Gingrich Super PAC Ad Pounding Private-Equity Rates Four Pinhead Pinocchios

Glenn Kessler, sleuth at The Washington Post, applied his magnifying glass to Newt Gingrich’s King of Bain Super PAC film. After close examination, he’s rendered a verdict:

Four Pinocchios (I’m throwing pinheaded in there, too).

Newt Gingrich, meet Michael Moore!

The 29-minute video “King of Bain” is such an over-the-top assault on former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney that it is hard to know where to begin. It uses evocative footage from distraught middle-class Americans who allege that Romney’s deal-making is responsible for their woes. It mixes images of closed factories and shuttered shops with video clips of Romney making him look foolish, vain or greedy. And it has a sneering voice-over that seeks to push every anti-Wall Street button possible.

Here’s just a sampling of what Romney and Bain Capital, which he once headed, is accused of: “Stripping American businesses of assets, selling everything to the highest bidder and often killing jobs for big financial rewards . . . high disdain for American businesses and workers . . . upended the company and dismantled the work force; now they were able to make a handsome profit . . . cash rampage . . . contributing to the greatest American job loss since World War II . . . turn the misfortune of others into their own enormous financial gain.”

Kessler then offers insight on the four closed companies mentioned in the film. Before reading his conclusion, let’s see what Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey has to say:

Let’s begin with how the filmmakers present their case that Unimac went out of business thanks to the predatory nature of Mitt Romney. It turns out that not only did Romney have little to do with Unimac, the firm hasn’t gone out of business at all. It’s currently producing appliances in Wisconsin, having moved there long after Romney left Bain and actually as Romney was concluding his term as governor of Massachusetts:

Bain Capital bought the business from Raytheon in 1998, and Romney left Bain a year later to run the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. In 2005, Bain sold UniMac (also called Alliance Laundry) to a Canadian entity known as Teachers’ Private Capital. The factory was moved from Marianna to Ripon, Wisc., in 2006, after Bain’s involvement ended — a fact made clear on the Web site of a laundry repair business co-owned by the people featured in the film.

In fact, Mike Baxley, who was interviewed for the film, said that he and his partner had “absolutely no idea” that the interviews were for a film about Romney and Bain. He said they thought they were being interviewed for a documentary about the factory closing.

They said they wanted to know what it was like when the factory closed down,” he said, and he, his partner and his partner’s wife agreed to interviews after “they flashed a little money at us.” (Baxley, a Republican who said he had not yet thought much about the nomination contest, declined to reveal the amount.)

After watching “King of Bain” at The Fact Checker’s request, he said: “We were pretty shocked. Our quotes were seriously taken out of context. There is a real lack of facts.”

Kessler concludes:

First of all, it is a stretch to portray Romney as some sort of corporate raider, akin to Carl Icahn (whose image is briefly seen). … Private equity deals, such as leveraged buyouts in which the company borrows lots of debt, can be more rewarding but also more risky. … Private equity revolutionized American business, demanding efficiencies (which can mean layoffs) and helping place much more emphasis on increasing shareholder value.

He writes that of the four closed companies mentioned in the film, only one of the cases actually involved Romney – Ampad. That company declined – not failed – as stated in the film. Though Ampad did close a facility in Marion, Indiana because less expensive retail competitors chipped away at its business supply core, it still operates as a subsidiary to Esselte.

Kessler also punches the Gingrich Super PAC with this:

The manipulative way the interviews appeared to have been gathered for the UniMac segment alone discredits the entire film.”

(emphasis, italics added)

Morrissey’s conclusion:

Romney, however, isn’t sitting still. He has responded in South Carolina with an ad balanced between positive and negative, looking at his record of creating jobs in the private sector, but also slamming Gingrich for “taking the Obama line”:

Here’s the ad – Bright Future:

South Carolinians are also hearing a new Romney radio ad titled “Shares Our Values.” He’s supported by pro-life conservatives because he shares their values and displayed pro-life leadership as governor:

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BIG Romney Endorsement from Independence Hall Tea Party PAC

The patriotic Independence Hall Tea Party, who on Aug 28, 2010, sent 28 bulging buses to Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally in Washington D.C., has announced they are BACKING MITT ROMNEY.

And, what an endorsement it is!

Independence Hall Tea Party PAC Becomes First Tea Party To Endorse Mitt Romney; Predicts Romney Will Become 45th President of the United States

Philadelphia, PA (January 2, 2012) — The Independence Hall Tea Party PAC, a tri-state (DE, NJ, PA) regional group, announced today that its 27-member Board of Delegates has voted overwhelmingly to endorse Mitt Romney for President.

The Independence Hall Tea Party PAC is the first Tea Party group in the nation to formally endorse Mitt Romney.

“Over the past several weeks, a consensus has been building among our Board of Delegates that Mr. Romney is the most electable Republican candidate,” said PAC President, Don Adams. “We, as a Tea Party PAC, have set winning the White House as our number one priority in 2012. We believe Mr. Romney is the one candidate who can win the Republican nomination and defeat President Barack Obama in November.

“Mr. Romney is the only Republican candidate who has consistently polled even or ahead of President Obama in national surveys. He puts a number of 2008 blue states in play, including Michigan and New Hampshire. He also appeals to large numbers of independent voters.”

Mr. Romney, a devoted family man, is an incredibly talented, well-rounded individual with in-depth knowledge and experience in both the private and public sectors of the economy,” said PAC New Jersey Vice President, Bill Green. “Ultimately, we believe Mr. Romney is a man of principle who, once elected, will lead our nation back to prosperity.”

PAC Delaware Vice President, Kevin Street, said, “His vision of a strong America, one built on the foundations of free enterprise and meritocracy, is most compatible with the principles of the Tea Party movement.

“Mr. Romney has stated time and again that he believes in a limited role for the Federal government–emphasizing that the 10th Amendment of the United States Constitution delineates between the powers of the national government and that of the states.”

“Mr. Romney will pursue a policy of energy independence, lower taxes, and less government spending. He has promised to secure our borders and redirect our foreign policy,” added PAC Pennsylvania Vice President, Sean Carpenter. “Under his presidency, the United States will no longer prostrate itself before other nations. We believe in a strong America–an America that is respected for its economic vibrancy, its military strength, and its constitutional values.”

PAC Co-Founder, Teri Adams, said, “We realize that a number of fellow Tea Partiers are not yet where we are in supporting Mitt Romney for President–and we respect their varied positions.

However, we felt compelled to make an endorsement in light of a counter-productive effort to stop Mitt Romney among some disparate elements on the right–often based on a religious intolerance of Mr. Romney’s Mormon faith.

“We also think the notion that the Tea Party will support a 3rd party candidate after Mitt Romney becomes the Republican nominee, a notion most often advanced by the mainstream media, must be discredited,” Ms. Adams said.

It discounts the good sense of millions of Tea Party folks nationwide who have come to realize, or will eventually realize, that the only way to defeat President Obama, whose policies are an anathema to conservatism and the Tea Party Movement, is to rally around his strongest opponent–Mitt Romney–the man who, we believe, will become the next president of the United States.”

(emphasis added) Note: No other group sent more attendees to Beck’s rally.

THANK YOU, Independence Hall Tea Party PAC! This is a great lead-in to the Iowa caucuses tomorrow.

FYI: CNN is now tracking the # of tweets for each GOP candidate (include word ‘Romney’) and reporting results on a large interactive map throughout their IA caucus coverage. Also, polling shows 41% of Iowans are still undecided. Let’s spread this Tea Party endorsement, plus all positive Romney news, throughout Twitterverse, FB, email, comments on articles, and any other way you can think of. Go Mitt! Go Mittheads!

We all know Romney is ‘Mr. Fix-It’. Here’s further proof from (Housewife Info Junkie blog):
Today, in Iowa, the air vents needed repair on the Romney campaign bus. Mitt found the duct tape and fixed it.

Let’s get this guy in the White House!

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Delaware: Romney Garners 24 Endorsements, Files Paperwork UPDATE: More Georgia Endorsements

Good news from The First State… 24 elected officials and leaders in Delaware have endorsed Mitt Romney today.

Governor Romney also filed primary campaign paperwork to be on the ballot in Delaware.

I am happy to have the support of so many in Delaware,” said Mitt Romney. “In order to win in November 2012, I will need their help as I spread my pro-growth message and reach out to voters in Delaware and across the country.”

Announcing his support, House Republican Leader Greg Lavelle said, “After three years of failed attempts to restart our economy, it is clear that the liberal policies of President Obama are not working. We need a president who has displayed conservative leadership and understands how our economy actually functions. Mitt Romney displayed this leadership as both a governor and successful businessman. With his economic know-how, we will be able to get our economy working again.”

Mitt Romney has emerged as the only candidate with the experience and plan to take on President Obama,” said RNC National Committeeman Laird Stabler. “He is a conservative businessman who was able to use those principles as governor to cut taxes and spending. I look forward to working with these other leaders from Delaware to help Mitt Romney defeat President Obama and reverse the economic stagnation of the last three years.”
(emphasis added )

Delaware Elected Officials And Leaders Endorsing Mitt Romney:

• House Republican Leader Greg Lavelle
• State Senator Liane Sorenson
Dale Wolf; Former Governor and Lieutenant Governor
Janet Rzewnicki; Former State Treasurer
Bob Weiner; New Castle County Councilman
Laird Stabler; RNC National Committeeman
Everett Moore; Former Delaware Republican Party Chairman
Cathy Murray; Former Delaware Republican Party Vice Chairwoman
Steve Engebretson; Newark Region Republican Chairman
Hans Reigle; Kent County Republican Chairman
John Rollins; New Castle County Republican Chairman
Michael Fleming; Former New Castle County Republican Chairman
Rick Carroll; Former Wilmington Region Republican Chairman
Ted Cover; Wilmington Region Republican Vice Chairman
Jerry Martin; Former Brandywine Region Republican Chairman
Dave Burris; Former Sussex County Republican Chairman
Dave Jones; Former Newark Region Republican Chairman
Ron Sams; Former Sussex County Republican Chairman
Jim Ursomarso; Former Candidate for Lieutenant Gov, Wilmington City Republican Chairman
Michele Rollins; Former Congressional Candidate
Judy Travis; Former Candidate for State Senate
Louis Saindon; Former Candidate for State Representative
Josh Hoveln; University of Delaware College Republican Vice Chairman
Tom Schrandt

► Jayde Wyatt

UPDATE from Ross

Georgia Elected Officials And Leaders Endorsing Mitt Romney:

· Fran Millar, State Senator
· B.J. Pak, State Representative
· Nancy Coverdell
· Kelley O’Bryan Gary, Chairman, Jackson County GOP
· Robert J. Walker, Former Mayor, Dublin
· Jon Jones, Chairman, Tift County GOP
· James P. Golden, Former Chairman, Tift County GOP and Former 2nd District Director, Young Republicans
· Myron Faircloth, Chairman, South Georgia Young Republicans
· Ruth Malhotra, Former Executive Director, Georgia Association of College Republicans
· Orit Sklar, Former Executive Director, Fulton County GOP
· Jaime F. Aguilera, Former Director of Hispanic Outreach, Cobb County GOP
· Ron Johnson, Former Chairman, Jackson GOP

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