Momentum Swells as Mitt Romney Nears Finish Line

Mitt Romney addresses the thousands of GOP supporters who packed Denver’s Red Rocks Amphitheater. The venue was filled beyond capacity. [Photo-The Denver Post]

This is a defining moment for America. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are offering real reforms for a real recovery. They will provide the leadership and vision to get this country back on track. The momentum is on our side.

But it is crucial that we keep the momentum going. The enthusiasm of the Republican Party has been consistently underestimated by the Obama camp, and yet it remains unmatched. Our support will inevitably carry Mitt Romney to a solid victory.

This video pretty much sums up the nostalgia we’re all feeling as the campaign comes to an end:

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About Nora Gutierrez:

A mother of four rowdy boys writing from the great state of Ohio (Sandusky area). Long-time Catholic conservative with a passion for politics. Informed voter. Ohio State grad and Romney fan since 2007.

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12 Responses to Momentum Swells as Mitt Romney Nears Finish Line

  1. Shane Ownbey says:

    I love Mitt Romney!!
    We’re Gonna Win!!!!

  2. AfricanforRomney says:

    We MUST keep the momentum going until Nov 6 and beyond!
    Vote Romney/Ryan!

  3. Joan C. says:

    Mitt Romney will be more prepared to be president than anyone before him. We have never had a president with the business background of this man.
    God keep him safe. We need him to save this country.

  4. tony says:

    we need mitt cant wait for jan 20 2013 mitt frist day

  5. JaneB says:

    Viewing the pics from Red Rock Colorado brought tears to my eyes. I join with the other supports on this page. We need this good leader.

  6. Ann says:

    Mitt has the momentum to win big!!!! Good Americans will keep increasing his lead and help him become President of USA!!!! His positive 5 point plan will save our economy, put people back to work with good jobs, strengthen our schools, keep us strong, make us energy independent, and help America again become the beacon of our world! May God bless Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and USA!

  7. Deb Bjornson says:

    I voted early! You got my vote!!! Woo hoo you are going to win!!!! Don’t forget us little people! :)

  8. freda hartman says:

    We are going to do this…we need you and love what you represent!

  9. amy h says:

    Romney & Ryan all the way!!! We can do this!! God Bless you & God Bless America!

  10. S Easton says:

    Just shared video on my Facebook page. Everyday we have to reach out and keep Romney messages positive and present to offset offensive ads from BO.

  11. Cathy says:

    Swing state voters….run, walk, crawl to go vote. Multimillions of us are holding our breath, sitting on pins and needles and praying you will represent us in our proud and patriotic vote for Mitt Romney. PLEASE do not let us down…we would do the same for you in our states.

  12. Joan C. says:

    I am so excited about the crowd at Daytona Beach. (10,000)
    The Colorado crowd was also unbelievable. That gave me hope.
    Mitt and Paul are on a roll I truly believe. Americans are waking up to the fact that we have a remarkable man running for president. As Glen Beck said, ” We have not seen a man with these qualities since George Washington.” I believe that, as I have researched Mitt Romney for four years. He is truly far above anyone that we have seen in this position since George W., Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. God has sent him to save this country.