A Day with the Next President — By Kinsey

A good friend Kevin Anderson has a neighbor whose third grade daughter was given the assignment to write a story “about a day with your favorite president or future president.” Kevin asked her parents if he could submit it to MRC for a possible post, and they agreed. Remember, this is creative writing and every member of her class wrote their own story. Her name is “Kinsey.”

Elementary School in Daytona Beach, FL (not Kinsey’s class) — Photo: Pool Photo of Daytona Beach News-Sentinel

By Kinsey, Grade 3, Social Studies, Government Unit

One day I was at JambaJuice doing my school report on Mitt Romney. We were studying government in my social studies class. Mitt Romney was there getting a Razzamatazz! Of course everyone was asking for autographs. He was so cool, but I had to stay in my seat and finish my report on him. I wanted to ask him what he thought about my report.

When he went by my table, I felt the breeze coming up from all the people rushing to meet him. I felt sort of bad for him because he could not get a simple drink all by himself. Then he sat close by me and began to work on a speech. He finished his Razzamataz, but when he walked by his drink spilled on my report! It was ruined.

“HA! NO!” I said.

He felt really bad and said, “I’M SO SORRY!”

I told him it was a report about him running for President. Mr. Romney said he felt so bad that he offered to take me in a limousine back to my school! Once we were in the car, one of the people who works for him asked us what we wanted to drink and I said Gatorade and he said water. Mr. Romney wanted to know what kids think about him and I said, “Most of my classmates like you and want you to win the election.” I thought he felt good inside.

Then the lady gave us our drinks right when the car hit a bump. Mr. Romney spilled his drink, but this time the drink spilled on his speech. He tried to read me the speech, but it was all scrambled up, and then the car stopped at my school.

We went to our computer lab to fix my report and his speech. He gave me notes to put in my report, and I offered to give him kid friendly advice. I also promised to introduce him at our assembly. Our school started and I went up to say my report on Mitt Romney. Then I introduced him,

“I would like you to meet, Mr. Mitt Romney, future President!”

And that was my great day with Mitt Romney!

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8 Responses to A Day with the Next President — By Kinsey

  1. PT says:

    Darling, adorable and sweet.

  2. Cathy says:

    That made my day! Thanks for a great story. Mitt is a remarkable man, everyone matters to him. I enjoyed your story Kinsey and I bet you got an A on your report and your “visual aide”.

  3. Annette S says:

    “I thought he felt good inside.”….How sweet. You can be sure that he did.

  4. Patricia Fields says:

    What an intelligent 3rd grader. Shows you we have a great future with some leadeship (Mitt Romney). I don’t understand how anyone can vote otherwise.

  5. Joan C. says:

    This is typical Mitt Romney. What a class act. Our next George Washington as Glenn Beck says

  6. Kinsey says:

    Thank you for reading my story, and I can not wait to see Mr. Romney win !!!!

  7. Agnes Manning says:

    I’m glad her teacher was supportive. Enjoyable story. Can’t wait till the results are in. Probably will be up late watching how the votes turned out everywhere, not only for the president-to-be, but for all elected officials.

  8. donna osterkamp says:

    Through the eyes of a child …… this post is a heart warming keeper ! Now , for the end of the story . Thanks , Vic.