generation even though it will bankrupt my children’s and granchildren’s generations. They believe that government knows best how to care for your health — not you, not your doctor. They believe that the rewards of success should be taken from the person who created them and given to those who did not.

That’s not how America works. It’s not what our Founding Fathers intended and it’s not what the American people want.

Right now, the liberals are running scared as they see their majority in jeopardy, so they are doing what they do best: spending money hand over fist. They are furiously pumping money into campaigns across the country to ensure their liberal candidates win and they can maintain control in Washington.

We will not let them do it.

The toughest phase of the campaign is now upon us and I’d be grateful if you give an additional contribution to help us elect conservative candidates.

Thank you for standing up for America.

Mitt Romney

In related news, the Free & Strong America PAC has endorsed Matt Doheny for NY-23.

3 Weeks Until Election Day 2010 – What are You Doing to Bring America Back?

One of my favorite videos on YouTube has the tag-line: “Bring America Back – Mitt Romney for President in 2012”. The video is included below in case you haven’t seen it yet or you just want something to put a little extra pep in your step.

Here at Mitt Romney Central, we’ve spent much of our energy covering many of the ways that Mitt Romney is working his keister off to elect conservative candidates around the county. People need look no further than the extensive list of candidates his Free & Strong America PAC is supporting for the upcoming elections. Mitt follows up most of his endorsements with monetary donations, physical appearances to raise the profile of these candidates and often raise even more money, and even share donor lists sometimes (I think).

Mitt is doing everything to Bring America Back like we want him to. However, the problems our country is facing require that as many of us as possible do what we can in our spheres of influence to help. All of us here at MRC want Mitt Romney to be our next President, but a President can only do so much. We need to elect as many conservative candidates to offices ranging from local city councils all the way up to Congress as we can.

This brings me to the big question that I hope many of you will answer in the comments of this post. With only three weeks left until the biggest election day until 2012, what are you personally doing to make a difference?

As you can see by looking at the Team here at MRC, we are spread out around the country and we are all focusing on some races closest to us where we can make a difference. I’d love to hear which races you are focusing on and what you’re doing to help those candidates win.

UPDATE: Just a day after we publish this piece, Politico has released a piece highlighting many specific ways that Mitt is helping conservatives around the country. Check it out for yourself here.

Mitt Romney’s October Kick-off: Campaigns in Florida, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Idaho

Blogging about Mitt Romney is a lot like trying to run with famous racehorse, Seabiscuit. You know you’ll have to work hard to keep up with him, once in awhile you feel like you’re pulling even, then, before you know it, he’s left you four lengths behind – eating dust!

Here’s a catch-up look at a few highlights from Romney’s campaigning of the last week (not a comprehensive week-in-review because there’s simply too much!).

October 1st

› FloridaRomney Wows Crowd at The Villages, FL

Romney campaigns in Florida for Rick Scott and Marco Rubio

October 4th

› Colorado and New Mexico – Romney hits the road for Ken Buck (CO) and Susana Martinez (NM).

Romney says thanks for 600,000 facebook likes with Susana Martinez in NM:

October 5th

› Arizona – Romney participates in a luncheon fundraiser for GOP candidates Paul Gosar, Jesse Kelly, Ben Quayle, and David Schweikert.

› UtahMitt Romney Endorses Gov. Herbert, Speaks of Political Future

Video Courtesy of

October 6th

› Idaho
Idaho Falls
– Romney speaks to business leaders at Melaleuca on behalf of Gov Otter.

Boise – Romney speaks again for Gov Otter.

› Nevada – Romney stumps for GOP candidates in Las Vegas including NV Lt. Gov Brian Krolicki, U.S. Congress candidate Joe Heck. Later, he headlined a fundraiser for NV gubernatorial hopeful Brian Sandoval.

Nevada News Bureau 10/6/10 – Romney and Heck comment while touring Las Vegas Color Graphics:

National Review online:

Romney brushed aside questions about his future political plans, saying he is concentrating on helping get people like Heck, Krolicki, Sharron Angle, and gubernatorial candidate Brian Sandoval elected.
In a statement that gave a glimpse of a future campaign that would appeal to angry Tea Party types, Romney went out of his way to admit that Republicans are in part responsible for the huge federal deficits and runaway government spending, while distancing himself from those decisions.

“We spent too much. We allowed government to get too big when we were in charge. I didn’t happen to be part of that team, but I think that has been a real issue,” said Romney.

UPDATE 10/8/10 – Read Gov Romney’s blog: Traveling to Las Vegas for Joe Heck and Brian Krolicki


Romney is a racehorse.

Hope he runs for president.

H/t: Frank for Romney Wows Crowd at the Villages link and Bosman for ID videos.
Double h/t: Frank and Bosman for all-around Romney info sharing.

► Jayde Wyatt

After Campaigning in Arizona, Mitt Romney Heads to Utah for PAC Fundraiser

Nestled at the base of the Wasatch Mtns, night falls upon Salt Lake City, Utah.

After campaigning for GOP candidates in Arizona today, Governor Romney will then continue his western wayfaring with a swing north to Utah to raise money for his Free and Strong America PAC. His activities include a roundtable discussion with PAC supporters and a fundraising reception later this evening.

Deseret News:

SALT LAKE CITY — Mitt Romney will be in Utah Tuesday to raise money for his political action committee at a private event whose hosts include Gov. Gary Herbert.

Herbert, however, won’t see any of the cash collected at the up to $2,500 a person evening reception being held at the Grand America Hotel for Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC, which helps elect GOP candidates nationwide.

Although Romney already endorsed Herbert earlier this year, the governor’s campaign announced Monday evening Romney “”will make a statement offering his full support” for Herbert in this year’s special gubernatorial election
In Utah, it costs $500 a person to attend Wednesday’s reception or $2,500 to also participate in a VIP reception that includes a photo with Romney.

With all the lend-a-hand campaign donations Romney is giving to conservatives across the country, let’s help his worthy work by adding to his PAC’s coffers.

Hope Gov Romney gets a good night’s rest because he’s headed further north to Idaho tomorrow morning!

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Mitt Romney Heads West: Campaigns for Martinez (NM), GOP Candidates (AZ), Otter (ID)

Mitt Romney is heading out west!

Monday, Oct 4th – New Mexico, Albuquerque:

Governor Mitt Romney will help draw a crowd as he headlines a fundraiser benefiting GOP gubernatorial hopeful Susan Martinez.

From the Susana Martinez campaign:

Roger & DeeDee Cox Cordially Invite you to a Fundraising Reception for
Susana Martinez
Candidate for Governor of New Mexico
With honored guest
Governor Mitt Romney
Former Governor of Massachusetts
Monday, October 4, 2010
VIP Reception: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
General Reception: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
The Cox Home
11809 San Antonio Dr NE ~ Albuquerque, NM
VIP Reception: $2,500 per couple $1,500 per individual
-Photo Opportunity included-
General Reception: $500 minimum per person
To R.S.V.P. click here.

Tuesday, Oct 5th – Arizona, Paradise Valley:

Romney will be the special guest at a fundraiser for GOP congressional candidates sponsored by the Grand Canyon State Leadership Fund.

From Paul Gosar, congressional candidate for AZ-CD1:

Friends – please see the invitation below. We need your help to help bring fiscal control back to the United States Congress. Please RSVP if you can attend. If you know others who would be interested please forward this invitation to them.

Wednesday, Oct 6th – Idaho, Idaho Falls and Boise:

Lending a hand to support ID Governor Butch Otter in his reelection bid, Romney will begin the day in the southeastern part of the state and end it on the southwestern side.

Mitt Romney, former Presidential Candidate and Governor of Massachusetts are coming to Idaho to again come out in support for Governor Butch Otter for reelection. Romney will be in Idaho on October 6, 2010, making stops in Idaho Falls and Boise.

Romney’s Idaho visit will begin in Idaho Falls at 7:30a for a Morning Roundtable/Fundraiser with Business Leaders that will be an invitation only event not open to the public. The first chance the voters will have to meet with the former Governor will be a rally at Melaleuca, Inc. 3910 S. Yellowstone Hwy Idaho Falls, ID.
The Boise portion of the trip will begin with another private fundraiser with Boise area businessmen at 11 am followed by another public rally at 2 pm in the Linen Building 1402 West Grove St Boise, ID.[…]

(links added)

Governor Otter:

“It is an honor to welcome Mitt to Idaho and the campaign trail with me. We are longtime friends guided by our conservative principles who work for the betterment of the people we serve.”

Just 29 days until midterms. Thanks, Gov Romney, for leading on the long and dusty campaign trail!

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Mitt Romney: Recent Endorsements, Campaigns for Georgia’s Olens, Deal, Isakson & Florida’s Scott, Rubio

Governor Mitt Romney’s non-stop September boost-a-thon for conservatives ended with a wallop while opening October with a wowser…

September 30th:

Endorsements ● Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC revealed a robust roll-out of southern endorsements in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Georgia ● Romney had a full day of rallying for Georgia’s statewide GOP candidates in Atlanta. After breakfasting at the OK Café with Attorney General candidate Sam Olens and a few Republican strategists, he mingled with patrons. Later in the day, he endorsed Republican gubernatorial hopeful Nathan Deal and when the sun began to set, Romney raised cash and roused the crowd for U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson.

From Sam Olens: Thank You Mitt Romney for Your Visit Today

Sam was honored today with a breakfast with Gov. Mitt Romney. In a press conference following, Romney told the crowd that he was in Georgia today to support Sam and he knows Sam will be a “pro-business Attorney General who will create a climate that will attract business to Georgia.” Thank you Gov. Romney for your support!

Nathan Deal spokesman Brian Robinson said Deal’s campaign was grateful for Romney’s support.

“He is a respected Republican leader and an expert on business issues. Those who know the most about getting Georgia’s economy going again are expressing their faith and support in Nathan Deal,” Robinson said.

September 30, 2010 - Mitt Romney talks with would-be voters at OK Cafe in Marietta, GA on a day of campaign stops for state-wide candidates in Georgia.

October 1st:

Endorsements ● A blaze of 38 enthusiastic endorsements for Iowa GOP candidates running in state and federal elections were released from Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC. Candidates’ campaigns also received a total of $41,500.

(CNN) – Mitt Romney’s making a major investment in Iowa

Romney’s endorsements include five-term Sen. Chuck Grassley and all of the Republicans running in the state’s five congressional districts. Romney endorsed former Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, the GOP gubernatorial nominee, prior to the June primary, and has contributed $10,000 to Branstad’s campaign.

Florida, Rick Scott

October 1, 2010 - Mitt Romney addresses big crowd on behalf of GOP Governor candidate Rick Scott at The Villages in Florida.

Romney was heartily welcomed at Republican gubernatorial hopeful Rick Scott’s ‘Leadership for Florida’ rally at The Villages (a well-worn presidential campaign stop and huge retirement community) in Florida:

Scott, who will face Democrat Alex Sink in the Nov. 2 election, told the crowd of several hundred people that he plans to create jobs in Florida and keep them here.

“This state will get back to work,” Scott said, echoing his campaign slogan.

The visit by Scott and Romney was a treat for friends Susan Prince and Margo Haught.

“I like his agenda and what he stands for,” Prince, 70, said of Scott.

Haught, 72, said she admires Romney’s experience in government — and “he’s a good businessman,” she said.

(emphasis mine)

Marco Rubio ● Romney attended a fundraiser for U.S. Senate GOP candidate Marco at the Palma Ceia Country Club in Tampa. Then, Romney rocked a ‘Reclaim America’ rally with Marco Rubio at Benedetto’s Italian restaurant in Land O’Lakes, Florida.

Oct 1, 2010 - Gov Romney speaks at 'Reclaim America' rally with Marco Rubio in Benedettos's Restaurant in Land O' Lakes, Fl.

See another video report on Romney and Rubio here.

UPDATE: Tampa Bay Online:

Officially, the event – a Reclaim America Rally tour stop – was about boosting Republican nominee Marco Rubio’s U.S. senatorial chances. And he brought along Weatherford, GOP congressional hopeful Rich Nugent and U.S. Rep. Adam Putnam, who, seeking the job of Florida’s top farmer, got off the line of the afternoon: “Many of you don’t realize it, but there are other races besides the commissioner of agriculture this year.”

Nonetheless, the guy in the Sinatra/Clooney role was, plainly, Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, savior of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, coast-to-coast booster of Republican candidates and early favorite for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination.

Re-evaluating Mitt

And here at last, the Benedetto’s renowned intimacy worked to someone’s favor.[…] This is also one long Mitt Romney Second-Glance Tour.

In Benedetto’s cozy confines, Romney was warm, engaging, spontaneous and witty…[…]

[…] Jeb Bush says the key to Florida is Pasco County. If, come the next chilly inauguration day, a guy named Romney is taking the oath, we’ll know which intimate Italian eatery trips the pivotal Pasco lock.

(links added, my emphasis)

Keep your cursor here at MRC; there’s more to come from Romney!

(Hat tip /Bosman for Rubio videos.)

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UPDATE! Mitt Romney in Florida: Even more Videos, Photos, and related Stories

Mitt Romney Travels Across USA to Help Conservatives, Delivers Keynote Speech NH GOP State Convention

Where in the USA is Mitt Romney?

This past week, Governor Romney’s rock-solid commitment for conservative midterm victories took him from sea to shining sea: New York, California, Illinois, and New Hampshire. With multiple events held per day in each state, his jam-packed schedule of speaking, campaigning, and fundraising was no small feat!

Backstage view of Governor Romney delivering keynote speech at New Hampshire's GOP State Convention Sept 25, 2010 - TwitPic by ryanGOP

Crowning this week’s calendar, Romney enlivened New Hampshire’s GOP State Convention with a compelling keynote speech in Concord today:

CONCORD – Mitt Romney called out President Obama Saturday at a state GOP convention where Republicans vowed to capitalize on voter anger and take back the state and nation.

Romney, a 2008 presidential contender sounding like the 2012 candidate most political observers expect him to be, said Obama is at war with private enterprise in America.

Obama has traveled the country vilifying one job creator after another, Romney said. “They don’t understand what makes America, America.”

Meanwhile, believing they are riding a wave of momentum into the general election, New Hampshire Republicans talked about restoring the party to its once dominant perch in state politics.

Democrats are ruining New Hampshire and bankrupting the country said N.H. GOP chairman John H. Sununu told about 400 people, almost 300 of them delegates to the state’s annual convention.

(link added)

Romney brings conservative message to New Hampshire:

[…]”We are all unhappy with what’s happened under the president,” Romney said in a keynote address to the state Republican Party convention in Concord.

The former Republican presidential candidate said Obama has proven what Ronald Reagan said about liberals a long time ago: “It’s not that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that what they know is wrong.”

He criticized Obama for failing to understand American values and not being able to turn an ailing economy around.

“This is the first time I can recall the government declaring war on private enterprise,’ Romney said.

Romney said the nation’s dissatisfaction with the Obama administration would manifest itself at the polls in November’s midterm elections.

“I can’t predict the scale of the victory we’re going to see in November, but I can predict that there’s going to be a repudiation of the liberalism that has been running rampant in Washington D.C.,” Romney said. “Let’s bring Republican values back to Washington.”

To see a great photo of Mitt acknowledging wife, Ann, before addressing the delegates at the NH GOP Convention today, click here.

A few tweets from those in attendance:

EricFehrn: In speech, Romney praised US Sen hopeful Ovide Lamontage for uniting party behind Ayotte instead of seeking recount
Sat Sep 25 – 9:34:34 am

EricFehrn: Standing O for Romney at NH GOP Convention. Now he’s off to a funder for Gov candidate John Stephen.
Sat Sep 25 – 10:42:40 am

JimMerrillNH: Big day at #NHGOP convention as @MittRomney, delayed by standing ovations, fires up the ticket and big crowd.
Sat Sep 25 – 1:09:39 pm

Romney meets with local friends and candidates after NH GOP Convention Sept 25, 2010

After meeting with friends and candidates, Gov Romney then headed to Derry, NH, where the Derry Republican Town Committee and Friends of John Stephen held a fundraiser to support Stephen’s bid for Governor.

Mitt Romney speaking at packed fundraiser for gubernatorial candidate John Stephen in Derry, NH. Sat, Sept 25, 2010

Today’s center-stage events for Romney highlights the fourth time he has assisted the NH GOP in the past two months.

“Governor Romney has been a strong supporter of the New Hampshire Republican Party and we are extremely appreciative of all the assistance he has given us through this critical election cycle.” ~NH state party chairman John H. Sununu

Thanks to Governor Romney for his unrelenting work to boost conservatives across the country to the WIN category in just a few weeks!

UPDATE: NECN news report of Romney’s NH activities today:

(NECN video – hat tip/Bosman)

UPDATE 2: To watch Romney’s entire NH GOP Convention keynote speech click here.

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