Jeff Fuller, M.D.

Mitt Romney is an exceptional and gifted LEADER. That is why I support him and why he should be our next President. While Obama is a much better at being a politician than he is at being a leader or manager, Romney is the exact opposite. When the chips are down I hope that the voters in our great nation choose not the best politician, but the best leader.

My story of coming to be a firm Romney supporter, and long-time “pro-Romney blogger”, started off as a professional interest, but was bolstered by geographic good fortune. First, some background on me, and then back to Romney.

I am a vitreoretinal surgeon in private practice in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  We are moving to Birmingham, Alabama in July 2011 to do the same thing there (but around family!)  My medical training started in Birmingham where I attended medical school. I met and married my wife, Laura, during those years and we started a family (currently we are blessed with 5 boys and one girl). Ophthalmology training took me to Georgia for residency, and then it was off to IOWA from 2005-2007 for a sub-speciatly fellowship as a “retinal specialist.”

I became interested in Romney, while in Iowa, when I heard about his involvement in the ground-breaking health care reform in Massachusetts. In fact, five years ago, my first political-oriented blog entry was entitled: “Massachusetts Health-Care Law Launches Romney into GOP’s Top Tier.” Having observed the practice of medicine in three different states by then, I realized what a huge problem “the uninsured” were, and how they brought about so many medical and ethical difficulties to both patients and doctors. RomneyCare showed me that Mitt had the political strength and courage to tackle such a difficult issue and actually get a creative bill passed with overwhelming bipartisan support AND the blessing of The Heritage Foundation, and the Bush Administration (via HHS Secs. Thompson and Leavitt).  I spent the next few weeks devouring “all things Romney” and was impressed with his record, delivery, and accomplishments. I was sold . . .

I decided to get active and do whatever I could to help Romney win the nomination. I started “Iowans for Romney” as a blogsite to chronicle my thoughts on the race as well as provide first-hand reporting of Romney’s many Iowa events. It was a well read blog at the time (had over 100,000 page views . . . I think that put it as the most viewed state-based blog of any GOP candidate.) Being in Iowa obviously presented me with many wonderful opportunities over the next two years to attend political events and get plenty of “face time” with Romney and his family (some examples here, here, here, and here.) I was also invited to blog at the (then) two main grassroots pro-Romney blogsites . . . “My Man Mitt” and “ElectRomneyIn2008″ and was a regular contributor at both sites.

I’m all geared up and excited for another go around . . . this time with a different/BETTER result! It’s time to see Mitt and Ann in the White House!

P.S. I am currently writing a series of posts regarding RomneyCare:
Part 1: “The Problem” (Or is it?)
Part 2: “Why RomneyCare Makes Mitt the BEST Nominee to Face Obama”
Part 3: “The Bottom Line . . . Mitt Romney Stands Strongly Against ObamaCare; Will Work Towards and Sign a Repeal of ObamaCare as Our Next President”

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  1. carolyn rambow says:

    Describing your time in Iowa completing a fellowship in a retinal subspecialty prompts this Sioux City Journal article on the Rock Rapids farmer who honors ROMNEY, RYAN, KING as he disked his land….www.scjournal/gallagher/Mudslinging Rock Rapids farmer digs in dirt for GOP’18 October 2012.
    This comes from Iowa-born, Wisconsin resident who thinks WI will deliver a R senator (tommy thompson) to join Ron Johnson AND Mitt Romney. Ryan is my US Rep….so proud of his hard work, earnestness AND his family living and his family’s sharing too.
    Understandable how folk spending time in IA can get involved in grassroots..I married and moved before the caucus were invented for Iowa sadly.
    Obama keeps coming back there….be interesting to see if Iowa goes for him again….

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