#UnravelTheSweater: Rick Santorum – Lots of Rhetoric… Little Action

Rick Santorum - Unravel the Sweater

This following guest post was submitted by David Parker. David and his wife are personal friends of Mitt and Ann Romney.


Is it possible to take an objective view of the Republican Candidates? I mean really? Let’s break it down and unravel some realities:


Social Values: Rick Santorum, who has clearly established his bona fides as a “social conservative,” by self acclamation, has claimed the mantle as the only real, true standard bearer for traditional Christian values — REALLY? In self-righteous judgment, he has sought to question and judge the Christian values of the other candidates, including Obama. Click here to continue reading

#UnravelTheSweater: Fleshing Out the Truth About Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum - Unravel the Sweater

This following guest post was submitted by Colleen Loughmiller. An MRC regular.


The Vest

Sweats and sweater vest or designer slacks and Polo’s? Who is the real Rick?

Watching and listening to Rick can be uncomfortable. At times he tilts his head, squints his eyes, and raises his voice a full octave. Next thing I know he’s bobbing his head left and right, making me dizzy watching him in a debate or interview. His clean cut boyish face is pleasant to look at, his loyal wife and children by his side — all looking freshly scrubbed and the all-American Family. Yet, something’s bothering me.

His strongly accented words ring with all the right syllables, “I am a consistent conservative and I have always been….,” words I want to hear. He goes on to say that he is pro-life and for a balanced budget.

But I get a nagging feeling in my head that something isn’t quite right. Lately, since his popularity has soared, all kinds of information is available about Rick as he goes through the normal vetting process, information not available to the average voter before.
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#UnravelTheSweater: Rick Santorum’s Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Hypocrisy 

Rick Santorum - Unravel the Sweater

Despite co-sponsoring a bill limiting medical malpractice lawsuits to $250,000, Santorum supported and aided his wife when she sued her doctor for $500,000 in 1999. Santorum co-sponsored the bill twice before he helped his wife sue for double that amount. 

MUST SEE VIDEO: ABC News recently confronted Santorum about the issue and this is what happened:

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Operation #UnravelTheSweater – Bringing Rick Santorum’s Record to Light

Rick Santorum - Unravel the Sweater

By all accounts this has been a strange primary season. Numerous opponents to GOP front-runner Mitt Romney have, each in their own turn, surged to top of national polls only to feel the heat of intensified scrutiny and wither away just as quickly the candidate had risen prominence. All the while Rick Santorum dutifully campaigned and patiently waited on the sidelines for “his turn”. Yes, of each of the I-want-to-be-the-challenger-to-Romney candidates Santorum is the luckiest – lucky to be last. You see, his surge has come when it matters most – when delegates are being awarded. Following a 3-state sweep, including a Colorado upset, for Rick Santorum he is now flying high in the polls… and is just now starting pressure as he attempts to run the “vetting gauntlet”.

Yes, it is time to vet the vest.
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#UnravelTheSweater: Colleague Support for Rick Santorum? Crickets…

Rick Santorum - Unravel the Sweater

Rick Santorum served in the Senate for 12 years. Twelve years! Where are the endorsements from his colleagues?

ABC News
Feb 16, 2012
by Sunlen Miller

There was a bit of an awkward moment at a Republican news conference on Capitol Hill today, highlighting Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s lack of support among his former colleagues in the Senate.

No sitting senator has endorsed the Pennsylvanian, even though he served in the chamber for 12 years (until 2007) and worked his way into the party’s leadership as chairman of the Senate Republican Conference.

By comparison, for Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has been endorsed by 14 senators.

When asked about Santorum during an unrelated news conference on jobs today, his former colleagues took pains to avoid comment, awkwardly looking at each other […]

Here’s the response reporters received:

No one volunteered to answer the question… Reluctantly, one senator tentatively spoke up:
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#UnravelTheSweater: Big Government Rick Santorum is NOT the One

Alternate Title: Why I Love Vanilla: A Few Reasons Big Government Career Politician Rick Santorum is NOT the One

Rick Santorum - Unravel the Sweater

The GOP FroYo Sweepstakes

I liken the GOP race to a trip to one of those self-serve frozen yogurt shops where you can sample the flavors before you decide. I usually try all the flavors I can without embarrassing myself before I fill up with my final selection. It’s not infrequent it’s the flavor I kind of thought I wanted in the beginning, and frankly quite often that’s vanilla.

Of course I do like the toppings, too.

“Vetting” Santorum

It takes a candidate some time before they’re deemed important enough to be vetted. Perry, Cain, Bachman and Gingrich all had their turns rising in the polls, only to come crashing back down after the media focused the spotlight on them. Meanwhile Mitt Romney has been steady, and in fact improving as all the “not-Romneys” have been dismissed. Well, Santorum is the last possible “flavor of the month” the GOP can sample before it finally decides it really does like Mitt’s brand of vanilla. I love chocolate, peanut butter cup and the rest, but vanilla is, after all, the best-selling flavor of ice cream (and I’d guess frozen yogurt). And it’s no insult that people try other flavors, but in the end there’s just something particularly satisfying about vanilla!

I must admit I’ve not taken Rick Santorum terribly seriously to this point. Perhaps that’s “my bad.” To me he’s been a bit like the flavor Tutti Frutti. Tastes good, and maybe even a nice change of pace, but not my steady diet. As a result I, and it appears many others, have avoided “going negative” with him. Why point out a guy’s weaknesses if it doesn’t serve a purpose? I kind of had the impression he’s a nice guy, liked some of what he said on social issues and have a level of respect for a man with seven children. But if Rick really wants to be our nominee, I for one want a sample. And it appears there are a reasonable number of people lined up to try Rick’s flavor, so if he’s a serious candidate, it’s time to take a taste.
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