BIDEN: One Heartbeat Away from being President (15-second #Video)

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10 Responses to BIDEN: One Heartbeat Away from being President (15-second #Video)

  1. David Parker says:

    Amazing – he is without any capacity to be VP! We need to retire these guys in 4 days!

  2. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Ha! I agree with David. And, at the V.P. debate, Biden thought he made a clever point telling Paul Ryan and all of America that he ALWAYS says what he means:

    Time to let Joe and O go.

  3. Katie says:

    I am in NO way a fan of Joe Biden (and I’m praying for a Mitt landslide Tuesday), but I’m pretty sure he said “I ain’t been proud…”

  4. Dean says:

    I agree Katie. He said “I ain’t been proud” and its pretty clear.

  5. Jimmy says:

    He sounded to me like he said “Never been a day in the last four years I hadn’t been proud to be his vice president” but the words were said so close together that it sounded different. He clearly said “I” and not “I’ve” so you can figure it out. Oh and R/R 2012

  6. Bernadette Fucci says:

    I agree, I guess the truth slipped out! He probably could not stand keeping it inside of him any longer!

  7. gloria says:

    Is he drunk??

  8. gloria says:

    He said it right ! There’s never been (but he forgot to finish his sentence) and there never will be!

  9. MaryMac says:

    Well said, Mr. Vice President!! Bahaha

  10. Joan C. says:

    Biden in on his way to dementia for sure. He will be diagnosed with mental problem within a few short few years. Nobody makes mistakes like that as often as he does without having real problems. I am certain that he is really concerned with that possibility if we knew the truth. He tries to laugh but he is headed for real problems. It happens often at his age. `I feel bad for him but he needs to retire. I watched my Mother gradually get worse with the same problems. It takes a few years but he is certainly headed there. It is serious and certainly not funny.