Mr. Santorum: “Irrelevant”…”Fading”…Will Lose, Then Quit

You may recall Marlon Bateman providing us a glimpse into the fundraising luncheon March 27th in Irvine, CA. He is a recent Marine veteran — see his brief bio and photos HERE.

By Marlon Bateman

It has been a good run for Rick Santorum. Now it’s time to take a bow. Even Seinfeld had to eventually come to an end. Unlike Santorum though, Seinfeld was entertaining to the end!

As Santorum’s campaign desperately clings to hopelessness, his rhetoric against Governor Romney has become personal, and in cases, has crossed the line and hurt the Republican brand.

The competition for the GOP nomination has been good for Romney. It has identified weaknesses and given him time to deal with them and turn them into strengths before he faces Obama in the fall.

“Mitt Romney will almost certainly be the GOP nominee,” Kristol wrote after the Wisconsin results. “Rick Santorum is entitled to stay in the race, and to offer voters in the remaining states an alternative. But it’s probably time for him to do what Mike Huckabee did in similar circumstances in 2008 — basically to stop attacking the almost inevitable nominee, and instead to adjust his own message going forward to a positive and issues-based one.”

Somewhere in Pennsylvania / Photo: AP

But is it productive for the GOP when Santorum implies it would be the same to vote for Obama as it would to vote for Romney? Or to say that Romney would be the worst person to go up against Obama? At what point do you say this is completely counterproductive to the mission of the party? This kind of rhetoric must end and the party must come together behind its best shot at the White House — Mitt Romney! [Truth not seen by Santorum & quotes by Romney, Rove, McCain below fold] Click here to continue reading

Santorum’s Blind Ambition is Trumped by Delusional Confidence

The tug to write about Mr. Santorum is too strong. I had decided last week that Santorum was smart and that he knew he had been marginalized and would therefore drop out. There is so much to discuss about Obama and his desperation right now — but Santorum’s oblivious intransigence is absolutely fascinating to me.

Political Future or Not?

By the way, I stand by everything I wrote last Thursday in my prediction that Santorum will drop out in April. I think he is a smart man. He has fought hard and he has done well.

I use the word “oblivious” because his rhetoric and body language convey that he has no idea that he is standing alone, out in the open, in the middle of the battlefield, about ready to be “taken out” — to quote Ed Rollins last night. Santorum all but declared victory last night after winning exactly two districts! (to Romney’s 75+) Is there a better word than “stunning” to describe Mr. Santorum’s personal ambition right now? Maybe “blind ambition?” It is just so interesting to observe what appears to be his delusional confidence! Seriously.

Following are are some of the quotes I was able to scribble down as I toggled between CNN and FOX News during the primary returns — these quotes are not verbatim, but they are very close to actual quotes, if not precise.

James Carville: “Santorum is like the chicken that got his head chopped off — the chicken keeps running around but the chicken doesn’t know it’s dead yet!”

Joe Trippi: “The fat lady is singing…No matter how you put it, it’s over…it will potentially hurt his career moving forward”

Ed Rollins (using combat terms): “Anytime Romney steps on the gas with media [buys], he can take [Santorum] out…He did it in Wisconsin when Santorum was way ahead…They’ll take him out in Pennsylvania…He won’t be able to hold his head high if he gets clobbered in his own home state. Now’s the time to step aside.”

Karl Rove: “Santorum said that his home state of Pennsylvania is a ‘make or break’ state for himself and Romney — that’s raising the stakes and showing weakness all at the same time!”

Charles Krauthammer: “Santorum said in his speech tonight that it is halftime. It’s not halftime. It’s the 4th quarter, there’s two minutes left, and he’s out of time outs. It’s really over. He should courageously drop out before Pennsylvania…I think the general election started today.”

Steve Hayes: If [Santorum] continues to make these speeches and say the kinds of things he says tonight…he’s increasingly disconnected from reality…It’s not the case anymore that ‘the establishment’ is against Rick Santorum (referring to several specific examples of strong Tea Party leaders’ support of Gov. Romney).

To the question of timing as to when Santorum, Gingrich, and Paul will drop out, Steve Hayes, Mary Katharine Ham, Kirsten Powers, and Charles Krauthammer each gave their answers. They all agreed that Ron Paul will not ever drop out; they were split on Gingrich dropping out soon or staying to the end, and three out of the four said Santorum will compete in Pennsylvania, stating that doing so will be “dangerous” for him. Krauthammer said this though, referring to Santorum dropping out before Pennsylvania:

“I can’t imagine he’ll do otherwise. It would be illogical in terms of his future if he acted otherwise. I do think he leaves within three weeks.” (before the Pennsylvania primary)

Krauthammer used the word “illogical” above. I will add to that “irrational.” As I wrote last Thursday, Santorum is not stupid. He is persistent, determined, and even stubborn, but he is not stupid. Today, he leads Romney in Pennsylvania by about six points. The moment Gov. Romney “steps on the gas” (to quote Ed Rollins), he will take Mr. Santorum out in Pennsylvania. Once Santorum sees this happening, I believe he will quit. If he does not, he will not only lose Pennsylvania, he will have his head handed to him that same day in Connecticut, Delaware, New York, and Rhode Island.


Before I close this out, I wish to inform all supporters of Senator Santorum, who might be visiting us to test the waters, that we want you to join us, lock arms, and go shoulder to shoulder against Obama to defeat him under the strongest mandate this country has ever seen. We want you to join us now. We need you now. You are always welcome with us.

Finally and with full candor, if Rick Santorum allows his emotional ambitions to drive his thinking, and he decides to go down fighting in Pennsylvania, I frankly hope that he loses to Governor Romney by more than the 18 points he lost by in his last Senate campaign. Why? Because of his desperate lies in stating that Gov. Romney is essentially the same as President Obama — I wonder who is wrong? All the Tea Party leaders that have strongly endorsed Gov. Romney or Rick Santorum?

Let’s project out in time a bit. And I don’t mean to be presumptuous in the least. Let’s say that Gov. Romney is elected POTUS; that he is able to enact a large percentage of his strategic plan; that he is successful for four years which leads into another four years of additional success. We are now at the 2020 cycle. History knows that Rick Santorum got trounced in 2006 attempting to get reelected to the Senate and he got blown away in the April 24, 2012 primaries ripping Gov. Romney the whole way out.

What are his chances then? I believe Rick Santorum is a smart man and wants to have influence in the future.

“That which is given with pride and ostentation is rather an ambition than a bounty.” ~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca


TANTORUM: Full Video of Rick Santorum's Profane [and Unpresidential] Tantrum

Adding to David Parker’s earlier coverage of Rick Santorum’s meltdown, here is the full video. I think my favorite part might be watching the embarrassment of Rick’s daughter — biting her fingernails [at 1:09 mark] as daddy throws his political future down the drain.

“Profanity is the sign of a weak mind trying to forcefully express itself.”

An Official Newt Gingrich Video You Just Have to See!

The “Cheerful One” puts his sights on Rick Santorum and joins the ranks of those seeking to vet the vest. My guess is Team Romney has to be thrilled to see this video and secretly wishing there were a way for they could give it more play – it clearly helps Mitt more than anyone else.

UNRAVELING…Unraveling…. unraveling….

~Nate G.

#UnravelTheSweater: Santorum’s Lack of Executive Experience Manifests in Ohio — Where it Counts (or not)

****** Remember Rick Santorum’s inability to qualify for the Virginia ballot (Newt Gingrich’s home state where he too is ineligble)? He also failed to file full delegate slates in Ohio (huge), Tennessee, New Hampshire, and Illinois!

Executive leadership and organizational skills matter.

Santorum failed to qualify to receive committed delegates in several Ohio congressional districts next Tuesday. Critical to Santorum is the fact that many of these “disqualified” districts are geographically located where Santorum is expected to do well Tuesday.

Oh Well

This is just more evidence of Santorum’s lack of leadership ability, organization know-how, and preparation. I wonder how all these shortcomings would fare against the Obama campaign machine?

Michael Falcone at ABC News’ THE NOTE broke the story yesterday afternoon:

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Even if Rick Santorum wins Ohio on Super Tuesday, he won’t be able to claim all of its delegates. In fact, he is at risk of forfeiting more than one-quarter of them.

In three of the state’s 16 congressional districts, including two that are near Ohio’s border with Pennsylvania, Santorum will lose any delegates he might have won because his campaign failed to meet the state’s eligibility requirements months ago.

Those three districts alone take 9 delegates out of a total of 66 off the table for Santorum.
But it gets worse: Nine more Ohio delegates may also be in jeopardy. Click here to continue reading

#UnravelTheSweater: Santorum – The Consummate Washington Insider

THANK YOU to a frequent visitor of MRC, “GitchiGummi,” for this YouTube video. For those who have followed our Operation “Unravel the Sweater” some of these points are familiar. There are some new tidbits in this YouTube, making this video clip OUTSTANDING in my book!

Thanks GG! [GitchiGummi named this video: “Santorum the Enemy Within”]

“Washington, DC is to lying what Wisconsin is to cheese.” — Dennis Miller

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Romney For President – New Video: ‘LIBERAL DEMOCRATS For Santorum’

Why did liberal Democrats in Michigan vote for Rick Santorum?

The adept Romney for President Digital Team today released a new web video answering that question. It’s titled “Liberal Democrats for Santorum.” Democrats voted in the Michigan primary because they know Governor Romney will be the stronger candidate in the general election. These voters did not vote for Rick Santorum; they voted for four more years of President Obama.


Voter: “My name is Krista Larsen. I’m a Democrat.”

Voter: “I’m Joe Disanno. I’m a democratic strategist in the state of Michigan.”

CNN’S Dana Bash: “Gary Zulinski.”

Tony Trupiano, progressive radio host: “I’m Tony Trupiano. [unintelligible]”

Bash: “And you voted for Rick Santorum?”

Voter: “I sure did.”

Bash: “…Went in there and you voted for?

Voter: “Santorum.”

Voter: “The last seven days we’ve been organizing and creating a list of Democrats who have committed to vote for Santorum in today’s election.”

Voter: “You know, it’s my way of protecting Obama.”

Trupiano: “I think Rick Santorum would be a weaker candidate. Of course he would be.”

Gary Zulinnski, Democrat: “It’s going to throw the GOP into some turmoil.”

Bash: “It’s not just going to be Michigan. The liberal blogs, they’re saying start in Michigan, but there are several other contests coming up with the same kind of open primary rules.”

Text: “Democrats voted for Rick Santorum because they want four more years of Obama.”

Text: “Defeat the Obama Political Machine.”

Text: “Donate to the One Term Fund today.

This new video also goes hand-in-glove with Paul’s excellent article Let Me Repeat: Vote for Mitt; a Vote for Santorum is a Vote for Obama.

As early election returns began coming in last night, FOX News commentator Rich Lowry (National Review Online editor) commented on the tactic that sickened so many Republicans and Romney supporters – that Santorum himself had issued a rallying cry to Democrats to vote for him in order to stop Romney.

THEN, Lowry went on to say he was put-off by the way Romney “whined” about it.

I don’t know what Lowry was referring to. Romney had a very brief window of time to get the news out about Santorum. He stated the facts on Santorum’s gutter tactics, offered a brief opinion on said tactics, and moved on. NO whining.

As evidenced today, Romney’s new video focuses on Democrats’ correct perception that – should Santorum become the GOP nominee – Obama would clean his clock. The video does not mention Santorum’s own despicable doings in Michigan’s primary.

Lowry is flat-out wrong.

If any candidate should be entitled to a bit of whining, as Ross pointed out, it’s Mitt Romney.

The Gov isn’t a whiner. He’s a winner.

► Jayde Wyatt

It’s Primary Election Night in AZ & MI… Go ROMNEY!

UPDATE – Romney wins Arizona and Michigan!

Election night, Feb 28, 2012 – From Mitt Romney and Team: “Thank you to all our #Mitt2012 friends.” (TwitPic / Zac Moffat)

Mitt Romney supporters are anxiously awaiting the results of today’s primary elections in Arizona and Michigan. We’re optimistic about a win in The Grand Canyon State. Polling in The Great Lakes State between Governor Romney and Rick Santorum is razor thin. From The Washington Post:

Of the two, Michigan is by far the more competitive race – the candidates have been spending the bulk of their time there in recent days, and both Romney and Santorum hold their primary-night parties there tonight.
Newt Gingrich , who all but bypassed Michigan, is spending the day in his home state of Georgia, where he holds three campaign events, two news conferences and a primary night rally.

And Rep. Ron Paul , who campaigned only lightly in Michigan, is spending his primary night in Springfield, Va.

We hope Michiganders vote for the non-Democrat backed Mitt Romney.

Poll closing times:
Michigan – 8:00 pm ET
Arizona – 9:00 pm ET

CNN will air television coverage at 6:00 pm ET and is airing a livefeed here. Their twitter hashtag is #cnnelections. Don’t forget to include #mitt2012 and #UnravelTheSweater.

FOX News is also airing television coverage at 6:00 pm ET. Check back for additional livefeeds.

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Update: Mitt won among republicans by more than 10%, and he received a lot more votes than in 2008.

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Santorum Asks Democrats for Votes Against Romney: Deal With The Devil

Rick Santorum’s panicked ‘YOO HOO’ to Democrats, pleading with them to vote for him today in Michigan to thwart Mitt Romney, has liberals and Santorum making a deal… with the devil.

Ross and Nate have posted great articles here regarding the despicable robocalls from Rick Santorum. Here’s the lowdown (and I do mean LOW DOWN) on the latest taking place in Michigan today.

TRENDING: Michigan mischief: ‘A deal with the devil
By Dana Bash, Eric Marrapodi (CNN)

Dearborn Heights, Michigan (CNN) – A longtime liberal radio host asking Democratic listeners to vote for Rick Santorum in Michigan’s Republican primary told CNN Tuesday he loves making mischief.

After spending nearly all of his three hour program encouraging Democrats to get out and vote for Santorum Tuesday, Tony Trupiano makes no apologies for his mischief.

… “[W]e could actually take some serious delegates away from him [Mitt Romney],” Trupiano said

It turns out many Democrats in this state don’t need a lot of convincing to engage in this kind of strategic voting.

At a polling station in Dearborn Heights, Crystal Larson said her vote for Santorum made her “feel like I made a deal with the devil.”

“Voting for Santorum goes against everything I believe in and everything I’ve ever stood for in my life and to vote for him takes a lot of guts I think,” Larson said.

She said she hadn’t received any of the robo calls, but heard about the Democratic effort in the media and decided to vote for Santorum at the last minute.

Gary Zulinski, also voting in Dearborn Heights, said, “I was listening and Democrats were asked to us come and I said ‘Why not…’

Santorum and Democrat strategist Joe Disano are two guys of one mind:

Michigan Democratic strategist Joe DiSano has taken it upon himself to become a leading mischief maker.

DiSano says he targeted nearly 50,000 Democratic voters in Michigan through email and a robo call to their homes, asking them to go to the polls Tuesday to vote for Rick Santorum in attempt to hurt Romney.

“Democrats can get in there and cause havoc for Romney all the way to the Republican convention,” DiSano told CNN. “If we can help set that fire in Michigan, we have a responsibility to do so,” he said. In his robo call, DiSano says “Democrats can embarrass Mitt Romney … by supporting Rick Santorum on Tuesday.” He asks the person to “press one…if you are committed to voting for Rick Santorum on Tuesday.” DiSano says over the last 7 days or so that he has been working on this, he has gotten some 12,000 commitments from Democratic voters to go to the polls and vote for Santorum.

Michael Moore has also joined Team Santorum (further proof of liberals’ fear of Romney):

FLINT, Michigan — Filmmaker and Flint native Michael Moore says Republicans aren’t the only ones who will decide the winner in today’s GOP presidential primary.

A lot of my Democratic friends are going to vote for (Rick) Santorum tomorrow in something they are calling, Operation Hilarity,” Moore said Monday on the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC.

Guy Benson, political editor at, said this today:

… [T]his Santorum campaign robocall simply must be heard to be believed. Stick with it through the very end:

“This call is supported by hard-working Democratic men and women, and paid for by Rick Santorum for President.”

The Santorum camp has confirmed that this is their handiwork.

Thought experiment: Let’s say that exact same spot reversed the names and ended with the words, “paid for by Mitt Romney for President.” I’d imagine the truuuuuue conservative set would be experiencing coniption fits of rage, and justifiably so. For the last few cycles, the Republican mantra has been some variation of, “we can’t allow liberals to choose our nominee.” Here we have a Republican candidate for president — the guy who’s built his entire campaign around the idea that he’s the authentic, courageous conservative – explicitly appealing to liberals and asking them to cross into the GOP primary to swing the results. Not only that, the thrust of the call is couched in Lefty speak, hitting Romney for opposing the way the auto bailout was structured and executed — a position that Santorum shares. Yet his message to Democrats calls Romney’s position “a slap in the face to every Michigan worker.”

(emphasis added)

Even FOX News’ Eric Bolling (The Five) said today that Santorum’s ad has conservatives scratching their heads… an ad defending the auto bailout? It’s outrageous that a self-proclaimed conservative-you-can-trust GOP presidential candidate – Rick Santorum – and his official campaign would use such deplorable tactics.

Rick Santorum and his campaign have stooped too low to be awarded with the highest office in the land.

► Jayde Wyatt

UPDATE via email from Vic – From Gov Romney today:

“I think the hardest thing about predicting what’s going to happen today is whether Sen. Santorum’s effort to call Democratic households and tell them to come out and vote against Mitt Romney is going be successful or not,” Mr. Romney said at a press conference at his Michigan campaign headquarters here. “I think Republicans have to recognize there’s an effort to kidnap our primary process.”

He added his own pitch to voters: “And if we want Republicans to nominate the Republican who takes on Barack Obama, I need Republicans to get out and vote and say no to the, the uh, dirty tricks of a desperate campaign.”

UPDATE via email from NateSantorum flips on Dems voting in GOP primaries
By Adam Aigner-Treworgy (CNN)

Washington (CNN) – As voters headed to the polls in Michigan on Tuesday, Rick Santorum defended a robo call his campaign used in the state urging Democrats to support its candidate as a vote against Mitt Romney.

But just a few weeks ago on a tele-town hall with Minnesota voters, Santorum decried the mere idea of open elections as polluting the entire primary process.

UPDATE from Ross: Read a “letter” from President Obama to Sen. Santorum below the fold. Click here to continue reading