As Mid-Term Elections Draw Near, 55 Percent of Likely Voters Describe Obama as ‘Socialist’

From National Review Online (Jim Geraghty):

55 Percent of Likely Voters Find ‘Socialist’ an Accurate Label of Obama?

The latest poll by Democracy Corps, the firm of James Carville and Stan Greenberg, has Republicans leading on the generic ballot among likely voters, 48 percent to 42 percent.

Deep in the poll, they ask, “Now, I am going to read you a list of words and phrases which people use to describe political figures. For each word or phrase, please tell me whether it describes Barack Obama very well, well, not too well, or not well at all.”

On “too liberal,” 35 percent of likely voters say it describes Obama “very well,” 21 percent say “well,” 21 percent say “not too well,” and 17 percent say “not well at all.” In other words, 56 percent of likely voters consider Obama too liberal.

When asked about “a socialist,” 33 percent of likely voters say it describes Obama “very well,” 22 percent say “well,” 15 percent say “not too well,” and 25 percent say “not well at all.”

In other words, 55 percent of likely voters think “socialist” is a reasonably accurate way of describing Obama.

From today’s Rasmussen’s Daily Presidential Tracking Poll:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday (7/9/10) shows that 26% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty-three percent (43%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -17.

Mitt Romney:

“President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and their team have failed the American people, and that is why their majority will soon be out the door.”

Sharron Angle’s new ad against Harry Reid:

Angle for the win!

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UPDATE: Republican National Committee’s latest ad re Harry Reid, Obama

Mitt Romney Responds to Obama’s ‘Cap and Trade’ Meeting with Senators

On-the-ball Mitt Romney quickly responded to President Obama’s Comprehensive Energy and Climate Legislation ‘circling of the wagons’ on Monday.

Cap and Trade Back Again [6/28/10]

Here we go again. Rather than providing much needed leadership on the oil spill crisis, President Obama and the liberals in Congress instead are trying to use it as an excuse to push through a cap and trade program — yet another big government initiative that will do nothing to stem the millions of gallons of oil spilling into the ocean, and which will have a negative impact on hard-working American families and the economy as a whole.

As Governor of Massachusetts, I declined to sign onto a regional cap and trade program because of my concern that it will raise energy prices for businesses and families. Unfortunately, my Democratic successor joined that agreement, known as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), and the result has been higher electricity prices for everyone, despite claims from advocates who said energy bills will go down.

Cap and trade effectively constitutes an enormous, hidden tax on the American people and American businesses. It will lead to higher joblessness and make a bad economic situation even worse. And because it will simply move greenhouse gas emitters from America to other nations like China, it won’t do a thing to affect climate change.

This cap and trade program must be defeated. Will you stand with me in helping to make our voices heard by making a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500, or even the maximum $5,000 to my PAC today?

At a time when we need leaders who will focus on solving the problems facing this nation today — stopping the oil spill, strengthening our economy, and creating an environment in which job creation can thrive — we instead have leaders more interested in growing government. Whether it’s cap and trade, a costly stimulus bill, auto company bailouts, job-killing card check legislation, or a health care law that imposes higher taxes, President Obama and the liberals controlling Congress have come down on the side of big government over and over again.

It is time that we make our voices heard and say enough is enough. I hope you will stand with me in doing so today.

(emphasis mine)

Following Rahm Emanuel’s ‘never let a serious crisis go to waste’ dictum, calculating President Obama must have figured enough time has lapsed since the explosion of BP’s oil rig and enough damage done to the Gulf area that he has a reasonable chance to muster a victory on his Cap and Trade Tax plans. (The day after the meeting Obama finally accepted foreign aid to help with oil spill cleanup – day 71 if you’re counting. Coincidence?)

After the meeting Obama released this statement:

Readout of the President’s Meeting with a Bipartisan Group of Senators to Discuss Passing Comprehensive Energy and Climate Legislation

The meeting the President hosted with a bipartisan group of Senators was a constructive exchange about the need to pass energy and climate legislation this year that lasted more than an hour-and-a-half. The President made clear his view that a full transition to clean energy will require more than just the government action we’ve taken so far. It will require a national effort from all of us to change the way we produce and use energy. The President told the Senators that he still believes the best way for us to transition to a clean energy economy is with a bill that makes clean energy the profitable kind of energy for America’s businesses by putting a price on pollution – because when companies pollute, they should be responsible for the costs to the environment and their contribution to climate change. Not all of the Senators agreed with this approach, and the President welcomed other approaches and ideas that would take real steps to reduce our dependence on oil, create jobs, strengthen our national security and reduce the pollution in our atmosphere. The President said that there was a strong foundation and consensus on some key policies and the President urged the Senators to come together based on that foundation. There was agreement on the sense of urgency required to move forward with legislation and the President is confident that we will be able to get something done this year.

(emphasis mine)

Strange words coming from Obama when back in August 2009 he quietly committed to lend $2,000,000,000 (that’s TWO BILLION dollars) of our money to Brazil’s state-owned oil company, Petrobras, to help them with off-shore deep water drilling in the Santos Basin near Rio de Janeiro. By the way, a few days before Obama committed to loan money to Brazil, guess who readjusted himself within Petrobas to receive dividends? George Soros.

Stop Cap and Trade – October 2009:

ABC News’ Matthew Jaffe reports:

In the wake of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, President Obama today summoned a bipartisan group of over 20 senators to the White House to push for energy and climate change legislation.

But one thing the President did not want to talk about at the meeting was the BP disaster, a Republican source told ABC News. And that, the source said, led to a pointed exchange with GOP senator Lamar Alexander from Tennessee.

“The priority should be fixing the oil spill,” Alexander told the President, according to the source. “That’s what any meeting about energy should be about.”

But when Alexander tried to interject the BP leak into the meeting, the source said, the President told the senator, “That’s just your talking point.”

(emphasis mine)

I haven’t located a confirmed list of Senators who attended this meeting. Here are the Senators who were expected:
Sens Harry Reid (D-Nev.), Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), Max Baucus (D-Mont.), Mark Begich (D-Alaska), Jeff Bingaman (D-N.M.), Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.), Tom Carper (D-Del.), Susan Collins (R-Maine), Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.), Judd Gregg (R-N.H.., John Kerry (D-Mass.), Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.), Richard Lugar (R-Ind.), Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.), Olympia Snowe (R-Maine), Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), and George Voinovich (R-Ohio).

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) is aiming to bring energy legislation to the Senate floor in July.

Obama and Reid must have forgotten about ClimateGate and the reception Harry received when he held his ‘Clean Energy Summit’ in Nevada (8/10/09):

Contact your congressional Reps and the Senators who attended Obama’s Cap and Tax meeting to let them know how you feel. More than ever, we need to help Governor Romney bring common sense back to government. Donate to his Free and Strong America PAC today.