VIDEO: Watch Fox News Panel Rip Newt Gingrich After Nevada Caucus “Speech”

After the Nevada Caucus, Newt Gingrich gave an unorthodox “press conference” rather than the more typical concession speech. Before and during the press conference, Speaker Gingrich promised to run a more “positive campaign,”. Then immediately after saying that, Newt unleashed a barrage of criticisms against Romney.

Here is Bret Baier and a Fox News Panel analyzing Newt’s comments immediately after the press conference. I think this Fox News panel just says it all. Keep in mind that this is Fox News making these comments and not a liberal-leaning news organization. Though all the panelists are quite harsh to Newt Gingrich, make sure to listen to the last two panelists who begin speaking 2:10 in the clip.

Fox is going to need to provide a lot more analysis like this to make up for all their months of Romney-bashing, but at least it’s a start.

Romney Dominates Nevada Caucus; Entrance Polls Tidbits

Well, the final results aren’t final yet . . . but it’s clear that Romney won this important swing state’s caucus, and won it big. (Update . . . Romney did get just over 50%, but the entrance poll results have just been revised this morning, so much of what you see quoted below is somewhat off from what the linked poll says NOW. Sorry, I’m not going back and re-calculating things at this point).

He’s got 43% of the vote with 43% of precincts reporting, but the results of Clark County (Las Vegas) as not coming in as fast as expected. Don’t fret though Romney fans, Mitt will win a majority of the votes and I’m guessing he’ll be somewhere between 52-55% of the total vote when all is said and done. If things track as closely as they are in the entrance polls, Clark County should go for Mitt by over 60% (and they’ve nailed the non-Clark County…rest of NV…percentage at 43%, exactly how the real results have turned out)

Debunking the “Romney won Nevada because of the Mormon factor” myth:

Yes, Mitt dominated among LDS voters with 90% choosing Romney, BUT (and it’s a very big “but”), EVEN IF NOT A SINGLE MORMON WENT TO VOTE, ROMNEY WOULD HAVE WON THE STATE WITH A 42%-26% margin over Gingrich.  Romney won Catholics 52%-19% over Newt and “White Evangelical/Born Again” by a solid margin of 46%-26% over the former Speaker.

Debunking the “See, the poor won’t vote for Romney” myth:

On CNN’s coverage tonight, the anchors/pundits seemed to be getting as much mileage as possible out of the fact that the only economic demographic that Romney did NOT win was those that make $30,000 or less (which were only 10% of the voters in NV last night).  They were trying to tie this to Romney’s “I’m not concerned about the very poor” comment and even went on to conclude that this “underscores the fact that blue-collar workers, who you can’t win without their support, do not see that this is a guy that will fight for them.”  SERIOUSLY?!?!?  I realize that these pundits aren’t statisticians, but it’s pretty straightforward to figure out why he didn’t win this demographic.  First off, he hardly “lost” this demographic.  Paul and Newt both got 31%, and Mitt got 30%, a virtual 3 way tie for first.  Secondly, the age of the voter is VERY determinative of income when looking at your youngest age group especially.  Voters aged 18-29 were only 8% of the vote (quite similar to the 10% in that income of $30K or less), and Paul won that group 40% to 39% over Romney.  Paul has been wining the young college-aged voters in almost every state . . . it’s his base and he’s definitely turning out this group of folks that do not typically vote in a GOP primary.  Good for Paul. But these college kids are a HUGE portion of the “makes less than $30,000 year” group, and I don’t think anyone would consider college kids “the very poor,” they are just in a temporary low-income stage of their lives.

“Strong Moral Character;” Mitt good, Newt Very Very Bad:

In perhaps the most revealing entrance poll finding, those that felt a candidate having “Strong Moral Character” was their number one trait they sought in a President, Mitt got 54% of the vote … Newt got 1% of those voters.  No, that is not a typo, ONE PERCENT (Paul got 32% and Santorum got 13%).  Looks like Nevada voters are pretty good judges of character, eh?  THIS IS WHY YOU’RE LOSING NEWT!! YOU BLAME MITT FOR YOUR LAGGING VOTE TALLIES, BUT YOU NEED TO LOOK IN THE MIRROR BUDDY!

Debunking the “Strong Conservatives and Tea Party voters don’t like Romney” myth:

Like New Hampshire and Florida, Romney, once again, won self-identified conservatives and supporters of the Tea Party in Nevada.  This time though, he won A MAJORITY of these groups.  Romney beat Newt 54%-21% among conservative voters and 50%-23% among Tea Party supporters.  Yet I still see pundit after pundit say that Romney still has a lot of work to do to appeal to conservatives (while they “obviously” love Newt).  CAN THEY NOT READ A POLL?!?  Among “very conservative” voters he Mitt still won 49%-24% over Newt, and even beat him 39%-30% among those “strongly supportive of Tea Party.”  Some narratives are hard to kill, but when a state in the Northeast (NH), Southeast (FL), and West (NV) all show Romney winning conservatives and Tea Party supporters I think it’s proof positive against that media meme. The real take-away/new-media-narrative should be that Newt has work to do to appeal to as many conservatives as Romney has been.

Odds and Ends:

The Economy was the number one (even by a majority) issue on voters minds, and Romney carried these voters by 62%.  By an even larger margin, the candidate quality of “Can Defeat Obama” was number one, and Romney absolutely dominated here with 73% of the vote.  WOW!  “Right Experience” was the top quality to only 15% of voters, but Romney cleaned up here too with 55% (Rick Santorum pulled in a whopping 1% here).   Romney also continues to dominate the Suburbs winning with 69% there; historically this is a key demographic for winning a general election.

Turnout Issue:

Newt and some liberals keeps saying that Mitt’s trying to suppress turnout in order to win.  When we look at the field compared to 2008, however, I don’t think it’s any surprise that turnout is lower.  Last time around there was much more diversity, and much more famous personalities in the field.  You had a Pro-Choice candidate with strong personal appeal/popularity in Rudy Giuliani, War Hero John McCain, popular actor Fred Thompson, and folksy former pastor Mike Huckabee in addition to Mitt and Paul all in the race this far into the process.  Substituting character-challenged Gingrich and personality/experience-challenged Rick Santorum in place of Giuliani, McCain, Thompson, and Huckabee is beyond even comparing apples and oranges. They all had more money and organization that either Newt or Rick too and that is how turnout is driven. Like all of Newt’s complaints/excuses, this one rings hollow as well.


Newt Gingrich — Words Experts are using to Describe the Man: “Unhinged” — “Irrational” — “Hate-Filled” — “Rattled & Scattered” — “Bully” — “Unreliable” — “Flailing” — “Staggered, Stunned, and Shocked” — IRONIES ABOUND

The day Newt Gingrich ends his run to be the Republican nominee will be a very sad day for the mainstream media, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, Mark Levin, and others a) who think he is the most qualified candidate for President, or b) who think he is the best thing to happen to America since Pee-wee Herman. At any moment, I expect Gingrich to say, “I know you are, but what am I?!!”

NOTE: In the last two months, Gingrich has made many ironic statements and assertions. Those statements and related facts are listed below the fold — click on the CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING at the bottom of this post to see all of Gingrich’s outlandish statements.

Since a day or two before the Florida primary I have heard one word used more than any others to describe Newt Gingrich by political analysts and pundits: “unhinged.” It is incredible how many “experts” have used that word to describe Gingrich on primetime television!

After his speech last night, David Gergen on CNN said that Gingrich is no longer in the race to win the nomination, but rather to take down Governor Romney! I have followed presidential primaries and elections closely since the Carter/Reagan days and I have never heard any presidential candidate described in this manner — ever! Several analysts last night said that Gingrich is furious with Romney for losing Iowa and for all of Romney’s [and Paul’s] truth-letting and for his trouncing in the last two debates.

In my opinion, Gingrich just passed a threshold of rationality in my opinion. He certainly passed a point of no return last night when he said he will not drop out of the race — with his “Let me be very clear…” comment — until he wins the nomination in Florida. Clearly, he does not have the best interest of America in mind when his sole motivation now appears to be to “take down” Governor Romney. There is a great line in the wonderful film The Artist in which George Valentin’s chauffeur tells Mr. Valentin, “Beware of pride sir.” If Gingrich has any confidants in his camp that are so frank, he obviously is not following their advice, as did Mr. Valentin.

CANDIDLY, IT IS SAD. Sad because Gingrich is now unable to see what every person in America sees in him — that he is a man so overcome with pride he is incapacitated to act in a rational way. Sad too because each time he says something negative of Governor Romney, he is informing Americans much more about Newt Gingrich, his character, and even his soul. There is a saying or warning in business that goes something like this: “Be careful to not start believing your own advertising.” Well, it is sad to see that Mr. Gingrich now believes all of his own advertising!

Frankly, I honestly believe that Newt Gingrich is a broken man who is now full of fear and feeling cornered. Like many men of great pride, they live for their glory days. There is no doubt that Mr. Gingrich accomplished many good things for America, back in the day. He feels he cannot quit now for history would then remember him more for the vitriol that he brought to the table in his effort to demonize a fellow Republican for his capitalist success and less for any of his past accomplishments. Rational thinking disappears when fear and pride consume a man.

You can see it in his countenance and demeanor now. He has taken on this false modesty as he now uses “we” and “us” in his rhetoric. He is attempting, with all of his being, to put on this game face of being happy and pleasant when just beneath the surface he is seething. He smiles all the time now. Even when being interviewed these last three days by his buddy Hannity he looked very uncomfortable and fidgety, even twiddling his thumbs as a nervous tell. No, I do not think that Mr. Gingrich is as bright as he has many Americans believing. He is being played by the media and he does not even know it. The irony of this fact is that his last public appearance was the press conference following last night’s Nevada returns — at which he was effusively friendly to reporters. What would Gingrich do without free television?


Following are some quotes I was able to scribble down last night as I watched CNN and FOX after Gingrich’s press conference. I don’t remember the order exactly, but in effect, these are some of the comments:
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Gingrich’s Press Conference… Baffling and Batty

Did ya hear that piqued-press-conference-tirade from Newt Gingrich last night?!

By Gary McCoy - Feb 1, 2012

By Brian Farrington - Jan 31, 2012

By Brian Farrington - Jan 30, 2012

After hearing Gingrich speak…

CNN contributor Goldie Taylor stated: “This is like re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.”

FOX News contributor / The Weekly Standard columnist Stephen Hayes declared: “This is what flailing looks like.”

FOX News contributor E.B. Stoddard summed it up: “That was a very, very, strange event.” ► Jayde Wyatt

Gingrich is Reaching Entertainment Level of Media Exposure

The National Journal is reporting that Gingrich is going to go unconventional after the caucuses close tonight. At first I thought that he might pick up a telephone and call Governor Romney to congratulate him. No. That would be a first and it would require true humility and grace. This NJ article has a couple of good links embedded.

Instead of the traditional election night party, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich will hold a press conference after the Nevada Caucus on Saturday, raising new speculation about his future in the race.

Ever wonder why Gingrich is losing support and grassroots volunteers? It is no accident when a candidate does not get ballot certified in important primary states like Virginia (Gingrich’s home state) and Missouri. It is lack of organization and lack of focus. He touts “people power” (see his post Florida victory speech) as what will get him the nomination. He must think we are all dumb — Where do “endorsements” come from? Where does “infrastructure” come from? Where does a strong “organization” come from? Where do hundreds of thousands of “grassroots volunteers” in every state come from? Where does strong executive leadership come from? These are all huge strengths attributed to an outstanding leader: Mitt Romney.

Contrast these with what is reported by the National Journal:

Gingrich has had a rough time on the trail ahead of the Nevada Caucus, the first presidential contest in the West. Sources in or close to his campaign gave reporters incorrect information that Donald Trump would endorse Gingrich (he endorsed rival Mitt Romney). Gingrich also missed a meeting with the Silver State’s popular governor, Brian Sandoval, a Rick Perry supporter who was viewed as a possible Gingrich endorsement after Perry dropped out and endorsed the former House Speaker, according to The New York Times.

Who in their right mind would tell any reporter that he had any endorsement if he had not spoken to the person that was endorsing him? Who does such a thing? And Gingrich just keeps trudging along without embarrassment! The very best way to describe a person like Newt Gingrich is using the Spanish language. Gingrich is what is called a “sin verguenza.” Roughly translated means, a person that cares little about his behavior and how that behavior is perceived by those around him.

After the caucuses close, the NJ reports what is up with Gov. Romney:

Romney will be holding a more traditional election night party in Las Vegas. The former Massachusetts governor took 51 percent of the vote in the 2008 Nevada Caucus.

To be candid, Gingrich has reached the level of entertainment. His staying in the race is providing a great deal of entertainment value to a lot of people through the mainstream media. Though speculation might exist that he will drop from the race, I do not believe it for a second. Gingrich is too self-absorbed and too cornered to give up. His ego will not allow him ever to do the right thing (see Jayde’s GREAT post below called “NV Reps Amodei… for more insight into the character of Gingrich).

“I discourage a cult of personality.” — Newt Gingrich

Nevada Caucuses: Romney Supporters Anticipate Win in the West

It’s the big day!

As the Nevada caucuses get underway, Romney supporters are revved up and ready to vote in the first GOP contest in the WEST. Marking the fifth competition in the 2012 primary race, the NV GOP Party is hosting and caucuses are only open to registered Republicans.

With 28 delegates at stake, caucusing begins at various times across the state but most will happen between 9 AM and 3 PM Pacific Time. A 7 PM caucus will be held in Clark County to accommodate those who can’t participate in the day due to religious reasons.

Mitt Romney is polling very well in the Silver State (poll taken Feb 2, 2012):

Governor Romney made a quick campaign trip today to Colorado Springs to host an event at Springs Fabrication. He’ll be back in Nevada tonight to host a primary rally at the Summerlin Ballroom in the Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa in Las Vegas.

CNN is planning extensive coverage; read more here.

CNN livefeed possibilities may be found here and here.

For those interested in FOX News, Bret Baier will host a campaign edition of Special Report at 10 PM ET. A possible livefeed for FOX coverage may be found here.

C-Span Schedule:
10:40 PM ET LIVE Road to The White House Newt Gingrich, NV Republican Caucus
10 PM ET Venetian/Palazzo Congress Center, Las Vegas, NV

11:00 PM ET LIVE Road to The White House Mitt Romney, NV Republican Caucus
Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa, Las Vegas, NV

The following Twitter info has been posted on our chat box for a couple of days; it bears posting here:

Note: According to an email sent to reporters this morning, Newt Gingrich is foregoing the usual election night party tonight. Instead, he has scheduled a press conference. It was reported yesterday that Newt didn’t conduct his usual full schedule of events but spent time on the phone trying to raise money. He also met with his Super PAC sweethearts, Sheldon and Miriam Adelson. Now, speculation is circulating about the purpose of the presser. By the way, his presser will be held in the Venetian hotel (run by Sheldon Adelson). Given Newt’s recent marveling about Donald Trump’s ability to create a media event (when Trump endorsed Romney), it looks like Gingrich is attempting to do the same.

Romney supporters are invited to join us on our chat box for caucus results.

Go Mitt!

► Jayde Wyatt

~Addendum from Ross
Despite the NVGOP stopping caucus results from leaking early, this is still the only situation that anyone will beat Mitt tonight.

UPDATE: Mitt wins! Along with our Primary Results and Delegate Count feature, CNN has an interactive map where you can project what will happen in the upcoming races.

NV Reps Amodei, Heck & Gov John Sununu: Gingrich Unreliable, Romney Proven Leader

Mitt Romney speaks to a packed crowd at a campaign rally in Las Vegas, Nevada. Feb 1, 2012 (Photo Reuters/Rick Wilking)

Ahead of Nevada’s exciting caucuses today, former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu and two Nevada Congressmen, Mark Amodei and Joe Heck, held a press conference call yesterday for Mitt Romney. The topic? Newt Gingrich Is An Unreliable Leader For Nevada.

To listen to audio of the entire call click here.


Gov John Sununu

Fmr NH Gov John Sununu

“Good afternoon. I guess it’s just about afternoon there too. So thank you all for joining us. I’m strongly supporting Governor Mitt Romney for president. I have a slight bias toward governors and former governors because they, I think, bring some experience of managing bureaucracies to the table and I think dealing with the legislative bodies in order to get what is often necessary, bipartisanship that is necessary to get legislation. I call it the ‘Ronald Reagan formula.’ I think Ronald Reagan was a great president because he had tremendous experience as Governor of California.

But beyond that, I am extremely concerned that Newt Gingrich, who is now the likely competitor in this primary process to Mitt Romney, is absolutely unreliable and frankly, from my direct experience, is untrustworthy. I’ve had to deal with the former Speaker Gingrich when I was chief of staff for the first President Bush and I found out that what Newt Gingrich would tell you in the morning he would probably change in the evening. Al Simpson put it very clearly in an interview with the Boston Globe; Newt Gingrich lied to the President of the United States. Peter King, current Congressman King, has made it clear that he doesn’t trust anything Newt Gingrich says. Senator Coburn from Oklahoma, former Congressman Susan Molinari, former Congressman Mickey Edwards, former Congressman Vin Weber, all these folks were part of his leadership team. And each one of them has, in their own way, has explained why they feel he is unreliable, both in terms of being erratic, both in terms of changing his mind on issues, both in terms of coming up with a contradictory idea the next day and finding him very incapable for staying focused on issues. Gingrich likes to talk about his big ideas. When Newt Gingrich talks about big ideas, I take ‘big’ as being a synonym for cockamamie because half the stuff he comes up with is unrealistic and undoable at a time when we’re dealing with huge budget deficits, when we are expressing concerns about $15 trillion, $16 trillion debt. He is talking about a trillion dollar program to go to the moon. There are appropriate times to have ideas that are new and different. This is not a time to spend a billion dollars going to the moon. Most of the ideas he has are designed to be self-aggrandizing. This is a man who cares more about his ego than he does about anything worthwhile for the country. And I am absolutely scared to death if someone says to me that this is a man who might win the nomination to run against Barack Obama.

I do want to touch on one item that former Speaker Gingrich raised at one of his meetings today. He played a video attacking Mitt Romney on the basis of a chance comment that Soros made in an interview. Soros was talking about people running for president and Soros suggested the similarity between Mitt Romney and the current incumbent in the White House. If I were Newt Gingrich, I would be self-sensitive to doing something affiliated to that because it would remind people that Newt Gingrich sat cheek-to-cheek with Nancy Pelosi in an ad that was funded by a group that Soros paid for. So in that sense, it was Soros’ money that put Gingrich on TV. And I think that is a clear definition and an underscoring of the fact that on issues like cap-and-trade, Newt Gingrich is not a conservative, certainly in throwing Paul Ryan under the bus as he did on the entitlement reform package that Paul Ryan talked about, Newt Gingrich is not a conservative, and frankly, Newt Gingrich’s principle philosophy is enhancing himself. I’ll stop there and let Joe and Mark have a few words here.”

Congressman Joe Heck

NV Rep Joe Heck

“Thanks Governor Sununu, this is Joe Heck. You know, I never worked directly with Speaker Gingrich, but I’ve heard a lot of things from former Congresswoman Barbara Vucanovich, who remains a very respected conservative leader in Nevada. And Congresswoman Vucanovich described the Speaker as too arrogant and cocky to be our nominee. And to me that says a lot. I’ve been a supporter of Governor Romney for a long time and, in fact, I may have been the first elected official to endorse this election cycle. Why am I endorsing Governor Romney? Simple, on the economy and jobs, there’s just no other candidate with Governor Romney’s economic know-how and experience in the private sector for proven leadership. And in Nevada, which has suffered more than any other state under President Obama’s failed economic policies, Nevadans are looking for a leader with a plan to grow the economy and in my opinion, that leader is Governor Mitt Romney. Mark?”

Congressman Mark Amodei

NV Rep Mark Amodei

“Thanks Joe. I’m not going to repeat anything the Governor or Joe said, but I’m going to give you two more pieces of the puzzle that I think are important, specifically in Nevada. Nevadans have been treated to the politics of division for the last three years under the Obama administration. Heck and I can tell you whether it’s in this primary, there’s a lot of people expressing a lot of respect for the Governor on how he has used a lot of restraint until recent when he basically had to come out and point out some things. But Mitt Romney has demonstrated he understands governing is a team sport, and that means bringing people together, not slicing them up for sport. That’s number one. Number two, that’s of particular importance to Nevada, especially when you’re talking about comparisons. Mitt Romney went through the presidential process four years ago and continuing from then until present, he’s got a deep team in Nevada. What that translates to, when you talk about the problems that Joe talked about, economy, jobs, resources, all those sorts of things, he’s got a deep bench in Nevada so he’s well-informed and he’s taken the time to get himself well-informed and build those networks: both north, south and rural in the state of Nevada and that makes him unique in this race.”

The American Spectator’s R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. provides a perfect follow-up to yesterday’s conference call – specifically to Sununu’s comments:

“Exit Newt”

Click here to continue reading

Gingrich’s Pattern of Questionable Legal Behavior Finally Results in a Lawsuit

If you were a contributor to the Gingrich campaign, how would you like to hear that your contribution was used to pay Mr. Gingrich for a list of supporters he already owned? Well,  that is exactly what was revealed when Gingrich filed his campaign finances with the Federal Elections Commission last week. Here is what reporters found as reported by Politico:

Newt Gingrich’s campaign paid him $47,000 for a list of supporters and paid one of his companies (Gingrich Productions) another $67,000 for web hosting, according to a report filed Tuesday with the Federal Election Commission.

Gingrich also paid himself another $206,000 for travel.

It’s unusual for a presidential candidate personally to be paid significant amounts for travel or lists — both because candidates can contribute an unlimited amount in cash or services to their own campaigns and because campaigns typically foot travel costs directly. And the Gingrich campaign did not immediately respond to questions about the payments.

I think it is sad that supporters would contribute their hard-earned money to Mr. Gingrich’s campaign only to find out that the contribution they gave was simply pocketed by Gingrich for goods and services already owned by Gingrich. It is also interesting to note that Gingrich is currently paying companies that he owns to do web hosting and other services, which Gingrich will also ultimately make a profit off of.

Gingrich’s unorthodox campaign continues to be more focused on benefitting Gingrich than anyone else. I have mentioned before that Gingrich has been criticized for devoting so much time to selling his books and DVD’s while on the campaign trail. The profits from these books and DVD’s do not go to the campaign, but to Mr. Gingrich personally. 

Gingrich continues to show a pattern of walking in the “grey areas” between what is legal and illegal. It is no wonder he has been in legal hot water before for his activities, and it appears that Gingrich will most likely be there again.

Click here for part I and part II of Gingrich’s questionable legal activities in the last few months.


A lawsuit has been filed against Gingrich regarding the payment of the mailing list and Gingrich’s selling of books and DVD’s for personal gain. The lawsuit can be read here.

Trump: “It’s my honor, my REAL honor, and privilege to endorse Mitt Romney.”

Trump Tower in Las Vegas

Trump International Hotel
Las Vegas

Ending months of suspense, from the glittering golden tower of Trump International Hotel on the Vegas strip, global business magnate Donald Trump has endorsed Mitt Romney…

“Mitt is tough. He’s smart. He’s sharp. He’s not going to allow bad things to continue to happen to this country that we all love.”

– Donald Trump

From the Romney Press office:


Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced the support of Donald Trump. Mr. Trump joins a growing list of over 2,500 elected officials, leaders and activists from across the country who have endorsed Mitt Romney.

“I am humbled by the endorsements I have received from Republicans across the political spectrum. Donald Trump’s endorsement of me today sends a strong signal that he believes we have the best chance to make President Obama a one-term president,” said Mitt Romney. “We share both a background in the private sector and a belief that Washington needs to get out of the way of small business. His support is a sign that business leaders are fed up with Washington and want someone with actual experience creating jobs and working in the real economy in the White House.”

(emphasis added)

Donald Trump joins these public figures in endorsing Governor Romney:
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell
South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley
Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman
Utah Governor Gary Herbert
Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam
Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty
Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu
Former Rhode Island Governor Don Carcieri
Former New Hampshire Governor and Senator Judd Gregg
Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman
Senator John McCain (AZ)
Senator Kelly Ayotte (NH)
Senator Rob Portman (OH)
Senator John Thune (SD)
Senator Lisa Murkowski (AK)
Senator Jim Risch (ID)
Senator Mark Kirk (IL)
Senator Roy Blunt (MO)
Senator Thad Cochran (MS)
Senator Richard Burr (NC)
Senator John Hoeven (ND)
Senator Mike Johanns (NE)
Senator Orrin Hatch (UT)
Congressman Darrell Issa (CA)
Congressman Connie Mack (FL)
Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA)
Congressman Greg Walden (OR)
Congressman Jason Chaffetz (UT)
Congressman Jeff Flake (AZ)
Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (FL)
Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL)
Congressman Mark Amodei (NV)
Congresswoman Kay Granger (TX)
Congressman Charlie Bass (NH)
Congressman Aaron Schock (IL)
Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi
Colorado Attorney General John Suthers
Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette
Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne
Maine Attorney General William Schneider
Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam
Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu
Conservative Leader Bay Buchanan
Conservative Leader Christine O’Donnell
Professor Mary Ann Glendon
Scott McNealy, CEO of Sun Microsystems
Meg Whitman, CEO of Hewlett-Packard
Andy Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants

With the alarming news today from the CBO, the real and urgent need for America’s business leaders to boldly fight their way to the front lines on Capitol Hill couldn’t be more clear. Good Ship America is sinking under the crippling cargo of burgeoning debt, harmful business regulations, heavy taxation, squandering of federal monies, crony capitalism, trade imbalances, dependence on foreign oil, and a growing entitlement mentality.

Obamanomics and anti-capitalist rhetoric, combined with class warfare, are tonnage that makes it almost impossible to come up for air.

Today’s endorsement from Donald Trump, whose name brand is known throughout the world, shines a spotlight on growing support for Romney from America’s job creators, entrepreneurs, risk-takers, small business owners, large industry leaders, venture capitalists, and more. It’s a call for all capitalist hands on deck.

Keep the American Dream alive.

Support Mitt Romney; donate to his one-term fund today!

*Speaking on Neil Cavuto’s FOX News TV program this afternoon, contributor Monica Crowley said “Newt would have walked over his grandmother’s grave for this endorsement.”

► Jayde Wyatt

LIVECHAT on Florida Primary Day

UPDATE: Bolstered by the huge win the Florida, Mitt Romney has launched the first official money-bomb of this campaign!

We’ll be here all night with updates… To borrow a line from the Black Eyed Peas, I’ve got a feeling that tonight’s gunna be a good good night ;)

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Full Delegate Count so far…

Also, Newt’s robocall may have sucked any last shred of credibility he has. Hot Air takes Newt to task and I imagine Newt won’t be able to live this one down. Newt has likely mobilized the Ron Paul army against him with this pathetic situation.

While you’re chatting with us later tonight, there will be a special edition of the Mitt Romney Radio show following the primary election in Florida from 9-11 ET. In addition to the show’s guests, they’d like to hear from you, too. Listen live, call in or catch the podcast later.

UPDATE 1: Networks are reportedly going to call the race for Mitt the moment the final polling places close at 8:00.

UPDATE 2: Ann Romney will be on CNN around 8:00 and we’ll post the interview here as soon as it’s available.

UPDATE 3: Mitt wins!