David Parker

David Parker

The Romney family, their kids and extended family have become good friends over the past seven years. Our friendship has grown as we have traveled around the country together while being engaged in a good cause. First introduced in 2005, we have spent many days in many states since, advocating for a common cause of restoring America to its ‘exceptional’ state in the world. My wife and I oversaw the 2008 National Grass Roots Campaign while Co-Chairing the National Finance Committee in 2008 and serving on the National Finance Committee in 2012. In our many experiences and interactions over the years, and seeing Mitt and Ann in many situations, there are very few like them. They are both individuals of great capacity and integrity, with a depth and resource not found in many. Further, their sons and their families are a great reflection of their parents.

Mitt Romney is one of America’s brightest minds and one of the most capable and experienced leaders in our lifetime. Ann is an absolute inspiration and stands equal to her husband. Mitt and Ann Romney have a place in America’s future, to lead and to inspire each of us, thus restoring America to its rightful place in leading the free world. There are few times in our respective lifetimes when we can make a real difference in the future of our Nation, and now is that time. It demands commitment and sacrifice on each of our parts, but we can be assured that the greater sacrifice is given by Mitt and Ann. Our responsibility is to support them and to join with them in this effort. They have our hearts!

My wife and I are the parents of six children and seventeen grandchildren. As a family we are committed to this cause with all that we have. My background has been as an investment banker and private equity investor for the past 38 years. A native of California, we now reside in Sundance, Utah.


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