In Case You Missed It: Video of Mitt Romney's Facebook Town Hall + Romney Headlines Drudge

Mitt knocked it out of the park today!

This footage was streamed live to Mitt Romney’s Facebook page during his National Call Day event in Nevada earlier today. The 8-hour fundraiser garnered a whopping $10.25 Million for Romney’s Presidential Exploratory Committee.

~Update from Ross
Even though some of the media isn’t giving Mitt’s fund-raising achievement the attention it deserves, Drudge is doing his part.

UPDATE by Jayde – Headline on Drudge: Did Mitt Romney Mention That He Can Raise $10.25 Million in Eight Hours?

[…]…we continue to maintain that Massachusetts’s health-care reform will not be the be-all-end-all for Republican primary voters that political commentators make it seem. The economy will be the most important issue in 2012, and Romney is seen as a successful businessman. As a reminder, he’s also the only person actually running (unlike Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump) to lead a poll this entire year, and upcoming polls without Huckabee and Trump will probably show him with a big lead over the rest of the field. In addition, not incidentally, he can raise a ton of money.

Exhibit A: Yesterday, Romney and over 700 of his closest friends (and Cindy Crawford, for unexplained reasons) filled the Las Vegas Convention Center in a dialing-for-dollars event that brought in $10.25 million in eight hours. It would probably take Tim Pawlenty about a month to raise that much, especially with all the time his phone-bank volunteers would spend explaining to potential donors who Tim Pawlenty is. It was a display of fund-raising muscle-flexing that should remind both his opponents and his media doubters that, far from a longshot, Romney is still the front-runner.

TODAY is the Best Day to Donate to Mitt’s Campaign! Don’t Miss the Live Townhall Today at 3:00 EST

We have been collecting pledges for over a month now and finally TODAY is the DAY to donate to Mitt’s campaign!

It doesn’t matter if you made a pledge previously because anyone and everyone should at least chip in a few dollars today to help Mitt blow away his fundraising goal for the day. I fully expect today to be the largest single-day fund-raiser for Mitt’s campaign for the entire primary season. If you think you may donate to Mitt any time before the actual voting starts, TODAY is the DAY to have your donation have the biggest impact.

Up to 1,000 supporters of Gov. Romney are at the Las Vegas Convention Center at an event called National Call Day. The campaign has developed software (ComMitt) aimed at aiding volunteers in raising the most amount of money in the least amount of time. Gov. Romney has amassed an impressive list on contributors over the last many years and he would like as many of them as possible to donate today.

Gov. Romney hosted a live Townhall event followed by a Question & Answer session. We watched it live and you may watch it here again once the video is posted.


LOL – #cindycrawford is training us on how to use the online system at #mittromney call day.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

UPDATE 2 by Jayde:

Speed skater Dan Jansen at Romney call day, says Mitt “turned the Olympics around and he’ll turn the country around.”less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

Update 3: Gov. Romney just added his 900,000th “like” on Facebook!

Click on photo to enlarge.

UPDATE 4 by Jayde – Scene where it’s all happening right now at National Call Day in the Las Vegas convention center:

On conference call with supporters earlier today, Gov. Romney said that he can win on the economy.

UPDATE 5 by Jayde: There may be Romney supporters who think The Gov’s big donors will take care of him or that he has plenty of his own money, or that your donation today wouldn’t matter. If so, remember this. Any donation, no matter the size, is GREATLY appreciated by Governor Romney. It shows him that you believe in him – enough to give your hard-earned money to him. A donation will solidify your own interest in the well-being of his campaign. You will find yourself more engaged and willing to help Gov Romney get America back on track. And, that’s a good thing.

I encourage everyone to donate at least $10 for Mitt today (more, if possible)!That’s an amount that can be easily compensated in one’s budget by eating a sack lunch this week or using a few grocery store coupons. Like my Mama used to say “Many hands make light work!” If we ALL donate, we can send a strong message for Mitt. This is the day to show Mitt how much you care about our nation. No matter how small the donation, please donate to Governor Romney today. America needs him!

VIDEO – Donald Trump: “my net worth is many, many, many times Mitt Romney.”

Trump & Romney

Trump & Romney

Is Trump’s narcissistic chest beating so very, very off-putting to anyone else?

I don’t normally pay attention to the guy (his presidential chances should be taken about as seriously as Oprah Winfrey’s), but after hearing about his recent remarks on how Mitt Romney “didn’t create companies”, I couldn’t help but take a gander at the interview video:

The above video doesn’t catch all of the Romney talk, though; fast-forward to the 4:45 mark in this video to catch the entire diologue. I don’t mind re-posting the entire interview here. If you watch it all, you’ll see that the more he speaks, the more the guy does harm to his cause:

Fact Check:

In 1984, Romney founded and led Bain Capital, now one of the nation’s most successful venture capital and investment firms.

Some lesser known facts about Mitt’s net worth: Romney left his company to go back and restructure Bain & Company, taking only a symbolic $1 salary for the entire year; he didn’t take a salary as Governor and he donated his Olympic’s salary to charity. Not to mention all the proceeds from Romney’s ‘New York Times Best Seller’ went to charity, as well. Success means nothing unless you learn to give back. Romney has essentially gone without pay for the past decade (longer than the average duration of the Donald’s marriages). Trump’s 2009 salary? …$50 million.

True leadership is humility.

More analysis from Ross after the fold
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Mitt Romney’s Message Inspires Donors at New York City’s Harvard Club

Governor Romney is on a blitz to gather the phenomenal amount of money needed to see his potential presidential campaign through the primaries and take the battle eye-to-eye to Obama.

The day after announcing his presidential exploratory committee, Romney breakfasted with deep-pocket donors at the Harvard Club in New York City on Tuesday (4/12/11):

Mitt Romney, wasting no time reeling in the cash for his presidential campaign, held a meeting with high-dollar donors in New York City on Tuesday, a day after announcing his exploratory committee for president.

All attendees pledged at least $25,000, but donors say many of the bundlers will raise between $100,000 and $250,000. The $50 million fund-raising goal that came up at the last meeting was not mentioned Tuesday.

[Tom] Foley, who also served as the ambassador to Ireland during the second Bush administration, said the crowd was enthusiastic that the exploratory committee is official.

“People can jump in and begin supporting him in the best way they are able to do that,” Foley told The Daily Beast. “There is a gathering sense of momentum when everybody gets together. The gun has been fired and it was exciting for everyone.”

With Romney’s exploratory committee activated, donors like the ones who attended the Harvard Club gathering—who have already pledged between $25,000 and $100,000—can start to write checks to the committee, which is expected to become a full-fledged campaign in the coming months. In attendance Tuesday were New York Jets owner Woody Johnson, former Bush Treasury official Emil Henry, hedge fund manager Anthony Scaramucci, financier Patrick Durkin, and former Goldman Sachs chairman John Whitehead, all of whom attended a similar breakfast fund-raiser for Romney last month. New faces included Tom Foley, who unsuccessfully ran for governor of Connecticut last November, and hedge fund manager John Paulson, who along with Johnson spoke at the meeting.
…Investment banker Lewis Eisenberg, who served as John McCain’s 2008 finance chairman and helped plan the breakfast meeting, said most people in the room Tuesday morning believe Romney is the GOP’s best shot in 2012.

“I continue to think he’s the best chance we have to understand the world we are dealing with in the White House,” said Eisenberg. “He believes in the greatness of America, the importance of a strong economy, creating jobs, and reducing the perilous deficit. He will not take his eye off the ball.”

(my emphasis)

Gov Romney fired up the crowd with remarks on jobs, the economy, job creation, foreign policy and Obama’s failures, and health care. According to the article, one attendee said “Romney appeared ready to “eviscerate Obamacare.”

Don’t miss reading more here.

Next stop on the fundraising march? Onward to Florida – The Villages.

*Remember to PLEDGE to donate to MRC’s Pledge Drive: Show Mitt the Money! If you find yourself short of funds because it’s pay-Uncle-Sam month or whatever reason, try to figure out ways to cut corners or save up to donate whatever you can next month to help Gov. Romney make history. Every dollar counts. The Obama machine doesn’t rest and our man, Mitt, will need all the help we can give.

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‘Students for Mitt’ Release Video Supporting Romney

Students for Mitt caught the attention of a major publication today with the release of a student produced video drawing attention to the plight of graduating students and their scant job prospects:

USA Today

Just days after the former Massachusetts governor launched his presidential exploratory committee, Students for Mitt Romney released a video in support of their man. It features three students talking about the economy, their concerns about finding a job upon graduation and paying off their student loans.

“Can we afford to graduate in this economy?” one student asks.

The students then tout Romney’s range of experience. (Before he was the Bay State’s governor, Romney also headed up the management firm Bain & Co. and helped organize the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.)

Romney “stands as the most qualified Republican candidate due in large measure to his career as a leader in both the public and private sectors,” says Garrett Sweitzer, a Vanderbilt University junior who is a founder and chairman of the student group.

(my emphasis)

Students for Mitt Romney: Restoring the American Dream was created by Boston College graduating senior, Thomas Tatum:

SFM founder, Garrett Sweitzer, says Students for Mitt is a growing movement with activists on about 40 campuses in 25 states. Help spread the word to establish support for Gov Romney on campuses across America!

Students for Mitt Facebook Page

UPDATE: A Georgia Tech business administration student in Atlanta, GA (self-described liberal supporter) penned this on his ‘An American Blog’ today:
Location, Location, Location: Romney and Jobs

Mitt Romney didn’t deliver his ‘exploratory committee’ speech from his office. The speech wasn’t delivered in ‘small town America.’ The speech wasn’t recorded in front of 100,000 screaming fans in a major U.S. city. It was recorded…at a college. And that, meant a lot to me. It meant a lot to me that in the first ten seconds of his video he says, “[college students] wonder if they will find good jobs when they graduate.” To know that there is a candidate that sees that jobs for college students are an issue—and is working hard to find a solution to that issue…

Read more here.

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Pledge Drive: “SHOW MITT THE MONEY!!”


Show Mitt the Money!

Mitt Romney has announced his Exploratory Committee! Though we don’t know any details we are certain that a big kick-off fundraiser will follow soon. Last time he raised a record breaking $6.5 million in a single day! Can he break that record this time around? We want to do our part to help make this a huge event for Mitt. Please use the form below to pledge money the big event!

Mitt fundraisers

Updated: 5-2-11

Pawlenty Takes a Line from Romney in New Web Video: “It’s Going to Take a New President”

Tim Pawlenty & Mitt Romney share a good laugh.

Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney

During his most recent CPAC speech, Romney made a particular declaration that, I’ll be honest, made a thrill go up my leg. It brought the entire audience to their feet in applause — a simple, but memorable statement that was delivered only after plenty of build-up. It went like this:

“It’s going to take more than new rhetoric to put Americans back to work — it’s going to take a new president!

That was mid-February. Fast-forward to just yesterday, when T-Paw’s team released a movie trailer video response to the announcement of Obama’s reelection campaign. See if your eyes can focus through the joltiness until the very end, where you may hear a familiar line:

Did you catch it?

Now, I’m not saying that Romney has a trademark on that particular phrase; in fact, it will undoubtedly be used (and has been used) scores of times by any challenger seeking to remove an incumbent President. I guess I just found this certain instance to be déjà vu provoking. It’s almost as if either T-Paw himself, or one of his advisers, was in that CPAC audience back in February, taking good notes on what charisma is supposed to sound like. Kudos to the media team for nailing it down.

-Tommy Winter

Why Bachmann & Paul Raising More Money than Romney in the First Quarter is Impressive, but Meaningless

1st Quarter Fundraising: Paul = $3M, Bachmann = $2.2M, Romney = $1.9M

Recent headlines have been screaming that Ron Paul and Michelle Bachmann outraised Romney in the first quarter: “They’ve toppled the Romney fundraising machine! What an upset!” …Except it isn’t. While Bachmann and Paul’s fundraising hauls are impressive, it makes no sense to compare their total fundraising numbers to Romney’s at this point for several reasons.

Mitt Romney & Michele Bachmann

Mitt Romney & Michele Bachmann

First, Bachmann and Paul have federal candidate committees, because they are currently considered House candidates. These types of committees are golden for potential presidential candidates, because they are the only committees that can dump money directly into a future presidential account. Remember in the 2008 cycle when Hillary was raising all that money in her Senate account before she even declared she was running for president? Same thing. It makes a lot of sense for Bachmann and Paul to raise money into their re-election accounts because that is useable money in a Presidential race. Mitt Romney, however, isn’t a federal candidate, and so he can’t have a candidate account. Whatever money he raises right now is pretty useless for the 2012 race. Pretty much all he can do with that money is give it to other candidates and state parties — in a non-election year, that isn’t particularly helpful. Sure, he can dole it out to curry favor in Iowa and New Hampshire, and he can use it to travel to give speeches, but that’s about it. So, logically, Romney shouldn’t be trying to raise much money right now. If someone can only afford to give him a $100 donation, that $100 would be much better utilized once he has a Presidential Exploratory Committee up and running. I am on pretty much every Romney fundraising list there is, and I haven’t gotten any solicitations recently. I’ve only seen mention of a fundraiser that will take place in mid-May (surely, he’ll have announced by then and can put the money towards a 2012 bid). Romney is biding his time so he doesn’t burn out his donors before he really needs their money.

Ron Paul continues to raise impressive amounts of cash.

Ron Paul continues to raise impressive amounts of cash.

Second, the comparison to Paul’s fundraising is particularly ridiculous. Most of Paul’s money was raised by a 501(c)(4) organization. That isn’t just like comparing apples to oranges, it is like comparing apples to snakes. A 501(c)(4) organization can take unlimited money from individuals, corporations, etc. It doesn’t have to disclose its donors. It doesn’t have to report to the FEC, and it can only do a limited amount of explicitly political activity. If Mitt Romney had a 501(c)(4) coupled with a federal PAC, I guarantee they would raise a lot more than $3 million dollars in a quarter. But he doesn’t have that particular set-up — it couldn’t help his Presidential campaign, so there is no point.

Finally, all of this hubbub about small donor fundraising is nice, but it can’t be confirmed yet. Although all the committees have released their total fundraising numbers to the press, they don’t have to report any details to the FEC until April 15 (and Paul’s 501(c)(4) never has to report to the FEC).

So, although Paul and Bachmann’s number are impressive, and are a good indication that they are both planning a Presidential run, comparing them to Romney’s numbers this quarter is pointless. Wait until next quarter — I’m confidently predicting that once Romney declares he’s in, and actually powers up the Romney machine, the money race will change quite a bit.

Written by MRC guest contributor, Audrey Perry.

Audrey Perry is a campaign and elections lawyer who worked as Deputy General Counsel for Romney in ’08. Her main tasks were getting Mitt on the ballot in all 50 states (and of course DC, Guam, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands and Puerto Rico), and counting lots and lots of delegates. After Romney dropped out of the race, she worked as counsel for McCain-Palin where she tried to get campaign staff to abide by the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law, insisted all yard signs have proper disclaimers, and tried to shut down ACORN in Las Vegas. She has also worked for Congress, Steve Poizner, the FEC and other various law firms and campaigns. Audrey currently works at the Sacramento election law firm Bell, McAndrews & Hiltachk and blogs about politics and the law at

Romney Ranked #1, New Natl Republican Senatorial Committee Obama Ad

At last, April has arrived! While today may be filled with high-jinx and tom-foolery, three political news analysts aren’t fooling when they state that the scramble for 2012 starts today:

Money, momentum and the race for the 2012 Republican nomination

The race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination begins today.

Why? Because today marks the first day of the second fundraising quarter of the year. And anyone who is serious about running for president needs to prove between now and June 30 — the quarter’s end — that Republican donors are investing in them.

While money has mattered since political time immemoriam, it may matter more than usual in this GOP presidential fight for two reasons.

First, President Obama is setting himself up to be the greatest fundraising force in American politics. After collecting $750 million in the 2008 campaign, Obama re-election campaign manager Jim Messina has created a program for 400 majors donors to each collect $350,000 by the end of 2011.

The Fix is no math major, but that adds up to $140 million in 2011 alone (thanks, calculator!) if each of the donors can make their number. If 300 make the target — a more likely possibility — that’s still $105 million raised for the Obama re-election effort before a single vote has been cast on the Republican side.

While no Republican — not even former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney — will likely equal Obama in fundraising, any GOP candidate must prove an ability to collect some threshold amount of money over the next three months to prove that he (or she) would be financially viable against Obama next November.

The first indicator of momentum in any race, but especially a presidential contest, is money. Donors are, after all, investors and convincing them to buy in at the ground level is an early sign of momentum building. (Remember that Howard Dean’s out-of-nowhere candidacy first jumped onto the national radar screen when he raised $7.6 million in the second quarter of 2003.)

And, money follows money. Human nature tends to make us all want to be with the winner — cough, Yankee fans, cough — and the more a candidate raises early on, the more of a winner they look like.

(my emphasis)

Gov Romney is under no illusions about the progressive money machine he’s up against and the dollar amount it takes to survive a primary. He knows if his fix-it experience and get it done dauntlessness is going to rebuild America, he’s going to need a war chest full of money. From an earlier March fundraiser in NYC:

I think Mitt is a very prudent businessman. He’s very data driven. He knows what he needs to do and he’s focusing on it with laser-like intensity,” said [former MA Governor] Weld. “He sounded not just like a presidential candidate. He sounded like a president.”

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Eisenberg said his goal is to be out fundraising as much as he can to raise as much money as possible for Romney, and although $50 million may be the goal now, the final number for the entire campaign is much higher.

“I do believe that by the time we’ve reached November 2012…both presidential candidates, Romney and Obama, will have raised and spent a billion dollars,” Eisenberg said.

(my emphasis)

The Fix also ranks 10 potential GOP presidential contenders most likely to win the nomination (I begin at number five):

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Mitt Romney To Begin Accepting Donations for a 2012 Run in “Mid-to-Late April”

Romney will accept donations for a 2012 run in "mid-to-late" April.

Romney will accept donations for a 2012 run in mid-to-late April.

Let’s get this party started!

Although Mitt Romney hasn’t officially announced his candidacy for 2012, there are signs that he will at least announce an exploratory committee sometime in mid April. One major hint is that Mitt Romney will officially start accepting campaign donations for 2012 around the same time:

“A top Mitt Romney official told supporters on a conference call Thursday that the former Massachusetts governor is eyeing mid-to-late April to begin raising money for his eventual presidential campaign, according to call participants

Spencer Zwick, Romney’s chief liaison to the fundraising community, informed the group of donors and outside advisers that the governor won’t launch a full-fledged campaign by the end of next month but would file the paperwork necessary with the FEC that will allow them to begin bringing in the cash needed to post a big number for the second quarter.

As the nearest thing the GOP has to a front-runner, Romney would like to push back the start of the full-blown presidential campaign for as long as possible, but he also must begin putting a more formalized fundraising infrastructure in place.

“If you’re going to raise money this summer and fall you have to create a team and do the paperwork soon,” said a Republican on the call.

There is no hard date set yet — or at least outside Romney backers haven’t been informed of one yet — for either the initial filing of paperwork or an eventual actual declaration of candidacy. The campaign-in-waiting in Boston wants to be flexible about timing so as not to be locked into a day that could be overwhelmed by other news.”

While Mitt Romney is fortifying his financial his fund raising advantage, his Free And Strong America PAC has raised raises $1.9 million in the first three months of this year:

“Republican Mitt Romney, who is weighing a presidential bid, raised nearly $1.9 million in his federal political action committee during the first three months of the year.

His Free and Strong America PAC gave away more than $400,000 to GOP candidates and conservative causes, according to information released this afternoon by PAC spokeswoman Andrea Saul.

The PAC activity is one sign of Romney’s effort to lay the groundwork for a presidential bid. Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, has not declared his candidacy nor started to fundraise for a White House campaign.”

You can feel the excitement here at MRC as fans and supporters get ready for Mitt Romney’s eventual announcement — which should come not too long after he starts officially accepting campaign donations. I know all of us here are eagerly awaiting a formal announcement to run for President in 2012. Many of you have asked how you can begin to help Governor Romney in his efforts… While there are no campaign offices to volunteer at quite yet, one of the best ways to help Mitt Romney right now is by joining us in pledging to donate to the campaign once it starts here.

-Jared A.