Will Frankenstorm Faze Halloween? Romney/Ryan Endorsement Treats: NH, MN, OR, CA

Romney supporters are ready for Halloween in Wilton, Connecticut. Oct 25, 2012
(photographer unknown)

In spite of Hurricane Sandy, dubbed ‘Frankenstorm’, on this All Hallow’s Eve most of the nation’s merry little folks in masquerade will participate in traditional Halloween activities.

Trick-or-treating is a go in storm damaged New York City; Mayor Michael Bloomberg is urging ghoulies, ghosties, and long-leggety beasties to stay away from affected areas and be cautious. According to the latest news report I heard today, Gov Chris Christie, who characterized damage in his state as “too widespread for words”, was still considering issuing an executive order to cancel Halloween in New Jersey until the situation stabilizes somewhat in his state. Given that Christie was touring storm damage this afternoon with Obama, it appears Halloween is a go in The Garden State. Various other cities affected by the super storm Sandy will postpone Halloween frolics until this coming Saturday.

UPDATE (1:21 PM PT): Governor Chris Christie has announced that New Jersey will celebrate Halloween next Monday, November 5, 2012 (election eve!).

While continuing to call upon supporters to be mindful of victims from Hurricane Sandy and to donate to the Red Cross, Governor mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan are back into the ‘spirit’ of things and are campaigning. Today Governor Romney is campaigning in Florida with former FL Gov Jeb Bush and Senator Marco Rubio. Congressman Ryan is spending the day holding events in his home state, Wisconsin, and as the moon rises tonight, will be free to go trick-or-treating with his wife Janna, and three children.

Meanwhile, things that go bump in the night may be the sound of looters and spooks on the left are outrageously baring fangs over Romney’s storm relief efforts. Even though Obama told bone rattling Biden “now is not the time for politics” Joe was up to his usual hocus pocus and also hinted at a 2016 run for the White House. Yikes for America.

Obama will be back on his thorny campaign trail tomorrow, so beware!

Meanwhile, in spite of the double, double, toil, and trouble, the ENDORSEMENT cauldron continues to boil and bubble for the GOP ticket!

Nashua Telegraph (NH)
October 30, 2012

Mitt Romney For President

Four years ago, with little hesitation, we endorsed then-Sen. Barack Obama to become the 44th president of the United States, saying it was a time for “new leadership, a new approach to governing, a new way of conducting the people’s business.”

After several hours of spirited debate, not unlike conversations taking place in kitchens and living rooms across America, we reached a consensus that he had not. Perhaps more importantly, when we identified the key challenges facing the nation – jobs, the economy and the national debt – we concluded he was not the best candidate to meet them.

That person is former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, and we hereby endorse him to become the 45th president of the United States.

As we noted when we endorsed Romney for the GOP nomination prior to the New Hampshire primary in January, Washington is broken. In order to fix it, it will take a strong leader willing to roll up his sleeves and work directly with the heads of both parties to carve out the best possible solutions.

We believe Romney has demonstrated that he can do that; the president has had four years to demonstrate that he can’t.

True leaders also don’t wait until two weeks before Election Day – in the form of a 20-page booklet, no less – to lay out a specific agenda for the next four years. Coupled with the negative tenor of the campaign, that merely confirms the president and his strategists felt that attacking Romney’s agenda was more politically expedient than releasing one of their own.

Nevertheless, we are confident Romney is the candidate who would tackle the serious issues facing this nation, starting with jobs, the economy and the debt. In the end, we couldn’t say the same about the president.

Speaking of hobgoblins, David Axelrod, senior strategist for Obama’s reelection campaign, today declared he would “shave my mustache if Obama loses Minnesota.” Come on! Let’s make Axelfraud break out his razor! While traditionally a ‘blue-wall’, the race is tightening enough that Romney is now buying ad time in The North Star State. Check out the endorsement below:

West Central Tribune (MN)
Oct 27, 2012

Romney vote is right for president

[T]he president’s first term has not been full of successes.

He moved on health care reform, pushing through legislation without bipartisan support, resulting in a legislative backlash which gridlocked Congress.

This administration has been unsuccessful in reducing the unemployment rate in the United States, with 43 long months with the rate above 8 percent.

Economic growth has remained stagnant through most of his first term. The three-year recovery has been very slow, poverty is up, family incomes are down and housing has been in a slump.

The scary issue facing America this Halloween is a looming fiscal crisis. There is the gigantic budget deficit $5 trillion deeper than when Obama took office. And a looming fiscal cliff deadline at the end of year, when automatic cuts of $100 billion from federal budgets and tax increases of $400 billion, happen unless Congress and the administration make a deal.

For various reasons, Obama has not been a uniting force and has not found a way to work with his Republican opposition.

Four years ago a nation tired of two wars, high deficit spending and an unfolding economic crisis sought a change. The country’s voters chose a young senator from Illinois to lead us forward.

There has been fair criticism of the Republican leaders of Congress who vowed to obstruct the president in the last two years, just as Obama had a Democratic control and didn’t work with Republicans in the first two years of his administration.

And both political parties are to blame for not having the political fortitude to deal with America’s growing fiscal crisis.

On Nov. 6, west central Minnesota voters face a choice for president. We all agree that Washington is broken and not functioning, much like a baseball team that is not winning. There is a time when a change is needed and a new manager is brought in to get the team refocused.

Republican Mitt Romney is seeking to bring that change to Washington. He is promising a new brand of leadership, an economic focus to create jobs and fiscal prudence to work on the budget deficit.

Romney has demonstrated his leadership in private business, in state government and in the 2002 Olympics.

He is a successful businessman, who earned his wealth through investment and decision-making strategies. He has spent the majority of his life in private business and said he knows how to grow jobs.

In 1999, Romney was brought in to resolve the scandalous crisis at the Salt Lake City Olympics. He addressed the situation, calmed sponsors, developed new leadership, controlled spending and staged an excellent Winter Olympics.

In 2002, he was elected governor of Massachusetts and faced an overwhelmingly Democratic legislature. He worked with that Legislature to control spending, restructure state government and eliminated a $3 billion state government deficit.

America needs a change in leadership to refocus the country and its economy toward a strong and vibrant country. This country cannot afford to slip back into another recession so soon.

We believe Romney is the right choice for president on Nov. 6.

Statesman Journal (OR)
October 31, 2012

Our Presidential Endorsement: Mitt Romney

Today the Statesman Journal Editorial Board endorses Mitt Romney for president.

We do so despite endorsing Barack Obama four years ago
. On Oct. 19, 2008, we wrote: “America needs a profound leader — a leader who can rebuild our economy, regain our respect around the world and restore our faith in our future. That person is Barack Obama.”

Today our economy is still struggling and our national hopes have faded.

The Olympic movement can be so full of infighting and intrigue that it makes Congress seem like child’s play. Romney skillfully navigated that political and economic quagmire, replacing scandal with credibility at the Salt Lake Games. Furthermore, Romney served a solid term as governor of Massachusetts.

Romney has an excellent vice presidential choice in Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, who is not the extremist that Democrats have portrayed. Ryan is bright and thoughtful, and his congressional experience complements Romney’s background in the private sector and state government.

That business skill cannot be overstated. Romney’s leadership will inspire businesses to re-invest in workers and products, re-building the economy.

No president will live up to all expectations. But Mitt Romney offers the best hope of getting our nation back on its feet.

Our endorsement of the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan ticket represents the composite recommendation of the Statesman Journal Editorial Board.

Individual board members hold various views, like the Oregon electorate. But board members, acting as the institutional voice of the print and online newspaper, staunchly believe we have a leadership responsibility to examine political candidates and make our best recommendations, from city hall to the White House.

We make this endorsement knowing that most Americans have their minds made up, and more than a fourth of Oregon voters have already turned in their ballots. But this is an election that will be decided by the last undecided voters.

But on this Opinion page we want our voice to be clear. We want to stand up and be counted. We want all to know, whether they agree with us or not, that will we never be afraid to speak up and won’t remain silent. You can trust us to speak our mind.

Los Angeles Daily News (Ca)
Oct 27, 2012

Elect Mitt Romney president

FOUR years ago, as America faced serious trouble at home and abroad, this news organization embraced the need for bold change to a different brand of leadership and endorsed Barack Obama for president.

That assessment of the depth of the nation’s problems and the most promising solution was correct in 2008. Regrettably, it applies no less in 2012, after nearly a full term of Obama’s administration. This is why the editorial board urges voters to choose Mitt Romney for president in the Nov. 6 election. He is the leader this country needs for the future.

The mere fact that Obama finds himself in a neck-and-neck race speaks to the disappointment he has inspired in many one-time believers.

Sad to say, the reservations our editorial board expressed about Obama in 2008 have been borne out. His inexperience in an executive position has been exposed. His naivete about his chances of getting much of his program through a deeply partisan Congress has been cured the hard way.

Instead of taking charge in Washington, Obama has shown unwillingness to take even the most basic step in presidential leadership: picking up the Oval Office phone to bring his influence to bear on reluctant representatives and senators.

Obama’s signature domestic achievement, the Affordable Care Act, is symbolic of his term for another reason: It passed entirely because of Democratic support.

The economy is making an all-too-slow recovery. The nation’s budget problems remain unsolved, portending a new financial crisis ahead. In the ending of the Iraq War and the killing of Osama bin Laden, there is a sense that we’ve already seen the high points of an Obama administration.

And Americans hoping for better from a prospective second term are frustrated by Obama’s failure to explain how four more years would be different

Instead of following through on his hope-and-change message, Obama keeps telling us the limits of hope and change.

We are all for hope and we champion change. Many of this organization’s editorial positions are guided by the belief that change in government is to be sought, not feared. We embrace new leaders, independent thinking, and shaking up the status quo; this philosophy is evident in several other endorsements this fall.

Four years ago, the editorial board’s willingness to change horses in the middle of a churning river led us to call for voters to break the Republican hold on the White House and try a Democrat with a fresh spark.

Today, it leads the editorial board to urge voters to say “enough” to a Democratic administration whose sincere best has turned out disappointing, and install a seasoned leader with a record of fixing problems.

Mitt Romney is that seasoned leader.

Now, doesn’t that just put a big jack-o-lantern grin on your face?!

While black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam,

from MRC

Have a safe Halloween!

UPDATE – Hat/tip to MRC contributor Paul Johnson for the following cartoon:

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6 Responses to Will Frankenstorm Faze Halloween? Romney/Ryan Endorsement Treats: NH, MN, OR, CA

  1. Ryan says:

    I think Axelrod did us a favor. It doesn’t matter what party you are, everybody will want to see him shave his mustache. That may have just gotten Romney a lot more votes!

  2. Cathy says:

    Some say Sandy was the result of “global warming”…I say, it’s a global WARNING. We need to clean up the evil and corrupt to save our country and its freedoms. If we heal our land, our land will be healed.

    Mitt Romney, our only HOPE!

  3. AfricanforRomney says:

    LOL! This is VERY funny article, Jayde. I’m still laughing….. Btw, your writing style a bit resembles David Sedaris one of my fav guy. I don’t know your profession for living, but you should consider writing :-)
    Well, be careful what you wish for. Who knows? we may find Bengazi tape inside his mustache. hehehehe

    What’s wrong with Chris Christie? Is he looking for DOJ job in Obama 2nd term? What’s up with all butt kissing today? Obama is a Prez and that his main job and responsibility. Thanking the Prez is o,k, but he was exaggerating wayyy too much. He’s such a f… pig. I’m very disappointed.

    Be very afraid! Romney/Ryan train! It is non-stoppable all the way to the White House!!!
    Vote Romney/Rayn!!

  4. Ann says:

    More great Halloween treats for Romney/Ryan!!!! Congratulations to the print media for opening both their eyes and ears to see and hear the sights and sounds of a new American administration! Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have a fantastic 5 point plan they have been explaining for weeks! They will use that plan with their great leadership and experience to pull our nation out of this mess! GO MITT ROMNEY AND PAUL RYAN!!!!

  5. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Appreciate your comments, everyone.

    @AfricanforRomney, thank you.

    “Well, be careful what you wish for. Who knows? we may find Bengazi tape inside his mustache. ” Ha ha! You write some good stuff, too.

  6. AfricanforRomney says:

    If you dig deep under his mustache, you’ll find lots of obama’s illegals voters, too.
    I’m very concerned and worried about illegals voting for Obama, especailly, given Obama camps confidence winning this election. I know one of my cousin (college student) is not citizen yet, but he’s a legal resident. He told me that when he renew his driving licence this year, he happend to select voting for Dem at DMV and he claimed now he’s regestered to vote (he knows i’ll get mad vote for Obama) He lives in one of the swing state so, i told him i’m going to pass his name to local vote watchers if he’s serious for voting. I’m very concerned.

    I’m sure millions are registered voters out there like him. I guess, Obama camps are registering them as long as they’ve a legal id. I hope the vote watchers will catch them.

    If you’re a vote watcher, please, please keep eye on illegal, non naturalized citzen voters!