Veteran Special Forces Speak Out — We Will Never Forget (#Video)

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5 Responses to Veteran Special Forces Speak Out — We Will Never Forget (#Video)

  1. american patriot says:

    that was wonderful.. love the veterans speaking out..

  2. Jane Scott says:

    First time, I listened to this and watched from a distance. Then, I replayed it and looked closely at these brave men as they spoke. What a powerful video! Thank you.

  3. frances quinn says:

    thank you for your service and speaking out in times of trial…i will be voting to support you and mitt romney!

  4. Sally Thurman says:

    Thank you for your service to our country and for speaking out now. As a wife and daughter of veterans, mother, grandmother, and neonatal intensive care nurse, I find it so despicable that the president of the U.S.A. denied help to these 4 courageous men. What a loss not only to their families, but to our country as well. I voted for John McCain (an American hero) in 2008 and have already voted for Mitt Romney. I pray daily that our country will be delivered in to his hands. I don’t expect miracles, but I know without question that Mr. Romney is an honorable man and loves America and will help turn this country around. He will not turn his back on our brave soldiers. Thank you again for your service.

  5. Joan C. says:

    I hope the veterans help us put this man out of office. I come from a military family. This war will be the hardest because we don’t always know who our enemies are or where they are. Even when we do, such as Fort Hood, this president wants us to be politically correct and not ask questions. We lose American lives, but it must not look bad for him. How can we accept this as Americans. He then lies to us and goes about his campaign. Our Seals and soldiers have given their lives for this country along with many others. THEY MUST NOT BE LEFT BEHIND OR DENIED OUR PROTECTION. How could they have been denied protection and left there! This cover up is worse than Watergate. When will our media admit that.
    We must vote this man out. Mitt is our only hope.