Governor Romney Visits Children’s Hospital

Doctor and child


With compassion for the sick and uninsured, a mind for insurance and medical industry reform, and health care without governmental controls, Governor Romney’s stop at a Mesa, AZ children’s hospital yesterday (funded primarily by  second cousin, Wilford Cardon) is not surprising. While praising the facility’s home-like ambiance for ill children, Governor Romney’s penchant for cost efficiency and superior results were evident in his comments.

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s first visit to Arizona since the 2008 election was more than just a family visit.

Romney, a second cousin to southeast Valley real-estate developer Wilford Cardon, toured the new home of Cardon Children’s Medical Center with the discerning eye of a former hospital-industry executive.

“I worked as a consultant to a number of hospitals back in the 1980s . . . and therefore find it interesting to see how modern hospitals are being constructed and organized, particularly when many are operating with reduced staffing, ” Romney said. “This is a real tribute to the Cardon family that they would decide to use their resources to help build a hospital like this that will not only treat young people but would make them feel comfortable and more at home,” he added.

During the tour, Peter Fine, president and chief executive officer of Banner Health, said he was impressed with Romney’s questions on the use of technology for medical records. “It’s certainly exciting to have him here. He’s been a very visible figure for the community,” Fine said. “He was far more astute on the issues of a costful environment . . . and I thought he had asked some very good follow-up questions. He was really interested in what we did for the design and the development and the reasons why.”

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Is Communism Something to Celebrate?

Victorious Red Army marches into Shanghai in 1949

Victorious Red Army marches into Shanghai 1949

60 years ago on Oct 1, 1949, the People’s Republic of China was born. After many years of civil war between the Chinese Nationalist Party (Kuomintang) and the Communist Party of China, and complicated by Japanese occupation, Mao Tse-Tung raised his fists in triumph at the gates to the Forbidden City. “The central government of the People’s Republic of China is established!” he declared before a crowd of up to 1 million people in Tienanmen Square. “The 475 million people of China have now stood up!”  he added in response to a Napoleonic quote: When China wakes the world will be sorry.

Today, glossing over decades of violence, terror, human rights violations, manipulation, deprivation, deception, propagandizing, continual monitoring, and repetitive use of force, the People’s Republic of China are staging an elaborate spree for a world-wide audience as they mark 60 years of Communist Utopia.  (Highly militaristic in style, can the comrades people really be that giddy?) 

In a bizarre show of support, the Empire State Building will be bathed in red and yellow lights today (colors of the Chinese Imperial Court). Obama is celebrating, too. Just a few days ago, he made sure the flag of the People’s Republic of China was flown next to the Stars and Stripes on official ground near the White House.

On November 6, 1957, at the Meeting of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, Mao boasted, “The socialist system will eventually replace the capitalist system; this is an objective law independent of man’s will. However much the reactionaries try to hold back the wheel of history, eventually revolution will take place and will inevitably triumph.”

Raising the Chinese flag next to the American flag in the capitol of the United States may play well in China, but it doesn’t play well with freedom-loving Americans. Mao Tse-Tung is wrong. Socialism isn’t inevitable. We must continue to send Obama the message that courting the Chinese to fund his Marxist goals will not be tolerated. Capitalistic innovation and prosperity, along with the freedoms afforded us by our Constitution have enabled our nation to bulwark against destructive dictators and tyrannical ideologies. Let’s do whatever it takes to wrench ourselves out of the financial noose we’ve invited China to twist around our throats. While extending goodwill to the PEOPLE of China, we who cherish liberty could never celebrate this wretched authoritarian regime.

Iran’s Long Range Missile Test

ahmadinejad crazy

Ahmadinejad claims that its newly-revealed nuclear facility in Qom is a year away from becoming operational. Really? What IF Iran is much closer to developing a nuclear warhead than we’ve been led to believe? Who knows the truth?

Diplomacy is always the best first approach to pursue when negotiating conflict. When negotiations fail, sanctions come into play. The United States had knowledge of Iran’s secret nuclear facility a year ago. Why weren’t crippling sanctions imposed sooner? The Big 3 (Obama, Brown, Sarkozy) made it very clear last Friday that we are no where near military action. However, the time for effective sanctions against Iran is very nearly past.

Way back in February of this year, Iran’s student news agency, ISNA, revealed that Ahmadinejad said Iran has obtained the technology to produce nuclear fuel and Iran’s move is like a train … which has no brake and no reverse gear.

(English spoken at :26)

Because so many question marks surround the Iranian regime, today’s long-range missile test is very worrisome. We await the results of the P5+1 nuclear negotiations meeting on Oct 1 in Geneva…

Iran…So Much Depends on ‘IF’

green-question-markA moment of reckoning has come to the world. It centers around one man: The president of the Islamic Republic of Iran – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Let’s reflect on this despot…

Ahmadinejad vows for years to bring death to the great Satan (that would be us), pontificates on the myth of the holocaust, swears he will blow Israel off the map, is a state supporter of terrorism, supplies Iraqi insurgents with everything from rocket-powered grenades to short-distance missiles, rigs his recent re-election in Iran, treats his detractors to prison, torture, rape, and death (remember Neda?), promises he is pursuing nuclear weapons for domestic purposes (Iran is floating on oil), helps his buddy Hugo Chavez discover uranium in Venezuela (gee, I wonder why?), gets caught hiding a second so-called ‘peaceful’ underground uranium enrichment facility (heavily guarded, by the way), unleashes a diatribe against the West at the United Nations three days ago, tells President Obama, Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and President Nicolas Sarkozy they will be sorry for their attitudes, fires off two short-range test missiles yesterday, and plans to launch a longer-range test missile on Monday, Sept 28th (capable of hitting Israel and U.S. military posts) to remind the world just how supremely magnificent he is.

In his remarks last Friday regarding Iran’s covert nuclear facility, President Obama mentioned– twice – what he has so often reminded us of: Iran has a right to nuclear power… if it will be used peacefully.

IF… so much depends on ‘if’.

At the upcoming P5+1 nuclear negotiation meeting on October 1 in Geneva, diplomats from the U.S., Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and China will meet with Iranian representatives to lay down the law: Iran must allow international inspectors complete access to the secret Qom facility, full access to every nuclear-related site, scientists, and all documents/computers related to nuclear development, and Iran must fully comply with the IAEA.

If… we believe Mahmoud?

“Our nation has successfully gone through a glorious and fully- democratic election, opening a new chapter for our country in the march towards national progress and enhanced international interactions. They entrusted me once more with a large majority this heavy responsibility.” (Excerpt from Ahmadinejad’s address to the United Nations last Thursday.)

Here’s a reminder from his OWN people who the REAL Ahmedinejad is – pleading that he not be allowed to address the U.N.:

A moment of reckoning has come to the world.

What IF Iran agrees to be nuclear compliant then pretends to keep their promises?
What IF Obama continues to promise consequences for non-compliance then pretends to keep his promises?

It all sounds pretty ‘iffy’ to me.

The Real Dirt

Sept 17, 2009 – Michelle Obama, honored guest at the grand opening of a farmers’ market in Washington, D.C., shopped for fresh produce. During her remarks she exclaimed, “I have never seen so many people so excited about fruits and vegetables!” Meanwhile, across the country on the west coast, plenty of people were “excited” about the Obama’s produce double standard…

A ground-breaking story occurred in America last March. Literally.

With rake in hand, First Lady Michelle Obama was praised for scratching a bit of sod and overturning a spade of soil to create a White House vegetable garden. She even got her knees dirty. The news was so huge Mrs. Obama now says the first thing foreign leaders ask her is how the garden is doing.

In the month prior to digging earth on the White House lawn, the First Lady praised Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack’s People’s Garden Project. She also spoke to employees of the U.S. Department of Agriculture on the importance of supporting farmers and protecting the nation’s food supply.

A week ago today (9-17-09), Mrs. Obama stood on D.C. terra firma and spoke at the grand opening of a new farmers’ market near the White House. “I have never seen so many people so excited about fruits and vegetables,” exulted the First Lady as she filled her basket with fingerling potatoes and black kale. “I’m a big believer in community gardens, both because of their beauty and for their access to providing fresh fruits and vegetables to so many communities across this nation and the world.”

So, where’s the dirt?

On the very day Michelle Obama was sniffing produce and being feted at the new D.C. farmers’ market, thousands of out-of-work farm workers and destitute farmers, brandishing protest signs, were assembling in dusty, withering San Joaquin Valley, CA – the turning-to-dust bread basket of America – all brought about by a liberal-legislated drought.

The area that once produced a $20 billion crop industry, and more in farm sales than any other individual state in the country – is now a dust bowl. The cause? Government-made drought. In 1993, the tiny, two-inch Delta Smelt fish was declared an endangered species. Smelt fish pass through irrigation waters pumped through the San Joaquin Valley. Claiming that pumps harm the Smelt, radical environmental groups and liberals have battled for years to turn the San Joaquin valley into a desert. Well, they’ve won. Water now bypasses one of the most important agricultural areas on earth and flows directly into the Pacific Ocean.

Several hundred thousand acres of farmland now lie fallow and crops that were planted now rot in the fields. Thousands have lost their jobs; unemployment in the area is at 40%. Food prices will rise with estimates of up to 38 million people being affected. Farmers who once fed the world now stand in food lines. This is what happens when extreme environmentalists prevail over reason.

An appalling history of political negligence shrouds this dilemma. Even though members of the California Latino Water Coalition (a group formed by residents in the San Joaquin Valley) and others met with CA officials to resolve the water problem, seven attempts to get the pumps turned back on have been killed seven times by the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Letters, petitions, and pleas to Washington continue to be ignored. Aware of the situation, President Obama remains unmoved. Just yesterday, Diane Feinstein (D-CA) and Barbara Boxer (D-CA) voted no on an amendment introduced by Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) designed to help the San Joaquin Valley. Compromise and common sense are nowhere to be found.

This isn’t a local problem; it’s a federal government imposed drought and is rapidly becoming a national problem. Here are just a few of the crops California’s central valley supplies to our nation: 94% of America’s tomatoes, 93% broccoli, 89% carrots, 86% garlic, 78% lettuce, 90% strawberries, 88% grapes, 99% almonds.

Given the enthusiasm with which Michelle Obama loves to have our White House chefs feed fresh produce to her family, perhaps, if the San Joaquin Valley were called the San Joaquin Community Garden, the President would turn the water back on.

And that’s the real dirt.

Here is The Valley Hope Forgot – Part 1: Comedian, activist Paul Rodriguez, Radio Talk Show Host Inga Barks, and Sean Hannity decry Obama’s refusal to help California’s central valley:

The Valley Hope Forgot – Part 2: Congressmen Jim Costa (D-CA), George Radanovich (R-CA), Devin Nunes (R-CA) “This can happen to you. They’re on their way… to the rest of America.”

The Valley Hope Forgot – Part 3: FOX News reporter Ainsely Earhardt explains how loss of crop production in CA’s central valley will affect you. Former mayor Fresno, CA Alan Autry: “Turning this water off is not just bad politics, it’s an act of domestic terror.”

Michelle Malkin: Cali’s man-caused drought (scroll down to see video of Feinstein’s excuses)





January 14, 2010 – Michelle Obama’s garden food was fake.

February 29, 2012, Washington, D.C: House Approves Bipartisan Plan to Protect Jobs, Restore Water Deliveries, Prevent Man-Made Droughts in CaliforniaBill H.R. 1837

March 3, 2012 – Obama will veto H.R. 1837 if it passes Senate

H.R. 1837 DEAD in Harry Reid’s Senate

March 20, 2012, Washington, D.C. – Subcommittee Questions Obama Administration’s BOR and PMA Budgets that Could Increase Electricity Rates and Decrease Water Deliveries:

Today, the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Water and Power held an oversight hearing to examine the negative impacts to water supplies and hydropower rates that will result from the Obama Administration’s Fiscal Year 2013 budget and priorities for the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), the Four Power Marketing Administrations (PMAs) and the U.S. Geologic Survey’s Water Resources program.

“The Bureau of Reclamation and the Bonneville Power Administration are two of the agencies before us today. Along with the Army Corps of Engineers, these agencies have played a vital role in providing reliable and affordable water and power supplies to the Pacific Northwest. It is our duty to ensure that these traditional missions continue for future generations. This duty is becoming increasingly challenging. The historical roles of these agencies are being undermined,” said Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hastings (WA-04).Ongoing endangered species litigation and a sue-and-settle approach embraced by this Administration have transformed these agencies into something that was never envisioned. The result: less water storage, continued man-made droughts and policies that are driving up electricity rates. At a time when Americans are paying record prices at the gas pumps, higher water and electricity rates will only make matters worse for the economy.”

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Indoctrination: to often repeat an idea or belief to someone in order to persuade them to accept it, teaching someone to accept doctrines uncritically.

School children sing Obama’s praises…your tax-payer dollars at work.

H/T to Ted De La Rosa from our page on Facebook bringing this story to our attention.

Addendum by Nate: More from FOX: school to take action against person who filmed the video…

Several personal phone calls to the school’s administrative office this morning have produced the following results.

1. The school refuses to acknowledge that the events on the tape even occurred.
2. They refuse to admit whether or not information concerning the activity, and the right of a family or child to opt out of it, was made available.
3. They refuse to admit whether or not the children were offered other options, as opposed to being forced to memorize the words, “Hello, Mr. President, we honor you today! For all your great accomplishments we all do say “hooray!” Hooray, Mr. President, you’re number one!
4. But the spokesperson I talked with at B. Bernice Elementary school did say the school was aware of, and considering taking actions against, the persons “who illegally taped and distributed a video recording of a private class activity.”

Wasn’t that ACORN’s first response, to sue the person responsible?

What’s Up with Glenn Beck and Katie Couric?

Glenn Beck and Katie Couric. It just sounds odd putting those two names together. An interesting duo, they came together on Tuesday (9-22-09) so Glenn could respond (for the most part) to the Couric inquisition.

As you watch the interview, you may agree with all, some, or none of Glenn’s statements and ideas. Are you asking the tough questions of politicians and political pundits? Are you making your own decisions? How often do you completely agree with any political opinionist?

Without a doubt, Beck’s 9-12 Project, based on nine principles and twelve values, is a growing movement. Proof of the numbers manifested itself on September 12, 2009 when millions across the country marched to protest the failure of government to address America’s pressing needs and big government’s propensity to create even bigger problems.

Whether one agrees with Glenn Beck or not – and time will reveal more clearly the direction he will take – it’s important to remember that values and principles enabled our Founding Fathers to muster the courage to create a new nation. Values and principles fostered the wisdom necessary to author our Constitution. Disillusioned, frustrated Americans are searching for the principled leader that will preserve our Constitution and restore our Republic in 2012. That principled leader is Mitt Romney.

*The full interview can be found here:
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Mitt Romney – A Tea-Partying, 9-12er, American Patriot

OriginalFebruary 13, 2007 was a memorable day in America. Inside the Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, a man whose soul was bursting with Washington outsider spirit – with freedom fiercely anchored in his DNA, stepped to a podium and announced his candidacy for President of the United States.

That man was Mitt Romney.

Said he: “I do not believe Washington can be transformed from within by a lifelong politician. There have been too many deals, too many favors, too many entanglements — and too little real world experience managing, guiding, leading.”

Romney further elaborated: “We have lost faith in government, not in just one party, not in just one house, but in government,” Romney said. “It is time for innovation and transformation in Washington. It is what our country needs. It is what our people deserve.”

Now, 31 months later and eight months into Obama’s socialist, power-hustling administration, Romney’s speech at the Value Voters Summit on Saturday, (9/19/09) reveals what we’ve known all along – Mitt Romney is a Tea-Partying, 9-12er American patriot.

America needs Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney’s Speech Unites Conservatives
The By Bernie Quigley – 09/21/09

At the 2009 Value Voters Summit this past week, Mitt Romney directly addressed President Barack Obama’s incomprehensible and fatally flawed decision, unprecedented in the American political tradition, to tax future generations. In an administration quickly marked for its wistful look to the past, Obama’s decision brought to mind 15th-century Russia. Is that why they call them czars?

“Putting such a spirit-crushing, back-breaking debt burden on our children is unworthy of our national character,” Romney said. “That is why I believe that this spending and borrowing is not just economically irresponsible, it is morally wrong.” It poisoned this most auspicious and most inclusive Obama administration from the very beginning. History — the future — will rise from that moment. It already has. Directly following, back in February, New Hampshire state Rep. Dan Itse proposed that the federal government had no right to do this, that it was immoral to do so and the states have constitutional defenses against this. Almost overnight, 30 states followed his cue. Tax revolts and the current town hall disturbances followed.

Blame it on Glenn Beck, blame it on Sarah Palin, blame it on Rick Perry, but that Romney has endorsed these efforts, as he did this weekend, changes the political scenario. Because if Glenn Beck is a demagogue, then now Mitt Romney is a demagogue. If Sarah Palin is a threat to the republic, then so is Mitt Romney. If Texas Gov. Rick Perry, possibly the most competent and successful sitting governor, is a traitor and a secessionist, then so is Mitt Romney. Questions will rise now it the hearts and minds of networks chiefs: Whom do we stake our political future on now, Mitt Romney or Tina Fey? Who will market our heroic charade for this just one day today? Mitt Romney or David Letterman? And how will we be remembered when the moment is recalled?

As The Hill reports, Romney called the tea party protesters “patriots” who have often been derided by Democrats, and said they could block the president’s agenda.

“Thanks to millions of Americans who have stepped up in town halls and tea parties across the country, he’s not going to get his way,” Romney said.

The Romney speech is an auspicious beginning. The Christian Science Monitor called the conference “a more genteel anti-Obama tea party.” Prior to this there was a division between what might be called Western Republicans like Rick Perry, who supported, endorsed and participated in the April 15 tea parties, and what might be called the traditional, culturally conservative Eastern Republicans who opposed.

The question since February 2009 was how mainstream conservatives like Romney would respond to this movement. The question since August 2008, was how mainstream conservatives would respond to the rising spirit in the heartland personified by then-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. This week Romney, possibly the smartest and most capable conservative politician since Eisenhower, closed the gap.

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Is Acorn a Canary in a Coal Mine?

canary in a coal mine
‘This is a witch hunt. There are a few bad apples in every organization. These videos have been doctored and edited.’ So squawked ACORN reps regarding recent scandalous videos involving ACORN personnel.

With voter registration fraud, embezzlement, enabling child prostitution, and tax cheating hatching on a daily basis, the tax-paid feathered nest of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now – better known as ACORN – is beginning to crumble. Thankfully, the Census Bureau severed its ties to employ the organization for the 2010 census. On Monday (Sept. 14th) a bill introduced by Mike Johanns (R-NE) denying housing and urban funds to ACORN was overwhelmingly passed by the Senate. The bill would prevent ACORN from taking taxpayer money for mortgage counseling, Community Development Block grants, the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, and other programs.

Speaking on FOX news today, *John Boehner (R – Ohio) revealed that he and 129 of his colleagues sent a letter yesterday to President Obama to urge him to stop all funding for ACORN. Today, Congressman Boehner introduced Defund ACORN Act – legislation to cut all ties between our federal government and ACORN.

Now, Bertha Lewis, ACORN CEO is warbling a different tune:
“As a result of the indefensible action of a handful of our employees, I am, in consultation with ACORN’s Executive Committee, immediately ordering a halt to any new intakes into ACORN’s service programs until completion of an independent review. I have also communicated with ACORN’s independent Advisory Council, and they will assist ACORN in naming an independent auditor and investigator to conduct a thorough review of all of the organizations relevant systems and processes. That reviewer, to be named within 48 hours, will make recommendations directly to me and to the full ACORN Board. We enter this process with a commitment that all recommendations will be implemented.”

ACORN’s independent Advisory Council:

• John Podesta, President and CEO, Center for American Progress
• Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Board Member, RFK Foundation, former MD Lt. Governor
• Andrew Stern, International President, Service Employees International Union
• Harvey Hirschfeld, President, Lawcash
• John Banks, Vice President of Government Relations Con Ed
• Eric Eve, Senior VP of Global Consumer Group, Community Relations, Citigroup
• Dave Beckwith, Executive Director, Needmor Fund
• Henry Cisneros, Executive Chairman, Cityview

Boehner describes today’s action by ACORN as too little – too late.

Who believes that anyone on this Advisory Council will name an unbiased auditor to investigate the operations of ACORN? Just how far does the corruption reach? Is ACORN a canary in a coal mine?

* Boehner also sent a similar letter last year to President Bush and Steven Preston (then-Sec of Housing and Urban Development).

Californians Rally for the Constitution

They came. 400 faces etched with patriotism. Protest signs held high. Flags waved. Music played. Speakers inspired. Pledges were made.

Like 9-12 rallies across our great land, we who gathered in San Juan Capistrano, CA on September 12, 2009 came to celebrate American freedom and to pledge to restore America. We were reminded of all that is at stake. It was an urgent call to be vigilant in extending every effort to preserve, protect, and defend our American Constitution. It was a magnificent gathering of ‘we, the people.’