Photos of the Day: Buried by Obama’s Policies

Buried In Reno

Buried In Reno

This back hoe greeted Joe Biden in Reno, Nevada yesterday with a sign that said “We’ve been buried the last four years.”

Buried In New Hampshire

Buried In New Hampshire

This dump truck welcomed President Obama to New Hampshire today with a “Buried In Debt” sign.

Do you concur? Joe Biden does!

Originally posted at Romney Response.

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4 Responses to Photos of the Day: Buried by Obama’s Policies

  1. another guest says:

    $16 Trillion and whaddaya get? Another day older and BURIED in debt!

  2. Theresa Yazzo Holloway says:

    Love all the ads… Tere Great….We love Romney/Ryan

    Dumped on no more!!!

  3. Joe Wagner says:

    Buried by rising grocery prices, rising utility prices, rising energy prices, tec.. While we are paying for Obama’s vacations. I haven’t been able to afford a vacation.

  4. Joan C. says:

    We don’t know debt and problems until we turn into Greece or Spain. We are almost there now. Four more years and we will join them at the bottom of the heap. Share the wealth means one thing. Break the rich and make everyone poor. We get closer every day with Obama at the wheel. He understands absolutely nothing about the economy. The man is clueless. He simply wants to take us down. Mitt will have us out of this mess in four years. He knows more about business than just about anyone. I have said it before. He is equal to a Steve Jobs, with Apple. Jobs was a democrat but lectured Obama in his book, just before he died. Mitt knows how to save us. We were a great nation and will be again with the help of Mitt Romney.