#comMITTed: New Romney Facebook App Makes it Easy to Contact Friends in Swing States – USE IT!

I was just browsing TechCrunch and caught an article that talks about the cleverness of the newest, official Romney Facebook app: Commit to Mitt.

After connecting to your Facebook account, the app automatically finds all of your friends that live in swing states and — whether by private message or by posting on their timeline — makes it easy for you to encourage them to support Mitt Romney.

Honestly, I was surprised to see that I had many friends who currently live in swing states. I used the app to send each of them a personalized note, asking them to Commit to Mitt and to encourage their friends to do the same. Easy stuff.

If you’re not one for making phone calls or knocking doors, this may be the best way that you could have a personal impact on the results of the election (just 13 days from now!). Please take a moment to ask influential friends in your network to vote for Mitt Romney — let’s make sure we use this awesome tool to win it for Mitt!
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Defining Romney & Obama: Favored Posts and Links of the Week

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By Doug Stevens

Thanks to my friends at MRC, I now receive tweets and posts in Facebook from a number of dedicated Romney supporters. Over the last two weeks, I have found myself telling others about some of the more powerful and impressive narratives. Since we are in such an interactive and collaborative world, I thought it might be useful to start a weekly post in MCR that would draw from our collective readership on what has moved us during the prior seven days. I want to divide the posts into two categories, those that give us a clearer picture of Obama and those that give us a clearer view of the campaign message of Governor Romney.

My top and most weighty post on vetting Obama was a post by Real Clear Politics prior to the release of Bob Woodward’s book, “The Price of Leadership.” In the article by Richard Klein, he reports on the interview Bob Woodward had with Diane Sawyer about his book. He summarized the debt negotiation in 2010. In the post, Woodward talks about the ‘divided-man quality’ of President Obama. He initially started out talking to Republican leaders, but in the end used his presidential win as the justification to doing it his way when the positions became divided. This kind of ‘gap in leadership’ according to Woodward, resulted in a missed opportunity. He also stated that “You know there’s one quality a president needs — it’s stamina.” We need a president that is engaged in all the details of the executive branch, and is willing to see through difficult deliberations. We will certainly have that if Governor Romney is elected President in November.

My second post on vetting Obama was a post on his apparent disinterest in the Presidential Daily Briefings (PDB). In a post by Marc A. Theissen in the Washington Post, he gives the statistics on Obama’s attendance at the PDB during the last two years. I would think that this is the essence of staying on top of world events. His predecessor, George W. Bush, rarely missed a PDB in eight years. It was also reported that Mr. Obama had not attended PDB when the Arab world erupted last week. How can he wield the reins of government if he is disinterested in the details of the world condition? We will certainly not have that kind of leader in Governor Romney.

I had two that moved me on Romney’s campaign strategy and positions. The first is the so-called single sentence on Obamacare by Dr. Barbara Bellar posted in Hot Air.

My last post for your review is a video in Real Clear Politics on September 10th by Charles Krauthammer. I have for years been highly impressed by his rock solid reasoning and his ability to provide such a real perspective on current issues. This one nails it for me.

You can reach my on Twitter at @lndougstevens or on Facebook (Doug Stevens). Please forward me your favorites. Let’s get the truth out to the nation on why Governor Romney is the best candidate for our highest office in this generation.

Mr. Stevens lives in Laguna Niguel, CA with his wife Susan. He has over 30 years of sales, sales management, marketing and business development experience. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from University of Utah and earned a Masters of Arts in Applied Mathematics from the University of California, Los Angeles.

See Mitt Live in Del Mar! AND: Your Top 3 Reasons to Elect Mitt!

READ ON, BUT BE SURE TO POST BELOW YOUR TOP 3 REASONS WHY WE NEED TO ELECT MITT (Facebook comment if you can to get this to spread virally)! Duplicate reasons okay!

SPREAD THE WORD: Mitt will be holding a fundraiser next Saturday, September 22 in Del Mar, California and he needs you there! Details at the end of this post. If you live in or around San Diego (Orange County to the border), given campaign scheduling this may be your last chance to see the man in person. Come and hear him speak at least once this cycle. There’s a required contribution since this is a fundraiser after all, but it’s always a great experience as the soundbites never do him justice. Those who enter wavering leave firmly comMitted! The following photo is from the last event in San Diego, back in July where both Mitt and Ann were able to come.

If you can’t come, contact friends and relatives in Southern California and get them to come! Make sure to re-tweet this article and post it to your Facebook page so the word gets out! While Governor Romney currently has a money advantage in funds on hand, President Obama has already spent a lot of money on his ground game that the governor needs to catch up with, and time is short–we have less than 60 days to the election!!! You may also have seen that President Obama raised slightly more money last month than Governor Romney (by about 2%, not much, but the wrong result). This is a moment when you can have a big impact in this election: come and hear Mitt yourself.

If you’d like to come, please send an email to me at mittindelmar@gmail.com. If you can’t come but would like to donate, go to the official website at www.mittromney.com.

Who knows who else may be there? At July’s event I had the chance to introduce my son Nicolas to Darrel Issa, Congressman of the 49th District in California, who also happens to be Chair of the Oversight Committee currently investigating the Obama administration’s involvement in the “Fast and Furious” debacle.

Whether you can come or not, post your “Top 3 Reasons to Elect Governor Romney” as a Facebook comment to this post and let’s see how viral we can get this! Duplicate reasons are perfectly okay!


Private meetings begin at 12:30. VIP Reception at 1:00 and luncheon at 1:30.

Email me at mittindelmar@gmail.com to find out how to sign up.

Dress is business casual. The event locale is in inland Del Mar, about 5 minutes East of the 5 freeway. If you plan on coming I will put you in touch with the campaign fundraiser to get you the exact address and to provide you the required disclosures. For example, the fundraiser is for “Romney Victory,” a joint effort of Romney For President, Inc., the Republican National Committee, the Republican Senatorial Committee, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee and the committees of certain states; contributions are not tax deductible. More disclosures to come if you want to investigate attending.


1. Repeal Obamacare. Our government was never intended by the founders to be that big.

2. Have someone with Mitt’s character appointing the next three justices to the Supreme Court.

3. It’s the economy!


4. He was successful in working across the aisle in Massachusetts, something we’ll need to do and that President Obama has failed at miserably during his tenure.

And I haven’t even mentioned foreign policy, the deficit, the fiscal cliff, or replacing Joe Biden with Paul Ryan as VP! There’s lots more great reasons! Please add yours and let’s get this list LONG! As I said above, duplicates are perfectly fine. Let’s see why people love Mitt!!!

PLEASE “LIKE” AND “RECOMMEND” on Facebook and re-tweet to get this message out as far as possible!

Governor Romney Grateful for Everyone’s Hard Work…

…As we are all so grateful for his hard work on the campaign trail.

A shout out to the great state of Wyoming! As I write this, I can see the beautiful Grand Teton mountain range from Jackson, WY. Last night our family went to our first rodeo. I start off with this because of how the rodeo started off. Before the national anthem was sung, the announcer said, “As we begin this great summer event, we will thank our Lord and God — please remove your cover.” And then he proceeded to pray for safety and for the protection of our “fighting men and women in the armed forces.” How would it be if we started every great American sporting event with a word of prayer?

Teton County Rodeo

As the rodeo began, I thought to myself, this is true Americana! The saying should be changed to, “This is as American as rodeos, baseball, and apple pie.” After the singing of the anthem, I was adjusting our seating and glanced over at a woman seated near me and she had tears streaming down her face. Throughout the evening’s event, the announcer kept asking how many people were from various states of the Union; there were people from every state and many from Australia and Europe.

Three days ago I was privileged to attend a breakfast event for Governor Romney. When I had the chance to briefly meet him, I asked if he would sign a sheet of paper with the MRC banner across the top. That note is just below.

Governor Romney gave a rousing speech that was given with heart and without a teleprompter; I counted five standing ovations from the group. But for me, the most significant statements he made were at the beginning and end of his speech. As he started out, he said how grateful he was for all those that had taken time out of the business week to be there to support his campaign for president. Then at the end, he made several sincere statements of gratitude. He acknowledged that many among us and many we all knew were working very hard in so many different ways to make a difference for America and for his campaign. You could tell he knows that many people are working all over this great nation in grassroots efforts of every kind. His comments were very sincere expressions of gratitude. He asked those of us present at this event to thank everyone we knew that was involved in helping his campaign.

As I made notes, I felt compelled to pass these comments on to you. Over the last several months, I have been witness to hundreds of people working all hours of the day in Facebook forums and in other grassroots areas dedicated to Mitt Romney’s election.

This note below from Governor Romney is to all of you.

To All Grassroots Volunteers Across America

We will make a difference together!

American Values: “In God We Trust” — “Liberty” — “E Pluribus Unum”

Twitter Follow: @VicLundquist — Dedicated to all members of The United States military and their families

FIRED UP: Romney’s Facebook Fans More Engaged Than Obama’s As Online Donations Pour In

Romney vs. Obama on Facebook

We’ve all been closely following the fundraising furor that ensued after yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare (Romney camp raised 4.6 million online in 24 hours), but there’s another metric out there that shows just how energized folks across America really are: Facebook engagements.


New fans in the last 24 hours:
Romney — 28,000
Obama — 9,000

Engagements (likes, comments, shares):
Romney — 493,400
Obama — 464,000

Percentage of fans that engaged:
Romney — 23 %
Obama — 1.7 %

To add a little context, the Obama people have been building their Facebook page for 6 years (being the President of the United States is obviously a huge advantage), spending millions in advertising funds in order to stack their numbers. And it’s worked — they have over 27 million fans, compared to Romney’s 2.1 million.

While 27 million is certainly an impressive number, it isn’t exactly an accurate portrayal of social media success. After all, the goal of any online campaign is to interact with potential customers, or in this case, voters. You want people to share your content, to “like” it so their friends can see it, and to give their input.

That’s why engagements are key. They function like a thermostat, giving you a more accurate reading on just how “fired up” and “ready to go” your supporters actually are.

So props to the Romney digital team for putting out content that people are interested in — hopefully it’s enough to tip the scales in our direction come November.

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey at Hot Air gives exclusive insight into how the Romney digital team ramped-up their operation for news days as big as yesterday. Worth a read.

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