Pastor Receives Death Threats after Saying he Will Not Vote for Obama This Time (#Video)

Pastor Phillip Goudeaux

Pastor Phillip Goudeaux, who oversees a congregation of 20,000 in Sacramento, California, voted for Barack Obama in 2008. This time around, he’s not.

For refusing to support Obama, Goudeaux has received death threats.

Due to the auto-start feature on this video, we’e linked it here.

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6 Responses to Pastor Receives Death Threats after Saying he Will Not Vote for Obama This Time (#Video)

  1. mark wilson says:

    yo President Mitt, why not be a hero and donate the remaining campaign dollars to the east coast relief effort?
    There are no more informed voters to contact. Think of what that would do and say!

  2. AfricanforRomney says:

    Thank you for your courage! Pastor Phillip Goudeaux. The Dems party is Un-Democratic. I thought electing Obama supposed to heal the racial division of the past. Very upsetting to me. How people can be uncivilized?

    Vote Romney/Ryan=Vote courage=Vote Respect!!

  3. AfricanforRomney says:

    Vic, please correct the video post setting. Thanks

  4. Idahoan for Romney says:

    It seems so easy to throw out threats “anon” while Satan leads! It wasn’t so long ago that threats were thrown out at our family because some dirty cop decided to take the law into his own hands and frame a member of our family for something that did not happen. None of us are exempt from the empty brains of fools. I’m always glad when someone wakes up and takes a better view even when others want to belittle, blame and blow things out of perspective. Anyone who throws out threats haven’t brains to think for themselves and weigh the issues to make a better judgement. This Pastor has made a good decision and those who threaten him are shamed!

  5. Linda says:

    It is all about racial preference but this pastor has a right to his own opinion. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white or purple this President has done nothing but try and destroy this country and if he’s re-elected he will.

  6. James Tatman says:

    I’m ashame about what happened to our country.People are full of hates and devided.I’m sixty five,never seeing any thing like this before. People have their own opinion,either black white ect.When people threat You becaus they don’t agree with your decision,shame on them.I applaud You for what You believed.God blessed you and your family.