My Closing Argument, and This Ain’t Just Rhetoric

Overview: My Main Philosophical Reason I’m Voting For Mitt.

I feel so strongly that Mitt Romney is the right choice for president that I wanted to make one last post, my closing argument as it were, in hopes of convincing that one last undecided voter out there somewhere to vote for Mitt. I wanted to explain why I, and the other authors here at Mitt Romney Central, have devoted such time, effort, emotion, and yes, money, to the cause of electing Mitt. My list of specific reasons why I like Mitt, and my counterarguments to President Obama’s case, are below. But I can sum up why I feel so strongly with this: Barack Obama’s vision for America is inconsistent with that of our founding fathers and our Constitution.

A Limited Government Preserves Freedom

Our government was founded on the principles of self-determination and freedom. Americans were not content to be told by the British government how much they should pay in taxes or what freedoms they were entitled to. So they fought a war to gain their independence. When the founding fathers then set up their own government, at the forefront of their minds was the concern for how to preserve their hard-won freedoms. So they came up with three fundamental ideas about the new federal government: (i) it should be small, split into different branches with checks and balances over each other’s power, (ii) it should share power with, and in fact have less power over citizens’ day-to-day lives than, the states, where the citizens were better represented, and (iii) our most basic freedoms should be enshrined in a Bill of Rights to make absolutely sure the federal government did not violate them. This combination of ideas, they thought, would assure, over time, that the God-given rights they had won back from their government at great cost would be preserved against tyranny.

Obama’s Vision of a Larger Government is Antithetical to Freedom.

In 2008 when Senator Obama talked of “transforming” America and saying “we can do better,” it was clear to me he was talking about fundamentally changing these key principles. He stood for a larger federal government; one that would try and take responsibility for the poor and do more for its citizens. While that may sound nice, having a government undertake that responsibility also means it must become larger, tax more (a government that undertakes to define what’s fair for all its citizens will also try and make everyone pay their “fair share”) and become more involved in our lives, much more involved than the founding fathers intended. A larger government necessarily becomes more difficult to manage, begins to take on a life of its own, and becomes very difficult to control. A larger federal government also means a shift in power from the states, where citizens can more easily control their own destiny. And once people begin to rely on government largesse, cutting the size of that government and its programs, even if the government cannot afford them (witness our overwhelming deficits and the troubles in Europe as it tries to cut back), becomes very, very difficult. People become less willing to give up that security, even if it means a loss of liberty. And they can become accustomed to the idea that the government represents someone else, not them, and that they are owed something by that government (witness appeals from the left that sound like class warfare). As a result, I believe the policies of President Obama reflect a threat to our liberty. Perhaps not immediate. Perhaps only a little. But what he wants to do, at its core, is inconsistent with the intended size and role of our government, which means we will inevitably lose a little, or a lot, of liberty. How much really depends on how much further down Obama’s road we go. And in my view, we’ve already lost too much.

Example: Obamacare.

As an illustration of what I mean, I’ll use Obamacare. It sounds nice to make sure everyone has health insurance. And there are lots of stories of people who can’t afford insurance, and how having it would benefit them greatly. I get that, and I feel for their situation. This is what Obama meant by “we can do better.” He’d like to use government resources to fix these problems. But, just like when you get your first credit card, you need to look beyond the nice things you can buy and decide whether you can really afford it, because that bill will come due at some time. As for the cost in dollars and cents, it’s clear we can’t afford Obamacare. We just can’t. It adds trillions of unfunded government outlays over the next two decades. And once these benefits are offered to citizens it’s very difficult to take them away. In addition, Obamacare has already begun to infringe on our freedoms. At its core it’s the federal government (not the state, which is the principal difference between Obamacare and Romneycare), forcing us to buy a product. Then, because it forces us to buy this product, it must go further and legislate the minimum requirements of this product (or everyone would buy the cheapest version available). That legislation now includes elements some religions find offensive. How’d we get here? By involving the federal government in something it really was never intended by the founding fathers to be involved in: providing health insurance. Further, because the IRS will be in charge of enforcing compliance with the mandate, it will need to know our personal health information. The founders’ vision of limited federal power, with express limits on what the federal government can and can’t do, has been violated by Obamacare. And having the federal government in this position simply poses a threat to our freedom. The founders knew power corrupts, and while we think we can trust the government now, we don’t always know we will be able to. When will it be your religious belief that’s infringed? Or your freedom of speech? This is why the Republicans resist President Obama so much. This is why Obamacare did not get one single Republican vote. This is why Obama’s own budget was rejected by not only Republicans but his own party. And finally this is why Mitch McConnell said it was his goal to make sure Obama only had one term: to try and make sure the damage President Obama does is not long-lasting. Obamacare is a threat to our freedom, and it’s just one example.

This Ain’t Just Rhetoric.

Let me say that this is not just rhetoric. I’m not just making an argument because I want you to vote for Mitt for some other hidden reason. This is why I’m voting for Mitt, and why I honestly believe everyone should. This is what worries me about the prospect of Obama serving another term. He has already made some strides toward “transforming” America into something I believe it was never intended to be. Obamacare was one very large step in that direction. As Vice President Biden said, it was a “[blanking] big deal.” I know the further we go down this road the more difficult it is to go back. I also know the GOP will fight Obama to preserve that liberty, which is likely to result in more gridlock at a time when our government needs to work together. Unfortunately, though, cooperating with the president can mean, and has meant, the loss of some of these liberties, which makes compromise difficult.
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Why Mitt “Wins the War”

PPP did a snap poll immediately after the debate tonight. The respondents scored it a slight lead for Obama at 53% to 42% (yeah, it was another +6% Democratic oversample and PPP is a democratic pollster … but I think that just strengthens my arguments). That 11% edge is smaller than the numbers Obama got in the 2nd debate, and MUCH smaller than the numbers Mitt received after the 1st debate. (FYI … CNN’s snap poll scored tonight’s debate it a bit closer at 48%-40% in favor of Obama).

That’s bad news then, right?!?! … that Romney didn’t “win” the debate? Not at all. Mitt continued to rise in the national and swing-state polls over the last week despite Obama’s “win” in the last debate. The last two days especially, Democrats have been shocked and are panicking that the President didn’t get a bounce in the polls from that.

Here’s the secret though … People’s judging of who “wins” debates is solely based on who is the most aggressive candidate that night. Snap polls showed that Joe Biden “won” the VP debate over Paul Ryan … but Biden turned off MANY voters with his style and condescension. Obama wasn’t as bad as Biden was, but his intimidating stares, his incessant attacks at Romney, and his petty condescension will NOT play well with undecided voters … especially with undecided women.

Don’t believe me? That same PPP poll linked above has the following interesting question and cross-tab.

“Did the debate tonight make you more or less likely to vote for BO/MR, or did it not make a difference?”

Among Independents for Obama: More likely 32%, Less likely 48%, No Difference 20% … for a net of MINUS 16%

Among Independents for Romney: More likely 47%, Less likely 35%, No Difference 18% … for a net of PLUS 12%

That’s a HUGE advantage among Independents for Romney based on TONIGHT’S debate. Yeah, Obama sure “won” tonight, eh? Team Romney is fighting to “Win The War” … and will take some lumps in individual battles to make sure the end goal occurs. He was confident, optimistic, and Presidential. Obama was petty, insulting, and snarky. Quite the contrast!

In the CNN snap poll mentioned above (which was a +4% D sample) asked:

“Who did the debate make you more likely to vote for?”
Romney 26%
Obama 25%

That is THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION IN THE POLL, really the only one that matters, and Mitt came out on top. Another interesting and important question from CNN:

“Who spent more time attacking his opponent?”
Barack Obama 68%
Mitt Romney 21%

Nothing happened tonight to blunt Mitt’s momentum. Obama was swinging for the fences, but failed to connect. Romney easily cleared the credible Commander-In-Chief bar and avoided ANY gaffes. His last few answers and rebuttals were awesome, and his closing statement was EPIC!

We need to work to help make sure it happens, but Mitt’s well on his way to winning this race. Romney has ALL the momentum, and that’s why Obama was attacking desperately. That alone was telling.

UPDATE 12:02 Central … Over at The Ace of Spades there’s an article “Romney Wins the War, Again” that looks like we copied one another. He published it 30 minutes earlier, but I swear I didn’t see it or steal his ideas. Maybe I’m ready to be a big shot blogger if we’re on the same wavelength like that, eh? :)

Tweets from Tampa – The Team MRC List #GOP2012 #RomneyRyan2012

Follow us LIVE all week as we send RNC convention updates on location in Tampa:

Romney Sets Alabama Fundraising Record: $2 Million Evening– Inside Report from MRC Blogger Jeff Fuller

Mitt Romney came to Birmingham, Alabama last night and held a stellar fundraising event … leaving town with a cool $2,000,000 from me and my fellow Alabamians.

Reports are that this is the largest fundraising total for any Alabama political event. Held at The Club, which overlooks downtown, Romney held a VIP photo reception, followed by a general reception, and tied things up with a dinner.

Cool flash effect on my License plate while overlooking downtown Birmingham from The Club. Taken during the record-setting Mitt Romney fundraiser on August 15th, 2012

A write-up of the event highlighted some of our future President’s words:

“The median income for a family has dropped $4,000 in the past four years,” Romney said. “Gasoline prices have doubled. Food prices are up. Health care prices are up. Utility prices are up. People in middle income families are getting crushed and one out six Americans are now living in poverty.

“He is out of ideas. He is out of excuses. And we need to make sure in November we put him out of office,” Romney said to a surge of applause from supporters.

… the crowd included an all-star lineup of the state Republican party. Romney was introduced by U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions, after the crowd was warmed up by U.S. Rep. Spencer Bachus, Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard and Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey. Gov. Robert Bentley was there as was former Gov. Bob Riley. Lee Styslinger, CEO of Altec, Inc., hosted the event.

US Senator from Alabama, Jeff Sessions, introduced Mitt Romney at The Club in Birmingham, AL

My wife posted to her Facebook page that the atmosphere was “electric,” and she hit the nail on the head! Mitt had the crowd going, and there were 3-4 times as many people present as at a similar fundraiser held at the same place almost exactly one year ago, last August, which we also attended. The crowd was timid then, as the GOP nomination was being hotly debated and two southerners, Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich were on the rise. In stark contrast, there was no timidity there tonight! These folks are excited to see Romney and Ryan take over the White House and were showing that with their enthusiasm and their pocketbooks.

More from the article above:

Romney cited numerous examples of how individuals, in business and politics and society can make a difference. He saluted Lech Walesa, the Polish labor leader who stood up to the Soviet Union and went on to become president of Poland. He gave a nod to Alabama, mentioning Rosa Parks and her refusal to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus leading to the arrest that helped spark the civil rights movement.
“It is remarkable the impact that one person can have,” Romney said.

And it is the collective activity of individuals free to pursue their ambitions that makes the U.S. economy the envy of the world, Romney said, not government planning.

Our economy runs on freedom,” Romney said. “That is how it works.”

So, Vice President Biden, do you think the man who singles out and praises Rosa Parks at a private GOP fundraiser in Alabama “wants to put y’all back in chains” !?!?! Time for Vice President Ryan, eh?

One other tidbit, not mentioned in the article, is that Mitt said he met recently with Condoleezza Rice (final VP vetting interviews possibly?!?!) and she shared a story with him of the important role one person can play. This individual courage was displayed by an old Romanian woman in a rally crowd who called her authoritarian dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu, a “liar” and started a revolution. As detailed in her book “No Higher Honor,” Dr. Rice (an Alabamian, by the way) recounts:

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Excellent Interview: David Parker and Hugh Hewitt Discuss New Book About the 2012 Election

Our very own MRC contributor David Parker joined Hugh Hewitt on his radio program to discuss Parker’s new book: On the Brink, America’s Choice 2012. I expected this interview would be a good one, but as I listened to it I was surprised how engaging the conversation was. Even though I’ve been blogging about Mitt for nearly 6 years now I can say I actually learned a few things about him from the interview. Parker and Hewitt discuss Romney as a person, as a leader of a hugely successful capital investment firm, as a lay pastor (Bishop and Stake President) in his church for 13 years, and even as a future President with the will and know-how to get things done.

Check out this excellent interview to hear a whole lotta insight about who Mitt Romney is, how the choice between Romney and Obama is a stark one, and what makes this 2012 election so vitally important.

You can learn more about David’s new book at, and you can also purchase his book on Amazon.

Governor Romney Grateful for Everyone’s Hard Work…

…As we are all so grateful for his hard work on the campaign trail.

A shout out to the great state of Wyoming! As I write this, I can see the beautiful Grand Teton mountain range from Jackson, WY. Last night our family went to our first rodeo. I start off with this because of how the rodeo started off. Before the national anthem was sung, the announcer said, “As we begin this great summer event, we will thank our Lord and God — please remove your cover.” And then he proceeded to pray for safety and for the protection of our “fighting men and women in the armed forces.” How would it be if we started every great American sporting event with a word of prayer?

Teton County Rodeo

As the rodeo began, I thought to myself, this is true Americana! The saying should be changed to, “This is as American as rodeos, baseball, and apple pie.” After the singing of the anthem, I was adjusting our seating and glanced over at a woman seated near me and she had tears streaming down her face. Throughout the evening’s event, the announcer kept asking how many people were from various states of the Union; there were people from every state and many from Australia and Europe.

Three days ago I was privileged to attend a breakfast event for Governor Romney. When I had the chance to briefly meet him, I asked if he would sign a sheet of paper with the MRC banner across the top. That note is just below.

Governor Romney gave a rousing speech that was given with heart and without a teleprompter; I counted five standing ovations from the group. But for me, the most significant statements he made were at the beginning and end of his speech. As he started out, he said how grateful he was for all those that had taken time out of the business week to be there to support his campaign for president. Then at the end, he made several sincere statements of gratitude. He acknowledged that many among us and many we all knew were working very hard in so many different ways to make a difference for America and for his campaign. You could tell he knows that many people are working all over this great nation in grassroots efforts of every kind. His comments were very sincere expressions of gratitude. He asked those of us present at this event to thank everyone we knew that was involved in helping his campaign.

As I made notes, I felt compelled to pass these comments on to you. Over the last several months, I have been witness to hundreds of people working all hours of the day in Facebook forums and in other grassroots areas dedicated to Mitt Romney’s election.

This note below from Governor Romney is to all of you.

To All Grassroots Volunteers Across America

We will make a difference together!

American Values: “In God We Trust” — “Liberty” — “E Pluribus Unum”

Twitter Follow: @VicLundquist — Dedicated to all members of The United States military and their families

RNC: Mitt Romney is Now the Presumptive Nominee

RNC Chair Reince Priebus

RNC Chair Reince Priebus

The Republican National Committee is throwing their official support and all of its weight behind Governor Romney.


Less than 24 hours after sweeping five primaries and declaring the Republican presidential nomination fight officially over, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee are moving quickly to coordinate their efforts.

“Governor Romney’s strong performance and delegate count at this stage of the primary process has made him our party’s presumptive nominee,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “In order to maximize our efforts I have directed my staff at the RNC to open lines of communication with the Romney campaign.”

The leading edge of the synchronization will be four liaisons between the two organizations. Brian Jones, who has been serving as an adviser to Romney since late last year, will lead that effort. Kevin Madden, who served as the press secretary for Romney’s 2008 presidential bid, will advise the communications operation and serve as a DC-based television surrogate for the Romney/RNC effort. Ward Baker, a veteran Tennessee-based GOP strategist, will help coordinate the political and field teams. Ron Kaufman, a veteran RNC member, and Ben Ginsberg, who served as national counsel to Romney’s 2008 race, will also facilitate interaction between the two groups.

From the beginning of the Romney’s primary campaign they stated that his planning and fundraising would be designed to perform a long slog through the primary season in order to win the nomination. They have done just that and a new election season begins. For many Romney diehards this moment has been six years in the making. For myself it almost seems surreal that it is finally happening.

The time has come to rally around the nominee. Please consider donating to Romney’s campaign what you can. Maybe pick up some promotional t-shirts and bumpers stickers too. Learn where and how you can volunteer to help the campaign. It’s only six and a half months until election day – let’s gear up for a tough fight now. You can start by watching Mitt’s speech from last night’s victories.

MRC Announcement: I’m pleased to inform you that my brother Luke Gunderson and I, along with staff writer David Parker, were elected as alternate national delegates for the RNC convention in Tampa and will be attending it in August. We look forward to doing some live blogging and tweeting directly from the big event.

~Nate Gunderson

UPDATE: The RNC has made good on their word to help Romney and have done so extremely quickly. Check out the new video they made entitled A Tale of Two Leaders

Romney: CNBC Squawk Box Interview / Gingrich, Santorum, Paul: Futile Delegate Chase? / Unify!

Governor Mitt Romney (Photo Getty Images / Eric Thayer)

Because Super Tuesday is now in the rear view mirror, Mitt Romney supporters are breathing a little easier and enjoying a super Wednesday.

With Romney’s solid victories from Alaska to Vermont, we can see the path to the GOP nomination clearly (more on that in a moment). No rest for Governor Romney, however. He was up bright and early in Newton, MA to be interviewed on CNBC’s Squawk Box. He spoke about election results, Obama’s failed policies, jobs, economy, entitlements, and more:

Romney on uniting different factions of the party if he’s the nominee:

“. . . When we we have a nominee, we will come together because Barack Obama has organized a conservative community. … The community organizer has organized us in a big way. We’re going to come together because we really believe he needs to be replaced – that he’s over his head, that the debt he’s amassed, the jobs he has not created – suggest that this is a guy whose time has come for early retirement.”

Sidenote: Several days ago, when Sarah Palin stated on FOX News that the candidate who really focuses on gasoline prices would be the one to support, one didn’t have to rub a crystal ball to know that Newt Gingrich would somehow, out of thin air, come up with a gas plan real quick. Sure enough, the very next day, Gingrich announced his $2.50 per gallon meme. Now, he thinks he OWNS the issue. Wrong. Romney has been strongly advocating for energy independence since 2007, wrote extensively about it in his book No Apology (published spring 2010), and, at every opportunity, continues to stress the importance of using our own energy resources. (It’s no secret Palin voted yesterday for Gingrich.)

During today’s interview, Romney spoke again on gasoline prices:

Are you happy with high gasoline prices in part because this administration has not been willing to take in energy from other places across America? . . . I think people recognize that the president can’t precisely set the price at the pump, but he can decide how much of the money that’s being paid for oil and gas is going to other nations. And, to get that money staying here and to create jobs here and to stabilize prices here, he ought to be taking advantage of all of our offshore and ANWAR and North Dakota and Oklahoma and Texas oil and gas resources instead of trying to hold them off. Natural gas is a huge win for us. And, through the EPA, he’s been trying to hold that off. Coal is, of course, a major source of our electric power. He’s made it more difficult to get the coal, more difficult to use the coal. And, of course, the Keystone Pipeline bringing energy in from Canada, that was a no-brainer. He failed that test. If we want to get America energy secure, you have to take advantage of the energy resources we have. And, fortunately, with recent discoveries from Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio, there’s a lot of energy in this country. Let’s take advantage of it.

Entire transcript may be found here.

Among the varied post-Super Tuesday analysis, we read ‘Romney is a frail frontrunner’. Uh huh. He’s so frail he has more than double the delegates Santorum has and Gingrich and Paul have been left in the campaign dust. No, talking heads. Romney is a formidable frontrunner. Today, Hugh Hewitt pointed out a fact the mainstream media is missing (and gave MRC a nod, as well):

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Marianne Gingrich Grants ABC News Exclusive Interview — Scooped by Drudge Report

Photo Credit: Drudge Report

Drudge announced breaking news with an exclusive report early Wednesday evening, stating that ABC News had conducted an interview with Newt Gingrich’s second wife Marianne Gingrich for a program to be aired in the future. Following is that initial report:


Wed Jan 18 2012 18:47:14 ET

Marianne Gingrich has said she could end her ex-husband’s career with a single interview.

Earlier this week, she sat before ABCNEWS cameras, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

She spoke to ABCNEWS reporter Brian Ross for two hours, and her explosive revelations are set to rock the trail.

But now a “civil war” has erupted inside of the network, an insider claims, on exactly when the confession will air!


ABCNEWS suits determined it would be “unethical” to run the Marianne Gingrich interview so close to the South Carolina Primary, a curious decision, one insider argued, since the network has aggressively been reporting on other candidates.

A decision was tentatively made to air the interview next Monday, after all votes have been counted . . .

[emphasis added]

According to this first report, the breaking news stated that the interview would first be aired next Monday after the South Carolina primary. It was later reported that ABC News would air it on Friday. Then the Associated Press reported that ABC News would air it Thursday night. Sure seems confusing!

Contrary to what Gingrich keeps telling reporters this week (that Governor Romney will resort to “dirty tricks”), don’t believe any of it. This is between Ms. Gingrich and ABC News. According to Drudge, Gingrich cancelled a news conference yesterday to deal with the breaking news. What is there to “deal with” anyway? There is no new information except that she granted an interview.

Photo Credit: Drudge Report

Of course, without excerpts of the interview, it is difficult to know if what Marianne Gingrich discussed in the interview is revealing at all or just some additional insight into what is already known about the former congressman. But here’s a guess. Based on the fact that ABC News first intended to release it Monday, then moved it to Friday, and again to Thursday (“tentative”) seems to point to big news. Interviews with his second wife are rare in recent times. And if what she talks about is in fact big news, it is unlikely good news for Mr. Gingrich. Since we are precluded from publishing the AP short, click here to read the published report directly. It is hard to imagine Marianne Gingrich revealing anything more damning than what she said in August 2010.

Marianne Gingrich granted an interview to Esquire in 2010 in which she said of her former husband, in part,

“Newt always wanted to be somebody,” she says. “That was his vulnerability, do you understand? Being treated important. Which means he was gonna associate with people who would stroke him, and were important themselves. And in that vulnerability, once you go down that path and it goes unchecked, you add to it. Like, ‘Oh, I’m drinking, who cares?’ Then you start being a little whore, ’cause that comes with drinking. That’s what corruption is — when you’re too exhausted, you’re gonna go with your weakness. So when we see corruption, we shouldn’t say, ‘They’re all corrupt.’ Rather, we should say, ‘At what point did you decide that? And why? Why were you vulnerable?’ ”
Though Gingrich had made history and achieved extraordinary power, he still felt like an outsider, and the hatred touched something primal inside him. “All he wanted was to be accepted into the country club,” Marianne says. “And he arrives at the country club and he’s just not welcome. ‘Yeah, but I belong here,’ he said. ‘I earned my way to this. I earned it.’ ”

Next came the government shutdown of late 1995, which so alarmed the country that the poll numbers for Republicans went into a steep overnight decline. “Newt’s shocked, doesn’t know what to do,” Marianne says. “He’s like, ‘Whoa, wait, wait! This isn’t just my fault! We need to work this out!’ ”

Greta Van Susteren weighed in on Drudge’s “siren” with this in her GRETAWIRE:

This is not to say that news should be suppressed (it should not) but news should also not be used to ambush. Thus…in light of the close time to the South Carolina primary…if I were ABC, I would hold this interview until after the polls close on Saturday (or I would have showed it a week ago.)

Politico released a letter by Gingrich’s two daughters in their “Marianne Gingrich Speaks” article along with this,

But Drudge’s siren-headlined bulletin – his splash came a day after the 14-year anniversary of him breaking word of the Lewinsky scandal — ensures much more focus on [the] interview by the rest of the press.

The New York Times, in its “Gingrich Camp Responds to Ex-Wife’s Interview” article published the following,

Marianne Gingrich, the second of Mr. Gingrich’s former wives, was married to him for 18 years. After they divorced, Mr. Gingrich married his current wife, the former Callista Bisek, with whom he admitted conducting a lengthy affair while he was still married.

Word of the interview was leaked to The Drudge Report, which reported on Wednesday afternoon that a debate was taking place within ABC over whether it was fair to broadcast it so close to the crucial primary in South Carolina on Saturday.

An ABC source confirmed there was disagreement over the timing of the interview, which was conducted by Brian Ross of the investigative unit, which operates separately from the political news division.

The push-back on ABC from the Gingrich campaign was in the form of a letter signed by Mr. Gingrich’s two daughters from his first marriage, Kathy Lubbers and Jackie Cushman, who regularly accompany him on the stump.
An ABC News spokesman confirmed Wednesday night that “Nightline” will broadcast the interview at 11:35 p.m. Thursday; excerpts will be released earlier in the day, before a Republican debate sponsored by CNN on Thursday evening.
At ABC’s competitors like CBS and CNN, executives scrambled to figure out if someone at their own shop had scored a big scoop.

Just after 7 p.m., as the evening newscasts ended, the Web site revealed that it was ABC that had interviewed Ms. Gingrich.

The Drudge Report declared that there was a “civil war” inside ABC News about when to run the interview, though if there was, it was a short and bloodless one.

[emphasis added]

NOTE: It is the hope of the Mitt Romney Central team that ABC News will take a very responsible, fair, and truthful approach to their editing of anything Ms. Gingrich said. Reports indicate the interview lasted two hours. After accounting for TV commercials, the net broadcast time of the Nightline show is approximately 23 minutes total (normally divided among three segments). Even if ABC News takes the entire 23 minutes for this broadcast, they will edit out over 80% of it. With so little time left before voting in the primary, Team MRC hopes that whatever ABC News chooses to report is fair and not taken out of context.

Just prior to publishing this post, National Review Online reported this in “The Corner,” that the Gingrich campaign “will fight back” and then also later they “predict that Gingrich will likely ignore the story.” This is the last paragraph of the NRO post:

ABC News wanted Gingrich to come on Nightline to offer a rebuttal of sorts but Gingrich’s advisers declined. “This is a sideshow, a distraction,” the third source says. “Is it helpful? No. But is it a game-changer? No.”

Obviously this story will be all over the news today. Stay tuned. There is a very good chance that there is nothing new in the interview and that any hype associated with the Thursday teases will be nothing more than teases. In typical Matt Drudge style though, he gotten a lot of people to sit up and pay attention.

“Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.” – Helen Keler

“Nothing is more noble, nothing more venerable than fidelity. Faithfulness and truth are the most sacred excellences and endowments of the human mind.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero


New Hampshire, Baby!

Who's been working hard

Taking Nothing for Granted

Wow! There’s nothing like actually being at the World Series or the Super Bowl. Watching on TV just can’t deliver the same sense of excitement, the electricity in the air. And for political junkies, there’s nothing like actually being on the ground helping in headquarters for a key caucus or primary. Things are buzzing, people are hustling, and there’s a palpable excitement when you feel you can win. Four years ago I was able to travel to Iowa and help in the 2008 caucuses, where we got an exciting 2d place, but the experience left me longing for more. This time I’ve been lucky enough to be able to come to New Hampshire to be “feet on the ground” for Romney 2012. And I think a 1st place finish is a realistic possibility!

Travel Log

I left California early this morning. For a point of reference, here’s what winter looks like where I live…

Christmas in San Diego

…but today flew to Boston, then drove to Nashua, NH, where the weather’s a bit different. Not that I’m complaining, but I had to dig deep in my closet for a coat that would suffice!

The Locals are Fantastic

One thing I noticed on the drive to Nashua: Boston / New Hampshire talk radio is great. We happened to catch an impromptu radio appearance by Governor Romney discussing the political events of the day. The excitement was high as we felt we had finally arrived into the center of the political universe. While the host didn’t shy away from tough questions, the tone was respectful and in the nature of dialog, not combat. Callers’ knowledge of the issues was refreshing, and it was clear voters here work to make informed decisions. The one main theme I heard repeated was the need to rally behind the most electable candidate to defeat President Obama, and the consensus is Mitt. While it appears Santorum is getting a closer look as a result of his performance in Iowa, any bump seems to be taking away from Huntsman and Gingrich, not Romney. The general thought is that Senator Santorum, while a solid social conservative, would not survive a general election, and is therefore unlikely to be the GOP candidate. It was also great to hear reports that the latest polling numbers show Mitt with nearly a 2:1 lead over the next closest candidate here, with leads nationally and in South Carolina and Florida as well.

A Visit to Mitt’s NH HQ

Soon after a trip to Mickey D’s for some sustenance, our group, which included Jim and Rod Davies (Ann Romney’s brothers) and Rod’s wife, Cindy, took a quick trip to visit Romney New Hampshire headquarters and get ready to dig in and work over the next few days. Here’s the group, ready to hit the ground running. I’m the goofy one on the right, and yes, that’s a vintage 2008 Romney beanie.

Three Davies and an Outsider

New Hampshire for Mitt!

As for the staff and volunteers, I was very pleased to see that things were still buzzing for a Friday night. Phone calls were being made and people were getting things done. That’s one thing I love about the Romney campaigns: Mitt runs a tight ship!

I met Jill, who was clearly in charge and doing a great job. In her office she’s surrounded by calendars of key events, including one at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning where Governor Romney will be appearing with South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. And of course there are two (2!) debates in a twelve hour period Saturday evening and Sunday morning, where Mitt is likely to be the primary target of newly negative Newt, big hopes Huntsman and slightly surging Santorum. There are appearances from Governors Chris Christie and Tim Pawlenty as well over the weekend. And then the big days: Monday’s last full day of politicking and Tuesday’s primary! Here’s Jill (on the right) with Stephanie, a member of her team.

Gearing up for a big weekend

At home at Romney Headquarters

A Quick Drive Through Manchester

As we went back to our hotel, we took a quick detour to look around Manchester. We saw that CBS had set up a serious broadcast booth outside the Radisson. That’s when I felt things were really getting serious!

Soon to be the epicenter

CBS is Ready

Yes, this is the big time. If Mitt wins, it’ll be the first time in a long time a GOP challenger will have won both Iowa and New Hampshire. And with polls also encouraging in South Carolina and Florida, my (not so) secret hope is that voters in New Hampshire will select Mitt as their nominee and can give him the momentum to win South Carolina and Florida, permitting him to move more quickly to what everyone in the GOP really wants: defeating President Obama.


One interesting note: the Occupy folks had set up camp across the street from the Manchester Radisson. They were very polite (offering us corn chips–see the bag in the photo) and said their numbers had reached a couple hundred during the day. But it seems most had gone home to spend the cold night indoors.

Occupying the Primary

Stay Tuned!

I feel very lucky to be here and hope to be able to share with you what its like on the ground these last few days before the New Hampshire primary. For die hard Romney fans, there’s no place they’d rather be. And I’ve got to say, it is pretty cool. The people here know Governor Romney can win. There’s a lot to do between now and Tuesday, but if he does win, as expected, it’ll be because Mitt and his great New Hampshire team “Earned it!”