Debate In Boca Raton: Obama’s Stink Eye, Romney Boosts Presidential Stature

Obama tried to appear intimidating throughout the evening… The President also clenched his jaw plenty of times through the third and final presidential debate with Governor Mitt Romney at Lynn University, Boca Raton, FL. Oct 23, 2012 (photographer unknown)

It’s all about swing states and undecided voters…

After last night’s debate in Boca Raton, one of the much-talked-of “undecideds” DECIDED. She (yes, one of the prized female voters) appeared on FOX News this morning to explain.

What swayed her is key.

Identified as ‘Wendy’, she felt that, even though last night’s debate was about foreign policy, it all kept coming back to the economy. She was impressed with Mitt Romney’s economic expertise and got the salient point he made that a strong national defense depends on a strong military and a strong military depends on a strong economy. When asked about Obama’s performance and especially his meant-to-insult ‘horses, bayonets, aircraft carriers’ comment she replied, “Honestly, he came off like a bully.” Wendy concluded that Obama’s tone was degrading and for her, personally, she did not like it.

Condescension and ridicule is not appealing, especially to many women, and especially when the one doing the condescending and ridiculing has such a failed record. Obama has become the politician he excoriated when he first ran for president.

Obama’s locked-on, aggressive, theatrical glare toward Romney throughout the debate revealed a peevish, insecure president. Instead of making himself look like the Commander-in-Chief, he reduced himself to Commander-of-Stink Eye.

What are others saying about the debate?

They’re saying if one wasn’t aware of American politics and had just tuned in, they would have thought Romney was the President and Obama was the wanna-be challenger. Romney also handily dismissed Obama’s false meme that he’s a warmonger. He’s NOT SCARY.

They’re also saying: Romney “LOOKED AND SOUNDED PRESIDENTIAL.”

“Romney Did What He Needed To Do” … “He Gets The Win” … “Looked Cooler Than A Sometimes Peevish Mr. Obama”

Romney Press:

The Wall Street Journal: Mitt Romney “Wasn’t Rattled, And If Anything Looked Cooler Than A Sometimes Peevish Mr. Obama.” “Mr. Romney was clearly keeping his eye on his main challenge of the evening, which was looking Presidential on issues that offer an incumbent a natural advantage. He passed that test with ease, making no major mistakes while offering impressive detail on everything from the radical government in Mali—make that ‘north Mali’—to Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. He wasn’t rattled, and if anything looked cooler than a sometimes peevish Mr. Obama.” (The Wall Street Journal, 10/23/12)

New York Post: “Romney More Than Held His Own, Proving Himself A More-Than-Credible Potential Commander-In-Chief. … He Gets The Win.” “President Obama went on the attack against Mitt Romney again last night in their final debate — a tactic usually reserved for the challenger. The president, no doubt, felt the need — given Romney’s recent surge in the polls and Obama’s disappointing record on foreign-policy issues, the topic of the debate. But Romney more than held his own, proving himself a more-than-credible potential commander-in-chief. By that alone, he gets the win.” (New York Post, 10/23/12)

ABC News’ Rick Klein: “In A Debate About Who Should Be Commander-In-Chief, Mitt Romney Was Just As Much In Command As The Man In The Job Now.” (ABC News, 10/23/12)

Time’s Mark Halperin: Romney “Completed The Trifecta Of Appearing As The President’s Semiotic Equal In Every Debate.” (Time, 10/22/12)

The Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens: “Mitt Romney Emerges Looking Like A Perfectly Plausible President…” “[Romney’s] most effective turns in the debate came when he brought it all back to the economy. He seemed reasonable and tempered and pragmatic and unruffled and therefore presidential. … But Mitt Romney emerges looking like a perfectly plausible president—which was no doubt all he wanted from tonight.” (The Wall Street Journal, 10/23/12)

Governor Mitt Romney shakes hands with Barack Obama after the debate at the Keith C. and Elaine Johnson Wold Performing Arts center at Lynn University on October 22, 2012 in Boca Raton, Florida. Click on image to enlarge. (Photo – Getty Images)

Politico’s Alexander Burns: Romney Had “A Cooler Approach To The Debate That Reflected His Enhanced Stature…” “Romney, for his part, took a cooler approach to the debate that reflected his enhanced stature in a race that has tightened since the first debate in Denver at the start of October.” (Politico, 10/22/12)

CNN’s John King: “After Three Debates, The Trend Line Is Moving Governor Romney’s Way.” “After three debates, the trend line is moving Governor Romney’s way. In all nine tossup states, Governor Romney was in a stronger position this morning than he was the day before the first debate” (CNN, 10/22/12)

Politico’s Glenn Thrush: Romney “Showed An Easy Mastery Of The Details That Has Sometimes Bedeviled Lesser Candidates.” “Rules or no, Romney was at his most effective when calmly articulating his economic case and calling out the president for failing to articulate a detailed vision for his second term. … Romney didn’t embarrass himself on the issues, and showed an easy mastery of the details that has sometimes bedeviled lesser candidates.” (Politico,Politico 10/23/12)

New York Daily News’ Joshua Greenman: “But For The Purposes Of Fast-Approaching Nov. 6, What Happened Was: Romney Did What He Needed To Do.” (New York Daily News, 10/23/12)

Politico’s John Harris: Obama Had “A Nitpicking, Overly Aggressive Strategy … Diminishing The President’s Greatest Asset Which Is The Fact He Is Already Commander In Chief.” HARRIS: “I felt that in a number of times when the president was making his point so aggressively. What was communicated in those exchanges was not strength and confidence but what was communicated was a kind of, sort of a nitpicking, overly aggressive strategy which had the effect of diminishing the president’s greatest asset which is the fact he is already commander in chief.” (C-SPAN, 10/22/12)

Commentary Magazine’s Jonathan Tobin: “Obama Wasn’t Able To Throw Romney Off His Game Or Embarrass Him … It Was Romney That Looked And Sounded Presidential…” “Despite interruptions and attempts to turn even the points they agreed upon into disagreements, Obama wasn’t able to throw Romney off his game or embarrass him. By contrast, it was Romney that looked and sounded presidential, avoiding issues that work to the Democrats’ advantage like Afghanistan and refusing to be ruffled.” (Commentary Magazine, 10/23/12)

Weekly Standard’s Fred Barnes: “Mitt Romney’s Aim Was To Present Himself With The Demeanor And Grasp Of Foreign And National Security Issues Of A President Of The United States. He Succeeded.” (Weekly Standard, 10/23/12)


Weekly Standard’s William Kristol: “Tonight, Romney Seems As Fully Capable As—Probably More Capable Than—Barack Obama Of Being The Next President. He Probably Will Be.” (Weekly Standard, 10/22/12)

NBC News’ Chuck Todd: “POTUS Is Consistently Trying To Draw Romney Into A More Contentious Debate. It’s What Challengers Do Who Think They Are Behind.” (, 10/22/12)

CNN’s Sam Feist: “Men In The CNN Focus Group Loved Romney’s Answer On Education.” (, 10/22/12)

Politico’s Dylan Byers: “Romney Looks Presidential. Period. & That Is What He Needs From These Three Debates.” (, 10/22/12)

The Wall Street Journal’s Patrick O’Connor: “Romney Is Presenting Himself As The Sober Future President, While Obama Is Attacking The Republican Nominee Like A Man Sliding In The Polls.” “Well, the distinctions seem fairly clear at this point: Romney is presenting himself as the sober future president, while Obama is attacking the Republican nominee like a man sliding in the polls.” (The Wall Street Journal, 10/22/12)

Fox News’ Chris Wallace: “I Would Have Thought The Guy That Had Turned Out To Be Mitt Romney Was The President…” WALLACE: “Yeah, let me first give you my general opinion. And that was, I thought in the middle of the debate that if I had been on the desert island for the last four years and I had just been parachuted into this debate, I would have thought the guy that had turned out to be Mitt Romney was the president protecting a lead and that Barack Obama was the challenger trying, somewhat desperately to catch up.” (Fox News, 10/22/12)

CNN’s David Gergen: “I Think Mitt Romney Did Something Extremely Important To His Campaign Tonight: He Passed The Commander-In-Chief Test.” (CNN, 10/22/12)

If you missed the debate last night, here it is:

Debate transcript may be found here.

Mitt and Ann Romney sit in a waiting room with family members before the debate begins at Lynn University, Boca Raton, FL. Oct 23, 2012 (Photo – AP)

Michelle Obama watching the debate… (photographer unknown)

At the end of the third and final presidential debate, Ann Romney and Michelle Obama join their husbands on stage. (Photo – Reuters)

After the debate, little Miles Romney gets a kiss from his grandfather, Mitt Romney.
(Photo – AFP/Getty)

Glad it’s over! Ann Romney laughingly holds her husband, Mitt Romney, away from the stage edge after the debate. (Photo – Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP)

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24 Responses to Debate In Boca Raton: Obama’s Stink Eye, Romney Boosts Presidential Stature

  1. Barb Terry says:

    Mitt did an outstanding job last night. He has a very kind demeanor. My son a Democrat, decided to vote for Mitt !!

  2. Cathy says:

    This says it all … “Confidence is the belief you have something to teach. Arrogance is the belief that you have nothing to learn”

  3. Barbara Evans says:

    Mitt you have been my first choice from the beginning.. And now after watching you debate both times with obama, I know I made the right decision. I want to see you in the White House as I know you deserve it and will bring our country back and put us back to work. We need you so we seniors can have our Medicare back in full force… Thank you Mitt I am with you.

  4. Billie says:

    Mitt is a wonderful, smart man!

  5. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Barb, congratulations to your son. He gets it! Romney and Ryan will give their all to restore America. In these last few days, let’s give them everything we’ve got to get them in office.

    Cathy – LOVE that quote. Thank you!

  6. Marjorie Doby says:

    Mitt Romney did what was needed. He is an outstanding strategist. Wouldn’t that be a change in the WH -someone who can actually make a decision of his own and plan how to make things work. All Obama did last night was show his true colors. I chuckled watching his head bob up and down as a “bobblehead” and wondered why no one picked up on it.
    My girlfriend of thirty-five years has never voted while I’ve known her and, felt there was no reason to. She’s registered and will be voting for Romney! Oregon!!!!!!!

  7. gloria says:

    Romney kept the 3 C’s, Cool , Calm, Collected.

  8. Liz P. says:

    I was so proud of Romney last night. I prayed for him the entire time – asking God to give him boldness, clarity of thought, integrity and more. Obama’s condescending nature, his bullying posture, and his personal attacks showed just how insecure he is with his position and lack of ability to be the President he promised to be. Praying Romney into the White House!! Stay strong, Mitt — be bold, be courageous, be a warrior — keep up the good fight.

  9. Shirley Casale says:

    Romney out did himself with a great bit of confidence and pride written all over his face . A great man to be in the White house and get our country back on track.

  10. Shirley Casale says:

    Thank you Jesus and Lord God Almighty you are about to return to our schools and worship in our churches to praise you at our games and meetings , always making you first before them Amen !

  11. Ellen Leemans says:

    What a beautiful think to say Shirley. It brought a tear to my eye. Amen!

  12. AfricanforRomney says:

    I’m very satisfied what i heard from Gov Romney last night debate. Thank God, Gov Romney didn’t get into Obama’s street, thuggish style debate like last week. I really wanted the debate to be over without any drama so, the voters won’t be distracted, i want to remain in peace with myself for the next 2 weeks :-)

    Until last night, I never understood clearly Gov Romney’s Afghanistan policy plan for the need of more troops talks. Ryan also were carrying the same message in his interviews a couple of times and i was getting VERY frustrated. I’ve to admit, the Afghanistan war plan and the excessive drone attack situation were bugging me over a year. At least i got satisfactory answer for Afghanistan, but a partial answer for drone attacks :-( At least, Gov Romney acknowledged that by saying “we can’t kill our way out of this mess.” He’s right war, killing alone is not an answer for the world troubles.

    Obama’s excessive drone attacks are unethical and immoral. It doesn’t make sense killing innocent children, family just to get one stinky terrorist. How many times Obama announced killing #2 al queda in Yemen? more than twice, but the guy he showed up a few days ago to let the world know he’s alive. God knows, how many childrens are killed in the process.

    Romney/Ryan=American Exceptionalism!!=Strong Defense!

  13. Victor Lundquist says:

    I must admit that I really hoped Governor Romney would take it to President Obama in that last debate regarding all the cover-up on Libya. I expected him to do that and as a result, as the debate was going on, I was disappointed.

    But after less than 24 hours and seeing the amazing reviews of Gov. Romney, I know I was wrong. His “gentleman’s” approach to the debate was the winning ticket.

    You may have included this above somewhere Jayde, but my favorite immediate analysis right after the debate was from Charles Krauthammer when he said something to the effect:

    “If I had been parachuted into that debate with no knowledge of who was who, I would have guessed at the end of that debate that Mitt Romney was the president and Barack Obama was the challenger. Obama was attacking Romney in such a petty way that it elevated Romney…”

    I heard that and went, “RIGHT ON!” That commentary was spot on.

    I am so glad I was wrong!

  14. Ann says:

    I’m so very happy that many of the intelligent, fair minded main stream media writers are actually “seeing the light” and writing the truth about Mitt Romney being presidential! After November 6, the rest of the MSM will clean the blinding dirt off their glasses and wonder why they didn’t use Windex sooner!
    “PRESIDENT MITT ROMNEY” is closer and closer to a reality every day! I, too was praying for Mitt throughout the debate, and I thank our Good Lord he demonstrated his intelligence, preparedness, steadfastness, and unwillingness to get sucked into a fight with Obama, the high school kid. Lets all vote and encourage our friends to do the same! GO ROMNEY AND RYAN!

  15. Dr Marlene for Reality! says:

    Bless you Mitt Romney!..President Romney…a real President. Not a thug, who is demeaning, egotistical, arrogant and embarrassing. How did Obama ever get elected. Well, hopefully as Mitt said last night…I am not wearing rose colored glasses. If you want AmeriGreece or our America back…up to you..For me…finally, a genuine knowledgeable, capable leader of this wonderful country. My family built it [small business borrowed $200 from my immigrant grandparents to build a business]…Only in America! ROMNEY/RYAN [and I am NOT a Republican]

  16. Annette S says:

    Many people for the first time can envision Romney as a president who can bring our country back to prosperity and unite a divided country. Romney laid out the big picture as to our mission in the world and stressed the importance of a strong economy for a strong national security.

    Strong Economy = Strong National Security = Peace through Strength.


  17. Ethel says:

    I was so very proud to hear Mitt Romney keep his relaxed composer and elegancy, What a President he will make if he gets elected. So pleasant to look and listen too. He never let Obama’s stares or clenched jaws bother him. All Obama could do was tell lies about Romney and he is still doing it on his campaign trail. He must be ousted out of the WH. God willing, everyone vote for these two good men : Romney/Ryan. We need you Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nev., NM., North Carolina, NH, Colorado, and everyone else I did not mention. We are counting on you.

  18. Ethel says:

    If elected, God willing. Mitt and Ann Romney will make a beautiful couple to grace the WH. and bring honor and respect back to our Country.

  19. Becky says:

    Everyone left such great remarks. All I can add is that with the Romney/Ryan ticket, we can have our country back. Mr. Romney reminded me so much of President Regan during his debates with Mr. Carter and we all remember how that came out. Go team Romney 2012!!

  20. Joan C. says:

    I have been a Romney fan for four years. I read his books and was very impressed. Over the last four years, the more I learned the more impressed I was. The American people are just waking up to the fact that this man is an exceptional human being. The complete story is not being told because he does not like to brag. Glen Beck said it best. “This man is our new George Washington.” He is someone that we could all wish to emulate. His standards are so much higher than much of the population. He is quite a roll model. Pray that he will be elected. He will be more prepared to govern than most any man ever elected to be president. Mitt will save the country, I have no doubt about that.

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  23. Hillary says:

    Romney is certainly a class act and will serve this country with honor and save our country before it’s too late. I had the honor of attending the Lynn Debate at Mizner Park it was awesome take a look

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