Romney Endorsed by Fmr NH State Sen, Taxpayer & Tea Party Advocate George Lovejoy

September 16, 2011 - Mitt Romney speaks with diner owners before holding a Round Table discussion in Littleton, New Hampshire. Today, Romney has received the endorsement of former NH State Senator and taxpayer advocate George Lovejoy. 9/29/11

Esteemed former New Hampshire State Senator George Lovejoy has endorsed Mitt Romney. Lovejoy, a taxpayer advocate and Tea Party supporter, has issued a ringing endorsement of Gov Romney:

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced that longtime New Hampshire taxpayer advocate George Lovejoy has joined his campaign.

“For decades, George has been on the front lines of the fight to cut spending, reduce government and to preserve the New Hampshire Advantage,” said Mitt Romney. “I am proud to have earned his support and pleased that he has decided to join my campaign to create jobs and reverse President Obama’s reckless fiscal policies.”

This election is without a doubt the most important in my lifetime and in the history of our country. Winning this election must be the foremost goal of every Republican, and I determined that I would support the most conservative candidate who could defeat Barack Obama in 2012. That candidate is Mitt Romney,” said George Lovejoy. “Mitt has the successful business experience needed to lower spending and stop the taxing and borrowing of the Obama Presidency. He is on the right side of saving Social Security by fixing it instead of tearing it down. He will use this country’s resources to stop illegal immigration and not offer illegal immigrants incentives to come here at the expense of our taxpayers. He has the stature, the respect and the knowledge to lead this country back to job and business growth and to turn around our struggling economy.”

(emphasis added )

Background On George Lovejoy:

George Lovejoy Served In The Administration Of New Hampshire Governor Meldrim Thomson As The Director Of The Office Of Comprehensive Planning. After Thomson left office, Lovejoy joined the former governor in co-founding Tax Relief Incorporated and the Granite State Taxpayers Association to help protect New Hampshire’s low tax environment. From 1992 to 1996 Lovejoy served in the New Hampshire State Senate, holding the positions of Vice President of Policy and Chairman of the Education Committee. He most recently served as Chairman of the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition. Lovejoy owns and operates a small real estate company in his hometown of Barrington.

Former NH State Senator Lovejoy spoke at a Tea Party tax day rally on April 15, 2010 at Manchester, NH:

This is a great endorsement for Mitt; thank you State Sen Lovejoy!

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Romney Receives Endorsements From Officials in Maryland & New Hampshire

As evening falls, lights from Baltimore, Maryland, are reflected in the city harbor. Mitt Romney received 25 endorsements from the Old Line State yesterday. Sept 9, 2011

We approve this trend!

More endorsements today for Mitt Romney…

Maryland – Mitt Romney receives support:
September 8, 2011

It is an honor to have the support of so many in Maryland,” said Mitt Romney. “They share my goals in this campaign to reverse President Obama’s failed policies and get our economy moving again. I look forward to working with them as I bring this message to Maryland and the American people.”

Announcing his support, State Senator Richard Colburn said, “Mitt Romney has a proven record of creating jobs and cutting spending. President Obama has failed on these points and it has hurt the American economy. Mitt Romney has the much-needed experience to lead our country toward an economic recovery.”

Maryland Leaders Endorsing Mitt Romney:

• State Senator Richard Colburn
• State Senator Joe Getty
• State Senator Allan Kittleman
• Delegate Kathryn Afzali
• Delegate John Cluster
• Delegate Addie Eckardt
• Delegate Donald Elliott
• Delegate Michael Hough
• Delegate Nic Kipke
• Delegate Steven Schuh
• Former United States Ambassador to New Zealand Robert Goodwin
• National Committeeman Louis Pope
• National Committeewoman Joyce Terhes
• 2010 Republican Candidate for Lieutenant Governor and Former Secretary of State Mary Kane
• Former Maryland Republican Party Chairman John Kane
• Former Maryland Republican Party Chairman Audrey Scott
• Former Maryland Republican Party First Vice Chair Chris Cavey
• Former Maryland Republican Party First Vice Chair Chuck Gast
• Maryland Republican Party Treasurer Christopher Rosenthal
• Garrett County Republican Party Chairman Brenda Butcsher
• Howard County Republican Party Chairman Loretta Shields
• Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Mark Uncapher
• Frederick County Councilman Paul Smith
• Howard County Councilman Greg Fox
• State Central Committee Member – St. Mary’s County Mary Russell

Quite a list!

New Hampshire State Senator Chuck Morse Endorses Mitt Romney
September 8, 2011

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney announced today that New Hampshire State Senator and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Morse (R-Salem) endorsed his candidacy for President of the United States. Senator Morse joins Senators Jack Barnes (R-Raymond), Jim Rausch (R-Derry) and Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro) in supporting Governor Romney.

Chuck Morse has been a leader in the fight to cut spending, reduce taxes and limit government in the Granite State. Over the past year, he helped craft one of the most fiscally responsible state budgets in the country that has put New Hampshire on a path toward prosperity,” said Mitt Romney. “I am proud to have his support and look forward to campaigning with him in the months ahead.”

NH State Senator and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Morse (R-Salem) has endorsed Mitt Romney for president. 9/8/11

Announcing his support, Senator Morse said, “As a small business owner, I believe we need a fiscally conservative president who understands how the real economy works and how jobs are created. With over 25 years of experience in the private sector, Mitt Romney has the skills needed to turn around our struggling economy, get our exploding deficits under control and put people back to work. He is the right leader to confront the enormous challenges facing our country, and I am proud to support him.”

Background On Chuck Morse:

Chuck Morse is the Chairman of the New Hampshire State Senate Finance Committee. He was elected in 2010 to represent Salem, Pelham, Atkinson and Plaistow after having previously served in the State Senate from 2002-2006 and two terms in the State House of Representatives. He was the 2006 Republican nominee for Executive Council in District 3. Morse is a small business owner, serving as the President of Freshwater Farms & Garden Center in Atkinson and Granite Creek Farms of Brentwood, and has also served Salem as its town moderator and selectman. In 1997, Morse received the Bill Brown Distinguished Business Person of the Year Award.

UPDATE: Another glowing endorsement for Gov Romney from the majority leader in NH House of Reps, D.J. Bettencourt:

D.J. Bettencourt, the outspoken conservative majority leader in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, has decided to endorse Mitt Romney as the candidate who has “the absolute best chance at winning back the White House.”

My criteria, from the very beginning, was to select a candidate who was the most conservative candidate, who gave us the absolute best chance at winning back the White House. And I came to the conclusion that that was Gov. Romney,” Bettencourt told POLITICO. “I was very much attracted to his executive experience, both as governor of Massachusetts and running the Olympics.”

The 27-year-old Bettencourt is a prominent face in the younger generation of New Hampshire GOP leaders. His endorsement could help Romney shore up support on the right in a state where he is already strong.

Bettencourt had warm words for Romney’s chief Republican rival, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, but said he ultimately felt Romney was a better fit for both the political moment and the responsibilities of the presidency.

NH House Majority Leader D. J. Bettencourt

I have tremendous respect for Gov. Perry. I think he’s a very attractive candidate. But I think Gov. Romney’s experience in Massachusetts best suits him to take on the challenges of the country,” the legislator said. “It’s difficult to be a conservative governor in a liberal state such as Massachusetts. Washington is going to be a real challenge to maneuver.”

To conservatives who doubt Romney’s bona fides, he advised: “They should look very closely at what Gov. Romney did in Massachusetts and I think that if they do so, they will come away with the conclusion that Gov. Romney is plenty conservative.”

(emphasis added) H/t Frank, Bettencourt

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Tea Party Endorsement from S. Carolina for Mitt Romney

Tea Party supporters begin to gather to show support for Governor Mitt Romney (wearing blue t-shirts) before he addressed the Tea Party Express rally in Concord, NH. September 4, 2011

Mitt Romney spoke at a Tea Party Express rally in Concord, NH today and a few protesters from Freedom Works and other tea party factions thought he shouldn’t be there. From what we could see, the protesters were small in number. It was awesome to see Tea Party supporters for Romney out in force!

It made the following news all the more sweet…

Romney nabs tea party endorsement in South Carolina

Columbia, South Carolina – On the day before he takes part in a South Carolina presidential forum being organized by Sen. Jim DeMint, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney secured a high-profile tea party endorsement in the first-in-the-south primary state.

State Treasurer Curtis Loftis, one of the most tea party-friendly elected officials in the Palmetto State, told CNN Sunday that he will chair Romney’s presidential campaign in state.

South Carolina State Treasurer Curtis Loftis, a strong Tea Party supporter, has endorsed Gov Mitt Romney and will chair his campaign in the Palmetto State. 9/4/11

He is the guy who reflects my values and has the greatest chance of taking back the White House in 2012,” Loftis said in a phone interview.

Loftis praised Romney’s private sector experience and said he is more electable than the rest of the Republican candidates currently seeking the White House, including two with strong footholds in South Carolina: Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann.
[…]Loftis, who aggressively courted tea party activists during his 2010 campaign and once printed campaign bumper stickers emblazoned with Gadsden flags, said Romney can not only win South Carolina but also attract tea party support along the way.

As things go to the primaries, I think the tea party will show itself to be very pragmatic and to be very interested in the financial situation in America,” Loftis said. “They, like us, don’t want to be watching the inauguration on television. They want to be there in January 2013.”

Mitt Romney speaks at a Tea Party Express rally in Concord, NH. Many Romney supporters wore blue t-shirts. Sept 4, 2011 Click on image to enlarge.

Thank you Treasurer Loftis and thank you Tea Party Romney supporters!

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Misguided FreedomWorks Protests Romney’s Tea Party Appearance

One of the great things about America is the freedom of speech. When one does not like the actions the government is taking he/she may voice that opinion loudly without fear of being “shut down” by the government. The Tea Party is a great example of this. In 2010 many young conservatives with fresh faces and solid principles were swept into office, in large part due to the voices and efforts of many folk who belong to the various Tea Parties across the nation.

Washington is Broken

Are Mitt Romney and the Tea Party mutually exclusive?

As an adamant Romney supporter and a conservative I have never felt at odds with the ideals of the Tea Party. Small government, lower taxes, demanding responsibility from our political leaders – these are all things I hold I common with the Tea Party. At times some “leaders” of this supposedly autonomous group have felt to impose on others which candidates they should or should not support. This I object to. The various Tea Party groups are not set up so the members can vote in or out their leaders. What will keep leaders in check when they’ve perhaps exercised too much authority over their group?

A very prominent group, FreedomWorks, has decided to exercise their rights to protest. The aim of their protest? Mitt Romney accepting an invitation to speak at rally put on by the Tea Party Express, which is happening today in New Hampshire. FreedomWorks has every right to protest something they don’t believe is right… and so do I.

Not only do I believe that FreedomWorks protest is misguided, it is also extremely counter-productive. Governor Mitt Romney is an experienced business-man who also has executive experience in a volunteer capacity for the Olympics, as well as in government. Not only that, but he may well be the nominee to face President Barack Obama in the general election. I need not remind our readers that an additional four years for our current President would be disastrous. So why would FreedomWorks drop an “anyone but Obama” standpoint for a much less productive “anyone but Mitt” one?

For reference, below are some of the statements put out by FreedomWorks lately promoting their protest:
Click here to continue reading

AIPAC Mtg in Tampa: Romney Pays Surprise Visit

Mitt Romney made an unannounced appearance at a meeting of AIPAC in Tampa, Florida. (Sept 1, 2011)

We hope all of you are enjoying the Labor Day weekend!

As we anticipate Mitt Romney’s Tea Party Express speech this evening, we wanted to report on an unscheduled Mitt event last week.

Before The Gov addressed the Republican National Hispanic assembly and opened his campaign headquarters in Tampa, FL on Friday, he paid a surprise visit to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). They were meeting in the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Tampa on Thursday (9/1/11).

AIPAC is a group that actively supports Israel.

We don’t have a report of what he said but we know he was well received. When he appeared, the audience came to their feet to give him a standing ovation.

The photo was tweeted by Eric Fehrnstrom.

The Tea Party Express Rally will begin this evening at 5:34 PM EDT at Rollins Park in Concord, New Hampshire.

We’re happy TPE has given Mitt the opportunity to be heard. Good luck this evening, Gov! We’re with you!

P.S. Drop a friendly note to Tea Party Express thanking them for the opportunity for our guy to be heard:

Tea Party Express Facebook –

TPA website contact:

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Romney’s Busy Labor Day Weekend: Tea Party, Pancake Breakfast, Palmetto Freedom Forum

Mitt Romney Announces Labor Day Weekend Schedule

Boston, MA – On Sunday, Mitt Romney will travel to New Hampshire to attend a Tea Party Express rally and on Monday he will host a Labor Day pancake breakfast. On Monday, Mitt Romney will also travel to South Carolina to attend the Palmetto Freedom Forum. The following events will be open to the press:

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Event: Mitt Romney Attends Tea Party Express Rally

When: 5:45 PM EDT

Location: Rollins Park
33 Bow Street
Concord, NH

Monday, September 5, 2011

Event: Mitt Romney Hosts Labor Day Pancake Breakfast

When: 8:30 AM EDT

Location: The Derryfield
625 Mammoth Road
Manchester, NH

Event: Mitt Romney Attends Palmetto Freedom Forum

When: 2:45 PM EDT

Location: Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center
1101 Lincoln Street
Columbia, SC

Ann Romney will take Governor Romney’s place in the Milford VFW Labor Day Parade in Milford, New Hampshire.

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The Political Soda Can: Will Mitt Romney Fizz or Fizzle?

Almost overnight the political soda can has been shaken and the top has popped off. The question talking heads are asking is: Will Mitt Romney fizz or fizzle?

Inside the political soda can

Governor Mitt Romney re-worked his schedule so he could participate in Senator Jim Demint’s Palmetto Freedom Forum, likewise on taking part in a Labor Day Tea Party Express Rally. Then, Governor Sarah Palin announced she will also be at the same Tea Party rally (glad to hear she’ll be there) and *Freedom Works has decided to protest Romney’s appearance at the Tea Party. In the meantime, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) told the Tea Party folks where to go and unvetted Rick Perry remains in the spotlight.

Romney said he’d shift gears when August became a summer memory. That’s exactly what he’s doing. There’s a whole lot of speculation going on out there on how he adapts to the present GOP carbonation:

Rick Perry’s surge in the polls is prompting some high-profile Mitt Romney backers to urge the former Massachusetts governor to step up his efforts before it’s too late.

Romney’s high command said that was always the plan – and that they expect to engage Perry during next month’s debates, which will usher in the stretch run of the GOP presidential campaign.

The former Massachusetts governor will also accelerate his pace starting this Labor Day weekend, say campaign officials.

Romney will attend a Tea Party rally in Concord, New Hampshire, on Sunday, a Monday morning pancake breakfast in Manchester and then fly to South Carolina to attend a candidate forum put on by Sen. Jim DeMint.

Romney had originally indicated he would not attend the DeMint event, but he changed his mind after having a conversation with the influential conservative.

“He’s a good friend and we wanted to do what we could to make it work,” said senior Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom of their change of heart. DeMint was a key Romney backer in 2008, but is holding out this election cycle. Romney’s reconsideration suggests that the South Carolinian hasn’t ruled out endorsing the former governor again.

Fehrnstrom said Romney will also conduct a more aggressive media strategy beginning next month, appearing more frequently on cable TV news and conducting local TV interviews in early primary states.

“You’ll see him take it up a notch,” said the adviser.

Further, Romney aides said the campaign plans to roll out more endorsements, and work internally to bolster their grassroots effort, identifying more committed voters and building coalitions.

September will also likely mark the first open skirmishing between Romney and Perry, as they prepare to face off, along with the rest of the GOP field, for the first time at three debates.

A lot of the comparing and contrasting will take place on stage at the debates,” said Fehrnstrom, adding that Romney’s primary focus will still be “President Obama and his failures.”

But Romney officials believe it’s inevitable that they’ll clash with Perry – in part because the brash Texan will give them an opportunity.

“Perry will throw the first punch,” predicted a top Romney aide. “He can’t help himself.”

Others weigh in

“Perry has certainly changed the mix of the race,” said former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, a Romney supporter and fundraiser. “I do think [Romney] needs to step it up several notches. The low-key campaign has served well him well to this point, but coming out of Labor Day he needs to be a lot more aggressive. The low-profile strategy is not going to work this fall.”
“The world has changed in the primary,” said veteran GOP consultant Mike Murphy, who worked for Romney in his 2002 gubernatorial race. “They have to decide how and where they beat Perry. The passive strategy – where they have name ID and none of their opponents do – is not working anymore.”

Playing it by ear…

But Romney’s gurus point to three important but as yet unknown factors to explain why they’re not ready to reach for their rifle.

As long as the final field remains uncertain, the caucus and primary calendar unset and Perry’s ability to hold up over a series of debates and heightened media scrutiny unknown, they say they’re reluctant to make any hard and fast strategic decisions.

In state-by-state terms, this means they’re going to keep playing wait-and-see in Iowa and South Carolina, where they’ve limited Romney’s presence this year, until it becomes more clear who will be in the mix.

Should Sarah Palin decide to run and Bachmann and Rick Santorum hang in the fight, for example, Iowa could be more appealing to Romney since the GOP’s social conservative bloc would be splintered among several candidates.

“It’s all a parlor game until you know who’s in,” said a senior Romney aide of Iowa.

Romney is ready

[…] Romney used an appearance at the national VFW convention in San Antonio, Perry’s backyard, to say: “Career politicians got us into this mess and they simply don’t know how to get us out.”

That’s the message his campaign will carry against Perry: the Texas governor is a government lifer who lived high on the public tab and doesn’t have the private-sector experience necessary to run the country.

What career politician has done well with the Tea Party?” asked one Romney official.

The danger for Romney, however, is that if they don’t move soon it may be too late to dissuade conservatives from backing Perry.

“In general, most tea party activists are focused on big things, like the country heading in the wrong direction, the debt, or leaving behind a weaker nation than we inherited,” said unaligned GOP strategist Todd Harris. “That’s what matters to them most, and if a candidate is right on those things, activists can be awfully forgiving of everything else. The kinds of attacks that might sink another candidate are written off as just politics as usual and virtually ignored. Once tea party activists line up behind someone, they can be awfully hard to peel off.”

(emphasis added) Continue reading here.

Mitt Romney is in solid alignment with Tea Party fundamentals. It’s up to us to ‘pop some tops’ because Romney is ready to ‘fizz’.

Contact Tea Party Express to let them know in a friendly way that you’re happy Governor Romney will be part of their ‘Reclaiming America’ bus tour and why he is worth listening to:

Website –

Contact –

Facebook –

Twitter –!/ourcountrypac

*Drop a line to Freedom Works, while you’re at it.

Contact –

Tweet from Tea Party Express:

All POTUS candidates have open invitation to TPX rallies. We have Bachmann, Romney, Gary Johnson…where is Paul, Cain, Perry, Gingrich etc?less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

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Mitt Romney Engages Voters at Town Hall Mtg in Lebanon, New Hampshire (VIDEO)

Mitt Romney takes questions at a town hall meeting in Lebanon, New Hampshire. Aug 24, 2011 (Photo/

On this day after hurricane Irene thundered her way across the eastern U.S., we’re happy the damage wasn’t as extensive as originally feared, but we’re sorry to hear about the loss of life and damage left in her wake. Our condolences to those who who lost loved ones. We hope electricity will soon be restored to all and that those involved in restoration and clean-up stay safe.

Governor Romney cancelled fundraisers over the weekend due to the hurricane which we would have covered today, so we’re posting video of Mitt Romney’s entire lively town hall meeting held in Lebanon, New Hampshire last Wednesday (8/24/11). The meeting is divided into six parts; the first part contains Romney’s sharing of interesting information on his and Ann’s family backgrounds. He also introduced special guest Doug Scamman, former Speaker of the New Hampshire House. (Romney announced his candidacy for president at Scamman Farms):

Governor Romney in Lebanon, NH Part 1


Mitt […] addressed a crowd at Lebanon Senior Center, where he emphasized that “government is not the source of American greatness.” Mitt proceeded to answer questions from voters, offering his view of the issues facing our nation. “This has been fun, I’ll tell ya. This is the most fun I’ve had in a long time. This is a great group. This is what’s so fun about town meetings in New Hampshire. You guys care. You’re informed.”

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

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~Update from Ross
Mitt’s been doing so many townhalls lately it’s tough to keep them straight. The picture and the commentary are from Mitt’s townhall event in Lebanon and the videos are from Mitt’s townhall event in Exeter.

Also, Mitt called President Obama’s presidency a “DDD presidency — it’s a presidency that’s been associated with debt and with downgrade and delay.” and then he tweeted the following since President Obama prefers AAA”:

.@BarackObama’s approach to the budget should be rated triple A: Arrogant, Absent and Alarming #ObamaIsntWorkingless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Romney in New Hampshire: Talks About Rick Perry, Tea Party

From stopping in Massachusetts on Sunday, to working in New Hampshire yesterday and today, Mitt Romney continues meeting concerned Americans and sharing his strong message for American renewal.

The Gov was anticipating a hike to the top of Mount Washington today, but Mother Nature changed those plans. Here’s more

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney made a stop at Stanley Elevator in Merrimack on Tuesday morning after plans to hike Mount Washington were washed out by rain.

Romney was scheduled to hike the northeast’s highest peak with New Hampshire State Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, and be available to speak with the media at the peak, however the auto road, which the presidential candidate would have used to descend the mountain, was washed out in yesterday’s rain.

Instead, Romney, considered one of the frontrunners in the GOP Primary, held a meet and greet with employees of Stanley Elevator before giving a 10-minute speech and holding about a 15-minute question and answer session.

During the meet and greet, Romney was introduced to 7-year-old Ian Sandhage, of Milford, the son of one of Stanley Elevator’s employees, who had a question to ask of the presidential candidate.

“Are you going to take President Obama’s house from him?” Ian asked.

“I hope so,” Romney replied, chuckling at the light moment.

The Gov joined employees and the media in a warehouse to talk jobs, education, and his seven point plan to fire up the American economy. Afterward, he held a Q&A session.

Rick Perry:

[…] Romney deflected questions about whether his 25 years in the business world are more valuable than Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s 25 years in government, by saying that he “respects” Perry and thinks he’s a “fine guy” and that they’ll have plenty of time to hash that over in the many debates that are likely to occur leading up to the primary.

“Right now, I’d like to talk about my record, President Obama’s record, why I think President Obama needs to be replaced, and why it is I think he’s in such trouble that he’s having to go on a bus tour to some of the swing states to try and convince some of the people to vote for him again.”

Tea Party:

[…] Romney said he believes he and the Tea Party have some very similar values and ideas.

I’ve had a chance to meet with Tea Partiers across the country and what I hear time and again is government’s too big. We need to cut back on the scale of government. I agree with that,” Romney said. “I think that message is encouraging, is positive and is leading the president to change his agenda. … The Tea Party has helped change the agenda in Washington. That’s a good thing.”

An attendee had this to say:

Susan DiLiberto, of Tyngsborough, Mass., said she’s looking for a president who can put people back into jobs, noting that her husband has been out of work for two years.

“Hopefully, if he gets to the White House, he will be able to do something to create jobs,” DiLiberto said.

As a Massachusetts resident, DiLiberto said she voted for Romney for governor and in the last primary.

I was very, very, very impressed by him,” she said of Romney’s appearance Tuesday morning. “He has a lot of very good ideas.”

Read more here.

Romney’s visit to Stanley Elevator today was symbolically fitting. Their motto is elevate your expectations.

There’s no one better than Romney to help America rise to the top!

Romney’s schedule today:

Touring Stanley Elevator
9 Henry Clay Drive, Merrimack, N.H.
12:00 PM

Meeting with supporters at the Littleton Diner
145 Main St., Littleton, N.H.
5:30 PM

Hosting a town hall meeting at VFW Post 2520
Berlin, N.H.

Mitt Romney speaks with diner owners before his Round Table discussion in Littleton, NH. Aug 16, 2011

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Romney to Address Labor Relations in New Hampshire

Governor Romney will have a full day on the road in The Granite State this Monday. His day will begin at the Concord Chamber of Commerce where he will talk about a subject very much on the minds of New Hampshire residents…

Romney to speak on labor relations in N.H.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will speak about labor relations at a Monday event in Concord, N.H.

In addition to giving his typical campaign speech, Romney plans to highlight his support for right-to-work legislation, and specifically New Hampshire’s proposed right to work law, according to his campaign.

Right-to-work is currently a hot button issue in New Hampshire. The Republican-led state Legislature passed legislation this year that would have made New Hampshire a right-to-work state, meaning workers could not be forced to pay union dues as a condition of employment. Democratic Governor John Lynch vetoed the bill, and Republican leaders are trying to muster the votes to override the veto.

(emphasis added)

Romney’s schedule Monday, August 8, 2011:

9:45 AM ET – Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce
Noon – Manchester Rotary Club
6:00 PM – Town Hall VFW Post 483 in Nashua

If a livefeed of the Town Hall is available we’ll post info here, so check back.


A LIVEFEED of Romney’s Town Hall meeting in Nashua this evening at 6:00 PM ET will be aired here.

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