100 Reasons to Vote for Romney (against Obama) — by Hugh Hewitt

Recently, Hugh Hewitt dedicated his entire three hour radio program to a monologue (first time in his 12 years of radio) listing 100 reasons to vote for Mitt Romney for president and to reject Barack Obama. These 100 reasons begin here:

1. Mitt Romney believes in a second American century. He believes in American exceptionalism and that the 21st century should be the second American century.

2. Mitt Romney is a very good man with a great heart and a big vision for the country. He has character, which matters most in the office of the President.

3. Romney is a turnaround specialist. He knows how to prioritize tasks. This contrasts with President Obama’s disinterested approach to the failing economy.

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4. President Obama is the least generous political person in recent memory at the national level. Never have we had a president who is so ungenerous to his opposition.

5. President Obama is the most partisan president we’ve ever had. We have always passed big laws in this nation with bipartisan support. On Obama’s biggest initiatives, he has had no Republican support.

6. Obama’s attack on Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan put together a comprehensive budget and invited the opposition to sit down and talk. The President proceeded to summon the republicans to the oval office, put Paul Ryan in the front row and taunted him, challenged him, and behaved in an unpresidential way. He is not presidential when it comes to his opponents. He is a street fighter, bitterly partisan.

7. Remember the statement, “I won”; when, after the President’s inauguration, the republicans in the house met with him and offered ideas how to proceed in a bipartisan fashion and he replied to them, “I won.

8. Elections have consequences.” This is how he will behave if he wins again.

9. Obama’s full throated attack on the Catholic Church, personified in the HHS mandates in accordance with Obamacare, that all Roman Catholic Hospitals, charities, and every institution that doesn’t have an altar in it must provide sterilization and the morning after pills, in addition to ordinary contraception in their health care programs. This is anti-Catholic and is shocking, and anti-constitutional.

10. He has not and never will accept responsibility for any of the fiascos associated with his administration, which will be detailed later in this 100 reasons list.

11. Barack Obama blames straw men. He invents arguments that don’t exist when defending his policies. He lines up straw men, fake arguments, and sets fire to them. He does not answer the real and substantive arguments laid against him.

12. He won’t deal with the truth. He gave a massive stimulus to the congress. He is responsible for it and for its failure. He has never accepted responsibility for it.

13. He won’t accept responsibility for Van Jones and all of the other czars he has appointed. They are unaccountable to anyone and unconstitutional attempts to assert his rule.

14. Solyndra. Solyndra sits empty. They were the recipient of 500 million dollars, which were lost on bankruptcy, big conference rooms, special glass and other wastes.

15. The Boeing plant in Charleston. Boeing wanted to open a plant in Charleston and create 1000 jobs and the Obama administration labor relations board said no. This is a glimpse of the futures.

16. The raid on Gibson Guitars. The Obama justice department accused Gibson guitars of improperly importing special wood for their guitars from India, even as India never raised a complaint. They show up and they beat up on companies in the name of regulation so that other companies “get the message.”

17. Mitt Romney (along with Ann) has successfully raised a wonderful family. This tells us much about his character and values.

18. Mitt Romney has never taken a government paycheck, even as governor of Massachusetts. This reflects his commitment to not wasting the people’s money.

19. Mitt Romney can read a balance sheet. Can you? Most business owners have accountants for this.

20. Romney has run complicated organizations. Barack Obama has not.

21. Ann Romney is an incredible woman, who has overcome challenges from MS, cancer, etc. Her life is a great achievement and she will make a great first lady.

22. Paul Ryan. No one knows the budget like Paul Ryan. No one is prepared to make extraordinary steps to correct our shortcomings.

23. Joe Biden. Enough said.

24. One word – Israel. If you are a supporter of the state of Israel, you cannot vote for Barack Obama. He has no love for the State of Israel. He has not been to the state of Israel since he has been elected. His hostility for the Jewish State has been omnipresent in his foreign policy.

25. Obama’s tense relationship with Benjamin Netanyahu. He is the strongest Israeli prime ministry in recent times and Obama refuses to meet with him as Iran is getting critically close to gaining nuclear power status. He doesn’t have time for Netanyahu, yet he has time to go on David Letterman and The View.

26. Obama did nothing for the Iranian green revolution. He was urged by many people to stand by the Iranian people when they stood against our enemies, the Iranian regime. He did nothing and the revolution was suppressed.

27. The “Leading From Behind” doctrine. We don’t know what this meant. But whatever it meant is that he refused to take leadership during the Libyan revolution and many hundreds of tons of weapons went missing. We see the fruits of this in Benghazi in the slaughter of our ambassador.

28. “Leading From Behind” in Syria. Assad has not hesitated to kill tens of thousands of his own people to preserve his rule. He is a butcher, and Obama has refused until recently to say anything against this crushing of civilians. Everyone knows Assad is our enemy except for Barack Obama. The result has been chaos, murder, tens of thousands dead and who knows what will follow in the wake of this bloodshed.

29. The Bows. The bow to the Saudi King,

30. The bow to the Japanese Emperor. The United States bows to no one, but he is indicating appeasement in policy, which has been dangerous since its first day and has manifested itself in the rise of extremism across the world. The bows are not to be forgotten.

31. There has been no progress with North Korea.

Click here to listen to Hugh Hewitt’s original radio program of all 100 reasons.

Click here to read all 100 transcribed reasons at Tribble News.

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Victor is a businessman working in the healthcare industry. He and his wife of 33 years have five children and four grandchildren. Vic has been blogging for Mitt Romney since 2007.
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Victor is a businessman working in the healthcare industry. He and his wife of 33 years have five children and four grandchildren. Vic has been blogging for Mitt Romney since 2007. View Posts | View Profile
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9 Responses to 100 Reasons to Vote for Romney (against Obama) — by Hugh Hewitt

  1. Cathy says:

    Excellent list from Hugh Hewitt, Victor. I do hope many will take the time to read and study the list and then decide if Obama is the leader we want for the free world. Gov. Romney is far superior in every way in his leadership ability and more importantly his character and integrity which makes him a man we can trust. I feel no trust for Obama and that tells me I can’t believe much he says.
    Please get out and vote no matter what you have to do. We are all counting on you to elect a man, a leader, and a really good person. Mitt will makes us proud.

  2. Bill Makinney says:

    I am a life-long registered Democrat who voted for the Romney/Ryan ticket this time around. While I have voted for a few Republicans over the years, I have never voted for a Republican presidential candidate prior to this. I became disenchanted with President Obama while into the first year of his term. Despite all the campaign rhetoric, I began to conclude that Obama was the same old divisive political hack that we have become used to in recent years. His unwillingness to compromise with his congressional opponents has become most troubling. In order for the U.S. to prosper, we need a leader who is willing to reach out to both parties for the national good. I believe Governor Romney possesses the basic natural ability and political savvy to achieve such. I hope other Democrats will consider making a switch too. The Chicago thug-style politicking just won’t benefit this country in its dire hour of need.

  3. tuong huynh says:

    I believe Mitt Romney is only choice..he has
    Vision for America and most of all he is honest person we can trust

  4. aj says:

    I’m voting for Romney/Ryan, because I’m american, wish to remain in a free country. I do not wish to leave this country in a bigger mess for my grandchildren, or have them living under socialism/marxist rule. I want them to have the same freedom as I had. Dictators, unions, teachers have been brainwashing our children to the point they even do it in the open, since obama became president.’ They aren’t afraid of loosing their jobs, bec of the unions protection. Unions have cost america jobs, have gone beyond their usefulness. Now they are just socialist thugs, that get called out to do violent, destruction, protest which usually ended up in violence…Michelle belongs to the Third World Center, and Barack belongs to the New Party in Illinois. The black caucus are socialist, so our congress is full of socialist/marxist or so called progressives, like hillary clinton. Who has a muslim at her side, that is associated with the muslim brotherhood. Just more reasons to vote Mitt Romney…May God Bless this country, and all who believe.

  5. Chere' Wintrich says:

    Mr. Romney, I am a supporter of you and am even on your ORCA Team. I am writing to you because I keep hearing that if you don’t come out and ask the difficult questions on Benghazi that it will not come out before the election and that Obama could be voted president for another four years. I am begging you, please address this issue, please confront Obama with this we can’t let him be re-elected, someone needs to make him accountable. I have worked very hard to inform people on what they can do. I have made calls to the Senate, Congress, NBA, ABC, CBS and White House Correspondents. I have also posted email addresses listing all the phone numbers for the Senate and Congress (in addition to the actual phone numbers for the above referenced press) to following blogs: FOX NEWS: Special Report with Bret Baier, The O’Rielly Factor, Hannity, and On the Record with Grett VanSusteren – OTHERS: Western Journalism, The Independent Journal, Independent Women, The Daily Caller, NewsMax, Rasmussen Reports, WordPress and Yahoo.com Updates and a number of Facebook pages.

    These are what my posts have been:
    Foreign Policies are failing. Benghazi shows America’s weaknesses are coming back and slapping us in the face. Military shrinking leaves us unprotected and undefended. Sequestration to our military budget, will happen, Obama signed it, it was his program and he can not just stop it, that is a fact, he is not the dictator Caesar of America and this is not ancient Rome, he is a President of the United State of America and can not just say, “we are not going to do it now.” Congress didn’t present this program, they were presented with it. Sequestration is double dipping into the military budget. Remember, history shows that if you leave yourself undefended, someone will eventually rise up and attack you. Now I know I probably won’t live to see that happen, but I am real concerned for the future of our American children who are counting on us to keep America strong for them! Am I wrong, don’t we owe it to our future generations to leave them with the same great America that we have enjoyed so?
    I have a son who is active duty Air Force and just redeployed for a second tour to Afghanistan. Since he was very little he loved to put on his daddy’s BDU’s (his daddy is Retired Chief Master Sgt. from the U.S. Air Force). David, my son, always knew what he was going to be, he used to say he was protector and defender of the United States of America. The last time David and I spoke I said to him, “I love you so much and am so proud of you, but David please don’t be a hero,” he replied, “Momma that is my job.”
    I want to know that We the People of America have a president that supports the service men and women all over the world. I don’t believe that the president is that man.
    First, he won’t even put his cell phone down to properly salute the marines assigned to his protection, he won’t stop, look at them and salute them, total disrespect.
    Second, the Benghazi cover up, he told them to “stand down” leaving our people without protection, he set them up to die by doing this and has avoided this issue from the very start, lying to the American people and the United Nations over and over again. We all know what happens when you are undefended, all of America will look like Syria, Benghazi and Baghdad. WELL I AM FED UP!!!! HE HAS TO GO!!!!!!!

    Numbers for calling demanding accountability for Benghazi before the election:

    http://www.contactingthecongress.org/ Contacting the Congress: A Citizen’s Congressional Directory

    http://www.theorator.com/government/house.html U.S. House of Representatives Contact Information | Congressional Listings, Phone Numbers, Addresses

    http://www.theorator.com/senate.html Senate U.S. Senate Contact Information | Congressional Listings, Phone Numbers, Addresses, 112th Congress

    News Stations:
    Demand accountability
    Operation Benghazi Accountability
    1st Objective-(Media Blitz) By calling the press we will put pressure on them to ask the tough questions and to run the story
    White House Correspondents
    202-266-7453 *
    News stations:
    NBC 212-664-3720
    ABC 212-456-7777
    CBS 212-975-3247

    Why is the White House lying to us the American people?
    When did the President know and why was there no security?
    Why was the video blamed when we knew that it was a terrorist attack in real time?
    Was this situation a arms deal gone bad with militia or terrorist groups that do not like America?
    Why are they lying to the American people?

    2nd Objective- Call for hearings and truth
    Call the White House-
    Comments: 202-456-1111
    Switchboard: 202-456-1414
    OGR committee- 202-225-5074 – ask for public hearings !!

    Mr. Romney, We the People of America need you to be our President, your are the only hope of America and and her people and that is my only reason for pleading with you to ask the questions of Obama and make him accountable for Benghazi. I believe in you Mr. Romney! I have never worked so hard for a presidential candidate in my 54 years, but I know you will make America great again!!! God bless you, your family and the entire team for Romney/Ryan.
    Thank you, Chere’

  6. Ernest Short says:

    @Radass. You think the housing bubble burst was Bush’s doing? In some respects you are right, he did not stop the policy of mortgage companies lending money to people who did qualify for a loan. Clinton started that. But think if Bush had stopped that governmental policy. He would have branded anti-poor and since blacks account for a disproportionate number of low income, a racist. Should Bush had ended Clinton’s ill conceived policy? Certainly, but it is at least understandable that he did not. Clinton is at least 50% accountable. You should do some research so you will not be an uninformed voter. But it you become informed, it will end your hero worship of Obama, you will not do that. At least become informed so you can make rational arguments on a discussion board. You are using the tactics of your hero, you should realize that only works on people like yourself.

  7. Noreen Haas says:

    @Ernest Short – well said!! Its unbelievable how uninformed the Obama cult and demorats are!! They believe lies unlike most Republicans who research what they believe!! Everytime I talk to a Obama follower, they dont know anything of his background and what he stands for but they are going to vote for him anyway!! Then on top of it, they dont know how the Congress and Senate work and how much they control the direction this country takes especially when we have a weak President!! This President has an agenda to control us and it is just as it was when Hitler took over and then finally brainwashed everyone and well, we know how that ended!! I wish these people would get informed and realize what they are voting in. He obviously has not proved himself at all in the last 4 years and if it was a republican President doing the same thing, these people wouldnt vote for them! But for some reason, these people are blinded to this!! Obama could care less about the American people, why are all these people followers?? I dont get it!!

  8. Ann says:

    Radass and the other Obama fans on this site have been drinking his poison Kool Aid for a looooooong time, and remind me of screwed up teen agers I used to work with: They already have their minds made up, and DO NOT WANT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE TRUTH! Before immature teens can grow up, they must open their mind to new ideas…. If not, they childishly spew their poison Kool Aid out at everyone who reads it. This is a real waste of time for those of us who want what’s best for America, NOT poison Kool Aid. GO MITT ROMNEY AND PAUL RYAN! Help make a better America that will allow Kool Aid drinkers time to grow up! Until then, I choose to ignore their childish blogs.

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