VIDEO: 13-Year-Old Girl Issues Report Cards to Candidates – Romney Passes, Obama Fails

I’ve gotta say, Jenny gives a pretty accurate assessment of the choice we face this election:

About Nora Gutierrez:

A mother of four rowdy boys writing from the great state of Ohio (Sandusky area). Long-time Catholic conservative with a passion for politics. Informed voter. Ohio State grad and Romney fan since 2007.

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17 Responses to VIDEO: 13-Year-Old Girl Issues Report Cards to Candidates – Romney Passes, Obama Fails

  1. AfricanforRomney says:

    Wow! this young kid will be a great Leader. Listen Dad carefully, Dad knows the best for you, okay. It is not promising learning the truth these days from wacko libs in the school system.
    Let Jah shine on you. Thank you for showing us the real Obama’s grades :-) We may never learn what Obama got in his Microeconomics 101 class.

    Jenny Rocks!

  2. manny says:

    that girl is very smart and knows better good job. mitt 2012

  3. Leon Bird says:

    Send this to all your undescided friends! in 30 years or less she should run for president

  4. Fer says:

    Someone said this looks too good not to be produce by the campaign. Actually it doesn’t look so hard to do. Her dad’s business may have contributed a media pro to help. All in all, it’s an excellent video, and it doesn’t say “Im Mitt Romney and I approve this message”, at the end.

  5. AfricansforRomney says:

    Well, for the people who are criticizing her presentaiton, it doesn’t matter who produce it. The 13 years old girl actually can read a teleprompter/cue soooo good, her persentation very flawless and admirable.

    Go Jenny!

  6. Brenda says:

    Jenny, I give you an A+! You have simplified all of the points about each of the candidates. I know who I am voting for this election. It is a no-brainer. It is so simple – if you can see it, I wonder why people much older than you can’t realize it!

  7. Alice says:

    Very Smart girl. Good Job and Thanks for Sharing With us

  8. Joan C. says:

    Jenny is young enough not to have been brainwashed by high school teachers or college professors. My grandson was influenced by his high school history teacher. He brought home an Obama poster from high school in the eleventh grade. He had more than one teacher in high school who had a bias and expressed it every day during the last election. We have had quite a few debates since then. He does listen. Jenny is refreshing. We need more like her. Strong enough to make her own decisions. (with great parents help I am sure)

  9. Cathy says:

    I’m so impressed with Jenny. She has distilled down the issues that even a 13 yr. old can understand, articulate and see the contrasts. Your Dad has taught you well Jenny. You’ll go far with your abilities in search of the truth. I have more faith in the upcoming generation when I see intelligent young people study the issues and stand up for what’s right, not what’s popular.

  10. Turner Harris says:

    I’m not a republican or a democrat….

    That vid was extremely bias and most of the points she gave to Romney were moot at best. What does the winter olympics have to do with our national economy…. seriously

  11. Kathy Ennis says:

    What a girl. Very concise information. You need to be on TV commercials. You will have a great future. Watch out for all of the naysayers and bullies that seem to be out there right now. I an very proud to know you are part of the future of this great land!!!!!!

  12. Tarry says:

    Wow, simple and in English…says it all, no media commentator to tell you what she just said… on target and just stating the facts. My vote has been determined several months ago. We need to get the lawyers in Washington under control. A business person in the White House would be a breath of fresh air. Talking the talk and walking the walk are two different tasks. Don’t just talk about it, do something about it.

  13. Rick Ouellette says:

    Jeffrey Dean-using your logic every teleprompter speech ever given by Obama gets an F because they were not his words either. I think she did a great job and better yet her grading was spot-on. Democrats seem to have a difficult time accepting the truth. Obama’s inexperience and unwilligness to listen to advice has caused him to fail. He will not change so the next four years would be a repeat of the last four if he were elected. The only people who would directly benefit from his re-election would be those who have been gaming the system all their lives. I am not referring to the elderly or the disabled but to the welfare queens and kings who keep having illegitimate children to increase the size of their government checks. Obama is bad for the country and On the Job Training is over. Adios,Au revoire, ciao, syonarra !!!!

  14. betty says:

    What a girl. Need her on Fox News.

  15. Sandy says:

    This is a smart young lady. Why can’t some adults get it OBAMA MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Virginia Humphreys says:

    This young lady has really made the points. What a source of pride for her parents, school, and all of us citizens of the USA!!

  17. Joe says:

    You nailed it. Job well done. If the voters had the same kinds of thoughts you have displayed, this race would not be the tight contest it appears to be. I would be a proud Papa to have you as a daughter. I hope your Dad knows you for the bright young person you are. Good luck in your future choices. You have a great future.