Dick Morris’ Chance Meeting With Romney: “He’d Make One Heck Of A President”

Last Friday (11/11/11), while eating breakfast in a Detroit airport restaurant, well-known political commentator Dick Morris and Mitt Romney had a chance meeting. Morris describes what happened…

I spent 40 minutes having breakfast with Mitt Romney last week. Ran into him by coincidence. Here’s what he’s really like:

My breakfast with Mitt

I had a really nice chat with Mitt. …

He was very loose. … You’d just love to spend a weekend with him. …

I really enjoyed it. …

I just had the sense of a guy who was really in control, really in command, who would, frankly, make one heck of a president.

So, I’ve gotta tell ya, that I was really impressed with him.


~ Dick Morris

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Who Won the CBS GOP Foreign Policy Debate from South Carolina? Full Debate Video Added

Republican candidates debated each other tonight on the topics of National Security and Foreign Policy. If the chat box starts moving too fast with all the chatting during the debate, feel free to start or respond to a topic at our forum. As soon as the entire debate is available, we will post the video below.

Full debate below followed by a compilation of just Mitt’s answers from the debate!

UPDATE: Looks like Mitt will be participating in the first Election 2012 Fox News Google+ Hangout with Bret Baier on Tuesday. Click here to learn how you could end up being one of the lucky few to “hangout” with Mitt on Tuesday.

UPDATE 2 by Jayde – Mitt Romney’s Special Adviser on Foreign Policy and former Reagan Administration official, Ambassador Rich Williamson, and S. Carolina Treasurer Curtis Loftis issued statements following tonight’s debate in Spartanburg, South Carolina:

Ambassador Williamson:

“Mitt Romney left tonight’s debate showing that he is the candidate best equipped to secure a more peaceful and prosperous world for the United States and our allies. Mitt Romney deeply understands that the only way to meet the challenges we face abroad is to rest our foreign policy on a strong military, a strong economy, and the strength of our values. For three years, President Obama’s feckless policies have weakened our country’s standing and influence across the globe. Mitt Romney is the candidate who will restore our standing and ensure that America leads the world.”

SC Treasurer Curtis Loftis:

“Mitt Romney won tonight’s debate by articulating a strategy to ensure that the 21st century is an American century. Unlike President Obama, Mitt Romney will conduct a foreign policy that acknowledges America’s exceptional role in the world, and he will do so with clarity and resolve. In a Romney administration, our friends will never question where we stand – and neither will our adversaries.”

FINAL UPDATE: The National Journal conducted a poll of Republican insiders and the results are as follows:

Who Won the CNBC Economic GOP Debate in Michigan? Full Debate Added

We’ve just finished another big presidential debate tonight! What did ya’ll think?

We’ll post the debate here in it’s entirety as soon as it’s available.

It was held at Oakland University in Michigan and moderators Maria Bartiromo and John Harwood (CNBC) were joined by Sharon Epperson, Steve Liesman, Rick Santelli, and Jim Cramer.

Participants: Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum

Before this debate started, Jim Cramer and CNBC decided to focus on two companies, General Motors and Domino’s Pizza. I’m guessing these choices were very deliberate. They chose General Motors because of Mitt’s criticism of the auto bailout that the democrats have tried to twist into a way to attack Mitt Romney. I’m sure Mitt welcomes any questions about the auto bailout because it gives him a chance to tell the voters the truth about his position and most will ultimately realize Mitt was right all along. Domino’s is a company that Mitt Romney and Bain Capital bought several years ago. This gives Mitt a fantastic chance to talk about how he and Bain helped Domino’s grow so much and how that experience will aid him in his mission to grow the U.S. economy. That, combined with Michigan being the state of Mitt’s birth and the state that Mitt’s father George Romney was a popular governor of for three terms, gives Mitt quite the home field advantage. CNBC is reporting that the students seem to be behind Mitt more than any other candidate.

Chat with us during the debate and make sure to come back to this post after the debate for video, analysis, and some ways to help Mitt. Until then, please sign up at Ultimitt.org.

UPDATE: An on-sight poll of students there at Oakland University gave Mitt the victory with 40% of the vote!

The Fix calls Mitt a winner!

* Mitt Romney: Steady, steady, steady. The former Massachusetts governor was on friendly territory tonight with an economic-themed debate set in the state where he was born. The crowd was very much on his side — cheering virtually anything he said. And Romney was on his game too; his answer on housing versus jobs was that of a confident frontrunner. Romney, again, looked like the person on stage most ready to carry the Republican standard next year against President Obama. Plus, the utter debate collapse of Texas Gov. Rick Perry — the only other candidate with a demonstrated ability to raise tens of millions of dollars — will likely push some on-the-fence major donors Romney’s way.

Jennifer Rubin picks Mitt as the winner as does Rich Lowry from National Review and Christian Heinze from the Hill.

Full Debate added below the fold Click here to continue reading

Democrats Attempt to Deceive Michiganders and Mitt Romney Fights Back + Stephanopoulos Interview

Not only are democrats running newspaper ads against Mitt in Michigan, but the DNC has a new video that attempts to make Mitt feel unwelcome in the state of his birth. Mitt is fighting back with the truth in interviews, with a great op-ed, and with the following video:

Ahead of tonight’s debate in Michigan, Gov. Romney has decided to take the battle back to the democrats who have been trying to deceive the voters in Michigan into thinking native son Mitt Romney doesn’t care about Michigan and wants to see Michigan fail. CNBC has Mitt’s op-ed titled “President Obama has Failed Michigan” on their front page. You should read the entire op-ed. It’s great to see Mitt go on offense in one of the only areas he’s been playing a little defense on. For those of you who remember, the Democrats have been trying for years to twist Mitt’s words from a 2008 op-ed to make voters think Mitt is heartless and callous when anyone who reads the piece will see that Mitt is pragmatic and perhaps clairvoyant. He was exactly correct on his prescription for the domestic auto industry, but President Bush and President Obama wasted billions of taxpayer dollars before they came to the realization that Mitt had been right all along.

I wish I could say these attacks on Mitt have had no effect on Michigan voters, but I have had numerous conversations with people here in Michigan who were fooled by these democratic attacks on Mitt. Back in June, Mitt Romney Came to Michigan and Liberals Had a Hissy Fit. Thanks to that experience and others, I didn’t need to wait for the proof that the occupy movement was in coordination with the labor unions because their chants are exactly the same. Both groups have been fooled into hating Mitt as well. The good news is that Mitt should win the primary here, but the general election is where the real battle will be. Mitt will turn Michigan red and take those 16 electoral votes if he can prove to Michiganders that the Democrats are lying about Mitt’s love for Michigan.

Watch Mitt’s interview with George Stephanopoulos below the fold Click here to continue reading

Romney on Bill O’Reilly GOP Radio Town Hall Tonight

Ready for a radio presidential town hall?

Mitt Romney is a participant in a three hour event tonight for GOP candidates hosted by Bill O’Reilly. The program will air from 6pm ET to 9pm ET on radio stations all around the country and on www.BillOReilly.com:

Bill O’Reilly’s Presidential Town Hall is a three-hour radio exclusive town hall even featuring current Republican presidential hopefuls facing hard-hitting questions from America’s favorite cable news host.

Listeners from across the country will also have the opportunity to cast their vote in a LIVE online straw poll here on BillOReilly.com.

Find a radio station carrying Bill O’Reilly’s Town Hall near you.

Participants: Romney, Santorum, Paul, Gingrich, Bachmann, Huntsman

(There are unconfirmed reports that Perry and Cain aren’t participating.)

Click here for link to station finder.

Livestream may be found here.

As usual, Romney supporters are invited to join us in the chatbox.

Go Mitt!

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Information for People Interested in Attending the November 9th Republican Debate in Michigan

A lot of people in Michigan want to know if/how they can get tickets to next week’s 8:00 EST CNBC Republican Debate hosted by the Michigan Republican Party on Oakland University’s campus. I did some research, and here’s what I found:

Oakland University is directing people who do not attend and aren’t affiliated with the university to this information page. It appears the Michigan Republican Party is in charge of tickets, and they are asking anyone looking for tickets to call 517-487-5413.

As you can imagine, the whole campus is abuzz with the opportunity to host such an important and prestigious event. Michigan is Romney country, so Mitt should end up with a friendly audience which always helps shape the perception of the television viewers. Also, the debate will reportedly focus exclusively on the nation’s economic challenges including the national debt, jobs and taxes. If you have the ability to attend this debate, you shouldn’t miss it. It should be a blast. I’ve posted some of the videos promoting the debate below:

UPDATE: The Romney for President Team is offering one very lucky supporter the chance of a lifetime. Ever wondered what it’s like at campaign headquarters on debate night? Now’s your chance to find out. On November 9th, one lucky Mitt supporter will fly to campaign headquarters in Boston and watch the debate with Team Romney and friends. Donate $3 today for a chance at this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go behind-the-scenes and experience debate night at Romney HQ.

Fmr NH State Rep Mooney Mulled Perry or Romney… Chooses ROMNEY

She was on a plane flying out of New Hampshire, heading to Texas… not too long ago.

She was going to twist Rick Perry’s arm to get in the presidential race.

She spoke with the Texas Governor.

She got her wish.

She’s been watching and waiting.

She’s been mulling.

She has endorsed Mitt Romney.

Former NH State Rep and prominent New Hampshire social conservative Maureen Mooney has added to Rick Perry’s terrible, horrible, no good day. (NH State Rep Norman Major flipped from Perry to Romney last night.)

Romney Snatches Major Social Conservative Endorsement From Perry

Prominent social conservative Maureen Mooney tells WMURPoliticalScoop.com she is endorsing Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, even months after she was among a very small group who flew from New Hampshire to Texas to encourage Rick Perry to run for president.

This is Mitt’s time and this is his year,” she said. “He has been a friend of New Hampshire for years now and is very supportive of the New Hampshire Republican Party, candidates locally, the county and state. Furthermore, he demonstrates a sharpness in every debate we have seen him in that will match up well against Barack Obama. That is precisely what we need.”

Mooney’s endorsement comes ahead the Cornerstone Action fundraising dinner tonight with keynote speaker Rick Perry. And, yes, Mooney will be there.
Mooney, of Merrimack, is a former state representative, and state Republican Party treasurer.

(italics, emphasis added)

From the UnionLeader.com:


Following our exclusive report early today that veteran state Rep. Norman Major, R-Plaistow, has “flipped” from Texas Gov. Rick Perry to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, conservative former state Rep. Maureen Mooney of Merrimack told us she is also backing Romney.
Mooney was among a small group of Granite Staters who traveled to Austin, Tex., in August to talk to Perry when he was considering running for President. But while others then backed Perry when he became a candidate, she said she went to Austin uncommitted, returned uncommitted and had been uncommitted until two weeks ago, when she decided on Romney.
Mooney cited the former Massachusetts governor’s “private business sector background and a proven record of being able to turn around corporations. That’s clearly what this country needs now.”

She said Romney’s “better experience in the private sector” than Perry “will draw a clear line of distinction between him and President Obama.”

Ms. Mooney, your endorsement is marvelous!

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Texas Tough? 3 Reasons Why Rick Perry Won’t Debate

Texas tough, but afraid to debate?

When you’re down 14 points behind the nearest candidate, skipping debates probably isn’t in your best interest, yet that’s what the Perry camp seems to be flirting with.

Part of me would like to think they’re just testing the public’s reaction to this move (not unlike what they’ve done with Mitt and Mormonism) and to perhaps ascertain who their constituents really are.

The other part of me is wondering why Rick Perry would forfeit the opportunity to make the case for his presidency directly to the American people.

I’ve narrowed it down to three possibilities:

  • First, Rick Perry doesn’t actually have a plan of his own. Perry’s recent jobs plan contains many of the same solutions that Mitt Romney’s plan does. Since Mitt’s plan has been available to everyone for 7 weeks prior to Perry’s, one could argue that perhaps Perry took Mitt’s plan, repackaged it and is now calling it his own. This creates a dilemma for Perry since promoting his solutions will only lend credibility to the case Romney has been making for nearly two months. It does nothing to set Rick Perry apart from Romney.
  • The second possibility I’ve considered is that Rick Perry simply isn’t buying what he is selling. The flat tax option in Perry’s recently released plan was a carrot dangled above his falling poll numbers. Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan stole Perry’s thunder, but many criticized it for adding a new tax or not going far enough with a flat tax. Perry must have figured he could do us one better and released his half-baked flat tax option that will undoubtedly deflate under even the softest scrutiny. It does nothing to the current tax system and is an opt-in to a higher tax bracket than 90% of the public currently belongs to. There is no way Perry can take the stage and defend it with the same conviction behind his hatred of cancer or heartfelt need to subsidize the education of illegal immigrants.
  • Third, Rick Perry is the schoolyard bully. We all know this guy. Because of the aforementioned reasons Perry doesn’t have confidence to win in a fair fight. He must remove himself from a situation where there are too many variables beyond his control. He obviously needs time to formulate responses and a safe place from which to deliver cheap shots. Perry is no stranger to smear tactics and has already delivered some pretty reckless videos attacking Mitt Romney. This is where a bully is comfortable in confrontation: on his turf and under his terms. He is retreating to a forum with less accountability and little opportunity for rebuttal. Just ask Bill White, former Texas gubernatorial candidate who ran against Perry in 2010. Perry refused to share the stage with Bill and ran a series of television and radio ads against him calling him everything but a pinko-commie (he may have actually said that too).

  • Rick Perry must think the GOP voters are stupid if he expects to retreat from the issues, take cheap shots at the front runners and still manage to clinch the nomination. We have already had three years of the most insulting, condescending, arrogant president in American history and are ready to be treated with a little more respect. Perry’s scorched earth policy does nothing to unite or inspire the base, improve his own image, or further the national dialog concerning real solutions to real problems.

    You’re either all in, or its time to fold, Rick.

    -Adam E.

    BONUS: Do we really want Rick Perry to be the guy that represents our party, head-to-head in a debate against Barack Obama?!

    Illegal Immigration: Rick Perry Punches Himself, New Website

    After Rick Perry’s sophomoric attack on Mitt Romney’s credibility on illegal immigration at last night’s presidential debate, which was a ploy to draw attention away from his own liberal stance on illegals, I’m sharing some of today’s commentary on Perry.

    And, it all leads up to an attention-getting new website from Romney for President

    Romney’s Still the Man to Beat

    Romney’s patience and endurance was tested to the limit as he was subjected to a series of vicious attacks on immigration, health care and jobs policy. But Romney, who has emerged this year as one of the most polished and able political debaters in recent memory, ended the evening still on his feet without any of the others able to say they had floored him.

    The nastiest attack came from Rick Perry, who seemed to be a different man than the sleepy and unfocused performer in four previous debates. Perry was much improved over his previous tries, but that is not the same thing as saying he helped himself all that much. Perry’s aggression was certainly what his team wanted to see, but he overreached when he repeated a smear about Romney personally hiring illegal aliens. That charge fell flat in the face of Romney’s explanation, and it didn’t help that Perry kept repeating it. It was an obvious attempt on Perry’s part to distract conservatives from his more liberal stands on illegal immigration. It’s doubtful many bought it.

    Later in the debate, we were reminded of Perry’s previous debate problems when he attempted to make a point about the United Nations and its role in facilitating Palestinian efforts to evade the peace process. Perry knew what he wanted to say but couldn’t quite spit it out and wound up sputtering when he could have made a strong argument. Even at his best, and this was the best we’ve seen of him, Perry still doesn’t sound presidential or that focused. He may get a bump in the polls, but it’s unlikely he’ll ever retrieve the lead he lost last month.
    This evening was feistier than the previous debates and rougher sledding in many ways for Romney. But it merely confirmed the same conclusion: despite the fireworks, this race is still Romney’s to lose.

    National Review Online – Kathryn Jean Lopez:

    Governor Romney showed some of the passion Tuesday night I think people have been hoping to see. And smart to even get a little legitimately testy with a smile. He took command of the stage on more than one occasion.

    He also had to further defend his health-care plan and made some headway.

    And he may have benefitted from some low blows and pettiness along the way. (Perry on the lawn issue was low. Gingrich mandate issue was petty.)

    Pat Gray, radio commentator (filling in for Glenn Beck, begins @1:14):

    Romney gives Perry a debate beatdown

    … Whoever is advising Rick Perry should be fired for encouraging Perry to take on Romney over illegal immigration. Perry dug up the same claim from the 2008 campaign – the one that was thoroughly examined and dismissed. Perry doubled down on his mistake by trying to interrupt Romney as he explained it (again) — and looked terrible in the process. Check out the clip and reaction on radio today.

    “Another win; I mean, another Romney win. He just beat him [Perry] senseless. Rick – just a piece of advice: Shut up about immigration, ‘k?” – Pat Gray

    Hugh Hewitt:

    There’s a lot of focus online and in the post-debate shows on the immigration exchanges, but Governor Perry’s decision to throw the old and discredited lawn care company charge against Governor Romney seems at best an odd choice, and one that simply will not go down well with GOP voters used to seeing such attacks peddled by the MSM. What that specific attack did do is create enough heat to leave the definite impression that there are really only two choices on the stage. It was the most fiery exchange of the evening, and the one that has already replayed and replayed across the screen. A Romney-Perry moment like that makes it a Romney-Perry debate which in turns defines it as a Romney-Perry campaign.

    The second tier of candidates made a huge miscalculation in turning their fire on Romney before dispatching Perry completely from the field. Rick Santorum, especially, seemed to believe that his long-shot path went straight through Romney when there are in fact two obstacles before him in the persons of Herman Cain and Rick Perry. The former Pennsylvania senator chose to turn his fire on Romney and not Perry and ended up with Perry walking off the stage with a second lease on a campaign.

    Forbes – E.D. Kain:
    In Vegas Debate Perry Take the Gloves Off but Romney is Still King

    Last night’s CNN GOP debate in Las Vegas has been widely described as the most heated of the debates so far, and the gloves really came off when Texas governor Rick Perry accused Mitt Romney of hiring undocumented workers – illegals, as he put it – in the past and then interrupted Romney several times instead of allowing him to finish.

    Romney … easily deflected Perry’s aggression, turning it back on him and chuckling the whole time. Romney is practically dancing on the grave of Rick Perry’s presidential ambitions[.] …

    (emphasis added )

    I was pleased to see Romney for President release a new website, CareerPolitician.com, in an effort to provide voters with the facts about Rick Perry’s record as a career politician. Voters can access this website to find Governor Perry’s support for in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, his proposal that would dismantle Social Security, his real record on job creation, and his history of distorting facts during the short time he has been in the Republican Primary.

    The ad that illustrated Rick Perry’s inability to string a couple complete sentences together without a teleprompter was pulled due to a copyright claim by CNN, but you can still see much of it in the following Morning Joe clip:

    Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    Click here to continue reading

    Grading the Nevada GOP Debate – Who Passed the Test?

    The following is a guest contribution by Adam Ebberts of Oklahoma:

    It’s no secret that I am firmly in Romney’s camp. That being said, I am open to the strengths of other candidates as well as the weaknesses of Romney. A good idea is a good idea. That being said, I have attempted to be as impartial as I can be in grading the individual candidates’ performances last night.
    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    Mitt Romney

    Grade: A
    The Pros: Mitt appeared to have been anticipating an onslaught by the other fledgling campaigns. When you’ve been the obvious frontrunner for months you can expect everyone to try and tear you down as they clamor for some recognition.
    The Cons: The reason I did not give Mitt an A+ was because he looked to Anderson Cooper to intervene when he was being interrupted. This is a CNN debate; they want to see the bickering and fighting among republicans. I would have liked to have seen a little more masterful command of the stage without having to appeal to the would-be moderator.
    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    Herman Cain

    Grade: B-
    The Pros: I gave Herman Cain a B- mostly for effort. He is not backing off his 9-9-9 plan and for the most part (at least the first two 9’s) it is resonating with voters. Even Newt gave Herman some props for opening people up to finally talking about substantive
    The Cons: “Apples to Oranges” As Mitt attempted to point out; Herman’s 9-9-9 plan would impose an additional, federal sales tax on top of the sales taxes all ready leveled by the individual states. Herman tried to make the case that Mitt was comparing two different things and the two somewhere were not related. A more appropriate comparison would be, “do you prefer granny smith or red delicious?”
    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    Michelle Bachmann

    Grade: B
    The Pros: Michelle articulated very clearly her rational for calling Herman’s 9-9-9 plan a Value Added Tax. She sounded very competent on the issue and was able to effectively draw on her experience as a tax attorney.
    The Cons: I felt the appeal to women voters towards the end of the debate was a bit odd and seemed like a new strategy for Bachmann. It sounded a little desperate to connect with a very specific demographic and felt a little more emotional then substantive.
    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    Newt Gingrich

    Grade: B+
    The Pros: Who doesn’t love Newt really? He is very articulate, very concise and works very hard at actually answering the questions posed to him. His analogy concerning the so-called “super-committee” was very relevant and made the issue easy to understand.
    His praise for the other candidates when he feels they’re on to something, despite their other differences is commendable.
    The Cons: Newt lost his cool a little bit when Romney fired back the challenge that Newt supported the individual mandate. To Newt’s credit he did not lie about where he stood on the issue, but he revealed a side of himself we don’t get to see very often.
    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    Rick Perry

    Grade: D+
    The Pros: Rick Perry made energy independence his primary selling point. He is right that America is an energy dependant nation and could do much better about taking care of ourselves in that regard.
    The Cons: Perry’s distaste for Romney was loud and clear. His attacks seemed petty and half-cocked. After more than one failed assault on Romney, Perry began skirting the questions and going back to his poll-tested policy stance on energy independence. Perry did not help himself in this debate.
    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    Ron Paul

    Grade: C
    The Pros: Consistency. Ron Paul is nothing if not consistent. You can almost guess where he is going to fall on an issue.
    The Cons: Consistency. Ron Paul has been saying the same thing for years. He has done little to sway public opinion towards libertarianism. This time around however he made some comments concerning Israel that wont sit well with many republican voters.
    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    Rick Santorum

    Grade: C-
    The Pros: True to form, Rick Santorum came out with both fists-a-swinging. Rick absolutely made the case that the family is the most fundamental and important unit of society, and is under attack. Santorum has been true to his faith and his family and that
    shines through in battles he chooses.
    The Cons: Not unlike Perry this time around, Santorum leveled a charge against Romney and then denied him the opportunity to respond. He seemed a little over the top given the issue of discussion (repealing Obamacare). We’ve seen Rick go after Perry and Paul, but this seemed even more personal than Guardisil.
    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    Jon Huntsman

    Grade: W for withdrawal
    The Pros: I’m sure his New Hampshire town hall event was spectacular.
    The Cons: For a guy that has barely moved beyond the margin of error on national polls, missing a chance to share your vision in front of the entire nation could prove detrimental.
    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
    Agree or disagree? Give us your grades in the comment section below.