Videos of Mitt on the Kudlow Report and Full Univision Interview

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Part 1 of Mitt on the Kudlow Report

Part 2 of Mitt on the Kudlow Report

Ann Coulter did a good job on Glenn Beck yesterday.

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The Media is in the Tank for Newt and President Obama

I’ve been reading at several sites that Newt is getting huge crowds in Florida while Mitt is only speaking in front of small crowds. Fortunately for seekers of truth everywhere, someone captured and uploaded the following videos of Mitt’s rally in Ormond Beach, Florida.

The end of this clip shows the occupy protestors getting owned by Mitt (has the media reported this?)

Are Mitt’s crowds small and unenthusiastic? You be the judge.

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Mitt Romney Delivers Prebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union Address

Thank you. It’s good to be in the Sunshine State. It breaks my heart to visit plants like this one.

In 2008, this plant closed because of the economic downturn. In a normal recovery under strong leadership, it could now be full of workers.

Here in Florida, people used to wake up and look forward to a hard day’s work and a good, honest wage. The money they earned helped support families and build communities. Today too many factory floors are silent, warehouses are deserted, corporate offices are empty, and real estate endeavors are abandoned. Floridians are struggling to find a job, keep a home, and raise a family.

As I’ve traveled across America, I’ve heard similar stories in virtually every corner of this country. High unemployment and record home foreclosures. Debt that’s too high and opportunities that are too few. This is the real state of our union. But you won’t hear stories like these in President Obama’s address tonight. The unemployed don’t get invitations to sit with the First Lady.

Instead, tonight, the President will do what he does best. He will give a nice speech with a lot of memorable phrases. But he won’t give you the hard numbers.

Like 9.9 – that’s the unemployment rate in this state.

Or 25 percent – that’s the percentage of foreclosed homes in America that are right here in Florida.

Or $15 trillion – that’s the size of our national debt.

Instead, tonight, President Obama will make the opening argument in his campaign against a “Do Nothing Congress.” But, we shouldn’t forget that for two years, this President had a Congress that could do everything he wanted.

With huge Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, President Obama was free to pursue any policy he pleased.

Did he fix the economy?

Did he tackle the housing crisis?

Did he get Americans back to work?

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Mitt Romney is Releasing His Taxes on Tuesday, and Chris Christie Explains Why Newt is a Bad Choice

A quick note to put South Carolina in a little different perspective. Mitt received 20,000 more votes this time than Sen. McCain got in 2008 when he won the state. Also, Mitt is releasing his tax returns on Tuesday.

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Mitt was on Huckabee last night as well. Watch the interview here.

UPDATE: Wow! Ahead of tonight’s debate, it looks like the Romney campaign is going to unleash a plethora of concerns about Newt if the following videos are any indication. Click here to continue reading

The 39th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade (We Must Defeat President Obama to Overturn Roe v. Wade!)

Mitt Romney made the following statement on the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade:

Today marks the 39th anniversary of one of the darkest moments in Supreme Court history, when the court in Roe v. Wade claimed authority over the fundamental question regarding the rights of the unborn. The result is millions of lives since that day have been tragically silenced. Since that day, the pro-life movement has been working tirelessly in an effort to change hearts and minds and protect the weakest and most vulnerable among us. Today, we recommit ourselves to reversing that decision, for in the quiet of conscience, people of both political parties know that more than a million abortions a year cannot be squared with the good heart of America.

The 39th March for Life begins tomorrow.

UPDATE: Mitt Romney today released the following statement on the March for Life:

In great number, men and women from across our country are gathered today on the Mall in Washington in the cause of defending the rights of the unborn. In their ranks are many who remember the day when Roe v. Wade was announced. Also among them are thousands of young Americans born after 1973 whose idealism and good hearts will continue to represent the passion and resolve of the pro-life movement. All of them are marching today in the spirit of compassion and mercy, and I share their commitment to laws that protect the innocent and uphold a culture of life. We take heart that we are winning this issue step by step, and I look forward to working arm and arm with the pro-life movement until the wrong of Roe v. Wade has been set right.”

Who Won the Final South Carolina CNN Debate?

Today has been called the campaign’s wildest day by Politico and this was before the debate had even started.

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The campaign must be feeling good about this debate because they’ve already released a video with footage from tonight’s debate.

Here’s an interesting take on the overall debate, and I like this take as well.

UPDATE: click here to watch the debate in its entirety.

The Extra Mile

Phil_UT has provided us with another fantastic guest post.

I often thought it was funny when I saw the poster that was entitled “All I Need To Know About Life I Learned From Star Trek”. Until one day when I actually read some of the statements, and found it was surprisingly true. However, in my life I can say that everything of value I learned in life was from football. Well, not totally true, so let’s just say one of the most important things I have learned in life came from an experience in football. So, to enlighten and amuse you, I will tell you the story that has quite literally changed my life.

As a young sophomore starting my first year playing football for our small town High School football team, I was a bit concerned when we arrived for the first two-a-day practices to find that we had a new coach. The superintendent of our school. After all, he was the man with the paddle (yes, back in the day it was perfectly acceptable to spank unruly students). For those of you that might not be familiar with football, two-a-day practices start a couple weeks before the actual start of the school semester and are designed to do one thing – kill you. The coaches would tell us that they are intended to get us in shape, but we knew the reality, it was legal murder. These practices were two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon of non-stop exercise, running, more exercise and more running. Well, on this particular day, after two hours of work, most of the players could hardly stand, much less walk. The coach called us up, so we all met in the middle of the field and he told how terrible we looked and if we did not get any better we would not win a game. Really quite the motivator. After his speech, we thought he was done, so wearily we head to the locker room. Looking over our shoulders we could still see the coach standing in the middle of the field watching us. We were confused. Right before we got to the locker room door, the coach hollered out to us: “ Gentleman, were are you going?” Now we were really confused. He then said, pointing to a bus parked in the drive: “ Gentleman, do you see that bus? Get on it, now”. Well, we were now so totally confused, we did as he said and slowly got on the bus. He then got on and drove us exactly one mile away from the school and told us to get out of the bus. As we gathered around the outside of the bus, the coach came out looking at his watch and said: “ gentleman, you have twelve minutes to make it back to the school, if even one of you does not make it in that time, we will do this again, the time starts now”. WE made it back, but barely.

After the evening practice that same day, we heard the same thing from our coach: “Gentleman, get on the bus”. Again he drove us exactly one mile away from the school and this time told us we had eight minutes to make it back or we would do it again. Day in and day out this same procedure repeated itself after each and every practice. Even after school started and games began, we would always end practice with the now tiresome cry of “Gentleman, get on the bus”. The time that we had to make it back to school varied each time, but the consequence if we failed was always the same, we would have to repeat the run. No matter how we did in practice or in games, it was always the same. For three years this went on and none of us ever quite understood why he made us run that mile each and every practice after we had already given all we had to give during practice.

Finally, at the end of my senior year of football, at an All State banquet, I got the nerve to ask coach. I said, “Coach, every single day for the last three years we always gave you everything we had and more. We always tried our hardest and yet every single day you made us run that extra mile. Why?” His answer changed my life that day and has helped guide me through all of life’s trials and triumphs. He said, “ Phil what was your team record the last three years?” I answered “ 33 and 3.” He responded. “ Pretty good, wouldn’t you say?” Of course, I replied with a “yes”. He then asked, “did we have any single superstar on this team?” We did not, we were just all an average bunch of players, and so I replied, “No”. He then said, “Phil, the reason you were so successful was that no matter what you all were always willing to go the extra mile, not for yourself but for your team.”

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Complete Book Review of “The Real Romney”

Today, two writers who work for the Boston Globe released a biography of Gov. Romney titled “The Real Romney”. I’ve known about this book in the work for quite some time, and I’ve worried that it will paint Gov. Romney in an unfair light since the Boston Globe has notoriously treated Gov. Romney quite toughly. However, other than the authors’ tired attempts to portray Gov. Romney as someone who will change/hide his opinions to suit whatever political position he aims to hold, the authors couldn’t seem to find anyone with intimate knowledge of Gov. Romney who had much of anything negative to say about him. At worst, people who know Mitt best have a neutral view of him, while the overwhelming majority of people quoted in this book speak glowingly about the man who may become the next President of the United States.

Here are what I found most memorable in the book “The Real Romney”:

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Who Won the South Carolina Fox News/Wall Street Journal Debate?

The desperation of the candidates who are trying to beat Mitt Romney in South Carolina was palpable tonight. Gov. Romney knew it was coming and was well prepared. What did you think? Please leave a comment and let us know.

Hugh Hewitt gives the night to Mitt.

Mitt did a great job with Hannity after the debate:

UPDATE by Jayde:

“Mitt Romney came out ahead in tonight’s debate because he again showed that he is the best candidate to both take on President Obama and fix our economy. President Obama spent his life outside the private sector and it shows. Mitt Romney spent his life outside of politics, working in the real economy. In order to create private sector jobs in this tough economic environment, we need a president who worked in the private sector.” ~ former SC GOP Chairman Barry Wynn

Tonight, Mitt Romney once again displayed his vision, leadership, and grace under fire. He showed why he is without question the right man to end the chaos in Washington, D.C. and put America back to work. Neither our state nor our nation can afford four more years of President Obama, and it is critical that we nominate someone with Mitt Romney’s history of results. We need a president who has a record of not just talk, but of actually getting things done, and Governor Romney is that man.” ~ SC Gov Nikki Haley

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More Mitt Media Appearances After Huge Win in New Hampshire

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Another interesting note from a different clip from Morning Joe. Gov. John Sununu says the democrats won’t even compete in New Hampshire of Mitt’s the nominee virtually guaranteeing NH’s electoral votes will go to the republican!

Watch Mitt on ABCnews by clicking here.

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