Ohio’s Morning Journal: Obama Let America Down, Let Him Go!

Sweet, sweet, OHIO!

Another Buck Eye State newspaper editorial board has had it with Obama.

Romney is their guy!

UPDATE: Governor Romney is not resting on election day! Going down to the wire, HE’S CAMPAIGNING TOMORROW in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Cleveland, Ohio. He and Ann will cast their votes tomorrow morning at around 8:30 AM ET in Belmont, Massachusetts.

Tomorrow morning, after Paul and Janna Ryan vote in Janesville, Wisconsin, Ryan will head to Cleveland, Ohio and Richmond, Virginia.

The Morning Journal (OH)
Sunday, November 4, 2012

Barack Obama Let America Down

In 2008, American optimism prevailed and the nation elected Barack Obama its first black president. He was an understandable choice: He was a likeable man with a golden gift for spellbinding speeches that overrode his thin resume. He promised hope and change and created a vision of national unity, an end to venomous partisan politics and a beautiful new post-racial era. He vowed fundamental transformation of America as if that was a good thing. Events of the last four years have burst that pretty bubble.

It turns out, his notion of fundamental transformation was based on a malicious view that America should be cut down to size and put into just another ordinary seat at the table of nations. A view that successful people who worked hard and grew wealthy somehow got it undeservedly at the expense of other people, and so his government should step in and take from the haves and give to those who didn’t work for it. Spread the wealth around, rather than foster the American Dream of a country where anyone is free to use their talents, work hard and make a good living.

In domestic and foreign affairs, over the last four years, Obama has failed as president. He offers only more of the same if given a second term. It is vital to the nation’s well-being that he not be returned to the White House.

Obama’s record as president demonstrates that, despite his charm and glowing words, he can only lead America to mediocrity, a lowered standard of living, and ultimately, the death of the American Dream and the rise of the corrupt welfare state where everyone is equally bad off, except for the political leaders and their pals who live high on the hog.

Today’s $16 trillion national debt is the size of the nation’s total annual economic output. That’s like owing Master Card your whole year’s wages, and still buying more on credit every day. Printing more money out of thin air to keep pace with the spending will eventually make our dollars worth less, if not worthless, and it’s our children and grandchildren who will suffer the consequences with a diminished way of life.

Obamacare has made employers afraid to add workers, and it’s cost estimates keep rising even as it is estimated to fall millions of people short of its goal of health insurance for all. It adds millions of new patients but has many doctors saying they may quit because of the intrusive bureaucracy and payment limits. Having Obamacare is no guarantee you will be seen by your doctor, or any doctor, in a timely manner. Older and sicker Americans will face rationing of care and could be denied treatments now available.

In many ways, Barack Obama has let America down, and it’s time to let him go. On Tuesday, vote for a strong and healthy America. Elect Mitt Romney president.

Come through for us, Ohio. We’re counting on you to give Mitt and Paul a WIN tomorrow!

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9 Responses to Ohio’s Morning Journal: Obama Let America Down, Let Him Go!

  1. Cathy says:

    “Are you tired of being tired?”
    Yes, Mitt I am. I’m tired of…

    *uncertainty in ALL things.
    *being paralized to make any financial moves.
    *worrying about health care and what costs will be.
    *wondering if I’ll have a job tomorrow.
    *worrying if we will become a socialist nation or worse.
    *worrying if my retirement will be taxed away.
    *wondering if I can keep and live my religion.
    *watching morality decay.
    *watching my beautiful city become a boarded up wasteland.
    *waking up to what the crisis of-the-day in government will be.
    *wondering what mess my childen are in for.
    *the insanity this administration has put us through.

    “You don’t have to live this way.”
    No Mitt I don’t and I won’t if you become President.

    I want my sanity and my country back! I want Mitt!

  2. AfricanforRomney says:

    These are one big angry editorial board. They were really bitter on Obama. Oops they’re form OH. hehehehe

    We’ve 12 hours left to vote!!! YES, WE will WIN!!!
    Obama’s failed records are like a big Chinese buffet. If you’re a Dem, Indep and confused for deciding, please, pick one issue, write it down and take it with you in the voting booth. I guarantee you, you’ll start punching Romney/Ryan all the way down.

    Obama have loads of failed records. Pick one:-
    -Obamafake care -Freedom – Liberty – food stamps -work ethics – unemployment – TAXES – Defense cuts -Bengazi-off mic foreign agreements – No good paying jobs – the national debt – Solyndra, green energy waste – anti COAL – Education policy – GOD was missing from Dems platform – Losing your RELEGION – American exceptionalism- crimes – high living costs – high gas price….

    Please, VOTE Romney/Ryan=Save America!!!

  3. LizC says:

    I saw Mitt and the team in West Chester Ohio and the momentum IS in our favor! BUT more importantly, GOD IS IN OUR FAVOR! If you believe or not, I DO, I have seen His handiwork all year long, and I can say HE raised Mitt up to us, to vote for, so he can fix this place we call America, and bring back our sanity. I have been praying for 40 days, and every moment i get, even when I feel down, I have been giving it up to the good Lord in Heaven, and He always calms me down, and gives me hope…real hope, that the change we want is coming to Washington DC. That change is MItt Romney and his wonderful team! God Bless the Nation, with a new President, one who knows how to fix BIG things! We love you Mitt, and we Love the Lord our God. I thank you Lord for allowing me to be where I need to be tomorrow for my eyes on the ground for Mitt’s campaign! I am honored to serve. Thank you for raising Mitt up to us as one who can rescue this country. I pray you lead him by your spirit and guide Mitt’s decisions of his closest advisors (cabinet). We are blessed to have a man like Mitt Romney run for President. I pray he wins BIG! THY WILL BE DONE! I pray ALL this in Jesus’ awesome and Holy Name…AMEN

  4. Dave says:

    Great write up and summation of a failed presidency. Romney/Ryan 2012

  5. Von Stone says:

    Romney is our hope….Obama has failed miserable….even right now his EPA team is rushing regulations to put the last nail in the Coal Industries coffin…out of fear he will not win…..they all are anti American and need to be driven out of this country right after they are tarred and feathered.

  6. Joan Miller says:

    Thank God, finally, a newspaper that will report the truth about what Obama has not done for this country. He is and has not been a leader for this country, in any way. Sad for America, the best country in the world. Thank you again, Morning Journal. And go Ohio, for Romney and Ryan.

  7. Linda McBride says:

    I know thousands are praying and fasting. I personally know that works. Someone wrote “This is a battle between a good man and a bad man. What worries me is that we have gone over the edge because when I read comments made by conservatives and the language used I am stunned that Christians write with such vile words and expressionss. When we cant see that I think we have falle to a new low. We should be an example by using a Christ like language. That doesn’t mean prefacing our religion but simply being an example of whet is right

  8. Yul saba says:


    Forget the people in need- he needed re election, so the campaigning went on, and tomorrow he will play basketball, instead of helping the hurricane victims. The kind of leadership we don’t want in another four years. Please WIN Mitt.

  9. LizC says:


    Lord God in Heaven, Thy will be done this election day! The MITTMENTUM continues! Father, I COME BEFORE YOU TODAY, crying out for this Nation UNDER GOD, with liberty and justice for all. We cannot allow this dream, this idea to go down to defeat. I beseech you, Dear Heavenly Father, to give us ALL strength that passes understanding to endure this long arduous day. Father I pray, because our phone conference ended TOO EARLY, we all got cut off about 5-10 minutes in. I could not dial back in. I pray because, I love this country, and our freedoms which seem to be few now. Need to increase to many again. Father, IT IS IN YOUR HANDS NOW, and in the hands of those you bring to the polls, but IN THE END, GOD, I know that we (YOUR PEOPLE) will prevail. It is with extreme thanksgiving I come before you filled with the emotions of election day, where WE YOUR PEOPLE, THE PEOPLE OF THIS GREAT NATION, TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY, IN YOUR NAME, HEAVENLY FATHER, to bring her back from the brink. God bring wise men and women to the polls ALL OVER THIS COUNTRY, who relish what we have, and who want to see this idea of ONE NATION UNDER GOD, flourish. Father we will go through tough times, in the near future, and we thank you for those times, just as your servant JOB thanked you for his tough times, so we thank you for the tough times we are bout to head into. But like JOB we will persevere and come out stronger! With Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan at the helm, they will help guide this country, YOUR ideal, back to prosperity, and back to freedom!