Liberals are No Longer Laughing at Romney on Pennsylvania!

Did you take notice? Pennsylvania is the name of the street where Mitt and Ann Romney will soon reside.

Over the last several months, pundits, politicos, and “experts” of all stripes had declared Pennsylvania not winnable for Governor Romney; it has been one of the most difficult of the 12 swing states. Remember this? It was not three weeks ago, in the dark pre-debate days of September that Governor Romney stated in a speech he would win Pennsylvania.

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Polls are crazy animals. For this one reason, I have been reluctant to refer to them in my writing here in MRC. In fact, I would tell every reader of this post to simply ignore them completely going into November 6th. Why? Because, no matter which way the polls move, we need every man, woman, and child to get out the vote to make a difference. Or, in other words, the ONLY poll that matters is the one on November 6th. That said, this Pennsylvania poll is significant. The Washington Examiner published this article yesterday indicating Pennsylvania has moved hugely for Romney:

Susquehanna has traditionally shown a much tighter race between Obama and Romney than other polls, in part because it weighs its results by party registration. Firms that don’t do this tend to over-sample Democrats.

Weighting results in Pennsylvania is particularly important, Lee said, “because we know with a pretty good degree of certainty how many registered Republicans and Democrats are going to show up” on Election Day.

When I posted that Romney declaration on September 29th, my liberal friends literally laughed me to scorn when I sent it to them. I am not one to gloat so I will not send this news to them, but I am sending it to you.

A new poll shows Republican Mitt Romney leading in Pennsylvania, a state that Republicans had all but written off just weeks ago but which is now listed as a toss up by the Real Clear Politics website.

Susquehanna Polling and Research provided The Washington Examiner with a poll it conducted for state party officials that shows Romney with a 49 percent to 45 percent lead over President Obama.

It’s the first poll to show Romney leading among likely voters in the Keystone State.

“The polling is very clear that the race is certainly up for grabs and Republicans have a tendency to never believe it,” Susquehanna President James Lee told The Examiner.

Romney isn’t spending much time or money in Pennsylvania, which hasn’t backed a Republican presidential candidate since 1988.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do whatever you have to do to assist in getting out the vote. I cannot emphasize enough how important this election is. None of us can take anything for granted.

*Contact Romney campaign headquarters in Pennsylvania here.

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Victor is a businessman working in the healthcare industry. He and his wife of 33 years have five children and four grandchildren. Vic has been blogging for Mitt Romney since 2007.
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About Victor Lundquist

Victor is a businessman working in the healthcare industry. He and his wife of 33 years have five children and four grandchildren. Vic has been blogging for Mitt Romney since 2007. View Posts | View Profile
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13 Responses to Liberals are No Longer Laughing at Romney on Pennsylvania!

  1. Mikki McDonald Fraser says:

    I have a slogan for you.
    America needs
    R & R
    Restitution and Rejuvenation
    Romney and Ryan.

  2. Annette S says:

    We need to be cautious and not take anything for granted, but you can’t help feeling good about the numbers. It’s looking like people connected with Mitt Romney at the last debate. Perhaps what we heard from the Luntz focus group was an indication of the direction of this race? I am looking forward to the next debate. Romney/Ryan……2012!

  3. Cathy says:

    You’re on a flight where an inexperienced pilot has put your plane in a nose dive. You’re at 8,000 feet and headed swiftly downward. A passenger, that was an experienced pilot, saw trouble, steps up and starts easing back on the yoke and reads the instruments. But the pilot vigorously rejects the passengers help, and said “go away, give me another chance I can do it”. The passenger clearly saw they were in big trouble and took control. The plane still descends, but eventually gains some altitude and turns upward at 2,000 feet and starts to level out, despite the yelling of half the flight attendants and passengers who wished the pilot would have kept trying a little longer because they put their trust in him. Little did they know, if left to the pilot they all knew and loved, the plane would’ve crashed, instead of trusting the experience, wisdom, and vision of someone new that would save their lives to see their families again.

    Who’s flight do you want to be on?

  4. AfricanforRomney says:

    The polls are killing me. You can tell, the country is hungry for a real leader. The Obama campaign is infantile stage right now. Any voter who has a brain can see clearly what a very desparate Obama is doing right now. Obama is a manipulator, a lier, he has no vision or plan for the future America.

    I think the polls has not captured the silent majority out there. We’ve Zero reason to vote for Obama 2nd term. Zero, NONE.

  5. Lin says:

    I worked the phones today at Republican Headquarters in Erie PA when this news came in…..We were so excited….lots of positive things happening here. Will be so happy to celebrate a Romney Ryan Presidency.

  6. Ann says:

    Great analogy, Cathy! For sure I know which pilot I’d rather have fly the plane I’m on; Mitt Romney, with Paul Ryan as his co pilot will keep us flying just fine! Lin, sooooooo glad you and others were working the phones in Erie today! Bless you all for helping a Romney-Ryan victory! Great listening to Mitt’s fantastic one liners at the Alfred E. Smith dinner last night…. his humor was contagious; everyone was laughing! Got to help his poll numbers even more!

  7. Robert Tameyo says:

    It is so refreshing to see comments here by individuals who have common sense. As an individual of Hispanic heritage I have been a silent Republican hiding my Party, not any more. There are a lot of Latinos out there that identify with the GOP but the lame stream media, as my favorite lady Sara refers to them as say different, but I bet to differ, the ones that back Obama are only after what ever they can get like the Entitlement blacks, along with Amnesty. I think there should be a way for them, but do it the proper way and stand in line like the rest of every one. 90 percent of them are here just for the economic angle and have not desire to intergerate into our society. Also english should be our main language. I am a retired nurse and tired of caring for those who refuse to learn english to help themselves, Nursing is hard enough without having to take the time to translate and hope one got it right in administrating proper care. I am a third generation Mexican/American whose grandfather went through the proper channels for legalization, along with all the other immigrants here in American. These free loaders are just bringing us down. I could go on and on but am working the phone banks here today. Come on Mitt and Paul., We will prevail, for the good of the American that I know and love.

  8. Traci Brown says:


  9. Lou says:

    Robert, you are a true asset to our country! I wish more immigrant’s had your attitude, if they did, this country would certainly move in a better direction. Thank you everyone for supporting R&R & especially the volunteer’s helping with phones & campaign

  10. Joan C. says:

    The Hispanic friends that I have are all for Romney. They are extremely smart and hard working people. I think that the democrats insult them by believing that they cannot think for themselves. The governor of P. Rico is a great example. He has their economy soaring. He is a great friend of Mitt Romney’s.

  11. truth says:

    Many Americans are praying for Romney/Ryan to win the election in November. This country needs them NOW!!!!!!!!

  12. Shayne says:

    I’m not American but am very much looking forward to see Ryan/Romney lead the US.

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