Romney VIDEO: Change At The Pump

Today, Romney for President released a new video “Change At The Pump,” airing at gas stations across the country including Pennsylvania, Florida, and Iowa. The proof of whether President Obama’s strategy is working is dependent on the price you’re paying at the pump. The President’s own energy secretary even said the country needs to boost gas prices to the levels in Europe. President Obama’s record is one of higher gas prices. We can’t afford four more years:

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Real Estate Enthusiast, Unapologetic Mitt Romney Fan, Sandwich Guru, DMB Lover, Hulu Junkie, Smart Cookie View Posts | View Profile
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9 Responses to Romney VIDEO: Change At The Pump

  1. Steven W. says:

    This is SOOOOOO smart by Romney / Ryan – captive audience and right on target! Obama better tell Axelrod to take out another $15 million loan. GO R&R GO!

  2. Carol Newton says:

    I know this would be taking a chance but….Obama is getting a lot of go because of the perfect storm. I think Mitt could win thousands of votes if he stopped his campaign..put the rest of his campaign money to giving aid and rolling up his sleeves and be on the line feeding or handing out to those in need. This would get big news and win hearts. Just a thought.

  3. AfricanforRomney says:

    OH, PA, Co, Fire Obama!=Save Coal!

    When W Bush were in the office, the media were screaming loud and you’ll find them in every gas station with their microphone. Now, the media game changed 180 degree for Obama. He’s a black, historical prez, so, it is o.k to pay more for gas, it is perfectly o,k for high unemployment, it is o.k ignoring national security questions, it is o.k , to accept the unsustainable national debt, it is o.k for govt dependcey, i mean everything is a new normal under this prez……

    I hope, the media will hold the same standard for our soon to be President Mitt Romney!

    Vote Romney/Ryan=Saving the soul of America!=Limited govt!!!

  4. Mass-Voter says:

    what a great ad!

  5. AfricanforRomney says:

    @radass, Obama doesn’t have energy plan except his number one mission is destroying coal. He wasted billions for green energ. As much as i want to have clean enviroment, i don’t like paying 3.89 per/gal in this economy. I’m blaming the media. Why the media care less politiczing the gas price under Obama? I don’t know how to snatch back the petro dollar from wall street speculators, but sure wall street is a problem.

    Gov Romeny’s US independent of energy plan is very good for the economy, creates jobs, good paying jobs improves the economy. Honestly, in a good economy i won’t mind paying more. The Canadians are making tons of money, creating lots of jobs. Why not USA?

  6. gloria says:

    I have a question for Romney, When you win, can you please have some of our tax money be used to install Underground Electricity? I can not believe that a country like ours does’nt have one. Love you Romney.

  7. Annette S says:

    Carol Newton….

    Last I heard Obama went to Las Vegas to do some more campaigning. Some analyst believe that this was not a good move on the part of Obama. I am sure the press will play it down, but we will see how it plays out over the weekend.

  8. Annette S says:


    The problem with Democratic policy is they think government should get involved in the private economy and alter the laws of supply and demand to their liking. Obama wasted billions in tax payer dollars in green companies like Solyndra. We need to pursue all sources of energy so as not to be reliant on the Middle East. There will always be entrepreneurs investing in alternative sources of energy, but for the government to pioneer new industry with tax payer dollars is the wrong course to take. Obama simply does not know how the economy works.

  9. Ann says:

    One of Mitt Romney’s 5 point plans is to make America energy independent, to bring down gas prices at the pump. We are blessed with an abundance of natural energy under our feet, as well as renewable sources. Our current president has spent billions of $$$$ on Solyndra and other pet companies, wasting taxpayer dollars instead of building an underground power grid which we still need. Time for real change; time for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to help us build a better America! GO ROMNEY AND RYAN!!!