Knock Out Punch – Conservative’s Plea

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Recently a few of those in conservative circles have been calling upon Mitt Romney to lay a knock-out punch on Obama, believing that the timing is right with the Supreme Court ruling and Obamacare. They further perceive weakness in the Romney team, which has not been as assertive as they might want in this regard, and consequentially the team needs an overhaul or shake-up. There is no question that a certain weakness exists in Obama because of Obamacare. To some degree, within the recent Supreme Court ruling and public animus toward Obamacare there is a window to capitalize upon. Even so, as to weakness in Obama, take your pick! Fortunately or unfortunately for us, there are many points of weakness in Obama: detachment; failed leadership; foreign policy (or lack thereof); security leaks; unbridled spending; obviation of Constitutional checks and balances through imperious edict and czars; Fast and Furious; immigration; burdensome debt and consequential intergenerational theft; lack, or undermining of trade policy; undermining of religious freedoms; abandonment of fundamental American values wherein he has undermined our social fabric by not defending marriage, family and life; failed economic and job policies; attempted purchasing of society; overburdensome and oppressive regulation, just to list a few. Appreciating the many conservative voices in the mix and the want to take out Obama now, we must recognize in our want for instant gratification that it is a process – a week is a lifetime in politics. If we can glean anything from history, within the political process, campaigns will experience innumerable ups and downs – and a week does not necessarily make or define a campaign – perspective.

Notwithstanding the dynamics of the process, the key constant and stratagem of a successful campaign must remain in a critically focused message, appreciating the want for static knock-out punches along the way. If there is any measure attributable to Mitt Romney and his team, it is focus, focus and focus! This does not presuppose the campaign should not and will not be agile and responsive to attacks or opportunities as they arise. However, amid the commotion and voices from the right or left the message is and remains, the economy! With the recent employment statistics and those that are sure to follow in the ensuing months, the economy will continue to be the key catalyst for change on November 6th.

Parenthetically, an interesting metaphor that harkens my thoughts and further applies to the commotive voices – when Israel was victorious over Egypt in the 6-day war. Notwithstanding the breadth of its border with Egypt, Israel’s strategy was to identify Egypt’s weakest point, line up its tanks and penetrate the border and then disperse. It was an elegant strategy for victory. The Romney team has similarly identified Obama’s weakest point (much to the suffering of America), the economy, and is laser focused on its message.

Surely, there will be many voices – Obama, his campaign and PR machine chief among them, that will seek to distract the message away from the economy and Obama’s record. Whether it is immigration, Mitt Romney’s character and personal wealth, 99:1 and class warfare, Obamacare or whatever, Romney’s campaign needs to keep its primary focus on the catalyst for change, the economy and jobs. People in America are ‘tired’ and ‘suffering’ and unlike Obama, Mitt gets it.

Mitt Romney has assembled a great team whose depth and resources are second to none. As the general election cycle continues, the team will continue to expand as was recently announced with Kevin Madden being elevated in his role, or as resources are culled and called upon for the evolving campaign dynamics and/or the Vice Presidential candidate. Gratefully, we have a candidate and support team that understands the process and is earnestly steadfast in what matters. They listen, gather data, adapt, and press forward with purpose in the message. What is the phrase – too many chefs in the kitchen spoil the broth? I am just saying… With so many passionate, interested and influential voices speaking simultaneously, and further compounded with the Obama campaign and public relations machine, the Romney campaign must remain adherent to a clarion voice of purpose, message and focus. Can they do better in communicating the message with clarity and passion? Yes. Does it require a shake-up and overhaul? No. Will the campaign be sufficiently agile in drawing upon needed, adaptive and experienced resources? Yes.

Our anxieties and wants to get Obama out now can encumber and cloud our perspective, especially if we allow it to seep into the cracks of our faith, or our understanding of ‘enduring’ campaigns. Gratefully and confidently, Romney has been sufficiently steeled in his experience to have the wisdom necessary to filter the voices of commotion; and is further endowed with the key leadership capacities to listen and guide his campaign and our country to victory in November. To paraphrase Ann Romney, with Mitt Romney the country wins, with Barack Obama, we lose!

Appreciating the quarterbacking from so many and the need to express critically constructive opinion, now is the time to stand as one, unified and aligned with Mitt Romney, that we might take back America and restore our economy and freedoms; he remains our hope for America’s future. Even so, as we are wont to offer constructive thoughts, we must do so with consideration for Obama’s PR machine and how they might seek to use our commentary as a further divide to fracture our party and nation. Without any doubt, now is the time to raise our voices with purpose and measure! Now is the time to draw upon the strength of America and Americans, coalescing all interests behind Mitt Romney to take back what we have lost in the Obama Era – restoring freedom, liberty, our economy and America’s exceptionalism.

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Women of America to Mr. Obama: “We Can’t Count on You!”

President Obama believes he has the women vote all boxed in. Well, women across America are banding together for grassroots work in their urgency to elect Mitt Romney as President. Just below is one women’s group and their statement from the “About” button of Women for Romney 2012. Below the statement is a great video they just released. The video is great! I love their choice of music too…

Women for Romney 2012 is a national grassroots women’s coalition supporting Mitt Romney for President in 2012. We were initially formed as a group on Facebook and we invite you to “like” our page and join our group for robust discussion with opinionated ladies. We also post event dates, volunteer opportunities, campaign information, and inspiration for our growing national women’s coalition dedicated to putting Ann & Mitt Romney in the White House and putting America back on the path to prosperity and pride. Please join our group at: Facebook Group. The women’s vote matters in this election. We want to know what you think, feel and believe!

Women for Romney 2012 was started by Gina Covell Maddox (@GinaCMaddox) and a small but dedicated group of well-informed politically savvy women. Over 800+members strong, we are a national grass-roots organization. We are NOT connected to the Mitt Romney for President Campaign or any PAC.–nk&

American Values: “Liberty” — “In God We Trust” — “E Pluribus Unum”

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Character, It Matters (Part II)

Character – Integrity – Trust. Words matter, and these words in particular as we prepare to choose the next President of the United States. Character, integrity and trust are measures and standards that we must consider when entrusting the leadership of our nation to the next POTUS. Our nation is in turmoil! We are over-burdened with debt and spending; we suffer from failed leadership; the basic fabric of our society under attack – family, life and liberty. We suffer fissures and fractures in our society as never before in our respective lifetimes. Judicial appointments to the Supreme Court over the next four years will define, not just the nature of the Supreme Court, but all US District Courts as well. With Europe in severe financial distress, the Middle East in turmoil and contrary nations asserting their totalitarian regimes for world domination – the world is in commotion and tumult. As a nation, we sit atop a precipice where strong and principled leadership will make all the difference. If ever there was a time choose a leader with character, integrity and trust – it is NOW! If ever there was a time to choose a principled leader with capacity and experience – it is NOW! If ever there was a time to choose a man of principle; a man who understands and abides the founding principles of our nation; a man who is aligned with the interests of our American values – it is NOW! This is not a time for passivity and sitting on the sidelines – this is a time for active ADVOCACY; a time to stand for what we believe in and speak out – becoming voices of reason in a dark and boisterous world!

Character, It Matters (Part I) was a comparative of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. It is clear to me, in spite of my bias, that on the character measure, Mitt Romney stands well above Obama in this regard; in the company he keeps, in his core values and principles, in the manner in which he has lived and continues to live his life, and in his commitment to America. Character, It Matters Part II is less of a comparative and is intended to dissect in greater detail the true character of Barack Obama. Absent knowing Obama personally, we can only look to his actions, associations, and seek to measure his intent. It has been said, you can measure the true character of a man when his back is against the wall and when things are down; his actions will reflect who and what he is. As a nation, we have been tolerant and treated this man with kid gloves – NO MORE! Simply put, Barack Obama has been corrupted by power and greed, in fact, Barack Obama has proven his weakness of character by his actions of late, with truth revealed – no more hiding in the shadows of subtlety.

Let’s consider the revealing facts of Obama’s character:

Firstly, it was revealed much to the chagrin of Obama’s campaign that it’s primary strategy is to destroy, or ‘kill’ Mitt Romney. Ann Romney addresses it below.

Secondly, at Obama’s direction, he and his campaign have fabricated and spread lies about Mitt Romney, not distortions, but flat out lies in an effort to elevate their standing in this election. Further, they have covered up their own indiscretions. Pride is a terrible thing and is most often manifest when one undertakes to diminish another for personal gain and elevation. However, when intentionally deceptive and driven by lies to cover one’s own sins, or achieve an agenda, it is no longer pride but an evil construct of power and greed for self, above principle and others.

Breitbart provides a good summary HERE and below. Who do you think directs David Axelrod’s agenda?

Obama and Mainstream Media Lies (they are inseparable):
1) Bain Capital and Mitt Romney’s outsourcing agenda (independently proven to be false)
2) Bain Capital and Mitt Romney’s role therein, regarding greed and ‘vulture capitalism’ that cost American jobs (independently proven to be false)
3) Mitt Romney’s failure to create jobs and his competence and capacity in the economy (independently proven to be false). Parenthetically, Mitt Romney, through this efforts, has created billions of dollars of wealth for many American’s, including the jobs represented, and more.
4) Mitt Romney’s hidden wealth, ie, ill-gotten and hidden gains (independently proven to be false)
5) Mitt Romney’s bullying (independently proven to be false)
And yet, the Obama campaign continues their distortions, lies and attempted destruction in spite of truth to the contrary…

Obama’s Realities Untold in the Media:
…Obama purchased his million-dollar home with the help of a man who’s now a convicted felon. Talk about “murky” finances.
…Obama lied about his relationship with a domestic terrorist.
…Obama told three dozen falsehoods in his autobiography.
…Obama lied about his socialist New Party membership.
…Obama is lying about Romney’s record as an outsourcer.
…Obama refused to disclose who all of his donors were in 2008.
…hundreds of innocent Mexicans were gunned down by Fast and Furious guns.
…manufacturing is contracting.
…the GDP plunged to 1.9%.
…wages just fell for only the fifth time in 33 years.
…that the Administration hides its White House guest list in plain sight.

And, there’s more –
– Imperious edicts on immigration, contrary to Constitutional checks and balances, and Constitutional law.
– Czar appointments to obviate Congressional authority and responsibility.
– Security leaks of serious and threatening magnitude to burnish one’s foreign policy bona fides.
– Taking personal credit for the willing sacrifice and service of others for our nation, and then outing them to the enemy (SEAL Team 6)
– Associations with individuals whose lives have been revealed to be contrary to the interests of our nation.
– Distorting truth about his being overspent by Romney’s campaign to prospective donors and pleading campaign disadvantage and poverty. Check out Jim Geraghty here.

As each of these points are considered, I repeat: Character – Integrity – Trust. Words matter, and these words in particular as we prepare to choose the next President of the United States. Character, integrity and trust are measures and standards that we must consider when entrusting the leadership of our nation to the next POTUS.

By any measure, Barack Obama does not meet the standard.

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Romney Considering Woman as VP Running Mate (CBS Interview)

Early this morning, CBS published a brief segment of an interview of Mitt and Ann Romney from New Hampshire.

In this CBS interview, the reporter asks Ann Romney:

“Do you think he should nominate a woman?”

Ann replies,

“We’ve been looking at that and I’d love that option as well.”

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A Personal Perspective and 10 Key Takeaways – Romney Victory Leadership Retreat

Having attended the Romney Victory Leadership Retreat, I wanted to offer a brief insight and some personal takeaways from the Park City event this weekend. In a subsequent post I will address the issue of Substance and Depth: The Candidates.

A Lifetime of Experience and Preparation for America's Defining Moment

Appreciating an expected crowd of 300, then 400, then 500+, and ultimately nearly 800 attendees, the recent retreat at Park City, Utah was a moving and inspiring experience. While returning to the hotel after Friday’s dinner at the Olympic Park, we were conversing with a couple from Florida, who at the last minute (Thursday night) decided that they would come to Utah, and they did. That seemed to sum up the attitude of so many present in Park City – this was an event not to be missed; everyone was energized.

James Baker offered one of the most cogent, articulate and impassioned arguments of any I have heard and read as to why the nation needs Mitt Romney! James Baker has spent his life in service to our nation and, having served four US Presidents in key positions, provided a compelling and detailed introduction of why Mitt Romney is the most qualified of any in our lifetime to lead our nation at this critical juncture of domestic and global uncertainty. Of any who would know, it would be James Baker.

Ann and Mitt Romney then followed with a ‘tenderly’ humorous introduction of their sons (by Ann), and a passionate and galvanizing speech about the greatness of the task before us (by Mitt). Governor Romney went on to talk about his faith in, and the depth and capacity of, the American people; to rise above trial, tribulation and a dearth of leadership in our most critical moments, and fulfill our responsibility to pick up and carry the torch of freedom; a torch carried so capably by our ‘greatest generation’. He said it wasn’t our torch, but it was our privilege to carry it and hold it high. He inspiringly spoke of our greatest generation who valiantly fought for and preserved our freedom, and the freedom of so many in the world. Acknowledging the sacrifices born by this generation of our fathers and grandfathers, and the diminishing numbers who remain, Mitt movingly touched the hearts of all present to stand tall; to stand firm; and pick up that which so was so valiantly fought for by our fathers; and upon whose shoulders we stand. I have heard many speeches in my 60 years, but this one will stand apart, for it resonated in my heart as few have; and I was not alone in these feelings.

Saturday we were privileged to further hear from Senator John McCain, Secretary Condoleezza Rice, Reince Preibus, Jeb Bush and Governor Romney, among many others.

Senator McCain stated with clarity that America is no longer leading from behind – we are not leading at all. He talked of the Arab Spring and that it is only the beginning, with more to come. He further emphasized that at a time when Obama has undermined trust with our allies through critical security leaks, outing British and Israeli cooperation; when our relationship with Israel has been undermined and is at its worst in history; when we have placed greater risks to American lives and the lives of our Allies; we don’t need a President who politicizes our national security and allied relationships through security leaks and self promotion; we need a LEADER who understands America’s exceptionalism in the world; we need a LEADER who can restore trust and what has been lost; we need a LEADER who puts country and others above self; we need a LEADER with sound judgment, trust, capacity, and integrity; we need a LEADER who is principled; we need Mitt Romney.

Secretary Rice was absolutely inspiring. She spoke of the three great shocks that have occurred in the last decade; (1) 9/11 challenged our physical security, (2) the financial meltdown in 2008 challenged our economic security, and (3) the pinnacle Arab Spring, perhaps the most dramatic, illustrated the risk to and opportunity for freedom. Even so, the need for and absence of American leadership in the latter has exacerbated tumult, chaos and created a more dangerous threat to our American and global societies. The world looks for and needs American leadership. In the absence of American leadership, the void will be filled elsewhere, and no one can or will fill such a void with the fundamental principles of freedom. She stressed, with depth of understanding and experience, that the narrative of America is empowerment, not entitlement. Without equivocation, Secretary Rice was clear in her entreaty – we need someone who understands and can lead – that person is Mitt Romney!

Reince Preibus talked of his rearing as a young man at the feet of his grandfather, a resident of Greece; and how much his grandfather loved America! Chairman Preibus was equally inspiring in clearly delineating our task ahead, for we are engaged in a battle for freedom as with our founding fathers and the greatest generation before us. This is our moment to fill the shoes of those who have gone before.

Much more was discussed by panelists on innovation and the media, as well as a strategy breakdown from the tremendous campaign team of Governor Romney.

Jeb Bush was absolute in his advocacy for the message of and person in Mitt Romney, while reaffirming what all present believe – Mitt Romney is uniquely qualified and prepared at this critical juncture in our nation’s history to lead America forward in freedom and prosperity. He stated that where we have been in the past three and a half years has set us on a course of intended decline, a decline that MUST, CAN, and WILL be reversed; that Mitt Romney has been prepared for this moment; and that we, as a nation, need him!

Of course, as has been written, we were also able to enjoy private and group interactions with leading surrogates for the Romney campaign.

10 Key Personal Takeaways
1 – We are living in a more tumultuous, chaotic and dangerous world because of failed American leadership.
2 – Through a conscious and deliberate effort by a self-aggrandizing President and his team who place personal interest and position above the needs and security of our Nation, the lives of many Americans and Allies are at risk.
3 – Mitt Romney is distinctly and uniquely qualified as few have been, to lead our nation through its current crises.
4 – Gathered were some of our nation’s most influential business leaders, entrepreneurs and bankers who collectively have the capacity and ability to move our economy, if government would empower and not constrain or burden them. We gathered together because we support and see in Mitt Romney, an incomparable leader for the 21st century; one who can turn around an ailing nation and economy; a leader who can make a difference in the lives of every American; a leader we can TRUST, whose judgments are sound and whose principles are aligned with America’s; a leader who gets it; a leader who will LEAD.
5 – Mitt Romney not only can, but will win in November – because of who Mitt Romney is, his message of a Strong America, the team he assembled to manage his campaign, the coalescence of Republicans, Independents and the coalitions of so many whose concern for America has elevated beyond measure; and the depth, commitment and energy of so many like unto those attending in Park City this weekend.
6 – A comparable gathering by Barack Obama would look completely different – instead of influential business (large and small), banking and entrepreneurial leaders, and coalescing constituencies, Barack Obama would draw Hollywood celebrities and community activists. Unlike those supporting Mitt Romney, i.e., successful entrepreneurs and coalescing assemblages across all spectrums, who are deeply connected to our economy and jobs, and making a difference, those supporting Barack Obama comparatively have little impact on the granular depth of our economic recovery and jobs. Hollywood will not lead our recovery.
7 – There is an undeniable energy and intensity on the part of all in attendance to effect a change and assure that Barack Obama has a job in the private sector come November 6, 2012. To a one, everyone in attendance is stepping up their game, which is huge because of what has been accomplished thus far.
8 – Not to underestimate the capacity of Barack Obama.
9 – Mitt Romney will not be outraised by Barack Obama, nor will his message of a Strong America be silenced by the MSM or Barack Obama.
10 – Barack Obama continues to run a fractured, fear-based, and divisive campaign, seeking to elevate himself at the expense and attempted destruction of others.

As private as this retreat was, it was by greater measure a furtherance of Mitt Romney’s campaign for America to a cause greater than self.

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Americans: “Save the Country” — “I’m praying for you”

Two days ago, Sean Hannity used his interview with Mitt and Ann as the wrap-up segment of the show to keep viewers tuned in. I meant to post this segment that night, but with work, family, and other obligations, I couldn’t get to it until now.

Yesterday David Parker posted his outstanding piece “Character, It Matters” in which he mentions the importance of getting to know each candidate. I believe this video clip provides a unique perspective — not only of Mitt and Ann — but of the heart and soul of middle America.

The entire clip is very good — BTW, if you watch the background (through the windows), you can see where local police blocked off intersections along the way.

Of particular interest to me is the end of the segment in which Ann provides candid insight into what they are hearing as they meet with hundreds of people across America:

3:30 — Ann reveals a flair-up of MS that Mitt had not previously known about.

5:45 — “Save the country…”

6:25 — “I’m praying for you…”

Ann: “This is a faithful country”

Mitt: “There is a growing sense we’re going to win this thing.”

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Get to Know Mitt & Ann: Bill Hemmer Interviews the Romneys (VIDEOS)

Mitt Romney talks with FOX News' Bill Hemmer - San Diego, CA May 28, 2012

After Mitt Romney’s Memorial Day Tribute in San Diego was over, he and Ann sat down to talk with Bill Hemmer, co-host of America’s Newsroom (FOX News). Hemmer said it wasn’t going to be a policy interview, but an attempt to learn more about the two of them and the campaign. Long-time Romney supporters like hearing that! It’s time for America to know what we know – that two nicer people can’t be found.

America, you’re in for a treat! Here are the first two videos:

Part 1 – Getting to the know the Romneys

Part 2 – Mitt and Ann Romney talk faith and family

UPDATE: I like the red, white, and blue combo of Mitt and Ann’s shirts, but just realized the floral print our next First Lady is wearing are poppies – for Memorial Day. Nice touch, Ann!

Good stuff! Additional segments are posted below the fold. Click here to continue reading

‘Romney for President’ Releases Video for Multiple Sclerosis Day: ‘Soul Mate’

Today, Romney for President released a new web video, Soul Mate. On World Multiple Sclerosis Day, Ann Romney and her family share their thoughts on her struggle with the disease. Ann and her sons also recount Mitt’s undying support to the woman he calls his “soul mate.”

This video is a very small, but revealing, window into the courage of Ann Romney and the unwavering strength of the Romney’s marriage and family.

Ann has said, if she should become our next First Lady, MS awareness would be one of the issues she would promote.

My heart goes out to all who suffer from this disease.

– Jayde

Mitt Romney Central to Ann Romney & Moms Everywhere: Happy Mother’s Day!

“On Mother’s Day, Mitt always brings me lilacs, a tradition he started the year I became a mother. When our home is filled with their fragrance, it reminds me of so many things, and stirs so many emotions…” ~ Ann Romney

A true story by Mike Adams caught my eye a couple of weeks ago. It was published during the latter part of April on and is perfect for today (Don’t skip ahead to the ending!):

Mr. Adams, or Mike as I shall refer to him, had just come back from being out of town. With the weekend approaching, he was in a frantic rush to complete necessary errands. One of the important items on his to-do list was to make some deposits at his bank. As luck would have it, he chose the worst day of the week and the worst time of day to take care of his banking:

There was only one teller working and the line was about fifteen people deep. After waiting patiently, I got close to the front of the line. Looking back at the dozen or so people who had entered the line after me, I was relieved that the wait was almost over. Unfortunately, the elderly woman who was making a deposit was requiring a lot more assistance than the others who had gone before her.

She must have been 85 years old. She held a cane in one hand and wore a thick pair of glasses that were visible only after she peeled away her sunglasses. They were the kind of sunglasses that fit over her regular glasses and were big enough to block harmful rays from even the nastiest of solar eclipses. They were the kind that retirees used to wear to watch shuttle launches in south Florida. The kind people older people wear when they are consumed by practicality and no longer care as much about fashion.

When she was finally finished with her transaction, she started to make small talk with the teller behind the counter. She did not seem to notice that there were so many people in line behind her. The teller smiled and nodded at everything she said. The old lady told her she reminded her of her daughter. Then she asked the teller whether she had children. She just kept making conversation while the young woman behind the counter provided her with full and undivided attention. She seemed to feel sorry for her. It was as if she appreciated sitting where she was rather than occupying the elderly woman’s shoes.

Mike continues his story by elaborating about a younger, exasperated man who was standing in line. The guy made it very obvious he wasn’t happy with the old lady’s dilly-dallying:

He [the young man] glared impatiently at the teller as if to say that she should tell the elderly woman she was holding up the line. He even held out one of his hands and waved at the teller. He was signaling that he had been waiting long enough and that it was time his needs were met. But the teller kept nodding politely and giving the elderly woman her undivided attention.

Feeling someone should have said something to the impatient, agitated young man, Mike writes:

He should have understood why the elderly woman was clinging on to the conversation with the young teller. It was probably more than a reminder of her children. More likely, it was a reminder that she had not seen them or talked to them in quite some time.


As soon as she finished talking to the teller, the elderly woman walked out of the bank and headed across the parking lot towards her car. She was walking slowly and labored with every step as she leaned upon her cane for support. She had no one to help her. No husband. No son. No daughter. There was nothing to lean on but a cane.

As he watched the elderly lady make her way slowly and carefully across the parking lot, Mike felt a brief prick of conscience – that he should have given up his place in line – offered a helping hand and a kind word.

But, he didn’t.

After all, he had “places to go and things to do.”

Remorsefully, he concludes:

In case you haven’t figured it out, the impatient man in the line was me.

While speaking to graduates at Liberty University yesterday, Governor Romney said, “We are all prone, at various turns, to treat the trivial things as all-important, the all-important things as trivial…” He spoke of how easy it is to get caught up in the “busy-ness of life” and how “glimpses” of the creator’s work in our lives can “reawaken our hearts”.

Because of her own significant health challenges, Ann Romney often speaks of her increased awareness and compassion for those who are going through dark moments or suffering.

Mike Adams’ experience in the bank reawakened his heart to the value of an elderly woman; he saw her as someone’s mother.

If we’ll let it, Mother’s Day has the power to reawaken our hearts. In our own “busy-ness’ we can choose to allow time today to reflect on the marvelous, irreplaceable work of mothers – to think on the influence our own mothers have/had in our lives. If possible, today is the day to share our appreciative thoughts with them – to do something kind for them or any mother.

Here’s a fun video celebrating a few things Moms have passed down to their children (not promoting the sponsor):

Were you grinning while watching the video? I was! It reawakened deeper thoughts about my own mother. She instilled within me the joy of hard – really hard – work, being creative when cupboards were nearly bare, the love of reading, the trick to serving a mean overhand volleyball, how to bake a luscious pineapple-upside-down cake and fry a perfect easy-over egg. She rarely watched television, but did make time to giggle over old cable episodes of The Andy Griffith Show. Hence, I have the goofy inclination to relish re-runs of Barney Fife’s antics in Mayberry! (That Thelma Lou was a saint…)

What physical attributes, personal qualities, or lessons did your mother pass on to you? While you’re thinking of your mom, here are a few good quotes on mothers:

“My mother’s menu consisted of two choices: Take it or leave it.” – Buddy Hackett [Soo my mother…]

“Most of all the other beautiful things in life come by twos and threes, by dozens and hundreds. Plenty of roses, stars, sunsets, rainbows, brothers and sisters, aunts and cousins, comrades and friends—but only one mother in the whole world.” – Kate Douglas Wiggin

“A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.” – Washington Irving

My new favorite:

“Cherish your mothers. The ones who wiped your tears, who were at every ball game or ballet recital. The ones who believed in you, even when nobody else did, even when maybe you didn’t believe in yourself.

Women wear many hats in their lives. Daughter, sister, student, breadwinner. But no matter where we are or what we’re doing, one hat that moms never take off is the crown of motherhood.

There is no crown more glorious.” ~ Ann Romney

From everyone at Mitt Romney Central

to Ann Romney and Moms the world over

Thanks for all you do!

Happy Mother’s Day!

› Jayde Wyatt

Check out the Mother’s Day video from the five Romney sons/campaign, Governor Romney’s statement, as well as the MittFitts cartoon for Mother’s Day below the fold. Click here to continue reading

Ann Romney/MacCallum Interview: Campaign 2012, VP Choices, First Ladies & More (VIDEO)

Ann Romney talks with FOX News' Martha Maccallum (Photo / FOX News)

America’s Newsroom co-anchor Martha MacCallum (FOX News) caught up with busy Ann Romney to talk about the presidential campaign. The two-part interview aired today:

While it’s presumed that Mitt Romney will be the GOP’s nominee for president, still up for debate is who he’ll pick for his running mate. Martha asked Ann whether they discuss the topic and who she would want to see get the spot on the ticket.

“It’s fun to talk about,” Ann disclosed. But, she wouldn’t say more than that. “I cannot come down and say [if there’s someone I’m rooting for] … the wonderful thing right now is that there are wonderful people out there who are very qualified.”

MacCallum asked about Ann’s title given to her by campaign staffers – ‘Mitt-Stabilizer’:

“That is true. I think both of us enjoy each other’s company … and also I think when we get together we recognize what’s really important in life,” she said. “We’re able to laugh a lot and talk a lot about things that are not in the political realm.”

Ann was asked how she would feel if Governor Romney should lose the election:

Ann said she’s not too worried. “It will mean that we’ve given it our college try and done our very best,” she said. But in the end, she believes they’ll be taking up residence in the White House following the 2012 election.

(emphasis added)

Part 1:

MacCaullum mentioned the fact that Mrs. Romney could be celebrating Mother’s Day next year in the White House. Ann was asked about First Ladies she admired and issues she would promote as as America’s 47th First Lady:

. . . As for her mission as first lady if husband Mitt were to get elected, she said she would bring her own personality to the ‘job.’

“For me, of course, it’ll have something to do with the things I care about,” she said, mentioning her concern for breast cancer and MS research and awareneses. “I also worked for many years with at-risk youth, so I know I wouldn’t be able to give that up either.”

She has plenty of role models to pull from, as well. “I love Barbara Bush and her frankness … and yet her realness,” she said. “Laura Bush was so lady-like and just wonderful.

She also weighed in on the current first lady, Michelle Obama. “I think she’s lovely, and everyone can appreciate that it’s a very difficult position to be in, where your husband is under enormous scrutiny all the time and attacks from one side or the other, and to be able to keep your calm and composure – we appreciate that and see that in her.”

Ms. MacCallum brought up the topic of religion and also asked how Ann’s health challenges affected her and Mitt.

Part 2:

Needless to say, Ann Romney interviews are always a great pleasure to view. Not only does she possess the very qualities she admires in the First Ladies she commented on – the composure of Michelle Obama, the grace of Laura Bush, the realness of Barbara Bush – America will have the great pleasure of learning more of Ann’s humor, intelligence, compassion, wisdom, and tenacity.

Ann Romney is going to be an outstanding First Lady!

> Jayde Wyatt