Who is Funding the Left? Surprise – Thanks to Santorum, It Might be You!

Since my recent installment on Rick Santorum’s astonishing betrayal of blue-collar Americans when he worked to defeat the national Right-to-Work law in the Senate, much has changed. His quixotic campaign to win the nomination by appealing to a limited demographic is losing steam, and the delegate math has become practically impossible.

I don’t want to kick a guy when he’s down; truly, I think our days of writing about Santorum as an opponent are near an end.

And so, whether he elects to go gracefully or otherwise, I am inclined to write non-unpleasant things about him. I will certainly hope for him to assume a more positive and productive role in the battle for the White House, which he can still do.

But before his campaign fades into memory, his record points up a very important fact that absolutely must be aired before we all move on – especially in Wisconsin, which is Ground Zero for union influence over politics and political fundraising right now. Let this serve as a cautionary tale for other Republican office-holders who may get confused from time to time about “how things work.”

To recap the earlier post: Rick Santorum’s Senate votes against right-to-work legislation and for Davis-Bacon wages hurt both workers and taxpayers.

His vote to scuttle the national Right-to-Work bill effectively abandoned many American workers to “closed shops,” where they are forced to pay a portion of their hard-earned wages to union bosses who are neither truly accountable to them nor particularly interested in their workplace issues. Instead, large chunks of those forcibly-collected dues go to fund far-left politicians and radical social agendas.

His vote to perpetuate the pro-union Davis-Bacon Act ensured that American taxpayers frequently pay much more for goods and services than other consumers, adding to our rising deficits and soaring debt. More importantly, it has also pushed scores of American manufacturing jobs overseas to lower-cost countries. Sadly, as I reported in the earlier missive, even uber-liberal San Francisco is buying steel and having major portions of its new Bay Bridge manufactured in China (“Bridge Comes to San Francisco With a Made-in-China Label,” New York Times 6/25/11).

So if you’re a middle-class wage-earner stuck paying union dues, Santorum’s pro-union actions have picked your pocket not once but twice: first, when union dues were forcibly deducted from your paycheck, and again when your taxes went up to pay for bloated federal projects – all so that Rick could stay in the good graces of labor bosses in his home state of Pennsylvania. And if you’re one of the unfortunate many who have lost jobs in the manufacturing sector to overseas competition, well, Santorum’s fingerprints are on that one, too.

But there is a far more important – and much more disturbing – aspect of Santorum’s historical allegiance to Big Labor that needs to be dragged out into the light.

The Right-to-Work bill he defeated would have struck a profound and lasting blow for conservative principles in America. How? By significantly Click here to continue reading

Santorum: Sold-Out The Working Man & Fiscal Conservatives — No Right to Work (Guest: Greg Stapley)

By Greg Stapley

Rick Santorum is not who he says he is.

Santorum has been loudly proclaiming not only that he is the one true conservative in this race, but that he’s the only candidate who understands and will fight for working Americans. To hear him tell it, you’d think he invented conservatism.

Greg Stapley

Not so fast, Senator. There are a few things that working people and conservatives alike should know about you and your record before they pull the lever.

I am certainly not a one-issue voter, but one principle is so fundamental in the raging battle for America’s soul that it has become the threshold across which all candidates must pass before they can legitimately claim the title and honor of Conservative. That principle is freedom from forced unionism.

There was a time in our nation’s history when unions helped and protected workers. However, today’s union movement has been largely co-opted by left-wing social engineers, who are using the economic engine of forced union dues to fund sweeping changes to American society, government and values — changes that are the antithesis of the conservative principles I hold dear.

Against the wishes of large swaths of their membership, today’s union bosses routinely pick their members’ pockets by using forced dues to support politicians and agendas that are have nothing to do with the workplace, and are often opposed to the values and philosophies of those members.

In 27 states (it was 28 until just last month — congratulations, Indiana!), union bosses have become so powerful that they have secured mind-boggling legislation which allows them to deny gainful employment to honest, hard-working citizens who want nothing more than to put bread on the table without funding some union leader’s social and political agenda. This keeps the bosses in power. More importantly, it keeps the money flowing from their unwilling members’ paychecks to union coffers and on to their cronies in government. They just need a few cooperative politicians to keep these laws in place for them.

And Rick Santorum — “Reliable Rick” — is Big Labor’s go-to guy on the “right.”

Denying a basic freedom like the right to work is about as anti-conservative as it gets. No politician can give lip service to the principles of individualism, self-determination or the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness while at the same time colluding with entrenched labor interests to compel workers into unions that forcibly take their money and do little to help them.

But remarkably, despite his claims that he is a champion of blue-collar America, Rick Santorum has done exactly that.

For example, in an astonishing effort to ingratiate himself to the union bosses who control the campaign purse strings in his home state of Pennsylvania, then-Senator Rick Santorum actively worked to defeat the federal right to work bill in the United States Senate. (104th Congress, S. 1788, the National Right to Work Act of 1995. (“On the Cloture Motion (motion to invoke cloture on motion to proceed to consider S.1788),” Senate Bill Clerk, Vote Number: 188, www.senate.gov, 7/10/1996)

Had it passed, millions of American workers who are currently trapped in union shops, compelled to follow union rules and forced to pay union dues against their will, would have been liberated from the clutches of their union overlords. Sadly, no thanks to Rick Santorum, these workers are still imprisoned in forced-union Perdition. Click here to continue reading

SC: Romney Endorsed by Leaders, Gov Nikki Haley Weighs in on Debate

Mitt Romney greets enthusiastic supporters while walking to his campaign bus after holding a rally in Florence, SC. Jan 17, 2012 (Photo/Reuters/Jim Young)

SC Governor Nikki Haley and former SC GOP Chairman Barry Wynn weigh in on last night’s presidential debate in Myrtle, South Carolina:

Tonight, Mitt Romney once again displayed his vision, leadership, and grace under fire. He showed why he is without question the right man to end the chaos in Washington, D.C. and put America back to work. Neither our state nor our nation can afford four more years of President Obama, and it is critical that we nominate someone with Mitt Romney’s history of results. We need a president who has a record of not just talk, but of actually getting things done, and Governor Romney is that man.” ~ SC Gov Nikki Haley

“Mitt Romney came out ahead in tonight’s debate because he again showed that he is the best candidate to both take on President Obama and fix our economy. President Obama spent his life outside the private sector and it shows. Mitt Romney spent his life outside of politics, working in the real economy. In order to create private sector jobs in this tough economic environment, we need a president who worked in the private sector.” ~ former SC GOP Chairman Barry Wynn

Before South Carolinians vote on Saturday, Governor Romney has one more chance to show them his dynamic, determined, delightful self. CNN is hosting a debate on Thursday, Jan 19th in Charleston. According to most of the reports I’ve gathered, pundits say Newt Gingrich had a great night last night and Romney was winged. I agree that it wasn’t his best debate, but he held his own. I’m hoping we see more of the agile-smiling-sparring-superior Romney we know so well. And, the next time Newt or Rick Santorum interrupt The Gov, I hope he boldly says “chill” … then, charges in for checkmate.

More great news:


Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced the support of key South Carolina business leaders, elected officials, veterans, and conservative activists.

The wide range of support from conservatives across South Carolina proves that my message of a ‘Simpler, Smaller, and Smarter’ federal government is resonating with voters concerned about the direction of our country,” said Mitt Romney. “I’m happy to earn their endorsement and look forward to working with them for the vote of every South Carolinian.”

“The voters of South Carolina have an important choice to make regarding the future of this country,” said former South Carolina Secretary of Commerce Bob Faith. “We need a conservative candidate who will defeat President Obama and reverse his failed policies. That man is Mitt Romney. He is committed to getting rid of failed government programs like Obamacare. He is against government entities like the NLRB interfering with free enterprises like Boeing who want to invest in South Carolina and create jobs for South Carolinians. He is for restoring conservative principles to government, so that Washington will stop spending and start letting this country’s entrepreneurs and business leaders get back to creating jobs.”

“Our nation is at a crossroads, and Mitt Romney is the best choice to lead our country through these challenging times,” said Greenville County Council Chairman and retired Brigadier General Butch Kirven. “He is a strong leader who we can trust to restore limited government to Washington, cut spending, grow our economy, and get our nation back on the right track. I was looking for someone who reflects my values, is strong on national defense, and knows how to get the economy going again. Mitt Romney is the leader who can positively do that, and he can win in November.”

It’s really simple, the only person of either party running for President who has created significant private sector jobs is Mitt Romney,” said retired executive Bill Hewitt. “He will implement the policies necessary to turn the economy around, start of story, end of story.”

(emphasis added)

South Carolina Leaders Supporting Mitt Romney:

State Representative Don Bowen, Anderson
Greenville County Councilman Joe Dill
Greenville City Councilwoman Amy Ryberg Doyle
George Dean Johnson, Jr., Chairman, Johnson Development Associates, Spartanburg
Greenville County Council Chairman Butch Kirven
State Representative Phil Owens, Easley
Rick Pennell, Metromont Corporation, Greenville
Specialist John Snyder, U.S. Army, Ret., Greenville
Greenville Mayor Pro Tempore David Sudduth

John H. Burriss, Owner of Gold’s Gyms of Columbia
Former York County GOP Chairman Henry Eldridge, Rock Hill
Richard J. Gaton, Columbia
Richard Jackson, CEO, C.R. Jackson, Inc., Columbia
Leighton Lord, Former Chairman, Nexsen Pruet, Columbia
State Representative Ralph Norman, Rock Hill
Former York County GOP Executive Committeewoman Karen Walto, Rock Hill

Sally and Richard Coen, Mount Pleasant
Former South Carolina Attorney General Charlie Condon, Charleston
Former South Carolina Secretary of Commerce Robert A. Faith, Chairman & CEO, Greystar Real Estate Partners, Charleston
Rear Admiral, James Flatley, U.S. Navy, Ret., Charleston
William B. Hewitt, Retired Executive, Charleston
Former Bluffton Mayor Hank Johnston
Former South Carolina Secretary of Transportation Buck Limehouse, Charleston
Brigadier General Cliff Poole, U.S. Army, Ret., Charleston
Bill Prezzano, Charleston
Charleston County Treasurer Andy Smith
Jonathan Zucker, President, The InterTech Group, Charleston

*Company/business names are provided for identification purposes only.

Endorsers are retired or not on active duty. Use of military rank and job titles does not imply endorsement by the Department of Defense or any department thereof.

Love to see the endorsements rolling in from across the state… Now, let’s win this thing!

► Jayde Wyatt

Mitt Romney: No Bain, No Gain?

Growing up in Boston and living in the greatest Baseball city in the world, an article in the Boston Herald titled, ‘Strike three in Bain attacks on Romney’. caught my eye.

In it, writer Kimberly Atkins makes a point that these attacks may have accomplished what Romney has been trying to do, all along….rally the Republican base behind him.

First, she points out that the attacks on Romney’s venture capitalist, turned off potentially powerful conservative allies. One of those is Tom Donohue CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the nations largest business lobby who condemned the attacks.

Second, the attacks provided Romney a dress rehearsal for the general election campaign. While commentators initially asked why Gingrich was doing President Obama’s work for him, by the end of last week, they were noting that he may have done Romney a favor — Bain will be old news by next fall.

Third (and most important in my estimation)

The Bain controversy may provide the final push Republicans need to finally galvanize behind one candidate — and as of now, that seems to be Romney. After all, in recent history that has been the GOP’s usual mode of operation: wrap up the presidential primary early and in largely civil fashion, saving the money and energy for the big dance.

The GOP may be ready to pick a candidate, and in the wake of Baingate, Donohue seemed to be leading the rallying cry.

“Romney’s had a pretty good track record,” Donohue said about Romney’s business career.

“Perfect? Hell no. But damn good.”

Read the full article HERE.

This analysis might be right. Today’s Fox News national poll has Romney breaking the 40% mark, leading the number two candidate Rick Santorum by a WHOPPING 25 POINT MARGIN.

Obama & DNC Obsessed with Romney, Legislators Blast DNC Ad, Defend Romney

Further proof of the obsession Obama and his heart throbs at the Democrat National Committee have for Mitt Romney – they continue to aggressively target him. Viewing him as the likely GOP nominee, they released a piece-of-work ad yesterday, which includes the ‘usual’ – misleading use of Romney’s past words, taking quotes out of context (their usual modus operandi), etc. They also put the stink on the internet in the form of a new anti-Romney website and held misleading press conference calls.

While campaigning in Florida today, Romney was asked about the DNC’s latest actions. He replied that he took it as proof that he’s doing well. Romney also added, “Bring it on!

Romney’s Press office released a long list of legislators who issued statements on the Democratic National Committee’s misleading advertisement and press conference calls:


“President Obama’s policies have been utter failures for the middle class: he has failed to create jobs and has burdened future generations with massive amounts of debt. This Administration does not want to campaign against Mitt Romney and be forced to defend three years of failure. Instead of focusing on the middle class and job creation, President Obama and Democrats are focused on campaigning and trying to tear down Mitt Romney.”


“President Obama’s policies have failed to bring jobs back to Ohio and have devastated the middle class. The last thing that President Obama and his Democratic allies want to do is campaign against Mitt Romney and be responsible for three years of job losses and rising debt. Instead of focusing on revitalizing our economy, President Obama and Democrats only want to focus on tearing down Mitt Romney.”


“President Obama’s policies have failed to create jobs in Wisconsin and have devastated the middle class. The last thing that President Obama and his campaign want to do is run against Mitt Romney and be held accountable for the economic failures of the last three years. So, instead of trying to create jobs for the middle class, President Obama and his campaign have focused on tearing down Mitt Romney.”


“President Obama’s policies have been failures that continue to wreak havoc on the middle class. Instead of creating jobs and helping the middle class, President Obama and his campaign continue to focus on tearing down Mitt Romney. After three years of failed policies, it is clear that we need new leadership in the White House.”


“It is unsurprising that President Obama and the Democratic Party machine are relentlessly attacking Mitt Romney. Having failed to turn around the economy, they have no choice but to run a negative campaign against the presidential candidate best equipped to bring them to account for three years of economic mismanagement that has left millions of Americans without work.”


“After three years in office, President Obama has failed to create jobs and turn around the economy. Instead, his policies continue to cripple the middle class and pile on staggering amounts of debt. As millions of Americans look for work, the Obama campaign and Democrats are attempting to distract attention away from this administration’s dismal record. The attack they have launched against Mitt Romney shows just how worried they are about facing him in the general election.”


“President Obama’s policies have failed the middle class. It is clear that this Administration would rather distract from its failed record and not talk about the economy. Instead of creating jobs and getting spending under control, President Obama and his Democratic allies have focused on attacking Mitt Romney.”

Continue reading after the fold…

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Obama Says Americans “Lazy”, Romney Disagrees, Speaks to SC Workers (AUDIO)

We’ve been a litle bit lazy over the last couple of decades.” ~ Barack Obama speaking to CEOs at annual APEC meeting in Hawaii. Nov 12, 2011

Mitt Romney strongly disagrees with President Obama’s questionable campaign messaging that we Americans are ‘lazy’, have ‘lost our ambition’, and have become ‘soft’.

Workers at Colite International, an international sign-producing company in Columbia, South Carolina, heard Romney’s strong objections to Obama’s new campaign meme yesterday when he and wife, Ann, toured the facility.

Romney was introduced to employees by wife, Ann:

We need a leader who knows how to turn things around,” she said. “Mitt’s a turnaround guy.”

It was that simple exchange, their well-worn lines about being high school sweethearts and the details about their five children and 16 grandchildren that allowed Justin Mims to see the former Massachusetts governor as more than a two-dimensional political candidate.

Mims, a junior economics major at the University of South Carolina, said Romney seems to be a family man, and he likes that.

After the introduction from his wife at Colite International, Romney jumped into all the missteps he said President Barack Obama has made. Romney said they include the $787 billion federal stimulus package, cap-and-trade legislation, new regulations on the banking and finance industry, the federal health care law and appointing pro-union “stooges” to the National Labor Relations Board.

As president, Romney said he would repeal the heath care law signed by Obama in 2010, cut the federal workforce by 10 percent through attrition, and hand over control of Medicaid to states, among other measures he said would restore America to a “job-creating machine” and cut spending.
Mims was one of several college students and new graduates who came out to support Romney. Matt Mancini, a 23-year-old new University of South Carolina graduate, said he likes that Romney comes from a business background. Romney’s plan to downsize the government is something that will bring him a lot of support in South Carolina, Mancini said.

The White House hopeful spoke for about 15 minutes and was swarmed afterward by the press and supporters. He signed signs and bumper stickers and posed for pictures before heading off to the next stop on the campaign trail.

(emphasis added )

After touring the production floor at Colite, Intl in Columbia, SC, Mitt Romney speaks to employees. Nov 15, 2011 (AP photo)

A few highlights from Romney’s excellent speech (no teleprompter needed):

“The things we make per person in America exceeds that of any other country in the world.”

“Our problem is not that the private sector isn’t productive enough. The problem is the government sector is too heavy and too burdensome and is keeping the private sector from growing and thriving like it should.”

“President Obama doesn’t understand it is NOT government that makes America strong. It is the free people of America that provide our future and our strength.”

American workers deserve a number of rights:
1. Right to a secret ballot
2. Right to at least 30 days notice before a union election
3. Right to work in a non-union state
4. Right to know if they are members of a union, they shouldn’t have dues taken out their paycheck to go to politicians they disagree with.

Listen to Romney’s complete speech (13:36):

Poll after poll in South Carolina reveals Romney in first or second place. A few days before his visit to Colite Intl, The Gov was in Mauldin, SC where he held a roundtable for veterans and he recently participated in the GOP debate in Spartanburg.

Here’s more on Obama’s attempts to draw attention away from his miserable job performance by claiming that we’re lazy Americans…

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New Video from Romney Campaign – ‘Obama Isn’t Working: Labor’

Romney for President has released another, great new video: “OBAMA ISN’T WORKING: LABOR

Boston, MA – Today, Romney for President released a new web video, “Obama Isn’t Working: Labor.” The video highlights the failure of President Obama’s labor policies. Paul Munsch discusses how he and his employees have faced years of bullying by the union bosses with whom President Obama continues to side.

Script For “Obama Isn’t Working: Labor”

SEN. BARACK OBAMA: “It’s time we had a president who didn’t choke saying the word ‘union.’ A president who strengthens our unions by letting them do what they do best: organize our workers.”

● SEN. BARACK OBAMA: “It’s time we had a president who didn’t choke saying the word ‘union.’ A president who strengthens our unions by letting them do what they do best: organize our workers.” (Sen. Barack Obama, Remarks At Service Employees International Union Member Political Action Conference, Washington, D.C., 9/17/07)

PAUL MUNSCH: “My name’s Paul Munsch. I’ve owned a company called St. Louis Paving. A man came up to me and handed me a business card that said “Organizer, Laborers’ International Union of America.’ And he says: ‘You’ve got ‘til April 27th to talk to us about how we can improve your business.’ So, I said, no thank you, I’m not interested. And my men went along with me. They were all right behind me. So, it was a team effort. So we fast forward to April 27th. We’re working at a shopping mall. All of a sudden, six guys jump out. They start videotaping our equipment, videotaping our men, videotaping their cars and their license plates. With that, they blew up this 25 foot tall inflatable rat, with our name plastered on its chest, blood coming out of its mouth. And they all picked up picket signs and started picketing in front of the building.”

OBAMA: “It’s time we had a president who didn’t choke saying the word ‘union.’”

● SEN. BARACK OBAMA: “It’s time we had a president who didn’t choke saying the word ‘union.’ A president who strengthens our unions by letting them do what they do best: organize our workers.” (Sen. Barack Obama, Remarks At Service Employees International Union Member Political Action Conference, Washington, D.C., 9/17/07)

MUNSCH: “We’ve never been union, and our employees have never expressed an interest in being union. If we were union, we’d be dealing with three unions, not one: the Teamsters, the Operating Engineers, and the Laborers. The guy who’s on the roller couldn’t pick up a shovel. The guy with a shovel couldn’t get in a truck. The guy in the, driving the truck couldn’t get out and get on the roller or pick up a shovel. To me, it was just the inefficiency of that was just grating. I think it offends the sensibility of any businessman to think of that. But I think it offends anybody’s sensibility. That kind of inefficiency doesn’t make any sense to anybody.”

OBAMA: “We’re ready to play some offense for organized labor.”

● SEN. BARACK OBAMA: “We’re ready to play some offense for organized labor.” (Sen. Barack Obama, Remarks At Service Employees International Union Member Political Action Conference, Washington, D.C., 9/17/07)

MUNSCH: “And what they would do is show up at our equipment yard. And they would follow our trucks to a job. And, they would put up pickets. They’d try to embarrass us, embarrass us in front of our customers. And the hope would be that our customers would stop using us, and we’d feel forced to sign an agreement with the union.

Almost everything they do makes the skin crawl in anybody who hears this story. And yet, everything they do is legal. And I’ve tried to give President Obama the benefit of the doubt on a lot of issues. It’s been one union payoff after another. If businesses are faced with these possibilities, we’ll do nothing but eliminate employment. These guys are school yard bullies. They’re playground bullies. They, you know, they gang up on some kid and beat on him long enough to get his lunch money. Somebody had to stand up to them.”

OBAMA: “A president who strengthens our unions by letting them do what they do best: organize our workers.”

● SEN. BARACK OBAMA: “It’s time we had a president who didn’t choke saying the word ‘union.’ A president who strengthens our unions by letting them do what they do best: organize our workers.” (Sen. Barack Obama, Remarks At Service Employees International Union Member Political Action Conference, Washington, D.C., 9/17/07)

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Romney to Tour Boeing Plant in SC, Deliver Labor Policy Speech

Workers add infrastructure to piece of fuselage at a Boeing-operated plant in N. Charleston, South Carolina (June 10, 2008). Mitt Romney will will be in SC on Monday, Sept 12, 2011, to tour Boeing. After the tour, he will deliver a labor policy speech. (photo Brad Nettles/AP)

Looking ahead…

Before taking his place onstage at the next presidential debate (Monday, Sept 12th in Tampa, FL), Mitt Romney will first pay a visit that same day to the beautiful state of South Carolina to tour Boeing. Boeing is being sued by the National Labor Relations Board (NRLB) for building a plant in SC in what they view as retaliation for union strikes against the Boeing plant in Washington state.

While there, Governor Romney will also deliver a policy speech on unions which will include a proposed executive order giving workers a secret ballot option and opt-out from membership in a union. He spoke of this executive order earlier in the week at Senator Jim DeMint’s Palmetto Freedom Forum in Columbia, SC. To listen to Romney’s comments on unions, including right-to-work legislation, click here (2nd video @7:49).


COLUMBIA — White House hopeful Mitt Romney will wade into the union fight over the Boeing Company’s decision to locate in right-to-work South Carolina when he delivers a policy speech on labor after he tours the North Charleston plant Monday.

Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, will tour the facility in advance of the presidential debate in Tampa, Fla., later that day. Romney said at a GOP presidential forum in Columbia on Labor Day that union is not a bad word in itself, but the powerful labor organizations need to be kept in check.

The lawsuit that the National Labor Relations Board brought against Boeing for locating in South Carolina, considered an anti-union state by some, is the best example of why Romney wants to reverse the labor policies put forward by President Barack Obama, according to Romney’s campaign.

Gov. Nikki Haley said she welcomes Romney’s visit and his ideas. Haley, also a Republican, has been adamant in her fight against the labor board for its complaint against Boeing.

We appreciate not just the talk but the action Governor Romney has taken to understand and highlight the challenges NLRB has brought upon Boeing,” Haley said in a statement Friday. “It is a strong sign to the people of our state that he is focused on our jobs.”

(emphasis added)

Highlights from Romney’s labor policy speech:

• Romney’s labor policy will focus on free enterprise, free choice and free speech.
• Labor laws must be carried out even-handedly to provide businesses with the certainty they need to grow and thrive.
• The law must be clear: Any company is free to invest anywhere it wants.
• Workers have a right to vote on whether to unionize by secret ballot. That is a position that South Carolinians overwhelmingly support. In November, 86 percent of state voters approved a constitutional amendment that requires union elections to be conducted by secret ballot.
• Romney opposes so-called snap elections, or ambush elections, for votes on whether a company should unionize. He wants to build in protections that will ensure employers have time to protect their legal rights and talk to workers about the downsides of unions.
• Unions should raise cash for political contributions the same way any other business or supporter would, by asking for donations, not using paycheck dues to fund donations.

Governor Romney endorsed Haley when she sought South Carolina’s gubernatorial seat last fall.

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New Romney Video Targets Job-Killing Unions

The latest video in the Obama Isn’t Working series comes from Manchester, New Hampshire.

The video emphasizes the importance of Right to Work laws that will create jobs and give workers a choice of whether to support a union. Featured in the video is a small business owner who doesn’t mince words: “We live in the live free or die state,” he says in the video, “and [people] can damn well choose whether they want to join an organization or not join an organization.”

Watch below & share your thoughts. Will this be a big issue in the general election?

-Luke Gunderson

UPDATE by Jayde – Here’s Mitt’s schedule for today. If a livefeed of these events becomes available, we’ll let you know!

12:00 PM
Hosting a town hall meeting at Keene Recreation Center
312 Washington St., Keene, N.H.

3:00 PM
Hosting a business roundtable event at The Common Man
21 Water St., Claremont, N.H.

5:30 PM
Hosting a town hall meeting at Lebanon Senior Center

Finally, check out the photo of the day.