Obama Wants Secty of BUSINESS? USA Needs BUSINESSMAN Mitt Romney!

President Obama recently stated, if reelected, he might rustle up a Secretary of Business.


Because, when it comes to business, Obama is LOST.

Plus, tossing out that new position to the masses is a two-fer for Obama. He thinks it makes him sound smart and hopes it assuages the electorate’s fear about him right now – that he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Obama’s out-to-lunch-on-business evidence: His colossal mountain of national debt is proof. America’s pitiful downgraded credit rating is proof. His ‘shovel-ready‘ projects, er, lack thereof, is proof. His weak economy is proof. The number of desperate Americans standing in unemployment lines is proof. Americans working part-time when they fiercely need a full-time job is proof. Those who have given up – just stopped looking for a job is proof. Declining, downward middle class incomes is proof. The sad number of Americans descended into poverty is proof. The woeful number of Americans on welfare is proof. The atrocious number of U.S. citizens surviving on food stamps is proof. Swelling disability rolls are proof. His take-over socialization of health care is proof. His trade policies are proof. Onerous job-impeding federal regulations are proof. His auto bailout is proof. His squandered “stimulus” of $787 billion which America’s children and grandchildren will be forced to pay back is proof. His nix-on-anything beneath-the-ground energy policy is proof. (Federal oil drilling permits down 36%! War on coal! No Keystone pipeline! High gasoline prices! And, with the October bankruptcy of Satcon Technology Corp as many as 50 Obama-backed green energy companies have gone belly up or are wobbling!) His hoped-for tax policy is proof. His aversion to numbers, e.g., a federal budget, is proof.

Obama’s badgering, big government beliefs are bad for America. When it comes to business, our outsourcer President is agonizingly, hair-pullingly, head-bangingly daft. That’s why he’s dangling the idea of adding another bureaucrat and bureaucracy if he finagles another four.

Team Romney has released a fantastic new ad. We’ve only got five days, people. Let’s SHARE it!

Barack Obama recently said he might appoint a Secretary of Business.

His solution to everything is to add another bureaucrat.

Mitt Romney understands business and knows what it will take to create jobs and get our economy moving again.

He’s done it before.

He’ll do it again.

At this crucial, decisive time, America must have a president who UNDERSTANDS business.

America needs Mitt Romney.

UPDATE – Paul Ryan’s remarks on Obama at Greeley, Colorado today (November 1, 2012):

“He can’t run on the broken promises. He can’t run on the trillion-dollar deficits each and every year. But he did come up with a new idea the other day. He’s got a new idea for the second term, and here’s what it is. In addition to all the borrowing and all the spending and all the money printing and all the regulating, he wants a new Cabinet position. He wants to create a new secretary of business. You know, we already have a secretary of business. It’s actually called the Secretary of Commerce. That’s what this agency does. Let me ask you a question. Can anybody name our current Secretary of Commerce? You know why? We don’t have one. It’s been vacant for over four months, and the president hasn’t even proposed or put somebody in the job. We don’t need another bureaucrat or another bureaucracy.”

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15 Responses to Obama Wants Secty of BUSINESS? USA Needs BUSINESSMAN Mitt Romney!

  1. Mass-Voter says:

    What a brilliant ad! One of my fav’s.

    Thanks so much for putting so much time into this website. I have gotten to know the Governor so much better and I will be confidently voting for him next week.

  2. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Hi Mass-Voter.

    I agree. It’s a straightforward ad that tells it like it is.

    We’re glad to be of help! Your comment will put smiles on all of Team MRC.

  3. Cathy says:

    This tells me that Obama does not know what to do about business or how business works, so now, 4 years in, he needs a government bureaucracy to explain it to him, and figure out what to do, and how business works in America. Well, a little too late Mr. O. The economy is in the gutter and you put it there.
    We don’t need a whole department of business paid for by taxpayers money. All we need is a man who’s a wiz at business and knows it inside and out. We will get a Dept. of Business and a president all in one…and no change to the taxpayer, if Gov. Romney becomes President Romney.
    Time to send the minor league back to the dugout and send in the major league to win the game.

  4. Jayde Wyatt says:

    “Time to send the minor league back to the dugout and send in the major league to win the game.”

    Well said, Cathy!

  5. Ryan says:

    This will come down to helping Romney, as people will preceive it as an admission of failure. Romney is already a proven success at business. It won’t take any stretch of the imagination for people to just go with Romney instead of relying on yet another of the president’s promises. We know where those have gone. Plus there’s no guarantee the guy he appoints would do as NEARLY a good a job as Mitt. No Brainer. Mitt is it.

  6. Frozone says:

    Let’s see:

    1. Appoint another cabinet secretary
    2. Elect a president who knows what he is doing

    I’ll take 2.

  7. AfricanforRomney says:

    The timing is so Perfect! Creating another Obama commie czar won’t fix the economy.
    I heard another powerful/excellent radio ad message by super PAC. God being removed from Obama-DNC platform and the 2009 Obama’s press conference comment in Turkey, ” we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation.”

    I don’t consider myself a religious person, i go to church once a year for x-mas, easter, however, i became very angry again listening Obama’s comment , God platform uproar at the DNC convention.

    Well, Obama can’t mess with my GOD! God is in my #1 list the ballot on Nov 6!

    Obama is destroying the American economy! Obama doesn’t understand the economy! he’s clueless!

  8. TOBY BANKS says:


    ROMNEY-RYAN 2012

  9. Dave says:

    I want a President that knows there’s only 50 states, not 57. President Obama is clueless on so many levels. And by his own admission he bad at math. Duh, we would have never guessed. Hum think I’ll be punching straight Republican this election.

  10. heyjudeOregon says:

    This Democrat has already voted by mail. GO MITT!!!

  11. katie says:

    Sounds like he’s desperate! He doesn’t know what to do so he is going to create more goverment for us to pay for! Please we have to get him out! No telling what he will do next and Israel sure counting on us!

  12. Ann says:

    Another Obama admission of failure: He doesn’t understand didly about business, so he wants to hire a cabinet member who does!!!! Too little, too late! Perhaps years of experience leading a successful business, fixing dozens more, fixing the Winter Olympics, and being governor of a state would have given O the background he needs now….. Tooooooo bad for O! NOW is the time for a REAL leader, a REAL businessman who KNOWS how to fix broken organizations to be our president!!!! Mitt Romney already has the background, and HE HAS SUCCESSFULLY FIXED MANY ORGANIZATIONS!!! TIME FOR MITT ROMNEY AND PAUL RYAN TO FIX AMERICA!!!

  13. Becky says:

    Once the election is over, I think that Obama will be too busy packing for Hawaii to bother about the rest of the Country. He will only be putting his time in until he can leave DC for good.

  14. Nancy Blevins says:

    We need a God Fearing person in the WH. Obama is leading us into Socialisum, where the UN will be telling the US what it can do . People should wake ,read and listen ,get educated ,and use common since . I have voted for Romney /Ryan .Ps I have a brother that has been Democrat for life and Obama could pluck out his eyes and and he would make up a reason for him doing it . People should understand that the demo and Rep partys have changed places as far as politics and they the Rep are there to help us all –not just the poor . And it has alot to do with the person running . Wheather he is willing to work with the senators and all to go forward and Get Things Accomplished

  15. Joan C. says:

    It is very telling that Obama will not allow defense contractors to send out lay off notice to employees before the election. They are required by law to do so before laying them off. He told them to wait and if they get sued the government will pay. What a big farce. We continue to get conned and told lie after lie. After Fort Hood and Libya how can anyone believe anything the man says? Not to mention Obama Care. We are in for some BIG surprises if he gets four more years. Please get out the vote. Romney/Ryan will save us.