Pennsylvania’s Tribune-Democrat: “ROMNEY Can Right Listing Ship”

A look at the massive crowd awaiting Republican presidential candidate, former MA Governor Mitt Romney and wife, Ann, in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania. Nov 4, 2012 (Photo – Dave Hendricks)


The state has suddenly emerged as up-for-grabs and Governor Mitt Romney was there.

Tonight, in the cold and growing darkness, a behemoth crowd in Morrisville, PA, estimated between 20,000 – 30,000 waited for the chance to see Romney. In spite of the chilly air, the Governor and his wife, Ann, were greeted with lots of flag-waving, roaring enthusiasm, and fired-up energy. It was amazing!

UPDATE – This is what I’m talking about… Watch this entrance! (Hat/tip Hot Air):


Garrett Haake, NBC News campaign embed reporter

DT Cahill, marketing communications and new media consultant

Robert Costa, National Review political reporter and CNBC contributor

Watch video of the event here.

A view of some of the monster crowd gathered for a Mitt Romney campaign rally at Shady brook Farm in Morrisville, Pennsylvania on Sunday, November 4, 2012. Click on image to enlarge.
(photographer unknown)

Pennsylvania stalwarts for Mitt!

More great news from The Keystone State…

The editorial board at The Tribune Democrat are urging their readers to vote for Romney!

The Tribune-Democrat
November 4, 2012

Romney Can Right Listing Ship

We urge our readers to cast their vote for Mitt Romney to be the next president of the United States.

We did not endorse then-junior Sen. Barack Obama four years ago as we felt he was unprepared and lacked the leadership and real-world skill sets vital for holding the most important office in the world.

Our fears were correct.

Obama fell way short on his promise of hope and change. He learned the hard way, at America’s expense, that clever slogans and catchy phrases are no substitute for strategic plans that include party(s) buy-in, well-thought-out details, structure and accountability.

Indeed, America stands at critical crossroads for her future on Tuesday.

Mitt Romney is a former governor, a proven leader, with a successful record both in governing and in business. He understands the importance of free enterprise. He comprehends with perfect clarity that small businesses and entrepreneurs – not the government – are the drivers of a strong economy.

Romney believes a robust economy is the key to alleviating poverty and helping people become more self-reliant.

During this campaign, Romney laid out detailed plans for economic recovery, job growth and reducing the public debt, concepts painfully absent from Obama’s campaign.

Romney promises to unleash America’s energy resources like never before, ushering in a new era of energy independence. And our region will benefit greatly from that goal. Romney will halt Obama’s premeditated efforts to crush one of our area’s most precious job creators – the coal industry.

America yearns for a president who will unite us – not divide us.

One with vision, who will inspire, uplift and motivate.

America wants a president who will promote our national values abroad and not apologize for them – a leader who will hold up this great nation as the beacon of freedom that she remains.

Gov. Romney is that leader, and we urge our readers to cast their vote for a stronger America, by electing Mitt Romney as the next president of the United States.

Talk about exciting! If you live in Pennsylvania, click here to help. Anyone can help by making calls from home, too.

Is anyone getting any sleep?!

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6 Responses to Pennsylvania’s Tribune-Democrat: “ROMNEY Can Right Listing Ship”

  1. Cathy says:

    No, no sleep for a few more days. I feel like I have to hold vigil until we hear Mitt is elected. I’ve never been so invested in something so emotionally, spiritually, and passionately in my whole life. Something has awakening the millions of sleeping patriots…and when we’re awakened…WATCH OUT. We don’t take messing with our country lightly!! So, we are taking back our country, our freedom, our God given rights that have been stolen from us the last 4 years.
    We will not be stopped by lies from the other side, or by the liberal media that has sold America out. We will fight until we can’t fight anymore. Because NO ONE cons his way into being President and then seeks to change our entire way of living by our constitution, with oppression and socialism.

    So, with the faith we have in God, with people that love America, and with an amazing man that was saved for exactly a time as this, we will call Gov. Romney, President Romney in a few short days.

    Keep fighting, keep praying, keep believing !!

  2. Kim says:

    Amen Cathy!!

  3. fran morasco says:

    just got in from shady hill farm PA. it was exhilerating!!!!!!!

  4. AfricanforRomney says:

    Amazing crowds! Dedicated to say in the freezing cold weather. That shows lots of lOve.

    Please, transform your huge enthusisam to VOTE Romney/Ryan!

    Fire Obama! Save America!

  5. Carole says:

    Come on Pa. I know you can do it. Your vote is so important. We have a leader that loves this country and will bring back prosperity and love of country to its people. Believe in America Romney/Ryan 2012

  6. Agnes Manning says:

    Good comments posted here. My paternal grandparents left all behind in Poland to gain freedom of religion and from oppression. Although the were called “dumb hunkies” and KKK burned cross in their yard in Lilly, Pa, they were proud to be here, starting a small farm, with grandpa working the mines to provide needs. My father loved school, but was taken out in 6th grade to work mines to help family, as was his brother. Though I never knew my grandparents, I remain grateful for their legacy of my faith, a strong work ethic, and love for this country. May God be made welcome once again with our votes, and may He continue to bless our land. Those who would have it otherwise should perhaps go elsewhere and set up their own form of government.