These next 10 days mean everything. You need only see this video to see what can happen to someone who coasts to the finish line:

Make No Mistake – Things Are Looking Very, Very Good for Mitt Right Now.

Romney is drawing massive crowds at every event…and his crowds have never been bigger. Several important swing states look to be out of Obama’s reach, and all have been moving in Romney’s direction. Romney has all the excitement, energy and momentum…and his message is increasingly positive. These are all elements of a winning campaign.

Better yet – team Obama is displaying an aura of defeat that is typical of losing campaigns. They are going hard negative, they are trying new messages at every turn, they are are hyping only on issues that their core supporters want to hear, they are over-hyping minor slip-ups and trying to turn those into major gaffes / scandals, they are fleeing from Obama’s past record…and they are abandoning the truth. (To me, this means their ground game for turning out the vote may be struggling.) As desperate as this all sounds, I can promise you that team Obama is going to attempt a formidable comeback in the next 10 days — and they will give it everything they’ve got. They will make their last stand in five very populous counties of Ohio.

What this means for Romney Supporters

The future of America will be decided within the next 10 days. Regardless of whether you’ve stood with Mitt for 6 years or six hours — this next 10 days is the time to sprint faster, work harder, talk sharper, and be more vigilant than we ever have. Treat this like a basketball game where you’ve just played 47 & a half minutes, the score is tied, and the winner will be decided in the next 30 seconds.

Get yourself ComMITTed by reading our steps in this link. (Don’t just read the stuff on this page – DO IT!!!)

Lastly – never underestimate the power of social networks like Facebook. Get to know your “Like”, “Share”, “Comment” and “Recommend” buttons to share Romney’s message. When you use any of these buttons to share news or other enthusiastic elements of the campaign – it shows in your news feeds. Even if you don’t think people pay attention to it – they see it. If your friends click the like button, it shows in their news feeds as well. Welcome any negative comments and debate…because that means even more people will see the positive link you posted (and negative comments get buried in the discussion anyway.) Keep the energy and enthusiasm going in your news feed. “Share” the messages. “Like” the positive posts frmo your friends.

Let’s win this thing.

Listen to this speech if you want some more motivation to get comMITTed

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  1. Dee says:

    I think I’d lose Mel Gibson in a hurry

  2. Zbigniew Mazurak says:

    I’ve written a blogpost dedicated specifically to Ohio’s issues (BTW, admins, could you please cross-post it here?)

    Every Ohioan should read it. Please send its URL to every Ohioan you know, folks. Also, the good people of Ohio need to see these vids:

  3. Victor Lundquist says:

    Ryan, a GREAT message to all of us working grassroots! We simply cannot let up until we know we have crushed the Obama machine entirely. GREAT MESSAGE!

    Dee: I understand why you wrote what you did. Gibson the person is a jerk. That said, the character as depicted in this scene is perfect, I think. We are involved in a war in so many real ways. Obama hates Romney for what he stands for. Romney stands for the good and the best of America.

  4. Ryan Hawkins says:

    Thanks Vic – we can all get some sleep in 10 days after Romney is elected president. Ditto on Mel Gibson. I’m not a huge fan of his…but William Wallace was great.

  5. Ryan Hawkins says:

    @ Zbigniew Mazurak:


  6. AfricanforRomney says:

    I did sign up to help. I’m surrounded by libs and enviromental wackos, though.Hard to convince them. My long time catholic Dem grandmom neighbor who was active in ’08 for Obama is changing for Romney/Ryan this year, she said b/c of contraception issue. I’m happy about that.

    Let’s keep the momentum going! We will WIN!

  7. Cathy says:

    It’s time to post this again.
    Here’s a few more ideas to help Mitt…
    Do you ever feel this way and say …”Sometimes I feel so helpless and want to do more. What can I do to support Mitt Romney and help get him elected?”

    Here’s 11 simple ways to make a difference…

    1.Comment on ANY and ALL posts that are for or against Mitt. Search out sites to comment on and don’t be afraid to speak up! Now’s not the time to be shy.

    2.Donate what you can to Mitts campaign…$3. $5. $10. Go without that cup of coffee or soda and send that in. Every little bit helps to get ads out.

    3.Wear a “ Mitt” shirt, hat, bag, anything with name recognition when you go out. (Many have come up to me and said “I’m so glad you’re for Mitt too, and I live in Ca.”).

    4.Display a permanent or temporary “Mitt” decal, sign, or bumper sticker. Display it especially while you drive around.

    5.Convert at least one Democrat or undecided to Mitts side. Talk to a neighbor, co-worker, someone online, family member, student etc.

    6.Have a neighborhood, church, family, or friend picnic, and find out what others are doing to advance the cause. Strength in numbers, so you don’t feel alone.

    7.Contact you local Republican Party headquarters and see what can be done. Make calls from home, send out flyers, man a shift in call center, pass out yard signs etc.

    8.Listen to the speeches of Mitt and Paul, so you know the talking points when talking to others.

    9.Write into media, organizations, blogs that misrepresent, edit quotes, and lie about Mitts message. They need to know they can’t get away with it.

    10.Pass along ALL e-mails you get with positive messages about Mitt, ESPECIALLY to the Democrats and undecided in your address book. Always add, to pass the message along to everyone in their address book as well.

    11.PRAY, yes a powerful tool to calm, connect and comfort us to carry-on with hope, determation, and resolve. (This is the most important one).

    Please add any more ways to help Mitt. This election is truly a matter of getting out of our easy chair and replacing the “empty chair” with a leader that values this country.

  8. Brenda says:

    I voted early today for Romney/Ryan. It felt good to wait 1 1/2 hours to vote!! I am comMITTed!

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  10. Hungarian Crusader says:

    I supported this guy for president back in 2008 before he was the political Elvis Presley of today.
    Now, we see all these “supporters” of Romney coming out of the woodwork as if their support means great help.
    I am no “Johnny come lately” Romney fan.
    I was deeply disappointed when he dropped out of the race to McCain but today look forward to seeing him president.

  11. AfricanforRomney says:

    @Hungarian Crusader. I guess, i’m one of “Johnny come lately” fan. LOL! True! I’m always the Bushs groupie. I was a McCain supporter in ’08 though until Palin showed up from nowhere and then i sit out which i really regret protesting my vote. I wanted Gov Romney to be a VP back then, but again two moderates would be too good. Don’t sit out your vote! You get a bad feeling especailly when you see the incompetent Obama’s job performance.

    Conservative-Independents for Romney/Ryan!!

  12. Joan C. says:

    Cathy, I am 76 years young but I have completed all of the things you have on your list. I am sitting on my couch now with my Romney/Ryan shirt on. I am not rich but I have sent a check to Romney’s campaign every month for the last five months. My yard and car look like Romney campaign headquarters. I have also worked hard for congressman Mica. I have donated to other groups working for republicans and written letters to the editor. I share emails and do everything I can to get the message out that this is the MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF OUR LIFETIME. I study the facts and do not get swayed by lies. I have more time to research the policies of both parties. The more I learn about Romney and Ryan, the more impressed I am. We MUST help them win. They will save our country.
    The one thing that has struck me recently was Obama stating on the Jay Leno show that he was not able to help his daughter with her math. Are we surprised that we are $16 trillion dollars in debt. He cannot handle seventh grade math. God help us if he is elected again.

  13. tony says:

    go go go go go mitt cant wait till jan 20 2013 new president romney

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