Multiple Paths: Michigan, Pennsylvania Moving from Obama to Toss Up

Conventional wisdom says the winner of Ohio will be our next president. Odds are that’s the case. You’ve heard the history: no Republican president has ever won the White House without it. But late breaking polls show Mitt has multiple paths to victory–paths where states formerly thought in the tank for Obama could put Mitt on top regardless.

Don’t get me wrong. Ohio is clearly still in play and I think we can win there. But if we go by the RealClearPoliitcs “No Toss Ups” map, which solely reflects current polling, even if within the margin of error, we’d believe Obama would win 290 electoral votes to 248. Swing states Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are all blue on this map. People are very focused on Ohio with its 18 electoral college votes. But if you think Ohio being on that map spells an Obama victory, not so fast…polling out today show Mitt-mentum in Pennsylvania and Michigan. Together they represent twice the number of electoral college votes as Ohio. Do the quick math: take 36 from Obama’s 290 and you get 254, giving Mitt 284 and the win.

The latest Michigan poll actually puts Mitt up by 1. The latest poll in Pennsylvania shows a tie. Both polls’ results are well within the margin of error. The Obama camp is nervous enough about Pennsylvania it has sent in its designated hitter, Bill Clinton, to make four visits before Tuesday. Does that indicate they think Pennsylvania’s in the bag? Not at all.

The true bottom line here is that despite what you hear, none of these states is in the tank for anybody. The map shows Florida, North Carolina and Virginia in Mitt’s column, but we will have to work to keep them there. The side that marshals its resources and gets out the vote in all these states is the side that will win. If that means Mitt gets Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio, however, he’ll be President-elect Romney on Tuesday night. We may not know it until later in the week as they count and re-count, but Mitt would win.

One thing we do know: if Mitt’s elected, he’ll hit the ground running. Politico recently reported that Mitt’s team, without taking anything for granted, was quietly preparing to be ready to get to work immediately, just in case. He already has a plan for the first 200 days. Meanwhile, apparently at the White House this nonsense of having to justify why they deserve a second term has just been exhausting. Here’s our current Vice President divulging the administration’s plans if they’re back in office:

About Paul Johnson:

Paul Johnson is an attorney for venture capitalists and their portfolio companies by day, husband and father of three teenage boys by night. He’s an avid supporter of Mitt Romney for president and, as a graduate of Brigham Young University, a BYU football and basketball fan. Paul also enjoys competing in triathlons. Because he’s in the “Clydesdale” (over 200 lb.) class, he has even had podium finishes from time to time. Paul also has the distinction of being a big enough U2 fan to be willing to travel to Dublin to see them in their native environment.

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9 Responses to Multiple Paths: Michigan, Pennsylvania Moving from Obama to Toss Up

  1. AfricanforRomney says:

    Obama is toast!! You can see bubbles coming out from Axelemoron head. hehehehe
    What’s Biden’s job besides making himself a fool,being Obama’s image maker? Seriously? Vacation for what? He needs vacation for doing exactly what?? We need to fire these lazy ass admin from top to down!

    Vote Romney/Ryan=Landslide victory!!

  2. Victor Lundquist says:

    Hey African4Romney, what do you really think? I think all Romney supporters have your enthusiasm!

    Every state is important! I heard this morning that Oregon is now close for Romney! The Peoples Republic of Oregon!

    Please do everything you can to leverage your vote. How? Please read this and take action today, tomorrow, and Tuesday. Please? ——>

  3. AfricanforRomney says:

    Vic, Oh, YES! Only two more days! Very exciting! We need to spread the gospel of Gov Romney’s Leadership as much as we can! too little time, so many wonderful things to say about Gov Romney/Ryan leadership, character, integrity!!!

    Think Leadership and VOTE! Romney/Ryan!!!

  4. Annette S says:

    I like that the Romney campaign is confident of a win………Mitt Romney Political Director Rich Beeson: “Mitt Romney will win on Tuesday”

    VOTE Romney/Ryan…….Nov 6

  5. Annette S says:

    Oops! Sorry, I don’t know why the link is not working. I double checked it.
    Rich Beeson is very encouraged by the Republican voter turn out. Let’s pray for our Country that there is a Romney/Ryan win!

  6. gloria says:

    Keep up the good news!

  7. John says:

    The man who said “bull***tier and revenge must not be in the white house if America love America, that speech is not qualify him to be the president of USA. Mitt really really is the real America leader, he is the right leader for the right country, the right man for the right job,the right president for the right country at the right time. Obama is too selfish when the Benghazi attacked he still happy go fund raising for himself and not responsible for the requested from the ambassador for security them, it is the first time in the America history that the administration ignored the request from their services abroad and they got killed, America please stand up, wake up and vote this out of touch with the American people out of white house, so all we will return to work on the next year( next morning) we are too tired and too bored stay at home and starve.

  8. Dennis Hastings says:

    Polls mean little or nothing. What matters is what reality is and we ALL know how incompetent the current administration is regarding any semblance of common sense and decency. Believe and trust in God and each other, we’ll show up to vote in droves and together we will right this ship.

  9. Ann says:

    I am getting encouraged about a Romney/Ryan victory on Tuesday! More and more people with a brain in use, are jumping on their train! For the confused, just let all those Obama lies fall on the ground, and listen with your mind and heart to Romney and Ryan’s messages. They are filled with enthusiasm and hope for an America with more jobs, more individual achievement, a higher standard of living, and the values of our founders! GO ROMNEY AND RYAN!!!