VA Store Owner Mourns Obama Reelection, Closes Store For a Day

Tuesday’s presidential election result caused a Virginia jeweler to close his store for a day.
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After Tuesday night’s election outcome, R.T. Lyons, a grief-stricken jeweler in Bedford, Virginia, chose not to open his store the next day. He taped signs to his store windows explaining why

The owner of a Bedford jewelry store is explaining his decision to “mourn” the outcome of Tuesday’s Presidential election.

R.T. Lyons, owner of Lyons Jewelry, closed his business Wednesday and posted signs in his windows that read: “Closed to mourn the loss of the America that our forefathers endowed to us.”

I just didn’t feel like coming to work,” Lyons said Thursday. …

Lyons said he was experiencing feelings of grief. He believes Barack Obama’s second term will bring an end to capitalism in the United States and ultimately hurt his business.

Lyons said he believes the President is trying to undermine the principals of free enterprise that were established by America’s founding fathers. He worries that Obama will raise taxes on the wealthy people who patronize his jewelry store.

“I’m in the luxury business,” Lyons said. “I deal with more expensive items.”

Although he didn’t support Obama in 2008, Lyons said he was hoping the President could be successful. He was “excited” about the possibility of a Romney presidency, due to the Republican candidate’s background in business.

I’m sure people who are community organizers are excited (Obama) is in the White House,” Lyons said. “I was thinking I would be excited about a businessman in the White House.”

Lyons said his decison to close was not a ploy to attract attention to his business.

I didn’t want to be happy and wait on people that day,” said Lyons. “I think I was in a period of mourning yesterday and it was good for me. I went through the process. I don’t know how many steps there are, but I went through them yesterday.”

Mr. Lyons, we can relate.

UPDATE – ‘The Mourning After’ Man flies flags half-staff after election

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31 Responses to VA Store Owner Mourns Obama Reelection, Closes Store For a Day

  1. CS says:

    half the country was in mourning with this shop owner, so in respect of him closing, we all felt the sadness across our beloved country…as people of conviction standing for what principles we were founded under, it was a Great Loss…yet, life will go on, and I admonish the faith filled to keep on praying for America and its leadership, and to depend evermore deeper on our Creator to get us through the difficult times we face ahead…those true will remain sustained~may God’s blessings & peace be our covering.

  2. Wes says:

    I was in mourning as well… CS you are right, now more than ever our country need our prayers. More than that though we need to take action to protect our freedoms and our way of life. Do your research and support responsible candidates for local govt positions. Write letters to your congressmen. We are accountable for our actions and will be blessed as we Go and Do.

  3. WADE HUTSON says:

    I too am grief stricken, and though 2 days have now passed, I am no better. My heart is truly shattered for our country, and for Mitt and his family. They must be inconsolable. I, for one, will NEVER “get over” this, one of the greatest tragedies we have ever faced as a nation.

  4. Karen Jordan says:

    I hope Mitt Romney is reading these comments!!! I love him!!! He was very likable!! Those stupid media comments about his likability!!! He was extremely likable!!! I mourned a terrible loss on election night and the next day I was a zoombie and I felt like I was in a different country! Everything felt eerie to me and my husband said it too!! I cry as I write this that I mourn for the country that we knew and might never have back. Oh please Mitt run again in 2016!!!! Please don’t give up!!! You should be the President!!! You have no idea how many people wanted you as President!!! I get a sick stomach everytime I remember election night!!

  5. johnnybegood says:

    I really feel that the money will run out Faster then most people expect. Nobody has a estimate yet of approximately when but once we hit the cliff. I am going to mix up some margaritas and watch it on the TV

    it can’t be stopped we tried. They lied.

  6. Vickie in Idaho says:

    I am very saddened as well and went through the mourning too, but each day I will get better the economy won’t and I have to have the faith that the Lord is in control, I just feel so bad Romney would have been so good for this country, I must thank him and his family for giving it such a good try to help the USA he really does love this country!

  7. Joan Marsch says:

    Will we become completely Socialist before people wake up?

  8. Phil Fischer says:

    We should schedule a national day of mourning for the loss of our country, let businesses nation wide follow this example.

  9. gloria says:

    we must keep hanging on to God, no matter what may come, He will not let us fall.

  10. Cathy says:

    Maybe God was protecting Mitt from the rabid political animals in Washington for now, to be saved for a day when we will need his amazing leadership. Mitt is too good a man to be subjected to the insanity of the liberal Washington maniacs and one sided maniacal media. But he was willing to sacrifice himself for love of country, and take the heat.
    I have a vision of him riding in on a white horse and taking charge of the government when it is dangling by a thread.

    God bless you Mitt, you’ve inspired and ignited many to fight on.

  11. carolyn armstrong says:


  12. steve taylor says:

    brothers and sisters stay on the firing line GOD HAS THIS

  13. Cris says:

    I hit a personal depression at Tuesday’s decision. I have resolved to improve MY living standards and prepare for the worst. I have food storage up, a garden (in the warmer months) and I freeze any food I can when I can afford to buy in bulk. We filled our elk tag so I have meat in the freezer and I groom just enough dogs to cover my gas expenses. My hubby’s job (God, please let him keep it) is covering the bills, but we are worried…he drives truck and delivers coal/asphalt/gravel..etc; If he loses his job, we will have no choice but to walk away from our beautiful home WE built! Frugal is our way and always has been…no extravagant meals/clothes/cars for us…we live within our means..we don’t have our hands out for government money…we struggle, be we make it. We are going to start raising our own beef/pork and I already have chickens for meat/eggs. We will make it..not the easy way, but we’ll make it and we’ll make do…good luck to all those that have their hands out for free “stuff” from wherever and whomever will give it to them..may Karma find them and give them their “just” desserts

  14. cooki says:

    I have been so depressed since tues. night, there is a feeling of lost hope and a great feeling of fear in me. I think of my son who is now in his last year of college and I think, what chances are there for him in the next 4 years. I can’t believe that so many people could vote this liar, this illegal citizen, this illegal Pres., this conman back in office. It was a travisty that he got in the first time. God forgive these people because they really don’t know what they have done. There will be many businesses closing and many more people unemployed and the conman will continue to destroy this Country. I’m sorry but I see no sunshine in the future.

  15. Mass-Voter says:

    To all you who are discouraged don’t give up hope. This is NOT the end. What would have happened if Washington had decided to through in the towel after his embarrassing defeat in New York? What would have happened if Lincoln had given up after the first 2 years of Civil War? If we thought it was easy we were wrong. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. WE ARE AMERICANS. This was the most important election of our lifetime. Does that mean 2016 won’t matter? No way. We have four years (2 if consider 2014) We all need to put more sin in the game. I know it is hard. I was bitterly disappointing. Tears have been shed, but our work is not finished!

    Thank you Romney for all your sacrifice. You were the perfect leader for our time.

  16. Sandi says:

    I myself stayed up that entire night crying, and I finally got my act together, as this is just the process just like when I went thru my first Divorce… I cried, then I got angry, and now I’m just flat bitter to it all… We have to Man up and stick together!!! Gather provisions, and take care of what God has Blessed us with ~ Family!!! It’s time to Lock and Load people!!! Be prepared for ANYTHING now!!!

  17. Disappointed, but not defeted says:

    America needed Mr Romney and they chose not. America needs God and they chose not. How long will God be patient with America? We have to rise up and not be defeated! After a 28 yr career, it disappeared. My husband and I have been hanging on for 4 yrs, paying our bills first, then eating. I also mourned for 2 days. People, God is good and loves us. Mitt Romney was our hope and solution. He brought us together and gave us hope. In honor of God, America, and our children and grandchildren we need to start reminding ourselves, “We’ve just begun to fight!!!” Maybe if we move mountains and advance we can persuade Mr. Romney to lead the charge one more time. Since we’re losing in the minority and female vote maybe a minority woman for VP with Mr Ryan in Romney’s cabinet can turn things around starting in 2016. God bless each of you!!!

  18. Frank Di BLASI says:

    Mitt Romney would have been a great President! Shame on the Americans who Believed all the negative attacks by Barrack Obama! My Children have been given a hard time in School for supporting Mitt Romney. I told them to hold their heads up high! we supported a WINNER! like I said earlier my ROMNEY bumper stickers will remain on my cars and i still wear my Romney pin next to I voted sticker. I have struggled over the past 4 years due to the policies of Barrack Obama. The American Dream is dying! I may have to close my Buisness soon after 20+years in buisness. Mitt Romney didnt need to be President. He wanted to be President for Love of Country! God Bless him& his Family! I hope he considers 2016>

  19. Frank Di Blasi says:

    God Bless America

  20. Sally says:

    Thank you for this MittRomneyCentral e-mail. I crashed also after Tuesday. I still feel disbelief. We have in Mitt Romney a person who does not need the fame, the money, the power, the glory, of being our President. Rather he has something to offer our country. A wonderful gift was thrown away on Tuesday. They didn’t know what they were doing.
    Thank you Mitt and Ann for all your hard work. You are loved and appreciated. God Bless you and God Bless America. Keep praying everyone, I am.

  21. Agnes Manning says:

    I also commend Mitt Romney and his family for their sacrifices in hopes of his greatest service being the presidency. Lots of “talk” about compromise lately, but I will not compromise my values and beliefs for anyone. Every vote for “O” was a compromise, settling for a Godless country where almost anything is acceptable. If we fail to put God first in US, we will continue into this path of decadence, and no other issues will make any difference. Trying to avoid cynicism, but trusting in our God to help me form an optimistic attitude in this world. Atheists and the like take an easy path. They have no rules to follow, so it’s easy to “compromise”!

  22. Ann says:

    I, too have been depressed, angry, and in a general funk from the election results. I sooooooo wanted Romney and Ryan to be our leaders, and I am soooooo afraid now because Obummer will lead from behind for 4 more years..But, I want to say a deep felt appreciative thank you for ALL Americans who have stepped up to the plate with $$$, calls, yard signs, and enthusiasm! Just tooooo bad all our work didn’t result in real leadership in the White House that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would have brought. These results tell me that some people have figured that it is easier to vote for a government check than it is to earn one. Jobs, Jobs Jobs might ring on deaf ears if keeping your couch company is more important than working. I definitely do NOT mean this for millions of you who are trying so hard to work or find work, or working at anything to bring in a check… Obama has failed our country; too bad we have 4 more years. May God bless the whole Romney and Ryan families with deep satisfaction for all your sacrifices in trying to restore our country!!! Our nation would have been sooooooo much better with your leadership! Enjoy your much needed rest! Thank you so much! May the Good Lord be at your sides for comfort and joy of accomplishment!

  23. Shirley Casale says:

    Come on people why could we even let this Obama be up for election the second term in the first place with no identity or proof he is a citizen of our country ? Where is the legal teams and congress on this ? Where is the laws of our constitution being followed ? How can he continue to sign executive orders and go above Congress and we the people ? Is he above the law ?I fully do not understand? And our troops votes are not counted ? Our beloved troops who are protecting our country ? Whats going on ?

  24. steve taylor says:

    me too ann but also thatGOD has a plan its not because of kicking GOD out of schools its because we ve sit back not wanting to hurt feeling or thinking the next person will do it when all said and done when GOD told us all to do it to know to do good and do it not to him it is sin how many young people vote for obama we have filled in teaching our youth because we have taken prayer out of the home i know there s alot more but this is a big part of it

  25. Cathy says:

    America died on Nov.6, 2012… and she will not rest in peace.

    May God shed his grace on thee.

  26. Susan Powell says:

    I’m so touched by all these responses. I too cried at this loss. Mitt is a special person and a true leader. It is sad that that our country closed the the door on the Romney’s. We have a greater hope and that is in Jesus who can bring us into an eternal kingdom so much greater. My prayer as that you will be there one day and with us will be one very special family with the name: Romney. God bless you all.

  27. Cathy says:

    Do you remember when Ann asked Mitt, when they were deciding to run again, if it was too late to save our country?And Mitt said he didn’t think so if he could get in office. Well, I hate to say it, but it looks like it was too late with the way the majority voted. Mitt had a wonderful plan to help everyone. Too bad, the majority want Santa Claus and not a Saint.

  28. Ginny says:

    As so many others I am heart broken. I cannot wrap my brain around the fact that people voted for Obama knowing how bad things are and will continue to get worse. But what hurts me most is Americans who voted for a man that allowed 4 Americans to die while he turned his back and then lied about it. The sound of his voice and the sight of him makes me physically ill. I am terrified of what will become of our beloved America. We both lost our jobs in 2008 and with so many people out of work no one in our area wants to hire people in their 60’s. We have really struggled the last 3 yrs to keep gas in our vehicle and food on the table and we know now it will only get worse. In spite of Obama we are determined to survive. If anyone complains to me about how bad things are I will ask them if they voted for Obama. If the answer is yes my response will be quit complaining you got what you voted for. Mitt and Ann thank you for loving America enough to try and save her. You ran an honest and factual campaign and one you can be proud of. God Bless You and God Bless America.

  29. Lynda Williams says:

    Found comfort in your comments. Those of us that get it do need to stick together. I too would be open for FB friending. Include a messege that you are a conservative friend. I too am sick at heart and had such hope and am grief stricken. We need to stay alert and aware. Contact our congressmen on issues we are concerned about. Here is one that is the most frightening thing I have ever read.United Nations Cconvention on the rights of persons with disabilities. The most evil thing ever. The article I read was from the Center fo Western Journalism. https:/ index.html

  30. ann says:

    we are smart enough to figure out a way to take our country back! States’ rights are a big one. Our Governors need our support. We should all write one letter to them to encourage them to send a clear message to Obama and his ilk in the defiled White House. Another is the crooked banks. Maybe someone with some expertise can think of a way to get back our money, stolen in the housing market. If we all work together we can stop this theft of our freedoms and monies. I hope Romney leads us ahead anyway. We are looking for him to show us the right way to live. Please don’t go away, Mr. Romney. Your voice is needed, the thinking people of America are behind you still!!! God will show us how.

  31. Melita says:

    i too have cried over this election. i believe the America i knew as a child and grew up free in has passed on. i am making plans to become the one who supports those around me regardless of their vote–i’m not special but i can help. i’ve been a business owner for over 10 years in the bluest of states (NY) but i’m so glad to see how many like-minded people there are out here! even those nearest and dearest to me don’t seem to understand the mourning i’m going through right now. thanks to all of you!

    unfortunately i believe the following to be true:

    “A demoncracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. it can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. from that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a demoncracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. the average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.”

    “the American Republic will endure until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money.”

    both quotes are from Alexis de Tocqueville, a frenchman who came to see America after the French Revolution in the late 1700s. aren’t his thoughts interesting? and spot on!

    it’s time to hunker down and wait — soon we will be the only thing good and right in a nation full of hate and greed and suffering. we will be the salt and light we are called to be.

    get ready!