40+ Million will Vote Weeks before November 6th!

This election could be nearly 50 percent decided well ahead of November 6th! [see graph below] How many days are left to vote? The ticker on the right side bar of this site shows 55 days. Wrong! North Carolina started voting last week. Wisconsin voters start voting in nine days. The all important Ohio and Florida states begin voting in 21 days! How many people voted early in the 2008 race? 40 million! That is a whopping 33% of all voters and the number of early voters increases significantly each election cycle. Check this graph from today’s WSJ:

The Journal article is titled, Vote Changes Spark Duel — Campaigns Battle Over Extended Ballot Season, ID Laws

The largest change in the shape this year’s vote will come from the rapid expansion of early voting—the process that lets voters cast ballots before Election Day. Thirty-five states now offer early voting, and the share of the vote cast early is certain to rise this year. In 2008, some 40 million people, one-third of the electorate, voted early, Mr. Gronke said.

The early-voting season is just starting. North Carolina, site of the Democratic convention, went first, with mail-in ballots becoming available last Friday.
The Romney campaign also is pushing supporters to vote early. Republican officials estimate that 75% of the votes in North Carolina, 60% in Florida, 57% in Iowa, and 60% in Nevada—all battleground states—will be cast before Election Day. “There’s a plan in place, and we’ve taken a methodical approach to build our support” through early voting, said Rich Beeson, Mr. Romney’s political director.

[emphasis added]

The runway is a lot shorter than many people think! Now is not the time for complacency. We can rest on November 7th. We need to grab an arm on the right and one on the left and go all out for Governor Romney now.

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Santorum’s Rant and Meltdown – A man under PRESSURE!

The office of President of the United States is the most powerful and most stressful position or job of any in the world. The pressures and demands of the office age the office holder in four short years – just look at all who have held the office. The President of the United States has to be focused, deliberate, measured and capable in addressing the needs of our nation. Even in the deepest of crises, the holder of the Office, must be sufficiently seasoned to exhibit calm under pressure. He or she needs to be disciplined and exude self-control.

We have a great vetting process in the Primary season, which measures and proves a candidate worthy. Their mettle is tested daily. In a comparative of current Republican candidates, we have observed Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul.

Who has exhibited measure equal to the office of President?

Let’s look at Newt Gingrich? If we look at the Old Newt, we see the serious lack of discipline, and consequences thereof. If we look at the New Newt, we can’t be sure because the Old Newt always, always comes back. The proof is in the pudding. His life has reflected in almost all things, a lack of discipline.

If we look at Mitt Romney, who has been attacked from every side, he has always shown principled leadership, self-discipline and self-control. He is a man of civility and respect beyond measure. I have never known anyone who has weathered the storms and attacks like Mitt Romney, always respectful and civil. Such is a sign of a strong, confident and capable mind. In fact, many who agree or even disagree with him, state that he is by far and above, the most Presidential in the contest. He is a man of compassion, a man of passion, a man of experience, integrity and character – and one called to lead. His measure is self evident and worthy of the office of POTUS. His life has been a reflection of such, without variance.

That said, what the *#&* is happening to Rick Santorum? We are seeing daily meltdowns, and I don’t think it is just campaign fatigue. In fact, given the regularity of such, there appears a propensity for self-destruction amid the pressures of the process. First, it was Obama being preferable to Mitt Romney. And Mitt’s response… Second, it was Santorum stating today that there couldn’t be anyone worse to run against Obama than Mitt Romney. In each of these two instances, in as many days, Santorum has exploded at the press stating that they are taking them out of context. Really? We have heard and/or read the words. I think it is Rick Santorum who is lacking context. In his rant today, he even used an expletive to express himself, amidst the yelling. Rick Santorum seems not to have just lost his composure and self-control; he has just lost it entirely! It has been said, “profanity is the sign of a weak mind trying to forcefully express itself”. That pretty much sums it up for me. I personally believe that if your vocabulary is limited to profanity when expressing frustration or attempted strength, something is missing. I am just saying… In this case, I think Rick is melting under the pressures of the campaign and the true Rick Santorum is finally being revealed. Talk about unraveling the sweater – he seems to be doing a pretty good job of that himself. If Rick Santorum can’t stand the pressures of a Primary campaign, what is he going to do in a General campaign, or heaven forbid, as POTUS. It is almost sad to watch.

Notwithstanding the math of the delegate count, the fact that Rick Santorum has to win 74% of the remaining delegates, and his failed strategy to mount a campaign of destruction, trying to prevent the inevitable, Rick Santorum needs to withdraw with grace before he self-destructs any further and eliminates any future in Republican politics. Appreciating the obvious, Mr. Santorum’s ego seems to be getting the better of him, and the likelihood of a graceful withdrawal is probably equal to more meltdowns in the near term.

    A Special Note to Rick Santorum

A wise man learns from the experience of those who have preceded him, thus avoiding the pitfalls and mistakes that might otherwise beset him. Look to those who have preceded you, Mitt Romney being one. It is time, save yourself, subordinate your ego and let’s move forward together for the betterment of the Party, for the Nation and for the cause of replacing Barack Obama. Any further rants or failings on the campaign will not undermine or destroy anyone else but you. It is not too late, yet…but time is passing quickly! Let not pride impede your way. As a man of faith, humility and meekness are the better traits. Our good fortune is that we have one proven, in experience, in character, in integrity and in conservative principles; one that can lead and inspire our Nation; one who can restore what has been lost in the Obama era – Mitt Romney. The sooner you realize it the better!

An Open Invitation to Supporters of Senator Santorum, Speaker Gingrich, and Congressman Paul — Please Unite With Us; We Need You!

Many of our current visitors are new to MittRomneyCentral (MRC); some come here to learn a little about Governor Romney; others are searching for truth related to comments they read or heard in the press or media – many currently support former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, former Pennsylvania U.S. Senator Rick Santorum, or Congressman Paul.

Senator Rick Santorum w/ Bella

We are a small, grassroots group of writers — the website has a large following with no affiliation at all to the Romney campaign. We are completely independent, allowing us to “speak our minds” so to speak.

We feel a kinship to the ardent supporters of Senator Santorum, Speaker Gingrich, and Congressman Paul and wish to invite you to join us in our efforts to defeat President Barack Obama in November. We are well aware of the differences we have and we are sensitive to the fact that those differences are important to you. We understand too that the policy positions of any one presidential candidate will not align perfectly with another. That said, we know that Governor Romney has far more in common with your candidate than you may yet understand.

As grassroots volunteers at MRC, we take nothing for granted. We have never stated that we think Gov. Romney’s competing for the nomination makes him the inevitable winner or that he is the presumptive nominee; not at all. To adopt any other attitude is unbecoming any campaign – we hope to reflect the modest attitude of our candidate and unitedly work to the main goal – that of defeating Obama in November.

Congressman Ron Paul

Until he is the actual Republican nominee, we will work tirelessly to contribute any way we can, using truth as our only tool; even when he has 1,130 committed delegates. We would like your help to build a larger volunteer base to defeat Obama. We are not asking you to leave your candidate as much as we are asking you to join our team – a winning team we believe.

Gov. Romney has assembled a formidable, powerful grassroots team that is augmented by professionals, led by Gov. Romney himself. We believe it is a winning combination – a winning team. We would be most appreciative and grateful for your support at this important time in America’s history. We fully understand the passion you have for your candidate; we do. As stated above, we feel a certain kinship to your candidate. All three men have accomplished a great deal for this great nation and we are most grateful for their service.

You may decide now is not the time to join us and we understand that too. We just want you to know that we would like you to join us sooner rather than later. We need your intensity and support to press our case against a terribly failed President. We do not consider this a partisan battle as much as a battle for the very heart of the United States of America. We need your help. We are committed to maintain this Internet destination as the finest of any that is dedicated to electing the next President of the United States.

If you would like to consider joining a winning team, we would invite you to subscribe to MRC. It literally takes 10 seconds, is free, and will only result in a periodic email to inform you of new articles. If so, simply go to the home page, find the photo of the T-shirts in the top right hand corner and below it you will see a small box with the words, “Want MRC Delivered to Your Inbox?” Simply drop in your email address and you are done. No spam will arrive; ever.

Speaker Newt Gingrich

If not, we invite you to check in periodically for updates to the race. We will continue the battle and battle hard. But always in truth – seeking continuously to maintain the highest levels of journalistic excellence as community, amateur writers.

Obviously, with this invitation to you, we think the time to unite in our efforts to defeat Obama is right now — today. Please join us as we set a winning course to the White House. You are always welcome in our camp!

Mr. Santorum & Mr. Gingrich: What Would Mitt Do? A Matter of Principle, Integrity, and Character

Santorum and Gingrich should be asked continuously why they stay in the race until they admit they are driven by self-interest. Ron Paul has already given his answer.

What would Mitt Romney do right now if the tables were turned and he were in Gingrich’s or Santorum’s shoes? No guessing needed. We only need to look to 2008 for the answer. At about this time in the race in 2008, Governor Romney dropped out of the race and did a lot of heavy lifting for Senator McCain. He and Huckabee knew there was no practical way either of them could win the nomination and yet Huckabee stayed in three months longer out of self-interest (to inflate his value to FOX News).

Do Character, Principles, and Integrity Matter?

By David Parker

Vince Haley, an advisor to Newt Gingrich seriously suggested that Mitt Romney bow out of the race and allow the “conservatives” a debate on how to take on Obama. Although, he couldn’t have been serious, could he? What Mr. Haley fails to recognize is that the only true and principled conservative in the race, whose life reflects immeasurable integrity, is not Newt Gingrich nor Rick Santorum, but Mitt Romney. Actions always trump words, and character, principle and integrity are self-evident in what one does and not what one says. Character, principle and integrity are borne out in how a person lives their life — are they self-absorbed or committed to the service of others, and how is such manifest?

David Parker

In a brief retrospective — in February 2008, having lost Florida and fully aware of the complexion of the impending 26 state Super Tuesday campaign, Governor Romney quickly realized that math can be a stubborn thing. Notwithstanding that he would prevail in certain states on Super Tuesday, and could continue to contest with John McCain and Mike Huckabee for the Republican nomination, the question arose — but to what end? Personal accommodation for ego’s sake? Power and influence at the 2008 Convention? Notoriety and fame? Denigration of the other candidates? Vindictiveness for the rough and tumble campaign that preceded Super Tuesday? A want to be right when everyone else was wrong? Advocacy for posture and position?

Mitt Romney knew that he would not win the nomination outright; the math wouldn’t bear it out. He also knew that the general campaign against the Democratic nominee, whether Obama or Clinton, would be hard fought and difficult at best. He could have continued his pursuit of the nomination, even to the Convention, but in doing so would only impinge on the Republican Party’s coalescing to the greater good. For to shorten the time window of the Party’s competing in the general election would severely impact much needed Party unity, Party fundraising and advocation of Party principles and its conservative platform in a hotly contested general election. So Mitt Romney willingly subordinated his personal interest to the greater good of the Country, in spite of very vocal protests to the contrary by his supporters. The audible response at CPAC was very evident — he was then and is now, a solid fiscal and social conservative and those at CPAC knew it. His speech at CPAC in 2008 and the actions that followed thereafter clearly illustrate that Mitt Romney is a man of principle, character and integrity — he put Country and Party first, and subordinated personal interest.

He stood with and supported the presumptive nominee, John McCain, and then went to work — he was one of the most active surrogates for Senator McCain and was a catalyst to raise in excess of $20 million for the general campaign. As the Democratic Party subsequently chose their nominee, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney pressed forward knowing how critical it was to stand with the Republican nominee and advocate for the conservative values that made America great! It was the Republican Party’s only shot to derail the pending disaster. To quote Senator McCain, “no one worked harder for my campaign.” Mitt Romney proved his character and integrity by recognizing and accepting early-on the pragmatic realities, subordinating his self-interest, and acting on core values and principles to assure viability in the pending general election. Click here to continue reading

Mitt Romney: No Bain, No Gain?

Growing up in Boston and living in the greatest Baseball city in the world, an article in the Boston Herald titled, ‘Strike three in Bain attacks on Romney’. caught my eye.

In it, writer Kimberly Atkins makes a point that these attacks may have accomplished what Romney has been trying to do, all along….rally the Republican base behind him.

First, she points out that the attacks on Romney’s venture capitalist, turned off potentially powerful conservative allies. One of those is Tom Donohue CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the nations largest business lobby who condemned the attacks.

Second, the attacks provided Romney a dress rehearsal for the general election campaign. While commentators initially asked why Gingrich was doing President Obama’s work for him, by the end of last week, they were noting that he may have done Romney a favor — Bain will be old news by next fall.

Third (and most important in my estimation)

The Bain controversy may provide the final push Republicans need to finally galvanize behind one candidate — and as of now, that seems to be Romney. After all, in recent history that has been the GOP’s usual mode of operation: wrap up the presidential primary early and in largely civil fashion, saving the money and energy for the big dance.

The GOP may be ready to pick a candidate, and in the wake of Baingate, Donohue seemed to be leading the rallying cry.

“Romney’s had a pretty good track record,” Donohue said about Romney’s business career.

“Perfect? Hell no. But damn good.”

Read the full article HERE.

This analysis might be right. Today’s Fox News national poll has Romney breaking the 40% mark, leading the number two candidate Rick Santorum by a WHOPPING 25 POINT MARGIN.

Governor Mitt Romney: “Going 2 and O” — Integrity Matters

As a serious amateur photographer, I love this image below. Every photo tells a story. This photograph was made last night in Iowa prior to the Edith and Carolyn moment on CNN and when Santorum was still showing at number one — does it get any better than this? By the way, CNN blew the socks off FOX for professional coverage last night; FOX failed.

A note to Michele Bachmann: You fought a great fight and in my opinion, your work ethic and determination were second to none and certainly as impressive as Santorum’s. He edged you out by getting all the preachers to tell their members to support him. We welcome all your supporters here with big hugs. And congratulations to Senator Santorum!


Three days ago, Greg Stapley posted this editorial on MRC. Greg is a friend; he is a businessman from Orange County, California and he wrote the following, new guest post while on vacation today (writing about GMR is cathartic!):

To get to the White House, you have to win twice.

There’s an old saying in presidential politics. It holds that in order to win the party’s nomination, candidates must “run to the right” in the primaries (or to the left if you’re a Dem). But to then win the general, the candidate must make a self-contorting and often-implausible leap “to the center.”

It’s a tacit acknowledgment of the power of moderates, independents and other swing voters in determining the winner of the ultimate prize: the Presidency.

It’s also a fundamentally dishonest tactic, but one that many jaded voters on both sides seem to accept. The end justifies the means, they reason.

The Left has just re-learned it the hard way. Sure, in the last election a lot of the then-newly-invigorated liberal base took Savior Obama at his word when he said he’d do things like close Guantánamo and end waterboarding.
Click here to continue reading

Mr. Gingrich’s Lack of Humility is Killing Him

Newt Gingrich by Michael Ramirez

Some have said that arrogance and narcissism are present in every presidential candidate. I strongly disagree. Every viable candidate for office of President of the United States of America must have a healthy ego just to survive the tremendous rigors of the process and there must be a core conviction that one’s service to the nation is needed — no question about that! But I believe that a person whose predominant character attribute is that of narcissism, constantly projected as arrogance and condescension, is a seriously flawed character. The imbalance to self-love can easily eclipse judgment and wisdom. Think about it. How many times have we heard Mr. Gingrich apologize in the last three weeks alone for bad judgment? Many times. It is almost a daily occurrence. It happened again just yesterday. And this is just his campaign!

How would it be if a President Gingrich were to launch a large, hastily planned military operation that ended in disaster? Would it then be acceptable for him to step out on the balcony and tell us, “I am sorry…I screwed up.”? There are myriad scenarios in which a President’s wisdom and sober judgment will be needed to protect our nation from within and from outside enemies. Gingrich is sorely lacking in character. I believe his lack of good wisdom and judgment is eclipsed by simple narcissism — at 68, he has “matured” to a point where he cannot help himself — nor can anyone else.

Mr. Gingrich’s plummeting poll numbers are not due to advertising, though the medium is the conduit of truth to expose the true nature (character) of the man. Just today, an average voter in Iowa had this to say to Mr. Gingrich, to his face:

“You did an ABC interview where you said ‘I’m going to be the nominee.’ I’m for you, I’m a big fan, but that felt a little bit presumptuous,” Turner said.

What was Gingrich’s reply to her? “It was a mistake.” And then he goes on to give a nuanced answer to top it! There you go. He gets a pass? No! The voters don’t like it! This voter continued to press him:

“Do you think perhaps you’re viewed as, and I mean this in the nicest way, as narcissistic or arrogant?” she asked…“Some people think that,” Gingrich said…“But do you think that?” Turner asked…“I don’t,” Gingrich said…“Do you think you need to be a little bit more humble?” she said…Gingrich told Turner that he is assertive, but sometimes being too assertive, and admitted: “It’s not too smart.”…Turner told Gingrich he just needs to be more humble on the campaign trail…“Just the spirit of humility is all, that’s why when you say, ‘Be with me, not for me,’ that means a lot, I just want it to be in your heart,” Turner said. “I just want you to be humble, that’s all, but I think you’re great.”

This request is so pathetic. Her pleading feels like the beaten woman crying for her drunken husband to become a sober man and abandon his abusive ways. It just is not going to happen. He cannot help himself. He has become accustomed to effectively apologizing.

This Reuters article clearly shows that Mr. Gingrich is not only on the defensive, he is on the ropes. Once a major candidate kicks into bunker-defensive mode, and without adequate funding or organization, it is just a matter of time before it is over.

“Long before the caucuses, you’ll know every answer to every single negative ad,” Gingrich told a crowd of about 300 on Monday night at Level Ten, an apparel business in the Iowa town of Hiawatha….Voters said they wanted to see Gingrich respond more forcefully to the attack ads….”The elephant in the room for Newt is he has so much excess baggage, and that stuff gets hammered home,” said Jerry Marietta, 62, from Davenport.

Finally, in this “Gingrich Fades” article:

“Newt Gingrich’s campaign is rapidly imploding and Gingrich has now seen a big drop in his Iowa standing two weeks in a row,” Public Policy Polling, which is affiliated with the Democratic Party, said in a statement.

From the very beginning, Gingrich was never really serious in his efforts to run for the office of President. If he were as bright and knowledgeable as he is trying so hard to tell all of us, he would have prepared for a major, national campaign to run for President.

“But it’s hard when you’re trying to build infrastructure when you’re behind the eight ball,” (said, John Gilliland of the Iowa Association of Business and Industry).

Rather, Mr. Gingrich possessed supreme confidence that he would be carried atop the shoulders of the electorate to the victory podium at the steps of the Capitol.

We don’t need more apologies. We have had far too many from Mr. Obama.

My only request of Mr. Gingrich, as he experiences the light of day over his character, is that he stop whining. Eating a little humble pie in the next two to three weeks is good for the soul and is in the Spirit of Christmas.

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.” — Confucius

“Cleverness is not wisdom.” — Euripides

The Gingrich Core… Character Matters

Mr. Gingrich’s superficial appeal was quickly obliterated this week. What do we call that again? “Flash-in-the-pan,” was it? Before Americans had a chance to have their memories jogged, many lined up behind the Newt. At Intrade, he peaked last Monday (12/12/11) at about 37.5% — exactly a week ago, Gingrich was at 32.5% and still rising in the “put your money where your mouth is poll.” He has dropped like a boulder and is now threatening to take over Huntsman and Paul at the dregs of the Intrade polls at right around 13.0%. Stunning is the fall — there is no other way to describe it. Consider this: No more than five days ago, Gingrich and Romney were about five points separated in Intrade; today the spread is 50 points!

Lest you have forgotten (or you never saw it), watch this 60-second video at ABCNews from 12/1/11 to watch Mr. Gingrich tell the entire world he would be the Republican nominee and also state, in reference to the other GOP candidates (more than one time), “They’re not going to be the nominee.” By the way, if any of you ever wondered who was more intelligent between Gingrich and Romney, this one-minute video should have resolved it for you. No intelligent person would ever set the expectations of voters to the highest possible level, months ahead of the possible result — a pretentious, arrogant, narcissistic man would though. As you watch the video, look at the smug look on his face. Try to imagine Governor Romney ever taking such posture, let alone saying such a thing. That said, I have heard Gingrich use the word “humble” before, in reference to himself no less!

Why has his highness fallen and so fast?

The vetting process is working. We all know the “good talker” type among those we have met, right? The smooth, confident, charismatic used car salesman type. Few people in politics are as articulate and knowledgeable as Gingrich — no question about it. But possession of knowledge (facts…) and rhetorical skills do not make the man! They certainly do not make the leader. In my opinion, Gingrich is a very poor leader. He is a very good historian though, and it shows as he always schools us in the debates. But his style reminds me of the professors I had in business school that used to tell us what it takes to run a business when their entire reference was from academia, not business. Gingrich has never been a true executive leader accountable to any bottom line — though he was ultimately accountable to the American people when he was run out of Congress by his peers. And what about wisdom? Rarely is the word “wisdom” used in any way to describe Gingrich.

Why the fall? I strongly believe it is his lack of moral character. This week, Gingrich made a fidelity pledge — no really, he did. But my point is that this was his fourth pledge. He made the very same pledge, if not much stronger and more sacred to three women, including his current wife. Why are we to consider that there is important meaning in his pledge of 12/12/11? Again, I really believe that Gingrich is not that bright for him to think that all Americans are that gullible and naive. Why would Republicans, who stopped supporting Herman Cain partially because of only alleged infidelity, have any desire to retain Newt Gingrich? Gingrich is an admitted serial adulterer — albeit a self-described “repentant” one — and a grandfather! Let’s hope his grandchildren never run across this, this, this, and this.

Governor Romney is the leader of undisputed moral character that America needs right now to remove us from the rudderless course.

“What the statesman is most anxious to produce is a certain moral character in his fellow citizens, namely a disposition to virtue and the performance of virtuous actions.” — Aristotle

“Leadership is understanding people and involving them to help you do a job. That takes all of the good characteristics, like integrity, dedication of purpose, selflessness, knowledge, skill, implacability, as well as determination not to accept failure.” — Admiral Arleigh A. Burke

A Vote for Gingrich is a Vote for Obama

The three most arrogant and condescending people that keep coming to my mind in recent days are Rod Blagojevich, Don Trump, and Newt Gingrich. A couple of years ago I remember seeing Blagojevich on TV many times telling the world he was innocent and that he would eventually be completely exonerated in court — totally and confidently arrogant (and now he complains from behind bars that his 14-year sentence was too harsh!). And Mr. Trump? Need I say more? His looming threat that he will run for President as an Independent if the right Republican is not nominated — as if to rise to the occasion as America’s savior! And Gingrich. Don’t forget folks. In the last couple of weeks, Mr. Gingrich told the entire world on national TV that he would be the Republican nominee. And when asked if he “would go negative” in his campaign, he said something to the effect, “No! I don’t need to. Because I will be the nominee! Why would I need to go negative?” Is such hubris matched by any other human alive? And what does NG do? Not only does he go negative on Romney, he does so showing his full colors, as if he were a complete liberal (see great posts below for this information).

You know what? I love it! There is something about watching arrogant people make the beds they sleep in! When Blagojevich was prancing around Chicago like a peacock, I knew he would meet justice; if not obvious to him, it was obvious to all other observers. NG did something that I think was a HUGE mistake when he told the world he would be the GOP nominee. He set the bar of expectations to the highest level. Who does that? Nobody. Contrast NG’s rhetoric with that of Romney’s. Romney states that the campaign will be long and hard and that he believes Americans will eventually select him as the nominee. Which is more appealing? Condescending hubris or simple, steady modesty? I love watching NG make the bed he will sleep in.

Character matters. Take a moment and compare what we know of each candidate’s character. Need I say more? If someone were to accuse me of even one “ethics” charge, I would be embarrassed and I would do everything in my power to redeem my reputation. Gingrich has 84 ethics sanctions to his reputation! Will Obama exploit that fact? And what about his affairs and his obvious hypocrisy (ripping Clinton while he was carrying on a six-year secret affair himself)? How will the “family man” Obama exploit this character flaw? Do you think he will care one whit that NG says he is older, wiser, and repentant? Heck no! He will simply pull the character card. Does one’s character change throughout life? Gingrich is so arrogant in dismissing all the stupid things he has done. In doing the commercial with Nancy, he dismisses that major blunder by stating that it was, “the stupidist thing I have done” as he condescendingly thinks we Americans are gullible enough to accept such a brush off as naive. No. It is all about character, Newt.

There are other great Americans with characters above reproach among the Republican candidates. Top of the “character list” for me is Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney’s character is above reproach in every way. This is only my opinion, but of all the Republican candidates, Newt Gingrich’s character is permanently flawed and he is at the bottom of the “character list” of all the current candidates. Of this, I don’t think there is any question at all.

Who do we want as President of the United States of America? A person of unquestioned character or some man that is constantly making excuses for his past and who expects us to forget it all because he is now a grandfather? I mean really — is there even a question on this?

By the way, I think NG peaked today (12/13). I could be wrong, but I think we will look back to this week to see his highest poll numbers. Intrade has already changed quite a bit in Romney’s favor.

“A single lie destroys a whole reputation for integrity” — Baltasar Gracian

Rick Perry’s Problem With The Truth

“It is becoming increasingly clear that Rick Perry has problems with the truth. - Andrea Saul, spokesperson for 'Romney for President'

It is becoming increasingly clear that Rick Perry has problems with the truth. Each of Rick Perry’s attacks has been proven false. Instead of dreaming up phony attacks on Mitt Romney, Governor Perry should explain why he encourages illegal immigration, why he wants to dismantle Social Security, and why he accepted billions of dollars of stimulus to cover up his massive budget deficit.” – Andrea Saul, Romney for President spokesperson

For the third time in three days, Governor Perry’s campaign today released an intentionally false and misleading claim about Mitt Romney:

Perry version of Romney Quote: “The ‘all-Democrat’ stimulus that was passed in early 2009 will accelerate the timing of the start of the recovery.”(RickPerry.org, Press Release, 9/28/11)

Actual version of Romney Quote: “The ‘all-Democrat’ stimulus that was passed in early 2009 will accelerate the timing of the start of the recovery, but not as much as it could have had it included genuine tax- and job- generating incentives. President Obama and his economic team said their stimulus would hold unemployment below 8 percent. But unemployment soared well above that level. Not only has the 2009 package already been far less than successful, it will impose a heavy burden on the economy in the intermediate and long term.” (Mitt Romney, No Apology, 2010, pp. 144-145)

Governor Perry conveniently fails to mention that he used billions in federal stimulus money to cover up his budget deficits in Texas:

“Texas was the state that depended the most on those very stimulus funds to plug nearly 97% of its shortfall for fiscal 2010…” “[Perry] likes to trumpet that his state balanced its budget in 2009, while keeping billions in its rainy day fund. But he couldn’t have done that without a lot of help from … guess where? Washington. Turns out Texas was the state that depended the most on those very stimulus funds to plug nearly 97% of its shortfall for fiscal 2010, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.” (Tami Luhby, “Texas’s Love/Hate Relationship With Washington’s Money,” CNN Money, 1/23/11)

Under Perry, Texas used more than $6 Billion in stimulus money to balance its 2010-11 budget. “Texas, which crafts a budget every two years, was facing a $6.6 billion shortfall for its 2010-2011 fiscal years. It plugged nearly all of that deficit with $6.4 billion in Recovery Act money, allowing it to leave its $9.1 billion rainy day fund untouched.” (Tami Luhby, “Texas’s Love/Hate Relationship With Washington’s Money,” CNN Money, 1/23/11)

Washington Post: Texas “Has Raked In Nearly $25 Billion In Federal Stimulus Money.” “In the wake of the Great Recession, the state has raked in nearly $25 billion in federal stimulus money … Befitting its population, Texas has received the third-highest amount of stimulus money in the nation, behind California and New York.” (Michael Fletcher, “Perry Criticizes Government While Texas Job Growth Benefits From It,” The Washington Post, 8/20/11)

Even as Perry requested the Recovery Act Money, He Railed Against It. On the very same day he asked for the funds, he set up a petition titles ‘No Government Bailouts.’” (Tami Luhby, “Texas’s Love/Hate Relationship With Washington’s Money,” CNN Money, 1/23/11)

Governor Perry’s previous two attempts to attack Mitt Romney this week ran into a problem – the TRUTH:

On Education Policy: Perry’s campaign “Seems intent on playing games with ‘snippets’ of quotes… This is yet another example of misleading campaign advertising.” “[T]he Rick Perry campaign seems intent on playing games with snippets of quotes by his main rival, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. … Here comes another one, this time on Romney’s supposed support for President Obama’s ‘Race to the Top’ education initiative. … Note that the Perry campaign left off the key last sentence: ‘But for me, get that back to the state level.’In other words, Romney supports some of the overall goals of ‘Race to the Top,’ but not the fact that Obama wants to make it a federal program. That’s a critical difference, or else the Perry campaign would not have left those words on the cutting room floor. This is yet another example of misleading campaign advertising.” (Glenn Kessler, “Rick Perry’s Phony Ad On Mitt Romney (Part 2),” The Washington Post, 9/27/11)

• FactCheck.org: “Romney’s full statement … makes clear he was praising the goals but criticizing the way the administration is pursuing them at the federal level. … The last sentence makes clear that while Romney supports some of the ideas behind Race to the Top, he thinks those educational policies ought to be handled at the state, rather than federal, level – which mirrors the traditional conservative view.” (FactCheck.org, 9/23/11)

• The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin: “[Perry] doubled down with an ad so obviously dishonest on Romney’s position on Race to the Top that there weren’t enough Pinnochios to go around.” (The Washington Post’s “Right Turn,” 9/27/11)

On Governor Romney’s book:

Perry is simply making up the claim that Romney advocated his health-care plan as a model for the rest of the country.” “The Rick Perry campaign on Monday released an advertisement … Specifically, Perry claims that Romney deleted a sentence suggesting that the health-care plan he passed in Massachusetts was a model for the rest of the nation. … Perry is simply making up the claim that Romney advocated his health-care plan as a model for the rest of the country – and that he deleted words praising it. Perry’s claim is directly contradicted on the very page from which he draws his gotcha quote. … This ad is the kind of gamesmanship that gives politics a bad name.” (Glenn Kessler, “Perry’s Phony Attack Ad On Changes To Romney’s Book,” The Washington Post, 9/27/11)

• FactCheck.org: “Perry falsely claimed Romney had once written that ‘Romneycare’ is ‘exactly what the American people needed.’ Romney never wrote that. On the contrary, he said after he signed the bill that ‘certain aspects’ of the state’s law might work ‘better in some states than others.’”(FactCheck.org, 9/23/11)

• PolitiFact: “Perry’s right that Romney’s comments about health care were edited between editions. … But Perry exaggerates by making it sound as though Romney had advocated his state’s plan as national health care policy – a potentially damaging position in a Republican primary. That’s not what Romney wrote.” (PolitiFact.com, 9/23/11)

(emphasis added )

► Jayde Wyatt