Romney in the News

Romney hit the home page of Yahoo! tonight with a story about his criticizing of the current “stimulus” package that passed the house. Despite the fact that much of the speech referenced by the article was on the economy and the risk of wasting billions of borrowed money on pork barrel projects, the article focuses on Romney’s comments about abortion. I must say, I hope Obama has to pay one day politically for spending tax payer dollars overseas to pay for abortions.

Mitt and Legos

Spent the day at Legoland with the kids on Saturday. And yes, that is a Mitthead on my shirt. I will add that several people commented on the shirt and this is in Southern California where I don’t remember ever seeing a commercial for him. How is that for face recognition. C’mon Mitt, how about another election? Of course, only a Mitt supporter would build a skyscraper out of legos.

More Romney in 2012 Thoughts

Townhall has an article today musing about Romney for 2012 nomination. The article does a good job of quickly weighing such factors as name recognition and party demographics. Here is one example:

The former businessman and one-time Massachusetts governor invested $47 million of his family fortune in this year’s failed race, undercut by those wary of his Mormon religion and skeptics who questioned whether Romney’s conversion to conservatism was genuine. Both points were highlighted by Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor and Southern Baptist preacher who beat Romney in the Iowa caucuses and occupied the same political terrain since overtaken by Palin.

“While (Palin) may not be popular with the winning majority that Barack Obama put together, she’s enormously popular with the losing minority that John McCain put together _ and that pretty closely mirrors Republican primary voters,” said Rich Bond, former chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Do Something Good Today: Wireless Amber Alerts

A fellow Deputy DA who prosecutes sex crime cases told me about the national wireless Amber Alert service. This service sends a text message if there is a kidnapped child reported in or near your zip code. It literally takes 30 seconds and only sends you a message for the zip code(s) you enter. On my cell phone carrier, the service is free and I imagine that is true of some of the other providers.

If everyone is registered, it will allow us to instantly spot a kidnapper’s person or vehicle upon an initial report; thus making it almost impossible for a child to be successfully taken; everyone with a cell phone becomes a witness and can give intel to law enforcement when every minute counts. Please register and pass this on to your friends and family. This is the kind of thing where 30 seconds of your time can literally end up saving a child’s life.

To Sign up, go to: Wireless Amber Alerts