Romney Campaigns in NH, Endorsements from NH State Sen Sharon Carson & Boston Herald

Mitt Romney is pictured speaking to a large crowd this morning at a Meet 'n Greet breakfast at the Coach Stop restaurant in Londonderry, New Hampshire. U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte (right) introduced Romney with an enthusiastic reminder of why she's supporting his candidacy. NH State Senator Sharon Carson (center) announced her endorsement for Gov Romney. Dec 27, 2011 (Photo/Keith Tharp)

Before bustling off to Davenport, Iowa this evening, Governor Romney had a busy day today in New Hampshire.

● An endorsement from NH State Senator Sharon Carson (R-Londonderry) kicked things off:

“Senator Carson has stood up for New Hampshire’s fiscally responsible traditions by working to balance the state budget during difficult economic times without raising taxes. She has also demonstrated a deep commitment to public service by a serving her state as an elected official and serving her country in the United States Army Reserve,” said Mitt Romney. “I am honored to have earned Sharon’s support. Her endorsement is another indication of the building momentum and enthusiasm for my campaign in the final days before the primary.”

I have taken my time to evaluate the backgrounds and qualifications of each of the candidates seeking the Republican nomination. After careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that Mitt Romney is the best person to lead our party and defeat President Obama in 2012,” said Senator Carson. “Governor Romney has the background as a conservative businessman and a fiscally responsible chief executive that our next president will need to turn around our country. Mitt has laid out bold initiatives for our country and he has been steady, composed and thoughtful in every one of the presidential debates. He is running the type of traditional grassroots campaign that my constituents expect from presidential candidates. Mitt Romney has earned my trust and support, and I look forward to working to make sure that he is elected the next President of the United States.”

Background On State Senator Sharon Carson:

Sharon Carson Was Elected To The New Hampshire State Senate In 2008. She previously served four terms in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Senator Carson is an adjunct faculty member at Nashua Community College where she has taught a variety of classes in history. She also has taught at the University of New Hampshire. Senator Carson is a veteran. She is a retired Sergeant First Class from the United States Army Reserve.

Carson, who serves as Senate Majority Whip, joins a growing list of other elected officials in NH who have endorsed The Gov: Senate President Peter Bragdon (R-Milford), Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro) and Senators Chuck Morse (R-Salem), David Boutin (R-Hooksett), Gary Lambert (R-Nashua), Tom DeBlois (R-Manchester), Jim Rausch (R-Derry), Jack Barnes (R-Raymond), John Gallus (R-Berlin), and Russell Prescott (R-Exeter).

● Romney was at the Coach Stop Restaurant in Londonderry bright and early this morning to meet with voters and members of Rockingham County GOP. At noon, he met with voters to discuss jobs and the economy at Geno’s Chowder & Sandwich Shop in Portsmouth.

Historic Stage Coach Stop First Londonderry Visit for Gov. Romney
By Jacklynn Weeks
Dec 27, 2011

People in overwhelming numbers lined the entrance into the historic building and filled the Coach Stop Restaurant on the corner of Route 102 and Mammoth Road this morning for a meet and greet breakfast with Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney. Among those in attendance were US Senator Kelly Ayotte and NH State Senator Sharon Carson, along with over 200 local citizens of all ages.

Upon the arrival of Governor Romney, Senator Ayotte gave a resounding endorsement supporting his candidacy, stating that the country was moving in the wrong direction and Romney was the best candidate to fix the problem. Senator Carson also put her support behind Romney, officially welcoming him to Londonderry and endorsing his run for Presidency.

During the breakfast, Romney spoke of the problems facing the country questioning President Obama’s administration failed policies and his direction for America. Governor Romney outlined his plans for the future. Quoting from one of his favorite patriotic songs, America the Beautiful, he quoted “O beautiful for heroes proved, In liberating strife. Who more than self their country loved, And mercy more than life!” at which point he thanked the Veterans in the room. The final lyric he quoted was “O beautiful for patriot dream, That sees beyond the years”. Then he spoke about how our forefathers had it right that America is good and we must see beyond the years to protect our future generations.

Romney also spoke on strengthening our military and the deterrent benefits derived thereof, and streamlining the federal government. Read full article here.

To see a news report today from WCVBtv of Governor Romney at the Coach Stop Restaurant click here.

Later today we were thrilled to learn that the Boston Herald endorsed Romney:


[T]here is only one candidate in the Republican field with the integrity, the experience, the organizational strength and the intelligence to beat Barack Obama and that man is Mitt Romney.

But perhaps more to the point, there is only one candidate who can put this nation back on the path to fiscal sanity and restore it to its central role on the world stage. That candidate is Mitt Romney.
Romney as governor of a thoroughly Democratic state actually managed to get things done during his tenure. That may be a blot on his record to those in the Republican Party who put ideological purity above all else, but in our book that’s actually a plus.
And Romney is at the core of his being a small government kind of guy. That isn’t simply campaign rhetoric.

“I don’t think the answer to our economic woes is to raise taxes,” he told Herald editors and reporters at a recent meeting. “People are already paying half of their income in taxes [to every level of government].

“Government is simply taking too large a slice out of our economy,” he added.

He knows that long-term entitlement reform is key to getting the economy back on track. And unlike the president who appointed a commission to propose solutions, then promptly ignored its recommendations, Romney would follow through.
Romney’s appeal at the national level is what it has always been here — he’s a tough, no nonsense CEO who wants to bring a sense of trust back to government. And he can attract to his candidacy that growing number of independent voters who will ultimately decide the presidency in November just as he did when he successfully ran for governor in this bluest of blue states.

Mitt Romney can get the job done — the job of running for president and the job of governing. And the Herald is pleased to endorse his candidacy.

(emphasis added) Continue reading here.

Next? Off to Iowa! Governor Romney is kicking off an aggressive three-day bus tour through the Hawkeye State. More to come…

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Iowa: Predictions, Speculation, Humor, and Fun

Official Iowa Seal

Let’s do a little speculating ahead of the Iowa caucuses — just for the heck of it and for a little fun. I have noticed in the MRC chat room that many of you are political junkies, as am I. Even with Christmas this week, there has been a lot of political chatter. Following are some thoughts as to where I see it going for Iowa specifically and for the eventual nomination in general. I am certain some or many of you will disagree with me and if so, please provide your perspectives in the comments — just for fun. By the way, I have no inside information at all. My thoughts below are derived from the chatter I hear and read.

Where you see a percentage prefaced with “GOP:” this is the market level as of 12/26/11, 10:15pm, PST to the question, “Nominee to be Republican Presidential Nominee in 2012” — A percentage prefaced with “Iowa:” this is the market level to the question, “Nominee to win the 2012 Iowa Caucus.” Seven candidates in alphabetical order:

Bachmann — Will finish 6th or 7th; No executive experience; Only two Presidents were elected from the House: Lincoln & Kennedy; Will drop out after Iowa for thin $$ and Org; In race to build name ID only; GOP: 1.4%.
Gingrich — Will finish 4th, maybe 3rd; Never intended to run a serious campaign; He peaked at highest level in polls 12/13/11, never to hit those highs again in this race; Will remain in race out of sheer arrogant ambition; Will survive despite anemic fund raising; Could not qualify in home state of Virginia; GOP: 7.9%; Iowa: 11.1%.
Huntsman — Last place (7th); In race only to build name ID; Never serious candidate based on lack of $$ and Org; Will drop out after New Hampshire; No longer shows in
Paul — Will finish 1st in Iowa (if so, Iowa will likely become marginalized/irrelevant in future elections); No executive experience; Only two Presidents were elected from the House: Lincoln & Kennedy; Has strongest Org next to Romney’s; Will run again for President in 2020 and maybe 2024 if still alive; Paul is no longer taken seriously, but his supporters are; GOP: 7.3%; Iowa: 49%.
Perry — Will finish 5th in Iowa; Won’t be GOP nominee for perception he would never beat Obama in debate; Could not qualify on Virginia ballot; Will not easily cave since he has never lost an election (ego); Predict he will survive to at least South Carolina due to $$ and Org; Will languish at bottom despite $$. GOP: 2.1%.
Romney — Will finish 2nd, maybe first if Iowa weather is good (Huckabee); Expectations were set low, so 2nd place is great, 1st place is grand-slam; Romney is only candidate that built political goodwill by raising money over last three years for many GOP candidates after his last presidential run, much the same way Reagan did after his first failed run for POTUS; Undecided Iowans (~50%) may coalesce behind Romney in order to be relevant (against Paul/Gingrich) and to back a sure winner; Positives too long to list here (for later post); GOP: 71.9%; Iowa: 34%.
Santorum — Predict will finish 4th, maybe 3rd; Will be surprise in Iowa for hard work and official Evangelical backing; May even eclipse Gingrich; Will drop out after Iowa or NH; Strong Iowa finish will provide momentum into NH; Will need all the stars to align to raise $$ to then build Org; No longer shows in

Estimates of voter turnout in Iowa, one week from today, range between 110,000 and 140,000 — tiny by any measure. Iowa seems to always provide some surprises, all the more reason for the hype leading up to the caucuses. Due to the surprise factor, all of my predictions above could be way off, but in the end, I think Iowans want to be taken seriously and most importantly, they want to be relevant in future elections. They pride themselves on really “knowing” each and every candidate.

Ultimately, I think Iowans cannot seriously think they will be found relevant if they give it to Ron Paul, knowing that he would allow Iran to obliterate Israel. I think Gingrich is simply too self-loving, untrustworthy, and immodest for Midwesterners to embrace in a big way. In many ways over the cycles, Iowa has been marginalized as a predictor of future Presidents. Realizing my bias, I think Iowans will want to regain their past reputation by choosing the very best candidate for POTUS and back Romney in the end.

If you disagree, how, why? Please leave a comment or two to inform us.

“I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong.” — Abraham Lincoln

Iowans to Newt: “Pride Goeth Before the Fall”

The Christmas morning (Sunday) edition of the Los Angeles Times ran a front page article by Robin Abcarian titled, “Gingrich’s Ego Might Be Too Big For Iowa.” At the risk of appearing to beat a dead horse (pun intended), I insert a couple of the better lines from the article. The entire article is not that long and is worth reading. I will never forget this “They are not going to be the nominee” statement by Mr. Gingrich. The woman from Iowa who challenged Gingrich on his lack of humility, later said this of him, “I don’t know,” she said by phone. “Pride goeth before a fall.”

In 1985, Gingrich told the Washington Post: “I have enormous personal ambition. I want to shift the planet. And I’m doing it.” In 1994, he told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “People like me are what stand between us and Auschwitz.” Just the other day, at the Iowa statehouse, he gave himself credit for helping defeat the Soviet Empire.

Ms. Abcarian writes that Mr. Gingrich’s opinion of himself “ranges from lofty to stratospheric.” That is what we need in a President right now. Someone in which the election will be all about him — right!

But his occasionally apocalyptic self-regard is running counter to another Iowa interest: modesty. . .

This quote suggests that Gingrich is still very much in the race in Iowa. This refers to a Mr. and Mrs. Thorpe from previous comments:

Both Thorpes have enjoyed watching Gingrich’s debate performances. “I will say that all of his answers begin the same way — ‘Well, your premise is wrong, you’re a moron and here’s why,’ ” he said. “After awhile it begins to get old, but I like his ideas so much, I’m willing to look over it.”

Maybe this is how Iowans are able to hold their nose to vote for such a narcissistic man:

“We’re picking the president of the United States,” he said. “We’re not picking someone to invite over for dinner!”

I find it stunning that any person would vote for someone who puts self before country. By the way, Intrade (12/26/11, at 9:10 a.m. PST) to the question, Will the candidate be the Republican candidate in Nominee in 2012?, Romney is at 70.1% and Gingrich is at 8.8%.

And what about the following little comment about not qualifying for the Virginia primary — Is this not the epitome of bombastic and hyperbole? This failure in Virginia is the height of arrogance. Check this article; Gingrich compares this to, “an ‘unexpected setback’ similar to the attack on Pearl Harbor.” And he still has supporters!

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.” –C.S. Lewis

Ann Romney, The Window to Mitt’s Soul

Here’s a call out to a video created by Mike Sage (“xcentricmike”) over at America Needs Mitt blog. This YouTube came to my attention from Joel in the MRC Chat Box — THANKS Joel!

What a great video! As a serious amateur photographer, I love to view photographs that I have not seen before, especially behind-the-scenes-photos of Governor Romney and his family. Over the years, I have seen many photographs of Governor Romney’s family, but I have not seen most of these. Awesome! Great work Mike!

Readers: If you agree with my critique of this video, please forward the URL of Mitt Romney Central to as many people you know — Gov. Romney doesn’t have Zuckerberg in his back pocket as Obama does.

My two favorite photographs in this slide show are of Governor Romney and the little girl with the Santa hat (at 2:44) and of Mrs. Romney at the end.

“What the statesman is most anxious to produce is a certain moral character in his fellow citizens, namely a disposition to virtue and the performance of virtuous actions.” — Aristotle

Endorsements for Romney From Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire, & Wisconsin

We have four endorsement treats to share today…

Elected officials from Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin are backing Mitt Romney…


Boston, MA – Mitt Romney has announced the support of Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers, Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Congressman Rogers will serve as Special Adviser for National Security Policy.

Congressman Rogers’ work as a leader on national security issues has been important to the safety of our country,” said Mitt Romney. “Standing up to terrorists around the world, stopping Iran’s nuclear program, and maintaining our relationships with our allies will require the leadership that Congressman Rogers has displayed. I look forward to working with him both in this campaign and in Washington so that we can bring jobs back to our home state and keep our country secure.”

Mitt Romney has displayed the conservative leadership throughout this campaign and his life that will be needed to fix our economy and maintain America’s standing as the most powerful country in the world,” said Congressman Rogers. “I am confident that Michigan will be on Mitt Romney’s mind every day he is President and he will work hard to get Michigan back on track. Mitt Romney’s plan to restore our country’s fiscal health is important not just for economic growth, but is also vital for our nation’s national security interests. An America that faces economic and budget problems will not be able to project power across the world or contain countries and groups who wish to harm us and our allies.”

Background on Congressman Rogers:

Congressman Rogers Represents Michigan’s 8th Congressional District. Congressman Rogers is the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Rogers has been a leader on issues vital to national security such as fighting the spread of terrorism, containing the Iranian nuclear threat, and protecting Americans from bio-terror attacks. Prior to his election to Congress, Rogers was a member of the Michigan Senate, U.S. Army and Federal Bureau of Investigation. Rogers is co-founder of a small home building company.


Boston, MA – Mitt Romney has announced the endorsement of Nebraska Senator Mike Johanns.

Senator Johanns has been a tireless servant for Nebraska and our country,” said Mitt Romney. “In my campaign, I am fighting to grow our economy, lower spending, and reform how Washington works. Senator Johanns has been on the frontline of these fights both in Nebraska and in the Senate. With his help, we can put our country on a prosperous path once again.”

Announcing his support, Senator Johanns said, “The only way we are going to reverse the failures of the last three years is if we have a president who understands the economy. Mitt Romney applied the principles he learned in the private sector to the challenges he faced leading the Olympics and as Governor. These same conservative principles can be used to fix our broken government.”

Background on Senator Johanns:

Senator Johanns Was Elected In 2008. In the Senate, he serves on the Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry, Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, Environment and Public Works, Veterans’ Affairs and Indian Affairs Committees. Prior to his election, he was the Secretary of Agriculture under President George W. Bush. From 1999 to 2005, Johanns was the Governor of Nebraska.

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A Vote for Gingrich is a Vote for Obama

The three most arrogant and condescending people that keep coming to my mind in recent days are Rod Blagojevich, Don Trump, and Newt Gingrich. A couple of years ago I remember seeing Blagojevich on TV many times telling the world he was innocent and that he would eventually be completely exonerated in court — totally and confidently arrogant (and now he complains from behind bars that his 14-year sentence was too harsh!). And Mr. Trump? Need I say more? His looming threat that he will run for President as an Independent if the right Republican is not nominated — as if to rise to the occasion as America’s savior! And Gingrich. Don’t forget folks. In the last couple of weeks, Mr. Gingrich told the entire world on national TV that he would be the Republican nominee. And when asked if he “would go negative” in his campaign, he said something to the effect, “No! I don’t need to. Because I will be the nominee! Why would I need to go negative?” Is such hubris matched by any other human alive? And what does NG do? Not only does he go negative on Romney, he does so showing his full colors, as if he were a complete liberal (see great posts below for this information).

You know what? I love it! There is something about watching arrogant people make the beds they sleep in! When Blagojevich was prancing around Chicago like a peacock, I knew he would meet justice; if not obvious to him, it was obvious to all other observers. NG did something that I think was a HUGE mistake when he told the world he would be the GOP nominee. He set the bar of expectations to the highest level. Who does that? Nobody. Contrast NG’s rhetoric with that of Romney’s. Romney states that the campaign will be long and hard and that he believes Americans will eventually select him as the nominee. Which is more appealing? Condescending hubris or simple, steady modesty? I love watching NG make the bed he will sleep in.

Character matters. Take a moment and compare what we know of each candidate’s character. Need I say more? If someone were to accuse me of even one “ethics” charge, I would be embarrassed and I would do everything in my power to redeem my reputation. Gingrich has 84 ethics sanctions to his reputation! Will Obama exploit that fact? And what about his affairs and his obvious hypocrisy (ripping Clinton while he was carrying on a six-year secret affair himself)? How will the “family man” Obama exploit this character flaw? Do you think he will care one whit that NG says he is older, wiser, and repentant? Heck no! He will simply pull the character card. Does one’s character change throughout life? Gingrich is so arrogant in dismissing all the stupid things he has done. In doing the commercial with Nancy, he dismisses that major blunder by stating that it was, “the stupidist thing I have done” as he condescendingly thinks we Americans are gullible enough to accept such a brush off as naive. No. It is all about character, Newt.

There are other great Americans with characters above reproach among the Republican candidates. Top of the “character list” for me is Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney’s character is above reproach in every way. This is only my opinion, but of all the Republican candidates, Newt Gingrich’s character is permanently flawed and he is at the bottom of the “character list” of all the current candidates. Of this, I don’t think there is any question at all.

Who do we want as President of the United States of America? A person of unquestioned character or some man that is constantly making excuses for his past and who expects us to forget it all because he is now a grandfather? I mean really — is there even a question on this?

By the way, I think NG peaked today (12/13). I could be wrong, but I think we will look back to this week to see his highest poll numbers. Intrade has already changed quite a bit in Romney’s favor.

“A single lie destroys a whole reputation for integrity” — Baltasar Gracian

NH Endorsements Early Christmas Present for Romney: Manchester Mayor Gatsas, Tea Party Activist Thomson

Santa has brought an early Christmas present to Governor Mitt Romney. Yesterday, Manchester NH Mayor Ted Gatsas (right) endorsed Romney. Today, leading NH Tea Party activist, Tom Thomson, announced he is backing Romney. Dec 12, 2011
(Photo Union Leader/Thomas Rory)

Good news continues to roll in from The Granite State…

Mitt Romney has received the sought-after endorsement of Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas and top NH Tea Party leader, Tom Thomson.

SUNDAY, DEC. 11 … Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney secured one of the few remaining major political endorsements in the New Hampshire on Monday morning when he is joined by Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas in an appearance on the city’s west side.

“I look at where somebody wants to take this country, and right now it’s about jobs,” Gatsas told the New Hampshire Sunday News, which first reported on the endorsement yesterday. “It’s about building a better economy, and I feel Mitt Romney is the right person for the job.”

The mayor endorsed the former Massachusetts governor at at Chez Vachon restaurant on Kelley Street, a long-time popular stop for presidential candidates.

Gatsas, who won his second term as Manchester’s mayor in November after being elected five times to the state Senate and five times as a city alderman, was heavily courted by presidential hopefuls.

He appeared or spoke with virtually all major presidential candidates during the past several months.

Gatsas joined a crowded stable of establishment Granite State Republican officials _ current and former _ backing Romney. They include U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte, former Gov. John H. Sununu, former Sen. Judd Gregg, U.S. Rep. Charlie Bass, nine state senators and 58 state House members, including House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt.

From Romney Press Office:

“Ted Gatsas is an outstanding mayor and a dedicated public servant. As a successful entrepreneur, Ted understands the challenges facing small business owners, and he has supported pro-growth policies that will help them create jobs,” said Governor Romney. “I am proud to have earned Ted’s support and am honored to have him join my campaign to cut taxes, jump start our economy and restore fiscal sanity in Washington.”

Announcing his support of Governor Romney, Mayor Gatsas said, “Mitt Romney has the skills and the executive experience that the next president will need to turn around our struggling economy. After spending 25 years in the private sector as a successful businessman, Mitt knows how to balance budgets, fix broken enterprises and create jobs. He is also the strongest Republican candidate with the best organization to take on President Obama in 2012,” said Mayor Gatsas. “I am also impressed with the time and effort that he has invested in New Hampshire. Mitt is running the type of traditional grassroots campaign that Granite Staters expect from presidential candidates and he is working hard to earn the support needed to win the primary.”
(emphasis added)

Background On Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas:

Mayor Ted Gatsas is a lifelong resident of Manchester. Gatsas co-founded Staffing Network, an employee-leasing company that grew to be one of the largest employers in New England. Gatsas first took elective office in 2000 as the Manchester Ward 2 Alderman and served 5 terms (2000–2010). He was also elected to the New Hampshire State Senate representing District 16 from 2000-2009. He served as President of the State Senate from 2004-2006. On November 3, 2009, Mayor Gatsas was elected as Manchester’s 47th Mayor and was sworn in on January 5, 2010. He resides in Ward 2 with his wife Cassandra.

Top NH Tea Party leader endorses Romney
By John DiStaso
Dec 12, 2011

Tom Thomson, leader of NH Americans for Prosperity Tea Party advocacy group

MANCHESTER — Leading state Tea Party activist and long-time “ax-the-tax” advocate Tom Thomson has chosen Mitt Romney as his presidential candidate.

Thomson, honorary chairman of the conservative Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire advocacy group and co-organizer of three annual April 15 Tea Party AFP-Tea Party rallies at the New Hampshire State House, endorsed the former Massachusetts governor at today at Madison Lumber Mill in West Ossipee.
“I was a Tea Party activist before it was cool,” Thomson said. “And as a Tea Party person, I believe the best avenue to the White House is through Mitt Romney.”

Thomson has been collecting presidential candidates’ signatures on his “My Pledge to the American People,” whose goals include cutting spending, taxes, fees and regulations, reducing the national debt and cutting the size of government.

(emphasis added)

Good work, Santa!

► Jayde Wyatt

UPDATE from Romney Press Office on Thomson’s endorsement:

Click here to continue reading

“LEADERSHIP” – Mitt Romney is Far Superior to Newt Gingrich

Governor Romney has been getting a bum rap these past couple of weeks, in my opinion. No whine here. Just fact. I must admit that I don’t understand how any significant numbers of values based conservatives can think Gingrich is superior to Romney in any way, let alone in character. Do we really know that Gingrich won’t eventually migrate to a fourth wife and religion? I realize that most Americans aren’t paying that much attention to politics right now, but those who know anything about Gingrich understand that he is the very epitome of all that is negative in politicians.

My biggest criticism of Obama in the last election was that he had never been a leader; that he had never led anything. Unfortunately for Americans, he is not even learning “on the job” to be a leader now. Gingrich has extensive leadership experience. By many measures, Gingrich is a leader. With this contrast, I do believe he would be superior to Obama as President. But frankly, that is not saying much at all. In my opinion, Gingrich as a leader does not hold a candle to Romney as a leader. Not even close. The very definition of “leader” and “leadership”, especially in relation to the Office of President of the United States of America, carries with it the highest expectations of character in all personal and public attributes, such as absolute integrity. What are all the character traits that come to mind when we remember that President Reagan would never consider walking into the Oval Office without wearing his suit coat out of respect? What do we think of when we think of President Clinton and the Oval Office? The Office of President is a sacred trust. No man or woman is perfect, but the President should be a person of unquestioned integrity and character and above reproach in every sense.

For what it is worth, I believe Obama to be a more principled man than Gingrich, though I could not disagree with his ideology more.

Is there a man more self-absorbed and arrogant than Gingrich? Well, then again there is Trump and Blagojevich — I almost forgot. Gingrich already declared victory in the primary. He so dismissively waves off his 84 congressional ethics sanctions, liberal partnering, lobbying, and extramarital affair with a smile and quick retorts of his being older, wiser, and repentant. And we are to believe that? Oh, and the mistress with whom he had the years long secret affair was the one that taught him repentance and converted him to his current belief structure. And this secret affair he was nurturing all the while Gingrich was publicly hammering Clinton for his extramarital relationships! Oh, but all of us voters are now to actually believe Gingrich is a new man? The Gingrich hubris will continue.

I could list dozens of character traits that Romney has had his entire life; they run deep. The strongest character trait, and most important of all to me, is Romney’s integrity. His person, reputation, past, character, and integrity are above reproach. It would be a very sad day in America if Republicans were to choose a man like Gingrich over a man like Romney. Frankly, it is offensive to me that many people consider Gingrich to be a man of high character. His past behavior, actions, and life define the man’s character.

Mitt Romney will accept the mantle of President as a sacred trust. This nation needs Mitt Romney to lead it and the world like no other time in its history. By the way, if you want to get a glimpse of the kind of President Romney will be, read his book, Turnaround: Crisis, Leadership, and the Olympic Games — Gingrich could not have done what Romney did with the failing Olympics; not even close.

It is a privilege to be able to contribute to This is my first post. The MRC team is AWESOME.

Please help us to get the word out for Governor Romney by telling all your friends about this website as we count down to Iowa and the other early primary states. Please forward the URL of this site to as many people as you know in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida, etc. Those of us with grassroots intensity cannot do enough right now to disseminate the truth. Please take some time out to email everybody you know to influence them to get informed.

New Hampshire Sheriffs Estes & Marcou Backing Romney

More welcome endorsements from The Granite State…

Mitt Romney has announced the endorsements of New Hampshire Sheriffs Wayne Estes (R-Strafford County) and Gerald Marcou (R-Coos County). They join Sheriffs Mike Downing (R-Rockingham County), Craig Wiggin (R-Belknap County), Michael Prozzo (R-Sullivan County), Scott Hilliard (R-Merrimack County) and Douglas Dutile (R-Grafton County) in supporting Governor Romney.

Sheriff Wayne Estes
(R-Strafford County) NH

I am proud to have earned the endorsements of Sheriffs Estes and Marcou. They are both outstanding New Hampshire officials and they will play important roles in my strong New Hampshire campaign,” said Mitt Romney. “I am grateful for their confidence and am pleased that they have joined my campaign to cut taxes for the middle class, control government spending and create jobs.”

“Governor Romney is the only candidate who is putting in the time and effort that Granite Staters expect from presidential candidates. He is running a grassroots campaign and working hard to earn the support of every voter,” said Sheriff Estes. “Mitt Romney has spent 25 years in the private sector balancing budgets, growing companies and creating jobs. He is the strongest Republican to take on President Obama because he understands how our economy works and how to get our country back on track. I am proud to endorse his candidacy and look forward to campaigning with him in New Hampshire.”

(emphasis added)

Sheriff Gerald Marcou
(R-Coos County) NH

Background on Sheriffs Wayne Estes and Gerald Marcou:

Wayne Estes was first elected Strafford County Sheriff in 2002. He was reelected in 2004, 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010. Estes previously served 24 years in the Strafford County Sheriff Office as both a deputy and a captain. He is a graduate of Dover High School and is married and has two children.

Gerald Marcou was first elected Coos County Sheriff in 2004. He was reelected in 2006, 2008, and 2010.

► Jayde Wyatt

UPDATE – Watch Mitt on Your World with Neil Cavuto

NH Newspaper Foster’s FOR Romney: “We Want a President With Core Values”

Foster’s, a New Hampshire newspaper that takes a conservative editorial line, has awarded Mitt Romney with the GOP presidential nominee blue ribbon.

The Editorial Board at Foster’s, comprised of Patrice Foster, president and publisher, Cathy (Foster) Hayward, director, Geo J. Foster Co., Inc., Wayne Chick, general manager, Rodney G. Doherty, executive editor and Paul (Buzz) Dietterle, editor of the editorial page, were unanimous in their support for Romney.

A few highlights from Mitt Romney: Best suited to be the GOP’s standard-bearer
December 4, 2011

★ While making our endorsement in the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary, Foster’s Sunday Citizen is not going to spend endless words addressing much of the myth and mythology which has been used to attack Mitt Romney, who we believe should be the Republican nominee for president of the United States.

★ Today, more than ever, the United States needs a president willing to listen to the electorate, a president willing to adapt to today’s demands for governance, not remain married to methods because they are from a simpler time. By the same token, Foster’s wants a president who has core values.

★ There is his time at Bain Capital where he learned the whys and wherefores of the business world and the keys to job creation. It was a place that formed much of Romney’s philosophical roots that should help grow the country’s economy should he be elected.

★ Then there was his time as Massachusetts governor. Some voters of a more conservative bent may hold that against him. We don’t. To the contrary, his ability to win office and improve the business climate in the Bay State is seen as herculean in an otherwise one-party Democratic oligarchy.

★ And lest we be remiss in crediting Romney’s accomplishments that make him better suited than others to be the GOP nominee, there is his turnaround of the Salt Lake City Olympic Games in 2002. Voters must not forget that Romney did, indeed, make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Beyond all this, Foster’s is endorsing Mitt Romney because he offers a certain moral fortitude we admire. His faith in family, God and country is strong and well rooted. This, combined with a wealth of experience in private enterprise, his time as governor and countless hours listening to voters’ concerns, make Romney the most well-rounded and well-qualified to represent the GOP in next November’s presidential election.

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Mitt and Ann Romney enjoy a talent show put on by some of their grandchildren at their home on Lake Winnipesaukee in Wolfeboro, MA. July 30, 2010

► Jayde Wyatt