Mitt Romney Knows the Average American Well

Most of 2012, Barack Obama spent literally hundreds of millions of dollars using every artifice available in his attempts to define Mitt Romney as an out of touch rich guy that could never understand the average woman or man. That worked with audiences that had never met the man. Over the last four weeks or so, 59 to 70 million Americans have gotten to meet and know Mitt Romney for 90 minutes at a time. And guess what? They discovered what all of us have known for years: He is a gentleman who cares deeply about his fellow man. Indeed, many true stories have come to light about his generosity of time and resources.

Of the two men, Obama and Romney, let’s discern which has the highest probability of being “out of touch” from the average American. This is simple. Mitt Romney served approximately 17 years as a pastor of his church (1977 to 1994) as a counselor in a stake presidency, as a bishop, and as a stake president. In these pastoral roles he met on a regular basis with between 10 and 20 members a week to provide counsel, spiritual guidance, grief counseling, financial advice, etc. He met with those struggling in life with the loss of a job, financial set-backs, a death in the family, marriage and family challenges, and many other matters. All were average Americans.

Simple math informs us that in those 17 years, Mitt Romney personally met with and spent a lot of time with 8,500 people on the low end and 17,000 on the likely end. How many individuals or couples or families has Barack Obama met with in his lifetime, on a personal basis, with the express intent to serve, assist, lift, and inspire them, one on one?

Case closed.

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6 Responses to Mitt Romney Knows the Average American Well

  1. Cathy says:

    Mitt Romney is truly a man of impeccable character, generosity, caring, compassion, and sacrifice. It would be our honor, and with great gratitude and appreciation to have Gov. Romney as our President. Gov. Romney is the REAL thing, and has lived his entire life with honor, humility and courage. He is not only a great man… he is a GOOD man.

  2. Ann says:

    Hey Radass dude; If you post on Mitt’s website, at least write the truth about him, not the typical Democratic lies and talking points Obama spews out. When you bring up the old lies and exaggerations from Mitt’s Bain Capitol years, it is obvious you haven’t done your research on what he really accomplished there and in the rest of his life! I guess that part doesn’t interest you….to bad…. you can learn more with an open mind! May God bless you as well as Romney and Ryan!

  3. Joan C. says:

    Mitt Romney is an incredible human being. We would be fortunate to have him as our president. He will have this economy ticking in his first year. I would bet my life on that fact.
    He knows what he is doing. He could be far richer than he is if he had not given so much away. His father’s entire fortune he gave away. The man is totally unselfish. He is doing this for our country, not for fame or glory. He is totally different from Obama. God bless this fantastic man and his family. Ryan is made in the same mold and Mitt knew that. Romney/Ryan must win.

  4. Myrtiss Leslie says:

    I know that Mitt Romney will make a great President. He has shown that he really cares about humanity as a whole. He loves our country as much as we do and wans only the best for all of us. You can see the caring and kindness in his eyes. He truly loves God and so lives in a way that God asks all of to do. God Bless and guide you Sir in your desire to bring the USA back to the way it used to be.

  5. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Hearing this story gets me every time. I don’t know them, but I just love Mr. and Mrs. Oparowski. I’m sorry they lost their dear boy. Seeing David’s photo in this ad was wonderful; how handsome with that curly hair in his Boy Scout uniform.

    I’m very glad Mitt Romney is the man he is. To quietly befriend David and care for the Oparowski family says so much. I believe at the GOP Natl Convention, the Oparowskis said when Mitt inadvertently learned David loved fireworks, he brought a super-duper package of fireworks for him on one of his hospital visits.

    It’s the little things in life that matter.

  6. Agnes Manning says:

    I was glad to see Mr. Romney tighten his jaw and fail to respond to “O”‘s behavior–somewhat like a smart-ass teenager in the last debate. I would much rather have Mr. Romney to listen to and see than the alternative, “O”, who sickens, disgusts, and frightens me. He stands against everything I have ever believed in, and because of the lack of morality and honesty of him and his ilk, America is no longer the place I used to love living in.