Iowa Newspapers Agree

The Des Moines Register said that Mitt Romney “offers a fresh economic vision.” When they endorsed Mitt Romney, it was the first time in forty years, the paper endorsed a Republican. In fact, Romney earned the support of every major newspaper in Iowa. It’s clear that Mitt Romney is the leader both Iowa and our nation need.

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Note: If you missed reading the Des Moines Register’s awesome endorsement, click here.

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Real Estate Enthusiast, Unapologetic Mitt Romney Fan, Sandwich Guru, DMB Lover, Hulu Junkie, Smart Cookie View Posts | View Profile
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5 Responses to Iowa Newspapers Agree

  1. AfricanforRomney says:

    Awesome! The DMR endorsment is HUGE and historical! It is undeniable FACT.
    I hope, the good Iowans will come to sense in this election and vote Romney/Rayn.

    Vote Romney/Rayn!!!

  2. cassandra pearce says:

    We need to see u as a strong commander and chief unlike obama whi abandoned our foljs at the embassy.we already as a ctry see u better fir econimy. we all our holding oyr breaths waiting to see u strong like u were at first debate as a strong commander n chief who will never ever ababdon our folksour folks at the embassy during a terrorust attacj. we need to see u as a dtrong leader gi after him on lybia snd u will win the election a comnander and chief us nit obky a business person. i am a woman a single mom and wk for dhs…i want a strong leader ehi wull protect us and build smalk business! Please be stronger more dwn to earth and cowboyish anda commander and chief u will becime iur president!!!!

  3. Annette S says:

    This is very good news!

    I received more good news in an e-mail from Neil Newhouse from the Romney Campaign. If you missed it here it is:

    In Florida the Obama Campaign is seeing a 70% drop in the early voting as compared with 2008.

    Romney leads 52% to 45% nationally among early voters.

    The Romney Campaign has produced 3 times more phone calls, 12 times more door knocking across the country than in 2008.

    The jobs report puts job creation at a stand still…171 new jobs…170k new jobless…(not good for Obama or our Country) MRC will no doubt do a piece on this soon.

    As Vic reported…. 220,000 fewer Democrats have voted in Ohio and 30,000 more Republicans. 250,000 vote net increase for Republicans.

    Romney will grow our economy and unite us.

  4. Ann says:

    Bless everyone who is devoting their time and/or money to help Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan become our nation’s leaders. When calling voters, I am so very impressed with their enthusiasm! We all want a change in Washington! Together, we’ll all be victorious and America will win! GO MITT ROMNEY AND PAUL RYAN!!!

  5. Diane says:

    This should be a good lesson for this country to put their candidates through the vetting process. What did people know about Obama in 2008? nothing.. They were hypnotized by his charisma,not I.The promise of “change” was a red flag for me.