New ARG Poll

Romney up 5 points, Giuliani and McCain down 7.

National Primary
Republicans March 2007 April 2007
Brownback 1% 1%
Gilmore 1%
Giuliani 34% 27%
Gingrich 12% 10%
Hagel 1% 1%
Huckabee 1% 1%
McCain 30% 23%
Pataki 1%
Paul 1%
Romney 7% 12%
Tancredo 1% 1%
F Thompson ni 9%
T Thompson 1% 1%
Undecided 9% 14%

Someone Who Understands the Immense Value of “Ground Game”

Matt Towery at Human Events makes an astute observation:

As for the Republicans, the predominant notion that Rudy Giuliani is the frontrunner is a farce. Yes, he leads in just about every poll in every state among Republican voters. But I’ve been around national GOP politics for too many decades not to know one essential thing: To win, a candidate must have superior grassroots organization. Giuliani doesn’t.

The leader in this race is the one who barely scratches in polls right now, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

To borrow Barbara Bush’s line from 2004, “I’ve seen this movie before, and I don’t like the way it ends.” Well, I don’t know about the ending, but I can tell you that Romney has signed up virtually every Bush Republican in every key state. In Florida, he has the Jeb Bush organization and most of the prominent, longtime Republican establishment behind him.

John McCain likely will have Florida’s governor, Charlie Crist, in his corner.

What does Giuliani have? The driest, least prepossessing political figure in that state, former Congressman and now state Attorney General Bill McCollum. An odder couple than Giuliani and McCollum would be hard to find.

Yes, McCain has name ID around the country. And, were they to run, unannounced candidates Fred Thompson and Newt Gingrich could capture Republican voters desperate to reestablish the party’s pre-George W. Bush philosophical ground.

Be all that as it may, you can take this to the bank: Mitt Romney will end up being the man they all have to beat. He will spend his mountain of money on a thing called television, and that will allow him to hide his ultra-sophisticated personality from those wary of having an urbane president.

Once he’s known, he’ll have the might of the GOP’s old guard behind him.

The candidates may not know the best road to win the presidential race, but too many in media don’t even seem to know what planet the race is being held on.

First, I hope Republius can see this as a partial answer to his question on Gramm and Romney. I am not so presumptuous to claim Romney as the front runner, but I will say he is the guy in first place…that’s a joke. Actually I think he is probably on even par now with McCain. Except Romney is headed north and McCain is headed south.

Rudy is still in the lead, albeit not as comfortably as he was in March. If I was a supporter I would be leary to send Rudy a check now when you consider his knack for saying liberal things, no ground structure, and no substantive ideas presented as of yet. But hey, people have done crazier things. Remember the Yugo?

I remember in February reading on Redstate and other blogs I frequent that McCain had a juggernaut in South Carolina that was tough to beat- I don’t think anyone would actually claim that today. McCain does have a good ground game, one that will carry him through to the primaries, even if he ended up polling at 3%.

Yesterday I showed the folks here the clear muscle Romney has built in Michigan, but now we have this today. I do agree with Towery’s assertion that Romney’s campaign force is going to be the team to beat. The biggest miscalculation is to somehow think this guy can’t forecast his future earnings and have a longterm game plan. Clearly when you think of Romney’s organization (already paying off in IA, SC, MI, and NH,) fundraising, policy proposals and his past track record there is no denying that Romney is the guy to beat.

Romney Western Michigan Team

Romney For President West Michigan Leadership Team:

· Pete Hoekstra, U.S. Representative

· J.C. Huizenga, Romney for President West Michigan Finance Chair

· Cameron Brown, State Senator

· Ron Jelinek, State Senator

· Ken Sikkema, Former Senate Majority Leader

· Goeff Hansen, State Representative

· David Hildenbrand, State Representative

· Neal Nitz, State Representative

· David Palsrok, State Representative

· Tom Pearce, State Representative

· Tonya Schuitmaker, State Representative

· Rick Shaffer, State Representative

· Fulton Sheen, State Representative

· Jim Koetje, Former State Representative

· Jerry Kooiman, Former State Representative

· Gerry Hildenbrand, 6th District Chair-State Committee Member

· Keith Den Hollander, Former 3rd District Committee Member / 3rd District Treasurer

· Thomas Newman, Former 6th District Chair / State Committee Member

· Jennifer Schultz, Former State Committee Member / Former Vice Chair

· Jean Coleman, State Committee Member

· Kyle Olson, State Committee Member

· Joan Runnels, State Committee Member

· Jon DeWitte, Ottawa County Chair

· Tony Garofalo, Allegan County Chair

· Bill LaBre, Cass County Chair

· Libby Child, Former Kent County Chair

· Rich Blatchford, Newaygo City Manager

· Karen Buie, Muskegon County Clerk

· Don Nugent, Michigan State University Trustee

· Linda Landheer, Newaygo Register Of Deeds

· Bret Witkowski, Berrien County Treasurer / Former County GOP Chair

Mitt does Well in Second South Carolina Poll

InsiderAdvantage/ Majority Opinion Poll of Potential GOP Primary Candidates: Giuliani, McCain, Gingrich and Romney Tied in Statistical Dead Heat In SC.

Giuliani: 18%
McCain: 17%
Gingrich: 16%
Romney: 14%
(Fred) Thompson: 9%
Gilmore: 4%
Huckabee: 3%
Brownback: 2%
Hunter: 1%
Paul: 1%
Undecided/ Don’t know: 15%

…Also of note is Romney’s showing in the poll. This is the first InsiderAdvantage/ Majority Opinion survey in major Southern states to show Romney in double digits. The Fox News poll also showed Romney with 14 percent. This reflects the candidate’s many visits to the state and the fact that South Carolina voters are looking at the potential contest more closely than in most other Southern states.

Things are tightening up in SC. Remember this is the same number Romney received in the recent Fox News Poll.

Romney Names California Team



Boston, MA Governor Mitt Romney today announced the first 15 members of the Romney for President California Leadership Team, a group of leading Californians who will support Governor Romney as he campaigns in the state and across the nation. California Senate Republican Leader Dick Ackerman and former Assemblyman Tony Strickland will serve as Chairmen of the effort.

“I am honored to have the backing of these dedicated leaders in the Golden State,” said Governor Romney. “Their record of service is proof that President Reagan’s legacy is alive and well in California. We all believe that strong and unflinching leadership is once again needed to restore fiscal sanity in Washington, D.C.”

With today’s announcement, Senator Ackerman said, “In the private and public sectors, Mitt Romney has distinguished himself through his intellect and his commitment to innovation. The Republican Party must reestablish itself as the guardian of fiscal responsibility, and Governor Romney is the right leader to make that happen.”

Joining Senator Ackerman, Tony Strickland added, “Governor Romney accomplished an impressive feat by bringing fiscal discipline to one of the nation’s most liberal states. As a lifelong fiscal conservative, I am troubled by the spending binge we’ve seen at the federal level. Our nation needs a strong and tested leader like Mitt Romney to put our nation’s finances back on track.”

Background On Romney For President California Leadership Chairmen:

Senator Dick Ackerman Is The Republican Leader Of The California State Senate. Southern California native Dick Ackerman has represented Orange County in the state Legislature since his election to the Assembly in 1995. In 2000, he was elected to the State Senate, where he currently serves the 33rd District and as Republican Leader. As one of the four legislative leaders negotiating the state budget, he has worked hard to reduce state spending and borrowing. Prior to his tenure in the Legislature, Senator Ackerman had a long record of service in local government. He served on the Fullerton City Council for 12 years, including two terms as mayor.

Tony Strickland Is A Former State Assemblyman Who Was The 2006 Republican Nominee For State Controller. During three terms in the Assembly, Strickland earned a reputation as a taxpayer advocate and for holding government accountable. A founding member and past President of the California Club for Growth, Strickland has spent the past several years rallying California’s grassroots fiscal conservatives to advocate for lower taxes and less regulation as well as business and job growth. He is a Board Member of the Ventura County Council Boy Scouts of America, an Advisory Committee Member of Food Share, and an Honorary Board Member of the Moorpark Boys & Girls Club in addition to being active in numerous civic, business and church organizations throughout Ventura County.

Romney For President California Leadership Team Co-Chairs:

· Assemblyman Anthony Adams, Monrovia

· Former Assembly Leader Scott Baugh, Huntington Beach

· Former Assemblyman and Republican Caucus Chair Russ Bough, Yucaipa

· Congressman John Campbell, Newport Beach

· Fresno City Councilman Jerry Duncan, Fresno

· State Senator Bob Dutton, Rancho Cucamonga

· Assemblyman Doug LaMalfa, Richvale

· State Senator Bob Margett, Glendora

· Congressman Buck McKeon, Santa Clarita

· Former California Republican Party Chairman Mike Schroeder, Corona del Mar

· Assemblyman Jim Silva, Huntington Beach

· Assemblywoman Audra Strickland, Moorpark

· State Senator Mark Wyland, Carlsbad

Another Poll Another Jump

Romney is continuing his jump in the polls. This time a bump of 4% in the recent Rasmussen poll.


This view is all of the Rassmusen polls since the beginning of the year. You can see a rise and fall of Giuliani (look for more of the fall, and Thompson’s support looking unchanged. Romney goes up a full 4 points, the only one of the top four to rise this last week.

In the last few weeks here Romney has seen a bump in polls out of South Carolina and New Hampshire. He has done well in 2 straw polls in South Carolina: won one and second place in the other. I think we are seeing the beginning of the Summer time Romney surge. Kind of the foothills to the Himalayas.

South Carolina Poll Show Jump for Romney!

Fox News released a poll out for the 2008 primaries in South Carolina.

Rudy Giuliam 26
John McCain 25
Mitt Romney 14
(Newt Gingrich- vol.) 5
Sam Brownback 2
Mike Huckabee 2
(Fred Thompson- vol.) 2
Tommy Thompson 2
Jim Gilmore 1
Duncan Hunter 1
Ron Paul 1
TomTancredo 1
(Chuck Hagel- vol.)
Other 1
Don’t Knoe 16

I am assuming those who’s names are in parenthesis were volunteered, not sure though.

A huge jump for Romney!! The latest polling for South Carolina I found at RCP. Which was from February where Romney was at 5% in the latest ARG poll.