Mitt Romney: Financial & Economic Expert — Chief Executive with Decades of Experience

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In my opinion, Chris Wallace of FOX News is one of the best journalists alive. He is tough in his questions, but most fair, I believe. He is equally tough will all those he interviews. He is by far the most prepared of any journalist I have seen on television and is always ready with an intelligent comeback to any answer provided by the person being interviewed. If Wallace has any partisan biases, I have been unable to detect them.

Remember the question that Governor Romney was asked in the last debate about the biggest misconception voters have of him? Remember he chose to answer that question with a more substantive reply, providing information voters could use? In the following video, Wallace asks him that question again and this time he answers it directly.

Governor Romney provides important answers that the voters need to hear in Michigan and Arizona. His answers are unambiguous and I believe outstanding. Wallace asks questions on the following topics:

  • Afghanistan — Obama’s announced withdrawal and recent apology
  • Gov. Romney’s winning margin in Michigan in 2008 & expected margin Tuesday
  • Who’s going to win Michigan Tuesday?
  • Gov. Romney’s recommendation to allow the auto companies to go through bankruptcy
  • Gov. Romney’s more detailed economic plan detailed
  • Two Cadillacs

Governor Romney exudes a high level of confidence in this clip. I realize I am biased, but I think any objective viewer would agree that Governor Romney is the brightest of the four candidates left in the race. Clearly, he is not merely recalling facts as Gingrich does, but is speaking as an economic and financial expert with decades of experience as a chief executive. See next page for the video, photo, and tribute. Click here to continue reading

Last Polls Show Mitt Upswing

We thought this may be coming after the debate.

It appears the vetting of Rick Santorum and the contrast between his projected image and reality are catching up to him. Two polls released today now show (one still within the margin of error) that Mitt has a slight edge in Michigan. Rasmussen shows a 6 point lead with a 4% margin for error, and Mitchell / Rosetta Stone shows a 3 point lead with a 4.7% margin for error. Another Rasmussen poll shows a more sizable 13 point lead in Arizona. These polls seem to indicate people are thinking like I am: Rick Santorum has electability issues. In addition, if the rationale for your presidency is that you stick to your principles, but you admit in a debate you will vote against them when expedient, the entire basis for your candidacy is seriously undermined and calling yourself “courageous” is a bit of a stretch.

We know we can’t live by polls; there’s still lots of work to do to get out Mitt’s positive message of turning around the American economy, repealing Obamacare and putting a man in the White House with executive experience rather than an inexperienced legislator (out of the GOP or the Democratic parties).

Mitt of course has been steady since the beginning as the only candidate with executive experience or economic know-how. He has a 59 point plan to turn around the economy, like he’s turned around failing businesses, the Olympics and Massachusetts. He balanced the budget in Massachusetts by cutting programs, while lowering taxes. He’s proposed lowering marginal tax rates as President by 20%, and he’s committed to being a pro-life president and choosing strict constructionists for the Supreme Court. He knows how the economy works, and will be ready when the next major shock to our economy hits (gas prices, anyone?) As I’ve said before, one of the main security risks to our country is the $15 trillion national debt, and only Mitt has a real plan to address that or the appreciation of what a risk it is. When I compare Mitt vs. the alternatives, to me it’s a no-brainer. Mitt is experienced and principled. The others fall short. That’s why they’ve all come and gone, while Mitt stays steady at or near the top.

Mitt Romney: “The Best…Most Qualified Candidate…Will be an Outstanding President” (guest post)


Another great photograph telling a great story!

Occasionally, we will publish opinions submitted to us by visitors that have studied Governor Romney over many years. Gary Chidester is a frequent visitor to MRC and he provided this powerful endorsement of Governor Romney. He informs us that he is a retired Iowa school teacher. This particular opinion carries some additional weight in my mind because Chidester personally spoke to all four candidates while they campaigned in Iowa.

Mr. Chidester’s Op-Ed below nails it! I wish to add that Governor Romney is far superior to any of the remaining candidates in so many ways; but as an executive leader, the other three don’t even come close. Governor Romney has worked most of his career as a chief executive of major organizations. Even if you combined the careers of Santorum, Gingrich, and Paul (~100 years), there is no comparison to the years of executive experience of Governor Romney! Think about it.

By Gary Chester

I have been a Romney Republican, since 2007. He is the BEST candidate we have had in decades! When his issues and vision for America were shown to my friends, (as from Candidate X), almost everyone agreed that ‘this’ was the candidate they would support. When I told them that Gov. Romney was the candidate, nearly everyone started to fudge about their decision.

I am, however, surprised and saddened that some of my dear Iowa Republican friends are still playing the ‘religion’ card. For such an enlightened State, I’m ashamed that this one issue is the Achilles’ heel of the general mindset. Sadly, most Americans are the same way. If Gov. Romney would have been a Methodist or a Baptist, he probably would have been the Republican nominee in 2008 and would have won the election that Fall. Click here to continue reading

#UnravelTheSweater: Rick Santorum’s Serious Electability Issues

Rick Santorum - Unravel the Sweater

UPDATE: More on Santorum’s electability problem at this link. They suggest, as I do below, part of the problem isn’t just the statements, it’s a self-inflicted inability to pick the issues you really want to focus on.

UPDATE 2: The hits just keep coming: Santorum is unelectable, says this article at CNN about why very few in the Congress are endorsing him.

One veteran GOP leadership aide called him a culture warrior likely to turn off moderate voters.

“The fear of Santorum is that it would just be a slow decay. There is no faith that he would bring independent or moderate voters. If he does well on Super Tuesday you’ll have serious people talking about convention strategies,” said the Senate GOP leadership aide.

Rick Santorum is unelectable. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. Rick Santorum’s Position on Social Issues are Significantly to the Right of Most Americans. Rick Santorum is tacking hard to the right to win votes in the primary. There’s good evidence he’s taken some of his positions out of political expediency. For example, it’s now been made public he was pro-choice until he ran for Senate. But regardless of his shift, the statements he is making now at best show he’s very, very bad at picking battles (a skill a president must have) and at worst paint him as too conservative and even outrageous to mainstream America. And he’s generated this sentiment after being in the spotlight only about a week. If we want to defeat Barack Obama, the GOP nominee will have to focus on the issues that appeal to middle voters, not scare them off. So in my mind this is not really about whether Rick’s right or wrong, but his skill at building consensus as president, and how he’s perceived. In the words of Jennifer Rubin, a conservative writer at the Washington Post:

Santorum likes to say that he is principled, but in fact he’s vividly demonstrating day after day that his strongly held social views, when uttered aloud in dogmatic tones, sound outrageous to voters who aren’t hard-core social conservatives.

Bill Press of the Chicago Tribune writes of his disgust when he recently read Santorum was outpacing Mitt in Michigan (emphasis added):
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Mitt Romney: “He has a Servant’s Heart” — A Super Hero to Some

Nate and his Super Hero -- Somewhere over a Western State

You may wonder how this photograph above is relevant to this piece — It isn’t. I just love it, and so I decided to include it. Every photograph tells a story and I love the story being told above!

I wonder if Nate is thinking about politics?

Occasionally, we will republish a comment that you leave in our posts (by the way, THANK YOU for your thoughtful comments; they add so much to our mission!). Yesterday, about 10am, a loyal supporter of Governor Romney’s left a comment that expresses better than I can, the kind of person Mitt Romney is and the kind of President he will be. And none of it is hyperbole.

“Colleen” left this comment at the post: “Mitt Romney: Why People of Great Faith are Voting for the Man”

Thank you Colleen!

A 2-minute video explaining that Mitt forged religious support in Florida across demoninations. Another positive example of Mitt’s leadership abilities — that he can bring people of different sects together as Americas.

I believe his presidency will help America heal from the class and religious warfare engendered by our current president. Mitt believes in the American people, that they are inately good. He may be wealthy but that fact does not color his view of the individual value of all citizens. He has a servant’s heart as evidenced by his past service without pay for the Olympics, government, and his life time years of church service, including his youth as an unpaid missionary in France during a time of anti-American sentiment there.

His ego is strong but does not blind him into seeking personal power as our current president seeks. Instead, he seeks to return America to her greatness under the Constitution, re-establish an unfettered free enterprise economy where people like his famous dad, a man who was without a college education or means, rose to a pinacle of success as a business man and governor.

Mitt is a man we can trust to serve the people of this nation. He’s tough as nails without being uncivil or crude. His polished language and manners may confuse some people who mistakenly call him elitest. Instead, he is a man well prepared to represent and repair this nation.

He is a man of faith and good works who respects your right to pursue your own happiness (under the laws of the land). He can work with people of opposing view points and find consensus and then work from there.

We need a realistic and a pragmatic person, not a dreamer or divider. Will he be perfect? No. Will he be effective and trustworthy? Yes.

Please consider giving him your support as we need a united party and a united country.

[emphasis added along with paragraph breaks]

Thank you to our MRC writer, Jayde Wyatt for this talk by this great supporter of Governor Romney about civility and “speaking with grace” by Mark DeMoss, a prominent Evangelical leader —–> CLICK

Also, his co-authoring (with Lanny Davis) of this Op-Ed piece in the Washington Times

#UnravelTheSweater: Big Government Rick Santorum is NOT the One

Alternate Title: Why I Love Vanilla: A Few Reasons Big Government Career Politician Rick Santorum is NOT the One

Rick Santorum - Unravel the Sweater

The GOP FroYo Sweepstakes

I liken the GOP race to a trip to one of those self-serve frozen yogurt shops where you can sample the flavors before you decide. I usually try all the flavors I can without embarrassing myself before I fill up with my final selection. It’s not infrequent it’s the flavor I kind of thought I wanted in the beginning, and frankly quite often that’s vanilla.

Of course I do like the toppings, too.

“Vetting” Santorum

It takes a candidate some time before they’re deemed important enough to be vetted. Perry, Cain, Bachman and Gingrich all had their turns rising in the polls, only to come crashing back down after the media focused the spotlight on them. Meanwhile Mitt Romney has been steady, and in fact improving as all the “not-Romneys” have been dismissed. Well, Santorum is the last possible “flavor of the month” the GOP can sample before it finally decides it really does like Mitt’s brand of vanilla. I love chocolate, peanut butter cup and the rest, but vanilla is, after all, the best-selling flavor of ice cream (and I’d guess frozen yogurt). And it’s no insult that people try other flavors, but in the end there’s just something particularly satisfying about vanilla!

I must admit I’ve not taken Rick Santorum terribly seriously to this point. Perhaps that’s “my bad.” To me he’s been a bit like the flavor Tutti Frutti. Tastes good, and maybe even a nice change of pace, but not my steady diet. As a result I, and it appears many others, have avoided “going negative” with him. Why point out a guy’s weaknesses if it doesn’t serve a purpose? I kind of had the impression he’s a nice guy, liked some of what he said on social issues and have a level of respect for a man with seven children. But if Rick really wants to be our nominee, I for one want a sample. And it appears there are a reasonable number of people lined up to try Rick’s flavor, so if he’s a serious candidate, it’s time to take a taste.
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Why Mitt Is Still the One

I can admit it: last week was tough. But the CPAC speech, the straw poll and Maine’s results over the weekend confirmed that Mitt is still the front-runner, and for good reason. I seriously can’t imagine Rick Santorum as POTUS. But I can imagine this guy:

And now I think it’s time for us to remember why we’re supporting Mitt, who I can easily imagine as president, and do what we can to convince our fellow Republicans.

Mitt’s speech at CPAC was a home run.

Not much still gives me goosebumps, but Mitt’s speech did (click on the link for the video). He was right on point, and we need him in the White House. No more Clinton-esque surprises with interns. No more Obama-esque surprises trampling religious liberties (and if you think contraception is the last of the controversies with Obamacare you need to think again). It’s all the more clear we need to elect someone with the leadership and vision to keep this country rooted in what made it strong: individual liberty, not government assistance. And that person, unlike our current president and all of the other candidates, needs to have the sheer ability to run the executive branch. Rick Santorum? Hardly. He hasn’t even run a national campaign and is just the latest flavor of the month, who is just now being vetted. The person we need is Mitt Romney.

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Mitt Romney: The Only True Executive Leader — The Most Conservative, Proven Leader (by David Parker)

NOTE: The guest editorial that accompanies the table below is absolutely outstanding. Due to the length of this “Experience Comparative,” in order to read the whole editorial, you will need to click the “CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING…” link at the bottom.

In 2006, a close friend of mine introduced me to David Parker, a personal friend of Governor Mitt Romney. I was contemplating doing some grassroots work to promote his run for President and wanted to know more about the man. Candidly, I was skeptical. How could a governor of such a liberal state be a Republican, let alone a conservative? David met me for lunch at Strawberry Farms and laid out the high points of Governor Romney’s strong conservative action, from his record of protecting life to his hundreds of vetoes. I was sold!

David L. Parker

David organized this amazing matrix, comparing the leadership experience and skills of the four remaining Republican presidential candidates. In my opinion, this table — along with the accompanying Op-Ed piece by David — should be published in every major newspaper in the nation, including the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal! I honestly believe that if every literate voter were to carefully study this table and Op-Ed, the nomination would be over now.

As you compare each candidate below, add Obama to the list and subject his experience to these points — the results of his trial and error leadership are dismal indeed. Most impressive to me is the comparison below of leadership experience in the private, public, and philanthropic sectors — Santorum, Gingrich, and Paul simply don’t measure up to Governor Romney’s extensive background of executive leadership. Why any person would consider voting for a candidate without proven executive experience — after voting for Obama the community organizer — I will never understand. (there is good reason it is extremely rare that a congressman or senator is ever elected as POTUS)

You can make a big difference in this elections season. Please pass this Op-Ed piece by David Parker to as many people you know as possible.

“No Apology, the Case for Mitt Romney” — by David Parker

Are we so blind in our pursuit of our conservative ideology that we fail to recognize needed pragmatism? Our nation, a center-right nation, is not conservative, nor liberal, but an amalgamation of many people, each with individual agency, thought and perspective that leans center-right in the majority.

[ editorial continues below the table ]

Yes, we are clumped together at times in ideological conclaves, but to impose or dictate our conservative ideology in absolute myopia is a failed and fractured model, just as it is with those on the other side of the aisle. We cannot win and they lose, nor visa versa. We are one Nation under God, and thus we need to be sufficiently pragmatic and persuasive to win the majority, and lead those who believe in contrary principles of liberal thought to the more conservative Promised Land — America, an exceptional nation!

Accordingly, leadership and governance, and ideological advocacy demands pragmatism over some perceived capacity of force majeure.

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