Romney Names 37 Members To His Wisconsin Finance Committee

An aerial view of downtown Madison, Wisconsin... Mitt Romney has named 37 members to head up his Finance Committee in the Badger State. 9/28/11

Ever mindful of the big political picture, Governor Romney has chosen 37 individuals to help raise funds in the grand state of Wisconsin. He announced his WI finance committee yesterday:

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced his Wisconsin Finance Committee.

To beat President Obama, we will need the resources to go up against his $1 billion machine,” said Mitt Romney. “My Wisconsin Finance Committee will help raise the resources so that I can reach out to voters. I am proud to announce my team today.”

“To help get Governor Romney elected we must raise the necessary funds – this is the team that will do that in Wisconsin,” said Terry Dittrich. “As Mitt Romney reaches out to voters in Wisconsin and across the country, we will help him spread his pro-growth message.”

“After three years of failed policies, it is clear we need a change in the White House,” said Scott Beightol. “Mitt Romney is the only candidate with the necessary experience to get Wisconsin and the country on the right track again. Our team in Wisconsin is honored to help him in his efforts.”

Wisconsin voters have seen the record of this White House and it is not a good one,” said Mike Jones. “It is clear that we need someone in the White House with experience working in the real economy, not another career politician. Mitt Romney’s record of results as a conservative businessman and successful governor is what Wisconsin needs to grow our economy and for businesses to start hiring again.”

(emphasis added )

Mitt Romney’s Wisconsin Finance Committee:

Helen and Ned Bechthold
David Beightol
Scott Beightol
Betsie and Bill Berrien
Bonnie Blair
Kelly Brown
Lori and Joseph Chrnelich
Michael Cudahy
Willie Davis
PJ DiStefano
Terry Dittrich
Jim Fitzgerald
Casey Fitz Randolph
John Hiller
Jay Hintze
Dan Jansen
Mike Jones
Jim Klauser
Tracey and Rick Klein
Elaine and Stephen Kraut
Helen Johnson Leipold
Craig Leipold
Scott Rackham
Richard Resch
Frank Romano
Brian Schroeder
Tracy Stefaniak Borgardt
Joe Sweeney
Ray Taffora
Jason Thompson
Jack Voight
Yash Wadhwa

An impressive list; we appreciate their help in the Badger State!

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Romney NYC Fundraising: Support for Israel Highlighted, Lures Obama Supporters

New York City skyline

The Big Apple is the scene where Romney is busy doing some end-of-the-third quarter fundraising:

Mitt Romney highlights support for Israel on fundraising tour of New York
Sarah B. Boxer
Sept 26, 2011

NEW YORK – While his date with The Donald may have gotten all the buzz, Mitt Romney had a much more serious agenda here than meeting celebrity businessman Donald Trump — fundraising.

The Republican presidential candidate held multiple fundraisers in the Big Apple on Monday. One was with wealthy Jewish donors who convened at an upscale midtown law firm, Weil, Gotshal and Manges. Like all of his Romney’s Monday events, it was invitation only. No press. No pictures.

But two undecided voters who attended the fundraiser because of their affiliation with the pro-Israel group NORPAC said that there were “several hundred people” in the audience and that Romney spoke at length about Israel, and his unwavering support for it. According to them, he didn’t mention his chief rival for the Republican nomination, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, at all, focusing his fire on President Obama. Romney struck them both as electable – and they said he has got their vote. Another man said he was “very funny”, citing Romney’s stump speech line about not inhaling politics.
Romney held at least one fundraiser before, and one after the Weil, Gotshal event, with more on deck for Tuesday.[…]

Former Wall Street backers of President Obama are opening their checkbooks for The Gov:

Romney Lures Obama Wall Street Donors in Race for Campaign Cash
Jonathan D. Salant and Lisa Lerer
Sept 26, 2011

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has raised more than twice as much money from Wall Street as Barack Obama — an edge gained in part by luring away at least 100 donors, mostly investors, who backed the president in 2008, according to a Bloomberg News analysis.

The former Obama donors are helping the former Massachusetts governor lock up Wall Street dollars as Romney races to financially outpace primary rival Texas Governor Rick Perry in advance of the Sept. 30 third quarter deadline for campaign fundraising.

“It’s going to be very hard for the president to bash the rich and create jobs at the same time,” said Anthony Scaramucci, 47, founder and managing partner of New York-based Skybridge Capital LLC which manages $8 billion, who has switched support from Obama in 2008 to Romney. “I don’t think the country is about class warfare.”
Perry and Romney are holding competing fundraisers today, as they try to bank closing cash for reports that historically have established the candidate pecking order in the run-up to the early primaries or driven some hopefuls from the race.

Romney will be at a fundraiser overlooking Central Park today:

Romney has scheduled a $2,500-a-head breakfast at the Essex House overlooking Central Park in New York City. It’s being organized by a host committee that includes top executives of Goldman Sachs Group, KKR & Co. LP and Blackstone Group LP. (BX) For $500, Romney supporters can attend a general reception after the breakfast.

Romney Recruit
Among the organizers of Romney’s event today is Scaramucci, who gave $4,600 to Obama in 2008.

You need a turnaround specialist in Washington right now,” Scaramucci said in an interview. “You have to cut and cap the growth of the government, but at the same time you need to figure out a way to put the private and public sectors in balance to stimulate the economy. Governor Romney has done that.”

Scaramucci is one of at least 100 former Obama contributors who have given to Romney’s 2012 campaign, according to a Bloomberg analysis of data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics, a Washington-based research group that tracks political giving. They have helped Romney, founder of the Boston-based private equity firm Bain Capital LLC, raise $2.3 million from the securities industry sector, compared with $857,000 for Obama.

(emphasis added to articles ) Read the full article here.

There is still time to submit your $5 donations to the Romney campaign to win a chance to spend a day on the road with Mitt. (The third quarter fundraising deadline is Sept 30th. Candidates file reports on Oct 15th.) This is a fantastic, inexpensive opportunity to let The Gov know we support him. Who knows? One of you might be the lucky one chosen to spend a day campaigning with him! For information, click here.

UPDATE Mitt Romney’s $1 million morning

Mitt Romney had a giant fundraiser this morning at the Essex House in Manhattan, with a host committee of over 100 people, as per the invite here.

The event has been a key one for Team Romney, with several sources saying it would play a role in cracking double digits for the quarter in a real way. It was, according to several people, a success, and one that snared more than $1 million.

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Romney Raises Cash in Boca Raton, Florida

Boca Raton, Florida

Ahead of the GOP presidential debate in Orlando, FL, tomorrow evening, Mitt Romney was in Boca Raton yesterday to prepare for the next go-round. He was also there to do some fundraising (the race for cash with the Perry campaign is on!):

BOCA RATON, Fla. – Florida gets a lot of attention because of the role it plays on election day. But even thirteen months before any votes are cast in the race for president, top candidates are hitting Florida to win another important battle: the race for cash.

Analysts say former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is playing a game of tortoise and hare with Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Many political pros called Romney the winner of last week’s Florida debate.

But opinion polls have Texas Governor Rick Perry as the front-runner for now in the GOP contest.

Romney hopes fundraising events, like the one he held Tuesday night in Boca Raton, costing between $1,000 and $2,500 per person, will help him chip away at Perry’s lead.

Right now, Romney wants to focus on his fundraising. If he has a real good quarter, and beats Perry in the fundraising this quarter, that will say a lot about his campaign,” said Dr. Robert Watson, a Lynn University political professor.

Romney’s host Tuesday night is venture capitalist Marc Leder.

“He’s a financier, he’s a merger guy. They usually pack a big wallet, they have a lot of rich friends, I would expect them to raise a lot of money today in Boca,” said Mark Foley, a former Republican congressman and current radio talk show host.

Florida has been a fundraising machine for Romney this year. At last report in June, he’d raised $1.5 million, more than President Obama and more than all other republicans combined.

In Palm Beach County, he’s raised $350,000.
Rick Perry will be in West Palm Beach Wednesday for his own fundraiser.

He is hoping his first financial report will be as strong as Romney’s.

(emphasis added)

Romney will hold a town hall meeting today in Miami. It begins at 9:00 AM ET at the Double Tree Hotel at the Miami Airport Convention Center.

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Romney Rolls Out More GA Endorsements, Will Visit The Peach State

Peachy news from the wonderful Peach State today…

Romney Announces Additional Georgia Endorsements

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced additional endorsements of elected officials and leaders in Georgia.

Georgia is important to my campaign and I am thrilled to be receiving the support of so many of its great leaders,” said Mitt Romney. “We will work together closely to reverse the failed policies of the last three years and get our economy heading in the right direction.”

I am excited to see so many great Georgians joining me in supporting Governor Romney,” said Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens. “His experience is unmatched and he is the only candidate with the right set of skills we need to move our country forward into prosperity.”

Attorney General Olens previously endorsed Governor Romney along with Public Service Commissioner Doug Everett, former Speaker Mark Burkhalter, House Majority Whip Ed Lindsey, State Senator Bill Hamrick, State Representative Calvin Hill, State Representative Wendell Willard, and State Representative Bruce Williamson.

(emphasis added)

Georgia Elected Officials And Leaders Endorsing Mitt Romney:

Lynne Riley, State Representative
Val Clark, State Representative
Max Bacon, Mayor of Smyrna
Gabriel Sterling, Sandy Springs City Councilman
Dan Israel, State Board of Education
Jose Perez, Former State Board of Education
Molly Dye, Chief of Staff to the late Senator Paul Coverdell
Heath Garrett, Former Chief of Staff to Senator Isakson
Fred Cooper, State Chairman for President George H. W. Bush’s Presidential Campaign
Oscar Persons, State Chairman for Senator Bob Dole’s Presidential Campaign
Eric Tanenblatt, State Chairman for President George W. Bush’s Presidential Campaign and Chief of Staff to Governor Sonny Perdue
Lori Pesta, National Federation of Republican Women, Board of Directors
Ric Mayfield, Former Assistant Treasurer – Georgia Republican Party
Chandler Epp, Former Vice Chair – Georgia College Republicans
Marion Hay, Chairman, Moultrie/Colquitt County Industrial Development Authority
Keith Stone, 1st District GOP Chair
David Burge, 5th District GOP Chair
Ryan Boland, Former Habersham County GOP Chair
Jerry Loupee, Former Chatham County GOP Chair
Michael Barrett, Vice Chairman – Towns County GOP
Ryan Cleveland, Decatur County GOP Chair
Tom Morrill, Peach County GOP Chair

Romney swings through Georgia

September 19, 2011

ATLANTA—Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney will swing through Georgia to raise money and meet privately with business and community leaders.

The former Massachusetts governor is set to headline a $1,000-per-person event Monday night at the Atlanta home of supporters Rick and Joan Smith.

The Romney team also rolled out a list of new Georgia backers, including state and local elected officials, Republican operatives and county GOP party chairs.

Romney’s most prominent supporter in the state is Attorney General Sam Olens.

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California: Romney Raises Cash, Talks Jobs & Economy

Mitt Romney has been in The Golden State for the last couple of days…

On Friday (9/16/11), weight-loss maven Jenny Craig held a breakfast reception at her Carlsbad, CA home for Governor Romney:

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is hosting a slim fundraiser on Friday — a breakfast reception at the home of Jenny Craig, “featuring Jenny’s special oatmeal pancakes.” Sounds healthy! But Waffle House CEO Joe Rogers and the founders of Panda Express are Romney backers too, so he’s probably going to binge later.

Saturday morning, another fundraising breakfast was held for The Gov at the home of James and Kristine Maxwell in Fresno, CA. Afterwards, a meet-and-greet was held for him by Richard and Karen Spencer at Harris Construction in Fresno. He also paid a visit to Bakersfield, CA.

Mitt Romney makes fundraising stop in Fresno – Shannon Handy

Mitt Romney arrived to a Northwest Fresno home early Saturday morning accompanied by Meg Whitman. Last year, she lost to Democrat, Jerry Brown in the California governor’s race.

After making their way inside Romney greeted more than 300 people who each paid 500 dollars to eat breakfast and hear him speak.

Richard Evans said, “It was a great message. Encouragement. He’s excited about the country. He loves America and that’s what we need in a president.”

Guests tell Action News Romney talked about the importance of free enterprise and putting people back to work.

The former Massachusetts governor spent years working in the private sector and often touts his role in creating thousands of jobs.

Jill Bechard said, “I thought his message was right on target. I’m a business woman, I run a credit union and we just need folks back there in Washington to understand that they’ve got to free up the business community and that’s what he was talking about.”

Continue reading here.

As stated in the video, Rick Perry was in Fresno last week for a fundraiser. Here’s how it went:

By the accounts of a few who attended, Texas governor and Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry was impressive at his Downtown Club fundraiser last week. The problem was hardly anybody attended — and that, obviously, isn’t good when the event is a fundraiser.

Two who attended put the number at less than 40, and that counts some who came for free and others who were part of the event.

(emphasis added to articles)

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ROMNEY FANS: What Would You Do for a Day With Mitt? [Contest]

Remember those old Klondike Bar commercials? The ones that showed all sorts of people doing ridiculous things in exchange for a frozen ice cream treat? The ones that ended with the catchy riff, “What would you do-oo-oo for a Klondike Bar?”

Sticking with that theme, we want to ask a similar question to Mitt’s biggest fans out there: What would you do for a day with Mitt?

  • Would you give your mother-in-law a foot massage for a day with Mitt?
  • Would you put your dirty dishes away for a day with Mitt?
  • Would you watch an entire Rachel Maddow program for a day with Mitt?
  • Would you risk going hunting with Dick Cheney for a day with Mitt?
  • Would you clean Obama’s golf clubs for a day with Mitt?

  • *In the comments below, tell us what you’d do! Best answer gets a free t-shirt from our store. Nate G. will announce the winner tonight.

    Fortunately, we won’t have to embarrass ourselves for a chance to hang out with Mitt for a day. His campaign has made it easier than that. In exchange for a donation of any size at this link (even $5 would put your name in the hat), the campaign is offering to cover travel/hotel arrangements for the lucky winner. I’ve already sent my donation in and I encourage all staunch Mitt fans to get in on the contest as well!

    Let’s do what we can to spread this message around and support Mitt with small donations. Please tweet a link to the contest page and share with your Facebook friends: With Perry now in the race, its going to be really important that we help Mitt stay on top of the fundraising contest. Thanks everyone!

    -Luke G.

    Romney Heads West to Strengthen Claim in Arizona

    Nestled in a desert valley, the border city of Tucson, Arizona is where Governor Mitt Romney will hold a business roundtable meeting today. Sept 14, 2011

    Mitt Romney will begin a full day in the southern part of the majestic Grand Canyon State today and work his way north. Here’s a look at his schedule:

    Wednesday, September 14, 2011

    Event: Mitt Romney Holds A Business Roundtable
    When: 9:30 AM MST
    Location: Jim Click Ford Lincoln East Dealership
    6244 East 22nd Street

    Sun Lakes (near Chandler)
    Event: Mitt Romney Holds A Town Hall Meeting
    When: 3:00 PM MST
    Location: The Oakwood Clubhouse at Sun Lakes
    24218 South Oakwood Boulevard

    fundraiser – Tempe Center for the Arts

    Mitt Romney’s visit today officially kicks off the 2012 presidential campaign in Arizona, an important GOP battleground state that now is set to have an earlier-than-most primary.

    Romney, a former Republican Massachusetts governor who is coming off a strong performance in Monday’s CNN/Tea Party Express GOP debate, is staking out ground in a state that, despite its size, is ground zero for issues that resonate on a national level and will play well in the battle for the Republican nomination.

    Those include illegal immigration and border security, the economy, the mortgage meltdown and Social Security.

    South Carolina GOP to leapfrog AZ primary
    Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer on Monday ended speculation about the date of the state’s presidential-preference election by issuing a proclamation declaring that it will be held Feb. 28, the same day as South Carolina’s Republican primary and a week before Super Tuesday, March 6. Brewer had flirted with moving the date to Jan. 31, a decision that could have upended the entire primary calendar by forcing traditional early states Iowa and New Hampshire to shift their dates into December.

    South Carolina still is threatening to move up its primary, and Arizona, because it is violating party rules by holding its primary before March 6, faces the penalty of losing 50 percent of its delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

    Brewer also has persuaded the Republican National Committee to tentatively authorize a GOP presidential debate for Arizona, which also could raise the state’s profile during the primary season.

    Arizona’s presidential-preference election is early enough to be important but late enough that some of the more minor contenders will have been “winnowed out,” said Patrick Kenney, director of Arizona State University’s School of Politics and Global Studies.

    By late February, the GOP could be down to Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who has been leading Romney in the polls but who came under fire in Monday’s debate from conservative rivals such as Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, Rep. Ron Paul of Texas and former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania.

    Perry took shots over his immigration policies, which some opponents suggested were too liberal, and for a controversial 2007 executive order that required girls to receive a new vaccine against human papillomavirus, or HPV, a sexually transmitted disease that can be a precursor to cervical cancer.
    Kenney said none of the GOP White House hopefuls can afford to forfeit and ignore Arizona early on.

    “I think any state, prior to and including Super Tuesday, is considered important by all of the candidates,” he said.

    Members of Tucson’s Hispanic Chamber of Commerce hope Romney focuses on job growth in their area:

    click to enlarge

    “Definitely hoping he focuses on job growth here and addresses the need for skilled workers, education and investment in our Tucson market,” said Danielle Duarte, with the Young Professionals.

    Leaders of the Hispanic Chamber agree, especially since Arizona’s unemployment rate is hovering around 9.4%.

    President of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Lea Marquez Peterson says job growth is a concern for many people in the area.
    “As we know, just in the Tucson area over 90% of our businesses are small businesses so what can the federal government do to stimulate small business recovery.”

    Romney is in Sheriff Joe Arpaio country…

    In preparation for his visit, Romney phoned Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a Western icon for his advocacy of tough immigration reform. Arpaio granted Romney his support over fellow Arizonan John McCain four years ago, in part over differences on immigration. He wants to give the full field a good look this time before he decides whom to back. It’s not surprising, then, that Romney aides have called Arpaio weekly recently to court him for another endorsement.

    (emphasis added to articles)

    Rick Perry, Herman Cain, and Michele Bachmann are also courting Sheriff Joe. Cain has met with him personally and Bachmann is meeting with him today. Arpaio says he won’t offer his support to anyone until he has been asked for it directly.

    Gov Romney, ask for Arpaio’s support today!

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    ~UPDATE from Ross

    Here’s a summary of Mitt’s time in Arizona.

    Romney Fundraiser in Denver: Recap and Full Video

    Denver, Colorado

    Directly on the heels of receiving a second round of Colorado endorsements, Mitt Romney held a luncheon fundraiser in downtown Denver on Friday. I was fortunate enough to be among the 100 or so attendees to hear Governor Romney give about a 15 minute speech and then take several questions from audience members.

    Many of the state’s public officials who have endorsed Mitt were there including Attorney General John Suthers and Secretary of State Scott Gessler. Mark DeMoss was a surprise guest at the event. He is the founder of the DeMoss Group, an evangelical Christian public relations firm out of Atlanta.

    Mitt began by talking about his experience in the last GOP debate at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. Much of the rest of his speech was spent stressing his economic credentials, touting American exceptionalism, and pointing out President Obama’s failures in office. Mitt did not hesitate to call out Rick Perry during the Q&A session for labeling social security “a ponzi scheme”. Romney referenced to his book, No Apology, for possible solutions to the issue, but the main point was that social security should be saved not ended. It appears that this is an issue Mitt and other Republican candidates will try to use against Governor Perry.

    Mitt was sharp and on top of his game as usual. The speech was full of stories, facts, insights, and a good dose of self-deprecating humor. Every time I hear him speak I am even more convinced that this is the man who should be leading our country. No one else in this presidential race possesses the combination of knowledge and successful experience that Mitt has.

    Please enjoy the videos I filmed at the fundraiser. I apologize if the picture is a little shaky at times. My arm was just a little bit cramped after holding my phone in that position for 15 and 20 minutes at a time.

    The Speech

    The Q&A

    Questions asked during Q&A:
    1) What are your thoughts on card check, labor unions, and right to work?
    2) How can we make sure budget cuts are to unnecessary administrators and not essential services?
    3) What is your reaction to Obama’s jobs speech?
    4) How do you let the average American know you are for the middle class?
    5) What do you think of Governor Perry’s stance on social security?
    6) What will the first week of a Romney administration look like?

    Romney Raises Cash in Cache Valley, Utah – Enjoys Strong Support

    Mitt Romney, wife Ann, and son Josh attend a fundraiser at a conference center in Logan, Utah. August 19, 2011

    Mitt Romney was in Cache Valley, Utah yesterday to add cash to his campaign coffers:

    Logan – […] Organizers hoped the two receptions — one at a home in Logan’s foothills, another at the Riverwoods Reception Center — would bring in $100,000. That amount would equal half of what residents in the area gave to Romney’s 2008 U.S. presidential campaign. The official total raised at Friday’s events has yet to be released.

    If anybody knows how to do business to get jobs to help people, I say it’s Mitt Romney,” said supporter Paul Larsen. Larsen’s neighbor, Marlowe Goble, hosted the first event of the evening at his home. It was reportedly for donors contributing $2,500 each.

    An estimated 60 people attended that private reception, according to one attendee, while about 160 attended the reception at the Riverwoods, which had a minimum $500 price tag to attend.
    “It was my impression that it would be difficult to unseat an existing president, and I felt Mitt had a real uphill course,” Goble said. “But now, I think that unless Mr. Obama can turn things around that there’s going to be a change.”

    Romney not only talks, he listens (more than a certain Martha’s Vineyard vacationer we know):

    Romney addressed his supporters at the two private events, which were closed to the media, answering questions about how he would fix the economic problems facing the nation among other issues. Attendee K.C. Comadena, however, said the way Romney listened to his supporters was even more impressive than the solutions he offered.

    “He listened a lot — pretty intently. … I got the impression that he understood,” he said.

    Comadena’s brother, Kaden Comadena, said he is even more convinced Romney could turn the country’s economic climate around after hearing him talk about the financial crisis.

    “His knowledge of the private sector… I think that’s something that a lot of Americans want to hear,” he said.

    Neighbor Paul Larsen, who lives across the street from the home where the private fundraising reception was held, commented that his support for Gov Romney goes all the way back to the 1950s and 60s, when Larsen and his wife lived in Michigan:

    (George Romney was) the best governor Michigan ever had,” Larsen said. “And his son Mitt is a chip off the old block.”


    The Gov’s last visit to The Beehive State (6/24/11) was at Hires Big H fast food restaurant in Salt Lake City where he held a big, FREE ‘meet & greet‘ in the parking lot.


    Romney’s son Josh says his dad is aware that he is surrounded by people sacrificing for him.

    “The competition has changed along the way, but my dad’s strategy has stayed the same. He’s talked about what it’s going to take to grow jobs,” he said. “It’s a lot of pressure and it’s one of those things, unfortunately in politics, that you have to deal with. It’s overwhelming the amount of support other people give to my Dad and the things they do to make the campaign go forward.”

    (emphasis added to articles)

    Mitt and Ann are back in California today and attended a private brunch in San Diego this morning.

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    Romney Fundraiser Hosted by Idaho Gov Butch Otter, Senator Jim Risch, George Argyros, Other Notables

    Mountain bikers take advantage of the dirt roads in Ketchum, Idaho. Mitt Romney will attend a fundraiser with Governor Butch Otter and supporters in the scenic Gem State town today. Aug 19, 2011

    Governor Romney continues his hard work through the intermountain west today. As busy as he is, he’s got to love the rugged surroundings he finds himself in. He’ll be meeting Governor Butch Otter and other notables for lunch today in scenic Ketchum, Idaho:

    Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney will make his second fund-raising trip to Idaho in two months — a $2,500 photo op and a $500 lunch at the Ketchum vacation home of a California investor.

    Bob Beyer, a former Wall Street investment banker, is hosting the event with his wife, Catherine, on Old Mill Road in Ketchum.

    In the second quarter of 2011, Romney raised 80 percent of all the presidential contributions made by Idahoans, about $215,000. His June trip featured a breakfast in Boise and lunch in Idaho Falls.

    The Aug. 19 event is likely to include more givers with legal addresses in other states, who flock to their Wood River Valley vacation homes in August, often bringing friends.

    (emphasis added)

    Among today’s hosts:

    George Argyros, former ambassador to Spain and former owner of the Seattle Mariners; Spencer Eccles, former First Security Corp. CEO; Carol and Earl Holding, who own Sinclair Oil and the Sun Valley Co.; former Navy Secretary John Lehman; Rock Schnabel, co-founder of Trident Capital and former ambassador to Finland; and former Los Angeles Mayor Dick Riordan.

    GOP Gov. Butch Otter and Sen. Jim Risch, R-Idaho, are also supporting the event.

    The Gov will travel to northern Utah later today.

    Sawtooth Wilderness Area, Ketchum Idaho

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